Hey, We’re In Canada, Eh?

Well, Russ and I have been in the Toronto/Kitchener area since last Tuesday, and will head home Monday. I miss my Buckle, but mostly I’m missing these two snow fairies:


1white winter Char

It’s VERY snowy up here, too, but mostly of the it’s-already-on-the-ground variety as opposed to the falling-out-of-the-sky variety. We have had such great time in Canada, which is mostly due to these guys:


Kevin Pauls and Don Somerville are both ridiculously talented AND fun to hang out with–(and trust me, in the music biz those two things do not always go together…) Looking forward to lots of new adventures with these knuckleheads.

We have been welcomed with open arms everywhere we’ve gone, and though the weather and the fact that Russ developed a wee bit of what we like to affectionately call the Tsunami Stomach Virus (don’t ask) kept us from doing as much sightseeing as we would have liked, we still managed to thoroughly enjoy ourselves. I mean, how could we NOT, when people were providing hospitality like this:



(Special thanks to Steve and Marg (the Martha Stewart of Canada) Taylor for such a lovely evening, and to Carol Dudgeon for the photos.)

So, after a Sunday night concert, we will be winging our way back to Tennessee where I will be impatiently awaiting the first signs of spring and dreaming of days like this, spent here:


So, kids– how was your week?

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  1. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Yum…the food looks delicious! Just hearing from you and knowing what y’all are up to is delicious (yep, right word again).

    Soon as you get back in Buckle get out your ‘ole chicken soup pot and get my Russ feeling better.

    My little German friend was here for a few days and she left today to go home. The house is so quiet. Guess I’m gonna have to start answering when I talk to myself, for goodness sake. As it is, I turn on the tv and then leave the room. Not much interested in what they are saying these days….just opting for a little background noise. Then one of the children calls and first thing they say is “Mom, turn down your tv so I can hear you.” Can’t help but remember how many times through the years I have asked them to turn down their music. They even have the nerve to ask me to turn down my music if that is what I’m playing when they call. I’ll probably be getting three sets of hearing aids for Christmas this year. (Excuse me while I go turn up you know who singing “Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold Me Down.”)

  2. auburn60

    My week consisted of being iced in. We had layers of ice,snow,sleet and snow and random power outages. Then our only 4 wheel drive vehicle gave up the ghost (as in: the steering mechanism stopped working. Just what you want on icy roads.) So, we were genuinely stuck for several days up on this hill. We got ONE mail delivery in two weeks, and no garbage pick-up. I’m glad to be able to leave the house now, although there is supposed to be more snow tomorrow.
    BUT, I’m perusing garden catalogs and thinking of blooming flowers and birdbaths. (If I know you,Tori, you are doing the same thing.) And my kids say the whole desire for birdbaths is a sure sign of my advancing age. ??? And I’m leaning toward lots of hot pink and purple flowers this year.
    I am going to sit on that porch and wave at the BB people parade as it passes by. Sometime. Spring? Summer? Or you can come sit on my porch, back or front, I don’t care. Although we don’t really have a passing parade, just the long-haired hermit who lives down the street who is, at best, a drug dealer and at worst an anarchist. But a healthy, jogging anarchist. And totally antisocial; he won’t wave back. I know I made that sound really appealing. But when there is a storm blowing in and you can sit on my front porch and hear the wind build and the trees start bending in half and the thunder bounces off the mountains (sounds like a bowing alley in heaven)–it’s totally cool. Beats the hermit, anyway.

  3. Margaret

    So happy to have had you in our home, it was a special evening!
    I have read your blogs and love them. Buckle looks like a great place. I would love to see it at Christmas since that is my favorite time of year. By the way, your girls are beautiful! Keep the posts coming :)

  4. bettyrwoodward

    This last week has been interesting to say the least. My mother aged 92(but very fit and healthy) had a head on crash in her car (not her fault!). She was not really hurt but the car is a write off. I seem to have spent a lot of time dealing with insurance etc. She has decided that she will not replace the car so will now be reliant on lifts and taxis. She is probably a better driver now than when she was in her 50’s but it does seem a good time to stop!
    I am glad you had a good time in Canada. They are amazing photos of the girls.

  5. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, Betty, thank the Lord your mother was not hurt. But I know first-hand that she will miss her independence by not driving.

