Photo Friday: Still-Not-Completely-Settled-In House Edition

Well, since I have come to the inevitable conclusion that our new/old house will not be “done” any time in the foreseeable future (if ever), I decided to quit waiting for that to happen and just get over myself and post some photos. Plus, I want some free decorating help, so you know… it’s all about the outsourcing.

Without further ado– or any ado at all, actually– here are some pics from our new life in the Buckle–

**This is the view as you walk thru the front door into the entry. The parlor is straight ahead, the staircase is to the left through the columns. (Yeah, I left my computer on the sofa. Oops.) (Also, see those beautiful flowers on the table? The Nintendo company sent those to me on my birthday, since I’m one of their brand ambassadors, how sweet is that?! Nintendo is my new boyfriend.)

**Before we even bought the house I spent months and months searching for the perfect light fixture for that newel post. I did my research and scoured the internet as well as antique shops in about 4 states before finding this one in Nashville– Russ surprised me with it on our anniversary last October. I just love my newel post lady! Our fabulous carpenter/handyman/electrician and friend David secured it to the post and then ran wiring up from the basement and hard wired it with a switch on the back. I usually leave her on all day.

**View from the staircase, back towards the front door. This fretwork is one of my favorite things in the house. I expected the usual Victorian gingerbread scrolls and spindles, but our 1905 house is classified as ‘late Victorian/early Arts and Crafts’ style, and this is one of the Craftsman touches. I was so happy when I found the entry table because it matched the fretwork so perfectly. **Another one of my favorite touches– pocket doors! I feel very Gone With The Wind- fabulous when I fling them open with a grand flourish…

**Another original feature are these cool old registers:

** This is the scene of one of our favorite new pastimes, a little thing we like to call ‘porch-sitting with intermittent car-waving and occasional episodes of copiuous napping.” We are getting REALLY GOOD AT IT. This is just one side of the porch, and we still have some further decorating to do. Personally I would really prefer the look of a porch swing instead of that glider, but hello, we already had the glider. Plus it lends itself really well to the copious napping aspect of porch-sitting because it actually folds flat and makes a bed.

** Here’s Russ doing some sittin’ and coffee drinking. I can totally tell by the look on his face that he is right on the verge of waving at a car.

** Our front sidewalk. Could we all please take a moment and murmur a silent prayer that I won’t kill those beautifully symmetrical boxwoods? …. Amen. Thanks.

**The infamous Porch Cat– or P.C., as we call him. Or her. I haven’t actually gotten all up in his/her personal business enough to fully determine which. (But I’m thinking it’s a her.) P.C. is incredibly affectionate, and immediately winds around my legs as soon as I come outside to the point of tripping me up on a regular basis. She also leaves a thin grey veil of cat hair on every piece of our porch furniture which makes me sneeze my head off, which then causes her to give me a disgusted look and jump down and stalk under the glider where she flops over and pointedly turns her back on me. That’s a bit of a ‘tude, considering she’s a freeloader– we have no idea where she actually lives, but from the very first day we moved into the house she has spent about 75% of her time on our porch. The fact that we have fed her and keep fresh water out there for her might have a little something to do with it.

**OK, all of you tree-huggers out there help me out– is this a black walnut tree? We’re trying to figure it out.

**This is our side yard with our new fences. The picket fence section is for the dogs, and the privacy fence encloses what I pretentiously call ‘the courtyard’ but at this point it’s really just a backyard. I have big plans for that space involving all kinds of things like flagstone and brick walkways, a wisteria-covered pergola, fruit trees and a fountain– very “Secret Garden.” I may be in my dotage before it ever happens, but I plan on spending the wintry months this year poring over seed catalogs and garden layouts and daydreaming of spring planting…

**This is how the dogs get from the courtyard to the picket fence area– and frankly, it took them a while to figure it out, bless their hearts. (Cute as bunnies, dumb as rocks.) And how do you like our propane tank?! Every house in the neighborhood has one, from the grandest Victorian down to the most modest cottage. Before we moved here, I was determined to have ours (we have a small one because it’s basically just for the gas range) buried underground– no way I was going to have that unsightly thing next to my lovely home! Then we moved in, and, well, now I kind of love it– it’s just the kind of incongruous, redneck-y touch that makes me smile. Because I’m weird that way. (I am going to plant climbing roses all over it, though.)

** OK, this is the audience participation segment of our show: I need you guys to help me brainstorm and come up with some ideas for a color scheme for the exterior trim of the house. I love white houses, and I’m not planning on repainting the main part of the house, but there are some lovely architectural touches that are completely invisible right now because everything is white on white. Victorian houses are famously colorful, and Bell Buckle boasts some wonderful ‘painted ladies’ scattered throughout the town– pink, turquoise, red, yellow, periwinkle, etc. But when I look on the internet or in the books I check out of the library, I’m not coming up with many examples of white houses with colored trim, so I’m having to try to picture in my mind what it would look like– which makes me nervous! Here’s one example of a typical Victorian color scheme for the house trim:  

** Now obviously my house does not have all of that ornate gingerbread, and as I said we are keeping the main body painted white, but I would love to come up with a three-color palette to highlight the trim details on the gables, under the eaves and around the windows. Here’s an example of the house trim I want to accentuate:

(The way the sun is hitting the side of the house makes it look a little light yellow, but it is actually all white.) See? I could paint a lot of little details! Inside the window frame, those little diamond accent thingys, the space between the eaves… There’s definitely room for me to tart things up, don’tcha think?

