I Promise, I’m Not In The Witness Protection Program…

… just out of the country!


We’re back in the lovely Faroe Islands (with no wifi)– but we’ll be in Norway soon, so maybe the hotel will hook me up and I can actually post here, you know, just like a real blogger!

Until I do, here’s a photo just to demonstrate how difficult it can be to try to do laundry in a foreign country when you can’t understand what the dial says– and you have the vaguely uneasy sense it is judging you rather harshly… (Check out the initial setting.)

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  1. rachelbaker

    Ha! Don’t take it too personally. I think I can work out ‘Koldt’, ‘Mix’ and ‘Energispare’! I have some Faroese friends and their facebook posts often leave me wondering whether they are sharing a joke at their English friends’ expense.

    Norway?? Oh, we’re only a short plane ride away.

  2. bettyrwoodward

    Love it! Have a great time. I agree with Rachel we would love you to stop off on your way home.

  3. chillybean

    Ha! You should totally wash your clothes on the “slut” cycle and see what happens….! (I have visions of everything shrinking and sporting strategically placed rips and tears….)

  4. MostlySunny

    Too funny!!!! Maybe they feel the same way when they come to our country and see “Normal” “Delicate” “Bulky” “Whites” “Colors”.

    Hope you’re having fun!

  5. LindaB

    I guess my washing machine has my number—-it just calls me “normal” and “bulky”. You have a much more exciting life, Tori.

    Have fun! Stay safe! Keep your clothes clean!

  6. rachelbaker

    ‘Normal’, LindaB – are you sure?!

  7. LindaB

    Ha! No Rachel, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s more “heavy duty”.

  8. Barbara M. Lloyd

    If only you had thought before you left town to run up to the lake house and grab that antique wash board. Then you could have rub-a-dub-dubbed until your heart was content.

    Irene, from Russ’ group, is going to try and be at Russ’ concert when he gets to Norway. She says she is going to give him a hug to give to me. Now there is a turnaround, for sure. It’s usually the other way. But, heck, it’ll work.

    I’m tickled pink y’all are over in that beautiful country together. Forget the computer, the telephone, and just enjoy. Or, put on your skates and keep up with the girls.

  9. irenec

    Hello from Norway,and Welcome Tori and Russ!
    I`m sorry but I can not make it…I tryed,Momma Lloyd!
    Tori,I hope you both get a fantastic time!

  10. irenec

    I know what I can do..:) Momma Lloyd,I live close to the road they are driving to Flekkefjord,so I can stand by the road and wave..you think?:-) Tori,I wish you could take a break by me!:-)

  11. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Sweet Irene, if they see you standing by the roadside, I know they will stop and give you a hug…..if only we knew the time of day, we could make up a big sign for you to hold you are a member of his group family. That would stop him for sure…and your bonus would be the three Taff girls. Such a wonderful thought!

  12. tori

    irenec– I’m so sorry we’re going to miss seeing you… maybe next year! Actually, we were in the car for over 6 hours yesterday, traveling all the way across Norway, so the sight of you holding up a big sign would have definitely precipitated an unscheduled stop! What a beautiful, beautiful country you have, Irene– we are having such a wonderful time!

  13. jonny

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