    Last count, there will be 16 here for dinner on Easter Sunday. I do love cooking for family and friends.

    Happy Easter, Everyone! He is Risen!!!!!

  6. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Okay, pretend I am Tori and I am bringing y’all up to date.

    We hardly got home from Canada when the mayor here in Bell Buckle asked Russ to sing at the Tennessee Horse Convention. Loving horses, our girls were so excited about this so they went down town and bought riding habits just for the occasion. In fact, I went with them and got myself a snazzy one, too. Well, the night of the convention the Taff family showed up looking better than Roy Rogers and the Praire Girls. In fact, the announcer took one look at the four of us and got a little confused so he introduced us as The Russ Taff Yodeling Group. Trouble was, not even Russ can yodle…so while Russ sang we girls just kept clearing our throats, running up and down the musical scale with do-ra-me-fa-so-la-te-do and every other sound we could muster up. And guess what! We were a hit!!! Poor Russ has to take us to the Chicken Feed Convention next week.

    Just checking in to let you know what’s going on with the Taffs.

    Love y’all,

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Note to Tori: your blog was hacked. Just remember I’m old.

  8. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, I’ve heard some exciting news! You and Russ are busy working on a plan to have a fan-get-together in Bell Buckle? Perhaps sometime in October? I know it isn’t necessary to remind you of Gaitherfest in Myrtle Beach in October…I mean, tickets most likely have been bought in advance for that….but nobody would want to miss the Taff celebration. Can’t wait to hear more about this very special event!!!!

  9. Barbara M. Lloyd

    It looks so lonely here I just can’t resist coming by to say a few words and give it some “air” ever so often. Speaking of air…my granddaughter and her three children were here with me from Thursday morning until Sunday afternoon late. Have you ever noticed, no matter how much you love and enjoy them, children often seemed to suck the oxygen right out of the air? (lol)

    Sing along with me:
    If you’re happy and you know it, write something here….(repeat).

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Have y’all heard about the Russ Taff weekend in Bell Buckle that is kinda scheduled for next October…not this October, but next October? Let’s save our pennies and vacation days for this event!!!

    What would be more fun than all of us converging upon the little town of Bar Buckle (shucks my mind went into sleep mode and I can’t remember at the moment whether it is Bell or Bar but I thionk it’s Bar…don’t worry we have time to get that straight). I can’t wait for all those hugs!!! Sounds like a plan to me….how about you?

    Come on…let’s get this blog up and running…any subject you choose. You can even fuss with Tori for being gone so long…just don’t tell her it was my suggestion.

    Gracious, I miss you guys.

  11. Barbara M. Lloyd

    You have to know how desperate I am to get y’all to write something here. At my age, they lock up people who talk to themselves.

  12. delightedabroad

    I don’t want to risk you being locked up somewhere, Barbara M. Lloyd! :-) So I have to speak up though I just don’t know exactly what to tell… Well, first thing this morning was my gratefulness for God having “repaired” my sleep (after more than 12 years): i’m able to say that I had a very good night! Thank God!

  13. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, Delighted, I must tell you that I am so delighted to hear from you. And, my precious friend, your news is big…because anyone who has gone without sleep more than one or two nights can identify with the agony you have been enduring. Every once in awhile I have trouble sleeping, but at my age I’m more concerned with waking up than going to sleep.
    What have you been doing this summer, Delighted? I believe our Tori will be back with us soon. As it is now, I suspect she is so involved in every art exhibit and dog catcher debate in Bell Buckle that she can muster up energy to solve, run or just give voice to. They are so blessed to have her. I guess our part is being blessed for sharing. (I read that somewhere)

    Thank you for rescuing me, sweet Delighted. Please hang in here (you had to know I was going to ask you that once you dared put your toe in the water.)

  14. delightedabroad

    Dear Barbara, thank you so much for keeping this place “alive” :-)
    Well, most of the time I have been trying to find an employment (to date without success)- and I have been intensifying contacts in my church community. Next month is my first anniversary: almost a year has passed since I moved here and I’m certain it was the right decision.

  15. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Dear Delighted, I will help you pray that our Lord will bring His choice of a job to you very soon. You sound content to be where you are living now so I have a feelikng you are right where you should be.

