Memaw the Cocktail-Weenie-Dog

Introducing our recent rescue– a geriatric, starving, half-blind, mostly deaf, semi-senile, quasi-housebroken, hobbling, permanently tail-tucked miniature dachshund.

I think.

It’s also possible she is not a dog at all, but a ferret of some kind.

Did I mention her hump-back?

And yes, her name is an homage of sorts to our dear departed, much-loved Betty, also known online as ‘themema’ — we chose to change up the spelling in case Betty is looking down from heaven and takes umbrage… Although knowing themema, she’s probably laughing her celestial tookus off at us.

I still can’t believe we did this. (“Impulsive, party of four.”)

13 Responses

  1. BrownEyedGirl

    What a little sweetheart :o)

  2. LindaB

    That is one pathetic pitiful creature! And she just stumbled into doggie heaven! She could be on TV—–“How the Lottery Changed My Life”! I love these kind of stories!

    Are you sure she’s a miniature dachshund? I’ve never seen a dachshund of any kind that looked like her. And how in the world did she end up in Brentwood? So many questions, and she’s not talking.

    Anyway, you folks are so kind. And I believe Betty is indeed laughing.

  3. LindaB

    I looked up miniature dachshunds, and there are an amazing array of varieties and looks! You’re right. How foolish of me to question your canine knowledge!

  4. JanetB

    I love how it kinda looks like she’s wearing a little pillbox hat…all she needs is a wee pocketbook…

    I love this dog! Poor little thing…scared out of her mind…but once she figures out that she’s actually safe now…oh the love you guys are going to be showered with!

    Ever since you posted about Memaw, Bless The Beasts & The Children has been running in my head. (Tells you how old I am! lol)

  5. jonny

    “Bless The Beasts & The Children has been running in my head”

    Love the song, love the film, love the dog !!

    ”How the Lottery Changed My Life”

    You’re right former, it seems to have certainly changed Memaw’s !! (big heart-shaped emoticon !!)

  6. jonny

    Oh, and Big-T, without question one of the sweetest, coolest “yeah, baby”s I’ve heard to date !! I’m gonna have to start owning it to use after we nail a song or two during a show = )

  7. Gramma Jac

    I love this dog–and what a blessing for her to end up in YOUR backyard!!

  8. chillybean

    okay…I am loving her. Poor thing. I think she needs a spa day to get her nails done.
    (and, is it me, or does her head look like a goat head?)

    Can’t wait to meet the newest member of the family some day!

  9. sherronh

    Aw…I have an ancient, tiny little doxie, too! Looks like Memaw and my Phoebe are about the same size. This is the Phoebster: She’s a little more white and a little less brown these days.

    Glad you’re giving Memaw a good home in her golden years. I’m pretty sure you get extra bonus points with God for doing that. :-)

  10. Phyllis S

    Love her and your sweet compassion.

    As far as “themema”, I know without a doubt that she is analyzing you Tori, the extravert with the crazy notion that you can save the world, and now you can save the poor little Memaw. I am laughing so hard as I picture her watching you and her love Madi from Heaven and shaking her head. I wish ALL of our bloomers had known her like we did, sure miss her.

    Trot on along Memaw.

  11. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, this made me cry and laugh at the same time. themema would absolutely adore this dog…and love this story to pieces. She’s probably bragging all over heaven that she has a dog named after her. But then, I can picture her suffering through the fact that where she is, she can’t glorify her namesake too much. I love it…I just love it…and I love y’all for taking in this sweet dog in her old age.

    I do have to ask one question: are you sure dad wasn’t outvoted? Bless his heart.

  12. LindaB

    What did Russ say about all this???? Truly???

  13. Phyllis S

    Linda, Russ probably had NO say, he was outnumbered before it started. He just sang,
    Jesus Love the Little Children
    All The Children of the World
    And Yes All the Dogs Too!

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