I’ve thought about a soft butter yellow and a pale mint green accented with a slightly darker lavender… Or bolder trim colors, like peacock blue, emerald green with gold highlights…

I dunno. What do you guys think? Weigh in, please!

** I’ll leave you with these two shots: The first one is of a guy I see almost every day, rolling down the sidewalk, often leaning back and steering with his knees, almost always shirtless– just a visual image of one of the many quirky people in a town that embraces quirky people! And the last one is of our front door knob– again, perfectly imperfect. To get it to catch and lock, you can’t twist it into the usual upright position. The only way it will close properly is if you let it be slightly askew– kinda like us!

11 Responses

  1. Eldonna

    Yep, the tree is a Black Walnut.

    Your new home is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. LouAnn

    Being very familiar with this house long before it was renovated, all I can is WOW! I walked through the house just before they started the renovations, but I missed the opportunity to walk through afterwards. I am so glad you are going to paint the trim! I have no doubt whatever colors you choose it’ll be gorgeous. I love the Victorian homes in Bell Buckle and many have been through a bit of a renaissance in the past few years. I noticed your new patio furniture cushions! I still need some…or new furniture all together. I drive by your home almost daily since I have to get to get to Shelbyville from Covered Bridge. All the little touches have warmed up the area so much. No doubt it will inspire your neighbors. Again, welcome to the neighborhood! Hopefully one day we’ll actually get to meet. ;)

  3. SUSIE Q

    Trim color Rust..ya know it’s close to Russ!!!

  4. LindaB

    I. LOVE. POCKET. DOORS!!! And you got ‘em, Girl!!! Lucky!

    The house is beautiful and classy! You’re having fun, aren’t ya?

    As for color, I vote for emerald green, peacock blue, and a dark gold. Can’t wait to see it all painted up! (Or, as you said, “tarted up”! LOL )

  5. auburn60

    OK, you probably already know this, but, there are places on-line that you can experiment with paint colors for your house. I PORED over colors for weeks just to paint our shutters and doors. Some even have sites where you can upload a photo of your house and virtually try out exterior paint colors. I think Valspar is one, will check right now. Some sites just have a place where you can choose your style of house (Victorian, cottage,etc.) and try out a whole palette of colors if you’re starting from scratch. I’ve spent entire lifetimes looking for paint colors for both indoors and exterior colors, even though our house is brick, because sometimes something that sounds like a great idea doesn’t transfer all that well from my brain to reality. Such as that pumpkin color we all thought was great for the entrance and upstairs hallway. Yes, to the entrance; hallway, not so much.

  6. auburn60

    Sherwin Williams. Really fun paint site. I could click and drag all day.

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Alyson, , I had no idea there was anything like that available on the Internet…else I would have been spending hours at a time there.

    I love colors, but I suspect I am more conservative in my thoughts…because my mind went only to one color for the trim: Williams burg Blue.

    However, I honestly do appreciate more boldness when the job is done. My daughter, Joan, is very adventurous with color in her home and it looks fantastic; but if I told you the combinations and all she did, it would sound impossible that it would work so well together.

    Sweet Tori, your home is beautiful…inside and out. And that magnificent lamp on the bottom of the stairs banister is unbelievedly perfect for just that position in the entrance.I love your home…I love your town…and I love you. and yours. Those pups are adorable. Shucks, I even like that cat.

  8. Gramma Jac

    I decided it would be easier to tell you what I DON’T like. I pored over the photos and,…nope,…love it all! (That woodwork–breaking that covet commandment as we speak!)

    OK, maybe the boxwoods are a little TOO perfect! (LOL!)

  9. rachelbaker

    Wow! Its a beautiful house.

    For what its worth, I would lean towards the emerald green and peacock blue. I’m usually a more subdued pastel kind of girl but on the outside of a gorgeous house, I think bold is the way to go … also (practically) I think it’ll weather better. You’d be having to repaint a light colour pretty much every year!

  10. DonnaMariePatterson

    Oh my goodness, Tori – your house is absolutely beautiful inside and out!! I would just walk through it every day admiring and running my fingers over everything. Seriously! I love to see how God has blessed you and your family. It was worth the wait and He knew best all along. *happy smiles* Ask my opinion on decoration, style, and color? Ms. Tori, you are so good that I don’t believe you need one smidgen of advice!

  11. DonnaMariePatterson

    P.S. I also love that God even cares about the littlest details, like giving you a porch cat to top it all off!

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