Ridiculously Hot Weather Got You Feeling Sticky and Stanky? CHECK THIS OUT!

(I can’t imagine why some ad agency doesn’t snatch me up to write copy for them.)

Ok, kids– I got to review a yummy (yet manly– Russ made me say that) new bath line from the lovely people at Dove! And you know me, I only review stuff I honestly use, and then I have the audacity to tell the truth about it. So look up there to the top right of this page, and click on that thing that says “Reviews” to go read all about it!

There’s a link to a coupon for all you frugal types (like me), and there’s also an entry link to a SpaFinder Sweepstakes– and I could totally get into finding a spa right about now.

Anyway, go click right this minute– and don’t worry, there are no Taffs-actually-IN-the-bathtub photos or anything. (Wait– dang, why didn’t I think of that?)

5 Responses

  1. VA-Cathy

    And here my daughter thinks I’m the only person in the world that prefers baths to showers. I used the “Visiblecare” line back a few months ago and we both liked it. I tried the Dove Summer something or other and one other kind of Dove that promised moisture, etc., but we didn’t care for either of those. We had just talked about this last night and said after we use these up, we’re going back to the Visiblecare line – hope I got that name right:) Thanks for the review and the coupon! Hope your house sells soon – and hope Russ’ root canal isn’t too bad.

  2. tori

    Thanks, VA-Cathy! (Had another showing today…) I really haven’t used any Dove products except for the plain ol’ Dove bar soap before this, but this sold me!

  3. LindaB

    You eat snacks in the bathtub??? What?? When our new bathroom was finished, 10 year old Chloe wanted to be the first to use the Jacuzzi tub, so we let her. She apparently intended to stay a while ’cause when I went to check on her after an hour, she was eating string cheese!!!! I told her that’s not a good idea……if she dropped some it might plug up the jets, and I took the cheese away from her. (Can you imagine calling up the repair man and telling him your jets are plugged with string cheese?) About a half hour later I went in again to check on her and she was eating a BOWL OF CANTALOUPE!!! She’d fit in nicely at your house!

    I’m going to go out soon and buy some of that Dove Visible care stuff. Diabetics have problems with dry skin, ya know. If it works, that will be great! I hate taking the time to put lotion on after a bath or shower.

  4. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Linda, old people have dry skin, too; but we want something titled “invisable,” I think. You know…something to take care of dry skin and wrinkles, too.

    One of these days, sweet Tori, you are gonna be discovered for the great-in-all-areas broad that you are. I mean, we know it here but all we can do is testify to it. (I almost felt a song coming on as I said that)

    I am excited about all of the showings you are having during these bad economical times. Keep showing and we’ll keep praying…I just know you are going to be in “that” house before the holidays.

  5. tori

    From your mouth to God’s ear, Momma Lloyd!

    And yep, Linda– Chloe would fit in just fine around here!

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