Let’s Do The Time-Suck (Tuesday) Again!

(Extra points for the Rocky Horror reference.)

So last week’s inaugural Time-Suck Tuesday was such a success, I’m thinking we oughta make it a thing. OK? You’re good with that? We’re up and running!

Let’s start off with MORE “Worst Christian Album Covers of All Time,” shall we? 1whreshallishelter (Um, in your hair?) 1godschosenpuppet I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really get the connection between gospel music and puppets, but based on the number of puppet-themed album covers out there, there certainly seems to be one.

1amen SEE??? (Are they praying? Napping? Dating?)


Here’s how NOT to load fish:




Right after I do that thing with the eggs and plastic bottle from last week? I’m gonna do this:

This isn’t actually in Bell Buckle, but trust me, it totally could be:


This made me think of Madi Rose’s shark bite…1somethingtouchedmyfoot

And finally, here’s something to think about this week…

Time-Suck Tuesday

Today (as Russ and I head to yet another funeral) I decided that I wanted to send out some completely random HAPPY THOUGHTS and  FUNNY THINGS and AWESOME STUFF into the universe– it’s my way of reminding myself that life is full of those kind of things, too. Please join me in escaping reality as we allow these relatively meaningless diversion to suck a few valuable moments out of our Tuesday…

So, here’s to life– (and take THAT, stupid ‘season of loss’!)

Let’s start with a classic — a couple of the”Worst Christian Album Covers of All Time”:




I am SO going to try this:



Visual artist Mark Jenkins creates sculpture from Scotch packing tape. (from enpundit.com.)


This is what happens when you put dogs in a photo booth:


Rain cloud costume– this is ME, next Halloween! (courtesy of The Bloggess)

1raincloudYou KNEW you weren’t going  to get out of here without at least one animal video, right?  This is a good one, but you might want to lower or mute the volume because it’s got kind of a crappy techno music background and a slightly annoying voiceover…

Annnd finally:


Tori Taff

I’m Tori, and I’m a late-blooming Baby Boomer. Read more!



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