    Our Tori is not only adorable and delightful, she also is one of the most thoughtful and considerate persons inside and outside Bell Buckle. I have figured out why we are (amen) stuck on this post with all of the ice and snow. For goodness sake, with all of us having 100 degree days this summer it is refreshing to come to Tori’s blog and look at that ice hanging everywhere. Why, but our sweet Tori, would ever have thought to be that kind….while she is off filling in for everyone from the dog catcher to the librarian to honorary mayor (at least). And, she has given us the infrequent (maybe that’s a bit too far) opportunity to exercise our patience.

    In the meantime, Delighted, I do so appreciate your hanging out with me…and wish more would do so. But let’s just not sign off with “We’ll keep the home fires burning” because that would destroy Tori’s whole purpose in having us hang out ah-monkst the ice cycles.

  16. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Linda B, how precious would it be if you were to put a picture on here of your tiny great-grandbaby! We all would just love to see her. Heck, it might even bring out a few who have been hiding, waiting for our Tori to return.

    Gracious, Delighted, did you get a job, sweet pea?

    Without permission (if I get in trouble I’ll just claim senility) we sure do miss our Tori!

  17. delightedabroad

    Good idea, Barbara, I love babies!

    Well, one day I would love to meet you all in person – you, Barbara, Tori and Russ (meeting them once is truely not enough!)and all the bloomr nation.

    Unfortunately I did not yet get a job. In fact, I got a rejection again just today. But God will not let me down! Perhaps God also wants to test my trust and patience…

  18. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Bless your sweet heart, Delighted, I am sorry you didn’t get that particular job….but I believe that was because it simply isn’t the job our Lord has waiting for you. And you know how He seems often to wait until the eleventh hour. Keep looking up, sweetheart, for He is always there even when we can’t see Him.

    As for our meeting, let’s do plan to go to Bell Buckle for the Russ Taff week-end, much like David’s annual barn event. It will be so much fun…with hugs all around!

  19. delightedabroad

    You’re so sweet!
    Whenever you’ll be meeting: please show a lot of pictures, will you? Right now I’m not overwhelmingly optimistic about getting there…
    By the way, we have absolutely uncommon temperatures between 95-102°F here! And usually private homes are unfortunately not equipped with air conditioning; only public buildings are (mostly). How do you keep cool??

  20. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Sweet Delighted, I wouldn’t begin to know how to put pictures anywhere; however, our Tori is a pro at this and I am sure she will post lots of pictures from their first fan get-together.

    I was wondering if you might be interested in volunteering time to visit, for example, those in nursing homes who have absolutely no visitors at all? I’m thinking that not only would you be such a blessing to a few very lonely people, but the exposure alone might present an eventual job. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a nursing home. Sometimes, public schools draw their teachers’ helpers from ladies who have volunteered in the past. And, there are many other places to think about. My goodness, please know that I don’t in any way intend to be a bother….I’m just offering suggestions knowing you haven’t been living in your area for very long.

    Gracious, we didn’t have air conditioning until after our children were born. I wonder sometimes how we made out without it, but then we lived up north where if there were really ht days there were not as many of them. Here in the south, there are a LOT of hot days and I thank God for making air conditioning. I just know He made it because scripture tells us all good things come from Him. Anyway, I frequently thank Him for it.

    Delighted, wouldn’t you think one of our old (make that ‘ole) buddies here would feel sorry for us and start talking with us, for goodness sake? If they would all come running back, you and I would make them some chicken ‘n dumplins and red velvet cake. That always worked with the ‘ole Gaither gang.

  21. delightedabroad

    Dear Barbara, you’re so right, the ‘ole buddies do really miss a lot of fun! I’m so delighted (:-)) with our conversation, you’re in no way a bother but adorable. (In case you didn’t know…) And I would voluntarily heat up my appartment making a yummy dessert for them buddies. It’s such a shame that you’re all living so far away. Or is it rather me being far away?
    I’m starting babbling, a true sign for being nervous. Gosh, what did I do when volunteering as co-singer for one of our church bands? Next weekend is our turn. Doesn’t it sound insane for someone never daring to sing out loud in the past?

  22. Barbara M. Lloyd

    You go, Girl! Don’t ever stop trying something new and/or different. For goodness sake, wasn’t Grandma Moses in her 90’s when she started painting? Oh dear, make that Whisler’s Mother….I think. Or, let’s just start over with my telling you that you are gonna absolutely love sinmging out loud. And if no one around you changes seats…you’ve found a new permanent place to serve.
    I remember one time when all of the artists at the end of the concert were sitting together up on stage. Tori was sitting next to Jake Hess and Jake complimented Tori on her singing. Now you know that had to please our sweet Tori. I’ve always wished she would sing a duet with my (notice I changed pronouns) Russ. I bet it would be terrific.

