Mom’s 96th Birthday Party

Sorry I’ve been so scarce around here this week– we got back from all of the festivities in Arkansas, just in time to have a SURPRISE house showing today! We’re not actually on the market yet, but we’re doing a special showing for some clients that sound like they are looking for something (at least on paper) exactly like our house… so we’re making it happen! Pray, saints!

Anyway, here are some photos from Mom’s big day, and I wanted to share them with you all!

**The cakes:


**The birthday girl:


**Mom gazing adoringly at my brother Jonnie (she always liked him best):


**These two are TROUBLE:

**That’s right– Daniel The Computer Genius and Madi Rose! 

**Here’s my sister Liz, my brother Jonnie and Liz’s sweet Sarah, the one with the brain tumor that you all so faithfully prayed for– it worked!

**Charlotte doing an homage to her Dad’s ‘Right Here Right Now” album cover:

**My elder sister, Carolyn– and yeah, she just loves it when we call her that. (BTW– for any of you out there that have ever said nice things about my skin, take a look at Carrie’s! And she’s actually rhymes-with schmeventy years old– no kidding.)

**My beautiful niece Caroline (Jonnie and Cyndi’s daughter) patting Mom’s faithful Pandy:

**Madi loves her Nanno  (who kinda looks like she’s missing Papa in this picture… She kept saying,  “Don just loved it when we were all together like this.”)

**My brother Matt and his lovely Carol :

**We had a great night (That’s my nephew Andrew next to Madi):


**And Mom thoroughly enjoyed herself– she just loves to be surrounded by thundering hordes of family!


10 Responses

  1. Bill Strebler

    What’s the standard commission for praying a house into selling?

  2. auburn60

    Your Mom looks fantastic! Little secret: I kept the letter she wrote me and take it out and read it sometimes. She has such faith and it shines through her words. Sometimes her little 96 y.o.self keeps me going…if she can endure so can I.

  3. KellyBurton

    Everyone is your family is beautiful.

    It kind of ticks me off.

    Praying for the house sell…and that you decide to move to Myrtle Beach instead :)

  4. ginnh

    I can’t stop looking at that last picture of your Mom. The look on her beautiful face is a Mona Lisa moment. You can see the pride in her family shining through and the love for all of you radiates around her. You are blessed.

  5. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Mom certainly does not look her age….she looks more like a pretty sixty-something in those pictures. Mothers love to have the kids come home all at one time….to hear them laughing and telling stories of when they were growing up. It’s a beautiful painting of her life. When I saw her picture, I just wanted to reach out and hug her.

    Prayers continue on your dream house…and that includes selling the old dream house. Even adding, “and please, Lord, before the holidays.” I know the excitement and joy you would have in decorating that dream house this time.

  6. bettyrwoodward

    Glad she enjoyed her day. I’ve just had 5 days in North Wales on holiday with my 89 year old Mum!

  7. DonnaMariePatterson

    Beautiful family, beautiful pictures, beautiful memories made! Thanks for sharing!

  8. jonny

    With a name like ‘Jonnie’ who could he NOT be her fave ?? ; )

  9. jonny

    With a name like ‘Jonnie’ how could he NOT be her fave ?? ; )

  10. MostlySunny

    She is just so darn CUTE!!!

    And doesn’t look a day over75!!!!

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