Quickie Memaw Update

  1. Developed eye infection.
  2. Took her to the vet, got MORE medicine.
  3. In her pain and confusion, she kinda tried to bite the vet– but of course she couldn’t really see him, so she basically just opened her mouth in his general direction.
  4. Made another appointment to treat/clean/remove her abscessed teeth.
  5. She spent all day at the vet, they pulled 10 teeth. Yeah, 10. They said some of them just came out in their hand.
  6. Ewwwww.
  7. She is all jacked up on pain meds.
  8. Surprisingly, that hasn’t really altered her behavior– she always seems slightly stoned.
  9. Tomorrow Madi and I are going to drive in a car with her for 7 hours.
  10. I might be helping myself to her pain meds by tomorrow evening.

23 Responses

  1. Gramma Jac

    Are you going someplace fun?!?

    Thanks for keeping us updated! I’ve fallen in love with this crazy dog–she is SO blessed to have wandered into the right yard!

    Have a good trip!

  2. tori

    Gramma Jac– Heading to Arkansas for a family wedding! Russ and Charlotte joining s later. And thank you caring about this ol’ ragamuffin of a dog– she cold use all the love she can get, even from afar!

  3. LindaB

    So………have you given up your dream of a new house to pay the vet bill??? LOL

    What does the vet have to say about your latest rescue? And why doesn’t he donate his services, for heaven’s sakes? Or at least give you a hefty discount?

    Ya know, when I first glanced at this post, I thought you were talking about your girl’s memaw—–your mother! I knew she had entered an assisted living facility and you were going to write about that soon. I thought, “Oh, poor thing…..she has an eye infection!” Then I read that you took her to the vet, and she “accidently” bit him,….. and I figured I was off track a bit……or else they do things differently in Arkansas. (Wasn’t the doctor on “Little House on the Prairie” actually a vet?) And when you said she’d be in your car for seven hours, I thought, “How nice! She’s bringing her mother back to her home to stay a while.” But when I got to the part about her being all jacked up on meds and she always acts like she’s stoned, I knew I had to go back and reread this thing! And have another cup of coffee until the fog clears.

  4. jonny

    Well, is from Helsinki, Finland ‘afar’ enough ?? I can not help but wonder how she ever got in such a wretched condition in the first place, how she ended up at the edge of your digs ?? So many questions, so few answers = /

  5. jonny

    And with posts such as that above, I think I’m startin’ to fall for Former all over again !! = )

  6. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Linda, you crack me up! I don’t know whether to pray for you or drive up there and take you to the funny farm doctor. Come to think about it, if I drive up there we’ll have to get a room with two beds.

    In the meantime, I pray Memaw enjoys road trips. I absolutely love your bringing home pitiful little dogs, but if you keep it up, you might want to program Char into becoming a small animal vet.

    Praying for all my little Taff family to have safe journeys….the two legged ones and the four-legged ones.

  7. delightedabroad

    I’m so glad for Memaw, she’s lucky she met you… :-)

  8. LindaB

    Ba ha ha ha jonny!!! So….you’re falling for me all over again??? You need to set your sights a little higher, Brother!! Like………that little poor neglected dog is in better shape than me! But I think we’re about the same age in dog years.

    Barb, if you DRIVE up here, please call me first so I can notify the highway patrol! Safety first, ya know!

  9. sherronh

    Poor Memaw!! The Phoebster had 16 teeth removed a few years ago. That was after she’d had all of her incisors removed a few years before that. She only has her canines and molars now. I tried to talk my vet into removing all of her teeth last time, but she wouldn’t do it. Now, they do need to be removed!

    Hope Memaw is on the mend soon…and that she doesn’t mind riding in the car!

  10. jonny

    I always that dogs were HUGE on car rides !! It’s c**s on the other hand that have riding in car issues, phobias …

  11. jonny

    OK, for those who have taken the time to prayer for the woman who grabbed a huge chunk of my heart end of last year, much to her doctors’ surprise, her leukemia is now in remission and she is feeling better than she has in years. She can not thank you enough !!! = )

  12. LindaB

    Well, praise the Lord, Who hears and answers prayers, even when we think it’s too hard for even God to handle! He has proven time and time again—-there really is NOTHING He can’t do! We just need to ask.
    Thanks for the update, jonny! Tell her we are so happy or her!

  13. jonny

    I’ll have to do that tomorrow. She just signed off to get some much needed sleep. It’s just after two in the morning in Spain right now, and she does have a five year old son to deal with in the morning as well = )

  14. auburn60

    So,I’m nosy…who’s getting married ?

  15. jonny

    Well, if I could ever get past that rifle-toting husband of her’s, I could try and see what my chances are with Former again ?? = /

    (Sorry, I’ve trying hard for two days now to resist temptation. Obviously, I failed)

  16. jonny

    ‘I’ve been trying hard…’

  17. jonny

    It’s quite tiring resisting temptation. A typo or two is often unavoidable as a result = /

  18. LindaB

    jonny, he still has that gun and he still has a sharpshooter medal he won in the army. Safety first, I always say! LOL

  19. jonny

    Yeah, you’re probably right. Again = /

  20. jonny

    “She spent all day at the vet, they pulled 10 teeth. Yeah, 10.”

    I guess that means that her bark is now literally worse than her bite = )

  21. mcbennett84

    I am finally going to job this fun group.
    Poor little puppy stone out of her mind. Hope she gets better.
    LindaB: you had me laugh about thinking the subject was about Tori’s mom.
    jonny: glad you girlfriend is doing fine.
    Tori: I wll pray for you on that seven hour drive. My family and I did ten hour drive up to her state for a few days.
    Also A BIG Thank-you for doing this blog. It is one way for the fans of Russ to see what is going in his family without being arrested and charged with stocking.

  22. blondie

    Auburn60, this reply is so late you may never see it, but the beautiful bride was my cousin – Mama June’s granddaughter. It was a great wedding and for the first time in years – our entire family was together. Big Fun!

  23. auburn60

    Oh, thanks, blondie! I was just looking through the blog and realized I missed the whole summer! Where have I been? I feel like I just woke up or something. But yay for weddings,and families having something to celebrate!

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