We Kneed Thee Every Hour…

Why, hello ‘Bloomr Nation– long time no write, right?! I’ve missed you fiercely, and there’s SO MUCH to tell you when we have time to catch up, but for now–

I’m making a quickie post to let you guys know that Russ is having knee replacement surgery tomorrow morning, and ask for your prayers. This is a big honkin’ surgery with a substantial recovery time, and even though Russ is so ready for it to be over that he’s about >thisclose< to grabbing a kitchen knife and doing it himself, we know it is going to be A LOT. So your prayers would be very much appreciated.

He has been in so much pain for so long. Honestly, it has affected every aspect of his life for about the last year and a half, and it is now so bad that he basically spends about 80% of his day sitting on the couch in the parlor with ice on his knee– and to add insult to injury, that doesn’t even help because it hurts even when he’s not moving! Dealing with the pain drains all of his energy, and there’s not much left for anything else. It’s kind of been like living with a ghost in the house, bless his sweet heart. Luckily for all concerned he hasn’t been really grouchy or whiny, which is why I haven’t had to kill him in his sleep. But I am so ready to have my husband back, and to see him enjoying his life again.

The main problem is arthritis, but also hereditary– his parents and brothers have all had knee troubles. (Our poor girls have inherited crap knees from both sides of the family!) His doctor is the same one who did his rotator cuff surgery a few years ago, and has been treating Russ’ knees for over 5 years.  He also does knee replacements all the time, several a day. We have already tried injections– several kinds in fact, including the latest technology. But his knees have deteriorated waaay past the point where the shots can help, and they are absolutely no longer effective. We’re not sure how long his recovery will take, and how long it will be until he’s able to travel, so as far as upcoming concerts are concerned, we’re just taking it a day at a time. And Russ absolutely does know how important it is to faithfully do his physical therapy after the operation. He did great after his rotator cuff surgery because he was so conscientious about not slacking off, so I know he’ll follow through this time, too. The surgery is happening in Nashville, but he’ll be able to do his PT somewhat closer to home, like maybe Shelbyville or Murfreesboro. The plan is for him to come home on Wednesday or Thursday, barring any complications.

We head to the hospital (way too) early tomorrow morning. I will be staying with him for as long as he’s there, and will give you guys updates here on the blog and on Facebook.

Again, I would truly appreciate you sending some love and prayers our way. It is going to be so hard to see him in post-op pain, and I know we are in for a long haul, but at this point his quality of life has been so affected that we are entirely ready to just get it done. We want to get this boy up and running again!



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  1. faith123

    Christian & I will be praying for you & Russ every day. Believing God for a speedy recovery and that God give you both supernatural strength! We love you both!

  2. sammiinseattle

    wow, prayers for you both! had my shoulder rebuilt in May, recovery is long, but in the long run beats the pre-op condition. maybe some of the medicated delirium will manifest itself in music? Seriously, looking forward to hearing surgery was successful, PT is working, and tours are bringing you all back to the Pacific Northwest. =)

  3. MamaCash

    Tori, I just want to leave you a word of encouragement about the surgery tomorrow. My husband is a retired orthopedic surgeon who practiced in Benton, AR, for many years. He had double knee replacements in 2007 after suffering with horrible knees for way too many years. Old football injuries from college ball at Vandy caused his knees to wear out too soon! He did great (his partner did the operation) and was back doing surgery in 4 weeks! So, barring any complications, Russ will do fine and be back up on his feet much sooner than you think!! Prayers already said for the both of you! God bless! BTW, I am an old HSHS alum (1975) and my sister, Lisa, was in your class!

  4. LindaB

    I had total hip replacement in April and I so identified with your description of living in so much pain for so long that you toy with the idea of grabbing a knife and doing it yourself. I had never had any kind of serious surgery in my life and I was so nervous and scared. But when it was over, I was lying there thinking—-“Where did that pain go? Is this all there is to it?” Of course, I was full of those wonderful hospital IV pain meds! There was some pain from the surgery, but it was NOTHING compared to the pre op pain! And that surgery pain gets better each day! Pre op pain got worse each day! Tell Russ to remember to keep ahead of the pain by taking his pain meds as directed and on time. If he suddenly feels better, don’t try to be a tough guy and stop taking them! He’ll be very sorry! And keep his leg elevated and iced to prevent swelling. Don’t let him rush his recovery and overdo. Patience is essential in recovery from this major surgery. One week after mine, I walked into my mother’s house without a walker or cane or limp! I knew she was worried about me, and I wanted her to know I was alright. But when I got home, I had to lie down for the rest of the day and bury myself in ice! I didn’t try that again for a month! And let him know we heal best when we sleep, so good sleep is absolutely necessary for recovery. If he needs help to sleep, talk to his surgeon. And when ignorant insensitive people say, “Oh, knee replacement surgeries are commonplace now….nothing to it…..they do hundreds of thousands of them every year!”, tell him to refrain, if he can, from popping them in the nose! He might lose his balance and fall!

    Praying for him, of course! And you and the girls. He will soon have his life back. A pain free life! (Artificial joints have no pain nerves! Yayyy!)

  5. delightedabroad

    I’m joining the prayer group… be sure that God will walk you through.

  6. bettyrwoodward

    Love and prayers for you both. My cousin has two artificial knees and is now a new man.

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Of all times for me to not be able to receive or send e-mails, I just happened to come across this information about Russ. The Taff family is always in my prayers, but I will be praying especially haard for Russ over the next few weeks to come. Bless his sweet heart….and your’s, Tori….it hurts my heart to know this had to happen but, praise God, “this too shall pass.”

  8. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Sure would like an update on the patient….or patients.

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