Hey, remember me? Apparently I used to blog here…

I STILL DO– just been an absolutely nutso couple of weeks… But in a good way!

Will be home in a couple of days and catch you all up– until then, here are the two people I am currently sharing a cabin with somewhere in the Caribbean…

(And we are missing our Madi Rose like crazy!)

10 Responses

  1. Gramma Jac

    Tori,..Tori Who?? Tee Hee–hope you’re having a blast!!!! (I’m sure Madi Rose feels the love being sent her way!)

  2. bettyrwoodward

    Just love this photo. Hope you’re having a great time even without Madi Rose.

  3. Phyllis S

    Wonderful picture, Russ looks so relaxed (even missing Madi)and love the big smile on Char.

    Congratulations on the Dove nominations Russ, so well deserved.

  4. LindaB

    Oh my! Your Char is growing up…….and growing up SO PRETTY!!! Love the hat on you, Char!

    And hey! Isn’t that other guy the Dove Award winnin’, Lifetime Achievement recipient, living legend of gospel music…………..huh……….what’s his name? I can’t tell with those cool dark glasses on.

  5. Phyllis S

    Love it Linda B.

    But isn’t he the husband of Tori, oh Tori, you know Tori….Taft..I think that’s right.

  6. rachelbaker

    Hey, that beautiful young brunette is looking more and more like her mom!

  7. blondie

    LOVE this picture!

  8. auburn60

    You do look vaguely familiar…all of you do.

    BTW, your oldest daughter had me acting like, well, like…a MOM last night! I was about to catch a ride on a friend’s motorcycle and go see what the heck they thought they were doing, lollygagging on the interstate!

  9. jonny

    Thanks for the quick up-date, looking forward to more = )

    Mom’s looks, daddy’s hair —

    And yes, Russ knows how to rock a pair of shades like the “Dove Award winnin’, Lifetime Achievement recipient, living legend of gospel music” he is !! = )

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh I love that picture….another one to be posted….bless their sweet hearts.

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