Iced In

It’s really beautiful, in an eerie kind of way.

The entire world– at least the part of the world I can see out of my parlor window– looks like it has been dipped in molten glass. When the sun hits the icicles hanging from the utility wires and the ice-covered branches of the magnolia tree, they glitter like a Swarovski crystal.

This sweet old house is kind of drafty, so the fancy wood-encased electric heater our neighbor Greg gifted us with last winter is making a return appearance, tucked discreetly in the space by the end of the couch. It warms the room up nicely, especially when I close the big pocket doors.

There are not one, not two, but three cats curled up on various pieces of furniture scattered around the parlor. I am still somewhat in shock about this, considering how very cat-allergic I am. I’m OK until I pet them, but how can you not pet a cat that winds around your legs and jumps up in your lap to make biscuits on your stomach while it purrs so loudly the couch vibrates? So, I just take an Allegra with my morning coffee and settle in to pet the crap out of them. They deeply appreciate this, with the exception of Catsy Cline, who may or may not be bi-polar and I am not even kidding. She can turn on a dime– from lazily slow-blinking her eyes in gratitude and leeeeeaning into my hand while I scratch under her chin, to suddenly lashing her tail back and forth, flattening her ears and simultaneously sinking her teeth into my hand while furiously rabbit-kicking my wrist, claws-out. Then she’s fine.

(I have now profusely apologized to Bitch Cat for her name. Clearly I was a little premature, and should have saved that name for the orange and white dump kitten from hell.)

While I will admit I was getting a wee bit stir-crazy around Day 4 of not being able to leave the house, it was kind of cosy to just hunker down and wait it out. Now that I can (cautiously) drive again, I’m already missing the slow, dream-like quality of those quiet grey mornings alone downstairs, sipping coffee and gazing out the window, waiting for the rest of the house to wake up. Funny how an ice storm gives you permission to just… sit still.

**The following pictures were taken by a whole bunch of my Bell Buckle friends and posted on Facebook this week. I picked out some of the very best ones so I could show you all how lovely our little town looks when it is covered in ice! **

Photo credit belongs to: Madonna, Rowina, Carolann, Sally, Linda,  Carla, Vincent, LouAnn, Betsy and me. 

1BB rowinaICE

1BBmadonna cow

1BBmadonna arch

1BBvincent louAnn smith



1BBmadonna weathervane


1BBmadonna sphere

1BB lindahoward



1BBmadonna bell


7 Responses

  1. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, I’m the first one here. Perhaps it’s because everyone else is experiencikng all that snow and ice…and I live in the south where it is presently cold and windy but rarely ever snowy.

    Your photos are lovely. I’ve seen a lot of absolutely beautiful decorating, but not any that can come up to God’s decorating. And He makes everything look so clean and sparkly. Just like He does with us….well, tries to.

    My great-granddaughter, Alexis, who is ten has been chosen for a part in a school play, “Annie.” We don’t know yet which part but Alexis would be thrilled with even the smallest one so she is thrilled…and so is the family. Watch out, Broadway! Oh well, you know how we grannies are. Today “Annie”….tomorrow: a duet with Russ Taff. (Don’t laugh…it’s my dream…not your’s)

    You know how the Lord works in strange ways? Guess He froze all of Bell Buckle to get your attention back here with us. Thank you, Lord.
    I love you, sweet Tori.

  2. delightedabroad

    Hi Tori, it’s great to hear from you again.
    I agree with Barbara: the photos are impressive. As if someone hit the “pause” button, just amazing.

  3. bettyrwoodward

    These are amazing photos. We get used to seeing photos of snow but that ice is just beautiful. Welcome back Tori!

  4. Dave Sartor

    A very nice post and lovely pics, Tori. Although the ice storm frustrated our attempts to fly back to Nashville, we arrived in good shape last Tuesday – and only a day late! And, blessed with a warm home, a beautiful wife (and a 4-wheel drive vehicle), the snow and ice is indeed beautiful.

  5. tori

    Hey guys! *waving furiously from Bell Buckle*

    Momma Lloyd: SO proud of your great-granddaughter! Let us know what part she gets to play– what fun for her!

    delightedabroad: It is FINALLY melted for the most part, but still getting down to very low temps at night, so everything that’s wet re-freezes! Driving is much, much better, but still has some patches of ice to beware of…

    bettyrwoodward: Thank you– welcome back to you, too!

  6. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Alexis got the role of the policeman. She was a little disappointed it isn’t a singing part…but soon was happy just to be in the play. You can be sure that policeman will have a huge cheering section…politely so, that is. Guess it’s gonna take another year or two before she can try out for the Russ Taff duet. We’ll keep working on it.

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I promise I won’t overdo this, but if you think grandmothers are bad…you can understand why GREAT-grandmothers are even worse. But I needed to tell you that Alexis will be singing in all of the group songs and she is very happy about that. The play will be put on at a local highschool and tickets will be sold. How about these Elementary students today! May 30th is when I will see it, so I promise not to mention it again…until the next day when I tell you how wonderful Alexis did her part(s).

    Bless your sweet heart, Tori, my weatherman told me the Taffs are getting snowed in again. Read any good books lately?

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