  23. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Many years ago, Russ became my favorite singing artist. I liked anything he sang. But I not only liked his terrific voice, I liked so much the way he lovingly and openly spoke of Tori and his girls from the stage. He represented to me the epitome of what a Christian husband and dad should be, together with a wonderful gift with which he served his Lord. Now, who couldn’t love that! Before very long, I had come to love Tori and the girls, too: my little Taff family. Following their comings and goings over the years has been a blessing and just plain a lot of fun for me. I highly recommend in your older years for you to adopt a family like the Taffs. I can’t believe that my little Madi is graduated from college and my little Charlotte is graduated from high school. Russ keeps getting younger and Tori stays pretty as a picture and busy as a bee. There isn’t anything that girl can’t do…and do it well. My Russ sure knew how to pick ‘em and he’s blessed with two more just like her…well, maybe a combination, come to think about it. Sure do love my little Taff family.

  24. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Okay Delighted, where are you, my friend? We’ve got to keep even a tiny smoldering fire going here until Tori returns. Don’t want her walking into a dark, empty and lonely place. Gracious, she is gonna have a lot to tell us when she gets back here…along with some great photos. I bet those girls have grown three feet since she last reported on them, for goodness sake. Might even be married and have kids….welcome to the world of Grandma Tori.

  25. delightedabroad

    Don’t worry, Barbara-Darling, I’m still here. The current weather situation seems to put me in some sort of “stand-by-mode”. Nevertheless, I’m excitedly waiting for Tori’s return as well. I have no idea how she could possibly squeeze all those things in a blog! Guess, it would rather fill a book…

  26. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Delighted, funny you should mention a book. I believe there is a book to be written in the Taff family: either Russ Taff’s life story, which certainly would include Tori and the girls….or the story of Russ and Tori Taff, which might have to be written and presented in volumes. Imagine…a Taff book, complete with photos!

    We are in need of rain here, with the hope that would be a cooling factor as well. I must agree with you that hot weather seems to drain one’s energy. But I did make a strawberry cake yesterday, going by a simple recipe given to me by a friend. Here it is:
    Bake a white cake mix in an 8-1/2 x 13 pan then poke holes in the cake after it is baked. While baking the cake, cap, slice and sugar down a little two cartons of fresh strawberries. Pour the juice from these berries over the cake and down into the poked holes. Spread the strawberries over the cake. Then top this with the frosting: Mix together one 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese and one small jar of marshmallow whip…then fold in one small carton of cool whip. Very tasty summer dessert….if you aren’t counting calories.

  27. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Well, Delighted, I’ve been out beating the bushes and talked with three different ones who usually visit here regularly. I explained that you and I need some other voices here on Tori’s blog because I am dragging you down into the category of partially senile….and I don’t even know your age. They told me they will be over and post a few words….so I’m hoping. Of course, they wanted to know if Tori is back. I explained that you and I were trying to keep Tori’s blog fan friendly for her return.Delighted, let’s hold hands and pray that those three precious souls join us soon.

  28. delightedabroad

    Oh, Barbara, you don’t drag me anywhere :-) But you’re so right, we could really need some supporting voices! I’m absolutely looking forward for those “few words”…please, buddies, come join us waiting for Tori.
    Oh my, now is the time for almost freaking out: in about 1 1/2 hours church service will start and my first time “singing-on-stage” with the band. And yesterday, the leadsinger wasn’t quite fit – she had had a summer flu, so she’s still coughing every now and then. I really hope she’s better today anyway, so I don’t need to step in

  29. bettyrwoodward

    I hate to see you two talking with no one else joining in. I have just returned from two weeks in France. We had a really relaxing time and even managed to meet up with Rachel twice while we were there. She had booked her holiday not knowing where we were or when and we were about 40 minutes from each other at the same time. It was great to have time in the swimming pool with her children
    Hope the singing went well delightedabroad.
    I wonder when Tori will actually be back!

