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Memaw the Cocktail-Weenie-Dog

Introducing our recent rescue– a geriatric, starving, half-blind, mostly deaf, semi-senile, quasi-housebroken, hobbling, permanently tail-tucked miniature dachshund.

I think.

It’s also possible she is not a dog at all, but a ferret of some kind.

Did I mention her hump-back?

And yes, her name is an homage of sorts to our dear departed, much-loved Betty, also known online as ‘themema’ — we chose to change up the spelling in case Betty is looking down from heaven and takes umbrage… Although knowing themema, she’s probably laughing her celestial tookus off at us.

I still can’t believe we did this. (“Impulsive, party of four.”)

Earworm* Friday Edition

*Not literally– ewww. THIS kind: 

OK, so there’s this bouncy, mindless little pop song titled “Call Me Maybe” by a Canadian artist named Carly Ray Jepson– and after the first time you hear it, in spite of yourself, it has one of those catchy ‘hooks’ in the chorus that STAYS IN YOUR BRAIN FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. All kinds of artists are now making cover version videos of this song– lil’ Justin Bieber put together a video with some of his famous little friends and it immediately went viral with over 41 million views. Meh.

Anyway, I’ve been walking around for two days without being able to get that stupid song out of my head… So I figured, why suffer alone when I can share the joy with you, my beloved ‘Bloomr nation? And I found a version that is SO MUCH BETTER than any of the others! I have literally laughed myself silly over this SocialCam video– it’s by Jeff and Sheri Easter’s son Madison, who is so dang funny that sometimes I really think he may have been switched at birth and could possibly be my kid. I’m thinking about doing some DNA testing.

I really hope you enjoy this as much as I did– and please be sure and let me know if you walk around the rest of the day singing it to yourself.

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