Daddy would have been 96.

I miss that sweet man every single day of my life. But I was so, so blessed to have him. I hope he’s following Jake Hess, Vestal Goodman and George Younce all over heaven– and going out for a big steak dinner with them after the concert!

If your father is still here, call him and tell him you love him. And if he’s not, close your eyes and tell him you love him.

I love you, Daddy.

(My two favorite pictures of us–)

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  1. Gramma Jac

    My Grampa (who raised me) would have been 99 a couple of weeks ago. He died in March of 1991! He was the sweetest man–I miss him but was SO blessed to have him!! Love the photos of you and your Dad!

  2. LindaB

    Love those pictures too. And love it that you love your dad so much. (((Tori)))

    My dad has been gone 32 years, and I still think of him every day too. And just hearing his name brings tears even now. We were blessed, Tori.

  3. auburn60

    I thought about you…the date sticks in my head because my late grandfather’s BD is the same date.

    Top picture is my favorite.

    I think his smile is lighting up Heaven and he’s just stopping random people and saying,”See, that girl down there? She’s my daughter…and that one? My son!”, until he’s bragged to all the saints about the whole lot of you! And he’s probably only just now getting to the topic of his grandchildren and great-grands. :)

  4. LindaB

    I wonder if they get Homecoming Radio in Heaven?

  5. jonny

    Where do you think it’s broadcast from, LB ?? = )

    Thanks for posting the pics again, and thanks so much for introducing him to those of us who have never met him in this life. He still inspires me, for what it’s worth.

  6. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Those pictures are precious….just like the memories we are so blessed to have forever more.

  7. jonny

    Happy International Women’s Day ladies !! My life has been so much more blessed, stretched and wonderfully challenged at times because of you = )

  8. Gramma Jac

    Adoration accepted, jonny!! Tee hee!!

  9. jonny

    = )

  10. jonny


    By the way, some prayer would be appreciated concerning my band. We are about to record our first record, a five song EP. We made it through the ‘deciding which songs to record and in what order they should be on the EP’ phase in one piece, barely, but now comes the ‘how do we do the studio versions of the songs’ part, as well as surviving three days together in a tiny studio = ) Also, an artist/painter out in Dallas, Texas is interested in designing a band logo for us, and an official t-shirt too. We should probably also do press photos at some point. And all should be more than ready by the 7th of June. Again, prayer support for this would be very much appreciated !! = )

  11. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Congratulations, jonny….prayers started.

  12. jonny

    Thanks Momma Love !! = )

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