  30. rachelbaker

    Hi from me too. Thanks for keeping this little community alive. I’ll try to join in the conversation too . Hope the singing went well, Delighted.

  31. delightedabroad

    Hello back, my dears! It’s so good to have you around :-D
    And yes, although I rather shook than held the micro, the singing went well, I didn’t mess it up. I’m sooo relieved!

  32. rachelbaker

    Well done!, that’s great. The more you do it, the less nervous you will be. I’m currently making my way through a mountain of laundry as we returned from holiday last night. My oldest daughter is going on camp tomorrow so I have to get things washed and dried quickly.

  33. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness…welcome Home Betty and Rachel!!! Delighted and I are so excited to see you here.

    Delighted, I knew you would do a good job. After all, our Lord was right there helping you the whole time. Isn’t it terrific that Betty and Rachel are here?!!!

    Betty, how wonderful that you were able to get together with Rachel and the children while in France. That certainly wasn’t any coincidence; gracious, our Father is even in the travel business. I’m so thrilled you and Rachel will be joining Delighted and me here. Maybe it won’t be too long until Tori returns.

    Rachel, oh my but I remember those camping days with my children. They always had such good times. Our youngest, Mark, went to the Keith Green two-week camp one year right after Keither died in an airplane crash with his children on the site. Mark was such a big fan of Keith’s…Keith’s wife continued on with the camp for a few years. It is so good seeing you and your sweet mom on here again!!! I do believe that Tori plans on coming back. I suspect she is just overwhelmed with everything she has joined in Bell Buckle…plus Madi’s college graduation and Charlotte’s highschool graduation this year. And don’t forget the Taff get together they are planning next year, for goodness sake.

  34. Barbara M. Lloyd

    News Bulletin: That sweet ‘lil ‘ole Linda (lebb) is supposed to be coming by today or tomorrow. It will be such fun having her back with us.

    And Jolene (don’t know her name she uses) says she is having trouble getting in. I suggested she start over with a new name and account. For some reason, she just is unable to be able to post anything after she reads. Say a little prayer that our dear Jolene will find a way to get back here with us.

    Tell the others with whom you have contact that we are back in business. Our leader is not yet back but we are actively awaiting her return…so please join in with us. Besides missing Tori, I have been missing everyone else here, too.

  35. LindaB

    Oh my! It took me a while to read all the comments before I posted one! You guys are good! No one can ever accuse you, Barb, of not being persistent! Love you all!

    First, Alyson, I expect your ice has melted! And it’s simmering now!
    And I’d LOVE to come sit on your front porch and keep an eye on that terrorist hermit fella. But if he didn’t wave back at me, I would start crying! I’d then have to report him to Homeland Security Office! Can’t be too careful these days.

    Betty Woodward, I’m also glad your Mom was not hurt in that accident! Sounds like it was a smooth transition between driving and not driving for your Mom. We just went through that with my mom and she didn’t take it well! To say the least! But we’re through that now, and she only mentions it every other day and tells us how mean we are.

    Delighted, I’m so happy for you that you are singing out loud in public! There’s nothing more fun that singing! Do it now because when you’re my age, your voice starts to go and is undependable. And every time you sing, you will be less nervous until it becomes easy and enjoyable! Trust me! I bet you sing beautifully! Wish I could hear you! Will you be on YouTube soon?

    Hi Rachel! Ya know, you make me jealous that France is so close to you and you can just pop over there and enjoy all France has to offer. Sometimes I go on my husband’s Google Earth, type in Arc de Triomphe, go right down to ground level with that little man, and just gaze at it from every angle! I know—-I’m weird. But it makes me happy. LOL

    Barb, you have kept this place alive and growing! More power to you! I wish I could put pictures on here! But I can’t pull it off. But if you go to my Facebook page, you will see LOTS AND LOTS of my grandchildren’s pictures! I have also missed everyone on here….or that used to be on here! We had a nice little close group here……like family. Disfunctional, but good! LOL

    If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, I had total hip replacement surgery and am doing fine. Recovering and progressing. Not back to my old self yet, but maybe I don’t want that! LOL It’s been an experience alright! And my other hip needs replacing soon. After that, spine surgery. But enough of that—–I’m finding myself loving to talk about my operation, which is a sure sign of old age! Trying to stop that and talk about something more pleasant. But I can’t think of anything at the moment. LOL

    It’s so sweet to hear from you all again! Love you! Stick around! Maybe one day Tori will join us and make us laugh! What was your favorite post of Tori’s that made you laugh out loud? I have a couple that I will share after you do.

