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Wordless Wednesday: Memaw Seems To Be Settling In…

Quickie Memaw Update

  1. Developed eye infection.
  2. Took her to the vet, got MORE medicine.
  3. In her pain and confusion, she kinda tried to bite the vet– but of course she couldn’t really see him, so she basically just opened her mouth in his general direction.
  4. Made another appointment to treat/clean/remove her abscessed teeth.
  5. She spent all day at the vet, they pulled 10 teeth. Yeah, 10. They said some of them just came out in their hand.
  6. Ewwwww.
  7. She is all jacked up on pain meds.
  8. Surprisingly, that hasn’t really altered her behavior– she always seems slightly stoned.
  9. Tomorrow Madi and I are going to drive in a car with her for 7 hours.
  10. I might be helping myself to her pain meds by tomorrow evening.
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