“Wordless” Wednesday: Daffodil Day in Bell Buckle

Last Saturday was officially Daffodil Day here in the Buckle– yet another excuse for the town to have a party and invite people to come fall in love with us!

I was a volunteer, though I had no idea what I was doing since this was my very first DD, but I was more than willing to suit up and show up, which is how we do things around here.

It was so much fun! The loooong winter delayed a lot of the town’s usual bursting array of daffodils that are planted all around the square, but we still had a respectable amount of colorful blooms to put you in the mood. Bell Buckle is also the United States smallest officially designated “Tree City,” so in honor of that the Arbor Day Foundation set up a table and gave away tree seedlings– Native Pecan, Black Cherry and Chickasaw Plum. I helped out at the Banquet Hall, which is where the daffodil judging took place.

By the way, daffodil judges take their job very seriously. Making jokes about stealing flowers out of other people’s yards do not really crack them up. Or at least that’s what I heard.

This concludes the “wordless” part of this post– on to the photos!












1DDpug RC

**All photos courtesy of Babybloomr.com and Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce.

8 Responses

  1. LindaB

    DELIGHTFUL!!!! And what beautiful daffodils! Made me smile—-spring is coming! I am dying to plant something!

  2. tori

    LindaB: I know, right? I am physically restraining myself from going to the local nursery, because I won’t be able to resist getting a bunch of stuff and then having to keep it inside because the weather changed AGAIN and it’s too cold to plant and then I’ll forget to water them and they’ll die and then I have to go buy more. (voice of experience)

  3. auburn60

    I’m just looking at catalogs and planning where I would put things if the weather ever changes. Temps. will be close to 70 tomorrow and then more snow next week. Of course, that many choices in all the catalogs are making me crazy…maybe I need to just narrow by color? Or what plants have the best chance of living? Or how much I’m willing to hurt my back planting the dang things?

  4. tori

    auburn60: Oh, I know– the catalogs make me drool… But I’m askeered to put anything in the ground yet!

  5. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Everything in my yard was becoming overgrown…to the point I was going to have to send follow-the-breadcrumbs notices to prospective visitors. So, my yard man talked me into his cutting everything to the ground. It is ugly..ugly..ugly but he assures me he can see a tiny bit of green on most stumps. How would I know? So far, the only thing good coming out of it is there was little to nothing for the ice storm to bring down.

    I just love Bell Buckle! That little town has so many endearing qualities that just keep popping up throughout the year. If I were going to pick the perfect place for my little Taff family to live, it would have to be the place of beautiful flowers, interesting traditions magnificant horses, friendly cats, and people who know how to live gloriously in this old world…known as Bell Buckle, for goodness sake.

  6. tori

    Momma Lloyd: The only thing missing this spring in Bell Buckle… is you! Don’t you feel a yearning to come to the enchanted village sometime soon…?

  7. nan

    Chachi! Good dog!! So, Emma and I made it into a photo!! We had such a great time at DDay. Love love love the Bell Buckle lifestyle.

  8. tori

    nan: You and me both, sistah!

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