  36. tori

    I love you guys. More than you can imagine.

    I’m coming back– you know I can’t resist a good conversation!

  37. LindaB

    That’s what we’ve been banking on! :)

  38. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Yeah…Tori’s back, if only for a moment. But that’s a promise of things to come.

    Our sweet Phyllis is on her way back, too. I have breadcrumb paths everywhere, for goodness sake.

    My precious Linda, I’m thrilled to see you made it. You know we are gonna be sending up a whole bunch of prayers for you all through the days of your next surgeries and recoverie periods. Love you dearly.

    Yep, it’s feeling like Home around here again. And maybe just in time to keep me from being committed. Love you guys!

  39. bettyrwoodward

    Welcome back Tori we missed you! Good to see you on here as well as facebook Linda. Glad the singing went well delightedabroad.
    My mother does seem to be coping without her car but feels a little isolated at times particularly when I’m in France!
    I agree with you that it was no coincidence that Rachel was in France at the same time as us.
    Tomorrow we are going up to Rachel’s as we are going to a funeral up in Newcastle so it will be good to see them again (all except Hannah who’s at camp!). It’s good to all be back on here again.

  40. rachelbaker

    Thanks for your perseverance Momma Lloyd, if looks like the whole gang is drifting back where they belong!

    Hannah was safely dispatched to camp this morning, it’s called xsite north, and it’s organised by scripture union for children from the north of England. I hope she has a great time and makes new friends. It looks like it should be a fun, busy week. Beth is going to a musical theatre summer school every day this week too so Daniel’s feeling quite lost without his big sisters to pester :-)

    LindaB you’ll be unstoppable when all that surgery is over … It’s a scary thought!

  41. Barbara M. Lloyd

    What a great idea, Linda, naming the post where Tori made us laugh the most. However, so many made me laugh and have you looked at my age lately? One that comes to mind is the Haloween one where I believe the girls had even dressed up Russ, who did not look like a happy camper…’er Haloweener. I bet you a dime you have everyone of Tori’s posts saved.

    Betty, how very blessed you are that Rachel and her family live at least close enough that you are able to visit with them from time to time. So many families are spread all over the world these days.

    Rachel, you take me back to my years as a taxi-cab mother, when the children were so involved with after school activities and I seemed to be on the road or in the kitchen. Am I complaining? Gracious no, I’d like to go back and do it all over again.

    Hey Delighted…our family is getting back together again! And Tori made an appearance and a promise. Sounds like a double blessing to me! Let’s sing, “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands.” Well, maybe not. Guess I got a little carried away with that one.

  42. delightedabroad

    Linda, I’m so glad your surgery went well and you’re on your way to (re-)gaining your fitness!It’s so good to have you around.
    Betty and Rachel, when I heard you talking about your holiday in France I remembered that you both are nearest to me. Did you really not know you were almost at the same place? That’s so funny and it must have been a great pleasure!
    Barbara, it is a great relief to have the bloomr family back, you’re absolutely right. I loved to chat with you alone, don’t get me wrong, but this is a place of bigger company. (Did I say this correctly?Understandably?)

  43. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Delighted, you got that right! Another way of putting it might be an old hen like me, enjoys seeing all the little chicks get back in the nest. And the icing on the cake is having the young mother hen, whose nest it is, flying by with a note of encouragement.

    I’m now having trouble with this fairly new computer program. My little man won’t always talk and after I’m on for about ten minutes a voice announces that I am now disconected from the internet. I talked with an AT&T tech yesterday who is calling me back today expecting what he did is now making it work. It isn’t….and I’m leeaving for Washington DC in the morning because I have the answer to more jobs. Discontinue using those recorded messages you have to go through for 15 minutes and put real live people on the other end of the phone to answer questions. And people who speak English well enough to be understood, please.

    Like Linda, I’d like to be able to drive from my house to France in a short amount of time. Instead, I’d only make it to the county fair where they are judging livestock and Aunt Annie’s pickles.

