Momma Lloyd’s Report: (Much More Ladylike Than Mine Will Probably Be)

As you may know by now, this weekend we had a very special guest:
Babybloomr’s own Queen Mother, Momma Lloyd came to Bell Buckle!
I can’t even describe how much fun it was to have her and Beth (THANK YOU Beth, for making this possible) here. The first evening they arrived, I was so excited that every so often I would look across the room and suddenly yell, “Holy cats, Momma Lloyd is actually sitting in my parlor!!!” Hopefully she correctly interpreted that as an expression of how happy I was to see her.  Although it also could have been interpreted as some sort of hostess Tourette’s– either way, she didn’t run screaming out of the house, so you know… Win/win.
I’ll write up my own recap later, but I wanted you guys to read Momma Lloyd’s version first– and I’ll share a couple of photos, too! Here goes:

Barbara M. Lloyd

On June 15, 2013 another page of history unfolded in the adorable little town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee. Russ and Tori Taff had barely settled in their new home before finding themselves nominated King and Queen of the R C Cola and Moon Pie Festival. Proudly, they sat on the back of a convertible, while throngs (well, there were a few visitors, too) of adoring subjects clapped and cheered. The handsome King and beautiful Queen smiled and royally waved as they passed by their people and not a drop of perspiration dared to make an appearance on that hot, humid day.

Soon after the grand parade, there was the official coronation, where their royal crowns were placed on their heads. It was at this moment that the handsome newly crowned king performed his first honorable and exquisitely perfected duty. He caught his Queen’s already slipping crown. (oh dear…so soon)

A little later in the day, they performed their first official duty by serving their subjects pieces of a huge moon pie baked especially for that day. They did this with grace and so much class that the waitresses at the famed Bell Buckle Cafe stared in disbelief and in hopes of picking up some valuable tricks of the trade.

That evening the Queen whipped into perfection with her own dainty little hands a huge banana pudding…while the King literally sang for his supper nearby. You see, this was necessary because the Queen, in their move to Bell Buckle, had lost all of her pots and pans.

As the day came to a close, family and friends of the royal family said their goodbyes…and the King and Queen took their pretty princesses back to their warm and charming palace….knowing that all was well in their kingdom, after a day filled with fun and love.

**Here’s Momma Lloyd shooting the breeze with my sister Carolyn while they wait for the parade to start. Carrie and her husband David came all the way up from Arkansas just to make fun of me, because hello, we’re FAMILY.

**Not the best quality, sorry. Obviously Momma Lloyd just said something REALLY FUNNY!
**Also a little blurry, but I still love this one!

18 Responses

  1. bettyrwoodward

    Looks like a good time was had by all. Well done Your majesty and Queen Mother!

  2. SUSIE Q

    Momma Lloyd, great reporting as always!!! SO glad you wore your badge so the folks would KNOW WHO’S WHO around Bell Buckle haha!!!! You, afterall, are the Queen Mum :) Tori I love the gloves and it definitely looks like you and Russ had a wonderful time. Thank you for giving your greatest fan ever a place in your home…she’s a definite keeper!!! We love y’all over in The Friendship Place as well. Come over and join us anytime. You’re always welcome!!!!! Momma Lloyd, I need for you to post this there for us, please ma’am!!
    Momma you didn’t mention the trip up there. Did our Beth do ok or did the GPS put y’all in Memphis? hahaha (sorry Beth) LOVE LOVE LOVE

  3. sweet lil' redheaded dumbass

    The portraits are up! That room still *works*!

  4. jonny

    Neat = )

  5. auburn60

    Ha! I think Momma Lloyd nailed it. And even managed to work in the Queen’s missing pots and pans. And Momma, I’m SO SORRY I didn’t get to say good-bye; I didn’t realize when you left Sat. night.

  6. LindaB

    Tori, loved seeing a little part of your new home. (Love the door casings and the fireplace mantel!) I can tell from these pics that it has a warm,country feel to it……and it has a history that seems to make it comfortable, relaxing, and welcoming. No wonder you fell in love with it.

    And what a treat to have Barb grace your new home on such a wonderful occasion as your coronation! She is one of the funniest people I’ve ever known—–she can always make me laugh out loud! And she’s one of the sweetest and kindest. She loves the Taff family too! What could top off a day of parades and coronations better than sitting and chatting with MommaLloyd? Nothing I know of!

    Thanks for the report and pics!

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, Alyson, I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when we were driving away and it came to me that I had not said goodbye to you. Doggone, I missed out on a great big ‘ole hug. Next time we see one another we’ll make up for it…and hope we don’t get arrested.

    Linda, I wish you could have been there. Queen Tori lives in a large, beautiful Victorian home on a corner. You might even describe it as kinda, sorta, overlooking the town of Bell Buckle. But it’s not on a hill, so perhaps I should just describe it as a house you won’t miss if you go to Bell Buckle. It’s just kinda….well, eloquent.

