Earworm* Friday Edition

*Not literally– ewww. THIS kind: 

OK, so there’s this bouncy, mindless little pop song titled “Call Me Maybe” by a Canadian artist named Carly Ray Jepson– and after the first time you hear it, in spite of yourself, it has one of those catchy ‘hooks’ in the chorus that STAYS IN YOUR BRAIN FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. All kinds of artists are now making cover version videos of this song– lil’ Justin Bieber put together a video with some of his famous little friends and it immediately went viral with over 41 million views. Meh.

Anyway, I’ve been walking around for two days without being able to get that stupid song out of my head… So I figured, why suffer alone when I can share the joy with you, my beloved ‘Bloomr nation? And I found a version that is SO MUCH BETTER than any of the others! I have literally laughed myself silly over this SocialCam video– it’s by Jeff and Sheri Easter’s son Madison, who is so dang funny that sometimes I really think he may have been switched at birth and could possibly be my kid. I’m thinking about doing some DNA testing.

I really hope you enjoy this as much as I did– and please be sure and let me know if you walk around the rest of the day singing it to yourself.

16 Responses

  1. DonnaMariePatterson

    Tori – I have to say that Madison is one of the funniest people I have met through social networking! He’s also nice in person, which makes it all the better!

  2. Phyllis S

    He should be in Hollywood….still laughing…..

    Watching the LSU baseball game and singing….dang you Tori!

  3. ChristinaCD

    hahaha been in my mind for DAYS since I watched it orginally. I can’t stop watching either. I’ve passed it around work. Madison is awesome!!

  4. pegasus422

    I saw this awhile ago, so great! I heard that song the other day again, could see this Vid in my head and started laughing again! and just HAD to search it on Spotify, so now I have it on my phone and at home!!! Definitely a catchy tune! But Madison made it even better!!

  5. tori

    OK, the Bieber-hair-toss at 2:43 MAKES ME WEEP!! Also? The POINTING!!!

  6. Gramma Jac

    I’m laughing at all of us!!! My first thought was “oh I loved that when I first saw it on Social Cam” as I have been following the craziness from the “Gaither Family”. Obviously, I’M NOT ALONE!!! I mean I did manage to go to work, leave town for a conference for a couple of days, ran errands,….OK, I DO have a life! Whew!!! LOL!

  7. Gramma Jac

    BTW–my other guilty pleasure is Pinterest! Almost 4400 pins–my new form of self-expression! Craziness–oh well, sleep is highly overrated!

  8. jonny

    Sorry, didn’t affect me. Just not what I’m into, plus it doesn’t help that I’ve been addicted to Joey Ramone’s latest release the last few days. Unfortunately, these two didn’t have a chance before leaving the gate = /

  9. jonny

    A little something for all yous ‘Bloomr peeps who’ve become such a wonderful part my life, as well as others I’m sure = )


  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, Madison is priceless! I remember one time at an Easter solo concert when, at intermission, the first thing Madison did was come down and go over to a mentally challenged young girl who had been quite spirited during the first half of the concert. (whew…tme to take a breath) Anyway, he must have talked with her for three or four minutes and I was so impressed. He’s the spittin image of a younger Jeff Easter….but I suspect he’s got moves Jeff never even thought about. He’s precious!

    jonny, I love you and don’t want to hurt your feelings, but Madison and the music that so delightfully inspired him…have to be the winner here with me.

  11. jonny

    No feelings hurt, just sharin’ = )

  12. jonny

    And didn’t know it was a competition, or contest = )

  13. Barbara M. Lloyd

    jonny, just thought you were letting us here music that turned you on…and maybe wanting to know our opinion. I must admit that while I liked Madison’s music….what I really liked was Madison ah-movin-and-ah-groovin. Can you move like that, jonny, dear?

  14. jonny

    No, wasn’t looking for an opinion. Just sharin’ and sayin’ how much I appreciate everyone here with the song = )

    Apparently, I can move like that; and then some. So I’m often told after a gig anyway = /

  15. jonny

    “What did I do to deserve such a prize ?
    What did I do to deserve this surprise ?
    What did I do to deserve you ?

    What did I do to deserve you ?
    What did I do, what did I do ?”

    = )

  16. Tennessee Gal

    Makes me think of another song….Jesus take the Wheel…well someone had to take the wheel during Madison’s little dance! He is too funny!

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