  44. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Hey everybody….we haven’t run out of paper yet! But when Tori returns, she will have to start a new post because there won’t be enough paper on this one for her to even begin to tell us all the things she has been up to (oh oh, shouldn’t have ended a sentence with that word)

  45. delightedabroad

    Didn’t get that: why shouldn’t you end a sentence with that word?
    Sorry I didn’t comment – I was in some sort of shock; during the week we learned that our next “appearance” with the band is on Sunday and we hardly have any time for rehearsal! Well, we do depend on God’s grace :-)
    Barbara, how was your trip to DC?

  46. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Delighted, y’all must be doing a terrific job singing; otherwise, you wouldn’t be getting called on to sing again…and again. Now, you just relax and enjoy it, girlfriend.

    I haven’t been to D.C. for such a long time, but I have always enjoyed my trips there. My younger son has much more vacation time than his wife so we often go down to Disney and he swims with the sharks while we are there. I suppose it’s surprising at my age that I enjoy going to Disney so much…maybe it’s a case of second childhood. Actually, I have such a good time going anywhere Mark and Donna want to go. Not long ago we had a grand time in Maine. They think I am their age so I try not to let them hear me huffing and puffing along the way. Though I’m afraid my secret is soon gonna be impossible to keep.

    As Linda mentioned….y’all tell us which of Tori’s posts made you laugh longest and hardest.

  47. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Did y’all know that all of the ink on here is invisable…except for Tori’s. Must be, because she is the only one who can make things happen around here, for goodness sake. This is kinda frustrating to me because I won’t know when to bake the cake!

  48. bettyrwoodward

    Very good Mamma Lloyd. I guess you should always have a cake ready just in case she comes around but it is frustrating not knowing when that will be.
    I had a great time up with Rachel even though it was a sad reason we were up there(a funeral). We met up with other relatives too that we hadn’t seen for some time.
    It was Rachel’s daughter’s birthday yesterday and my mother (ages 92) knitted her a quidditch jumper (Harry Potter!) which she loved. How often does that happen?

  49. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh Betty, it is so nice seeing you here. When Rachel’s little girl outgrows that jumper your mother knit for her, I would pack it away safely and keep it forever. Perhaps one day her own little girl could wear it. How precious.

    I’m so sorry it had to include a sad occasion, but I’m so pleased that you and your husband were able to be there at Rachel’s to celebrate a sweet granddaughter’s birthday. How special is that! Our Lord seems able so many times to work something special into a sad day. He never ceases to amaze me.

  50. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Sweet Tori, just as your ice photos here have gotten us through a very hot summer…..we will need you soon to post some very hot photos in Bell Buckle, so that we can make it through the winter. And then it won’t be long until you must post pictures of your Christmas decorations. I can give a personal testimony to the fact that time does not stand still.
    How special it would be if you were to come back and say that you and Russ have been writing that book!!!

  51. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I am reluctantly writing a note today because I am starting to be concerned that y’all are thinking I have become senile. Heck, I’ll just tell you that I love you…and I miss you…anyway.

  52. delightedabroad

    Oh Barbara, I love who and how you are and that is NOT SENILE at all!!
    You were all right: this time singing I was significantly less nervous ( meaning I did not almost faint of nervousness) :-) Hopefully, next time will be even better…
    By the way, I can’t decide on “my” funniest post, too much choice.

  53. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Hey Delighted, I’ve missed you. Gracious, it took me sheding a little tear to get you back here.
    I’m happy that you are not as nervous singing now and, therefore, are better able to enjoy it all. Wish you could put a little video on here letting us hear it.

  54. delightedabroad

    Your tears perhaps helped a little but I needed a few days to “accept” the latest job rejections. There are no videos of our band’s singing – as far as I know! I only have some mp3 recordings (on a cell phone) from one of our rehearsals. You might be more happy NOT hearing that :-/ Are you all back on holidays???

  55. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, I believe Betty and Rachel are back from holiday, though Betty’s trip also included a sad event. I’m not sure about everyone else. In the united states, we will be celebrating Labor Day next Monday and that’s a holiday for just about everyone. Our children are all back in school even though our weather is still in the high 80’s to mid-90’s.
    I’m sorry about those rejections, sweet Delighted. I choose to believe that they simply were not what our Lord wanted for you and the right one will come along soon. I’ll help you pray about it.

  56. bettyrwoodward

    We are back from holiday. Rachel’s children go back to school on Monday. Stuart’s father (aged 93) has had a stroke but is now home but it is meaning numerous trips to Clacton (60 miles) so we are away a lot. Trying to fit in work and travel is hard for Stuart but we are managing well.