    Inside the home, there seemed to me to be more an air of victorian decor than country. Most noticeable of all, was the strong feeling of warmth and love. Each member of the family’s personality sparkled throughout. I just loved it…and I can tell you that the Taff family have come Home.

    It was obvious that the town people had already fallen in love with the Taff family….and it spread over onto those of us who were visiting. It’s a place that I would guess might be a bit like Mayberry…only in this day and time.

    Tori’s sister, Carolyn, is almost a carbon copy of the Queen. So, you can’t help but love her right away. Carolyn’s husband, David, has a delightful sense of humor…and, by the way, he peeps in here every now and then, for goodness sake (hello David). Tori’s brother, Matt, is (as Tori says) quite good looking (oh dear, not that you aren’t, too, David) and he and his wife, Carol are ever so kind and comfortable. Makes me wish I could be smack dab in the middle of a family reunion.

    Beth and I had such a wonderful time. I think that newly crowned King and Queen were a little confused because they treated us like we were the royalty.

    May our precious God bless the reigning King and Queen of Bell Buckle. I sure do love them and their pretty little princesses.

    Now I must go find an empty space in my home where I can post my most recent photo of my Russ and me….as well as the rest of his and my family.

  8. auburn60

    Have to “ditto” Momma Lloyd regarding David, Carolyn, Matt and Carol. So happy to finally meet Matt and Carolyn and David and Carol were just an added bonus. Madi and I had a short chat (during the banana pudding run) about how easy it is to be around her family as they are all so nice and comfortable to be with.

  9. rachelbaker

    Thanks, Momma Lloyd. Everything sounds (and looks) wonderful.

  10. LindaB

    MommaLloyd, did you get to eat at the Bell Buckle Cafe? What did you have? Did you hear Russ sing? Can Russ still give good hugs even with a recently repaired torn rotator cuff?

  11. Gramma Jac

    Thanks for sharing the snapshots (actual and verbal) of a great time! House looks great! I remember reading here that Russ also smells really good, so you must have just lingered in those hugs!! (Unless his cologne was packed with the pots and pans,…)

  12. bettyrwoodward

    Linda. I can answer the one about the hugs. He can, I had a couple at Family Fest!

  13. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Betty, Linda knows very well that I’m gonna tell her Russ is hugging better than ever….and smells wonderful.

    And Linda, the food at the Bell Buckle Cafe is absolutely delicious. Not only did I eat there, but they catered the concert on Saturday night and their chocolate brownie is to die for. At the cafe I had chicken pot-pie, turnip greens, cole slaw and fried corn (which is what I’ve always called cream corn) I didn’t have desert, except for tasting Beth’s oatmeal cake…and it was really yummy, too. At the concert there was a variety of things but I had bar-b-que, baked beans, and cole slaw…plus that mouth-watering brownie.

    Russ didn’t sing nearly enough…but then it’s the same complaint you and I always have. Ben Spears was there so Russ had him sing a Gaither duet with him…and that was fun for them and for us.

    In neighboring pastures there were those beautiful Tennessee Walking Horses. Bell Buckle really is a lovely place to call “home.”

  14. LindaB

    You mean to tell me there was a CONCERT where Russ sang AND THERE WAS FOOD!!! GOOD FOOD!!! AND BROWNIES!! Dang!

  15. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Sweet Linda….only in Bell Buckle…only in Bell Buckle.

  16. Barbara M. Lloyd


  17. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Beth asked me to post this for her. She’s having trouble with her password:

    I was trying to wait till I got my password, but it hasn’t shown up, so I’m having Momma Lloyd post this for me. I had a wonderful time last weekend in Bell Buckle with Momma Lloyd. It was great to see Russ again and have a chance to get to know Tori and her family. They are jewels and I can certainly see why Momma Lloyd, and everyone who knows them, loves them so much. Tori your house is so charming and comfortable! I can easily see why you all love it so much. When I was going often to the town back in the early 2000s, I had visions of living there, too! Thank you, for making me feel so welcomed and giving us a cool place to come and rest on Saturday. It certainly was hot, with very few places to sit, out of the sun. You and Russ were so regal during your appearances as King and Queen. I can’t wait for everyone to see the great video David did of your carnation!

    Susie Q, I only got lost twice, very briefly, in Shelbyville, going to the hotel. The streets were not marked very well, and they rotate the town every 12 hours! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!! The firemen who gave us directions even asked if we knew what city we were in…what do you think they were trying to say?!?

    Alyson, it was very nice to meet you! I remember your user name, but I don’t think I ever knew your real name!

    Hopefully my password will come soon, and I can post more freely. Thanks, Momma Lloyd for bailing me out…again!


  18. auburn60

    Beth, so glad you got to come and bring our Momma Lloyd. (I’m thinking of just dropping my “handle” and putting my real name out there. Might as well take responsibility for all I have to say!) :)

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