Wordless Wednesday. More or Less.

So, yesterday? I’m minding my own business and all of a sudden it starts snowing. 

A LOT. (The day before, it was 70 degrees and sunny.) 1snow Even Porch Cat was nonplussed. 1cattable My Meyer lemon tree is budding AND it’s snowing. What’s wrong with this picture? 1snowblossoms Then about 15 minutes later, I look out the kitchen window and it had completely disappeared– what the hey? 1window By the way, that little windowsill tableau has Deep Spiritual Significance– OK, not really, but it does have some meaning for me. On one side there’s the finger-pointing Bible guy, and on the other side there’s a bird being let out of a cage.  Just a little daily reminder that love and grace are liberating.

“Choose this day whom you will serve.” 1preacher 1birdflower Phoebe is ridiculously photogenic. She’s like the Kate Moss of Pomeranians. 1photogenicphoebs I picked these at an old abandoned house down the street. At one point in time someone sure put a lot of care and effort into that yard– there were so many amazing different kinds of daffodils, some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Aren’t they gorgeous?


My girlies.


7 Responses

  1. auburn60

    Thinking of you today. Love and hugs.

  2. phwd737

    Oh my! The picture of those beautiful daffodils!!! Exquisite! And I love your flower vases in the picture with your cat…sweet! Thanks! <3

  3. bettyrwoodward

    Love the windowsill tableau and of course the daffodils. Spring has sprung even if you had snow yesterday. We had hail today!

  4. tori

    auburn60: Thank you, sweet friend. I miss her.

    phwd7737: I am filling my house with daffodils for as long as they last– it’s like putting sunshine in a vase!

    bettyrwoodward: Seriously? HAIL?! Wow!

  5. auburn60

    Just wanted to come back and ask the Bloomr family to keep another family in your prayers. You may have heard about the young man who was a football player at the Naval Academy who collapsed on the field last Sat. It’s been on the national news and on ESPN.He was a local kid and a relative of the singing McKameys. He died yesterday. He was 19 y.o. He had a brain injury in 2012 during a football game and was airlifted to a hospital in Chattanooga. He was cleared to play football again and enrolled in the Naval Academy this year. He collapsed last Sat. during practice and had a brain bleed and cranial surgery before his family could even get to Baltimore. He never regained consciousness and died yesterday. This is a great family who recognizes that their son and brother is with Jesus, but it is SO HARD to wrap our heads around. We do not know them well; Matt played against their HS team once or twice. They are receiving a lot of local support and support from the Navy family, but more prayers can’t hurt. Thank you. I know what kind of folks you are and that you will lift this family up.

  6. LindaB

    I will pray, Alyson. Such a sad thing.

    Tori, VERY pretty pictures—–especially those two young ladies! They are like flowers—–growing and looking prettier every day!

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Linda, I was thinking the very same thing about those pretty Taff girls. Hmmm, now she has taken the cats in the house and put those girls outside in the cats’ place. Ya know, girls, you can run away to South Carolina.

    Alyson, that is so terribly sad. I remember one time when it was snowing and my hubby and I were sitting on the bleachers at our son’s football game. An ambulence was called for one of the players and I remember my husband and I looking at each other and asking “what are we doing encouraging our son to play this game?” I’m praying for the family whose hearts are terribly broken.

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