  57. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh Betty, I am so sorry to hear about Stuart’s dad. Even though we are blessed to have loved ones live up into their 90’s, it is always hard to realize that they will not go on forever being strong and always the same. It’s a time when it is especially difficult for children to attend to them when they do not live close by. I will be remembering Sturart’s day as well as Stuart, and you dear friend, in my prayers.

  58. bettyrwoodward

    Thanks so much

  59. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Yesterday, a friend drove me to another friend’s home who has alzheimer in the last stage. Unable to communicate, it was difficult to know if she knew me…at least all of the time. She is one of the sweetest Christians I have ever known and we haave shared thirty or more years of a wonderful friendship. My heart was breaking as I stood there and told her how much she meant to me…that I loved her from the bottom of my heart. Then she reached over and took my hand and pulled it to her heart. She knew me…she heard me…and I thank my precious Lord for that one little sign that was a mountain to me. Her husband said it was the most alert she had been in days. Oh how I admire his loving care of his sweet wife. On Sunday, if here, she will be 80. She has been an inspiration to all who have known her…and especially to me.

  60. Barbara M. Lloyd

    A young couple who have both just turned 60 are on their way here to celebrate Labor Day with me one day early. Tomorrow, they are going to his mother’s so today they are bringing ribs right off his grille, squash casserole and (drum role) homemade peach icecream. I will probably scare them to death when they reach the door because right now I am on 40 mil. prednisone daily for these doggone blisters and you know how it is when you are on prednisone…you eat everything…if it slows down it doesn’t even have to be dead…you’ve got it. Well, something like that! Wish you all were here to help me with that churn full of peach icecream! Most of all, enjoy your Labor Day here and whatever you are calling today on the other side of the pond.

  61. Barbara M. Lloyd

    We’re having a hard rain and it is much needed. Someone said our temperature on Monday is going to be 55 degrees; hardly seems possible with it being 90 today. But, then, weather over the past few years has been upside down anyway.
    Hey Tori, any chance of your sharing a few of your plans for next year’s big Taff-fan rally in Bell Buckle? The excitement is growing already.

  62. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Dear Diary,

    It’s raining again today….maybe that’s why nobody wants to come out and play. I made a peach cobbler…just in case.

    Momma Lloyd

  63. bettyrwoodward

    Peach cobbler sounds great but I’m a bit to far away to come out to play!

  64. delightedabroad

    Barbara, it looks as if you didn’t find anyone to play with – I’m so sorry! Are you still watching the rain?

  65. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, sweet Betty, I’ll send my private jet to come and bring you here for peach cobbler. Could you perhaps stand on your roof next to the chimney and when I throw down the rope lader, grab onto it and climb up? I’m not very good at landing yet. But I’ll fly slow for you to get on. Bring Rachel and her little munchkins….we’ll make it a party.

  66. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Delighted, we’ll fly over and pick you up in the same way. By the time we get to your house though it may be getting dark so wear a white dress so we won’t mistaken you for the red chimney. Wouldn’t want to be dragging your home with us.

  67. Barbara M. Lloyd

    It was so nice coming here and finding you ladies had been here. I really do miss you when I don’t hear from you for a few days. I wish everyone would come back and we could have that sweet and fun fellowship again. Maybe we could even make enough noise to cause our Tori to get fired from one of her jobs in Bell Buckle. There’s a tiny little place in our hearts that need a Tori filling, for goodness sake.

  68. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh dear, what can the matter be?

    Summer is reluctant to go, but fall is kinda pushing it’s way into our weather now. I’ve decided that I’m partial to change of seasons. There is something nice about each one as well as something not as nice. But then, “This, too, shall pass.”

  69. Barbara M. Lloyd

    For some reason, it feels as if another year is beginning when our children start back to school after their summer vacations. Yet there are another three months or so to go before we actually do begin another year. But Thanksgiving and then Christmas are just around the corner, for goodness sake.

    Have you started your Christmas shopping? I am probably over half done. I just love Christmas shopping. And I love those big family and friend dinners on those two holidays when we all get together. How very blessed we all are here on this post.

  70. tori

    Hey Momma Lloyd, I actually wrote a new post! Check it out– Russ is having his knee replacement surgery today.

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