Totally Random Monday: The Interactive Version!

Feel free to pick a topic and jump right in:

1. Why does every dang “reality” show involve some sort of verbal altercation that inevitably ends in a big screaming fist-fight free-for-all– BETWEEN GIRLS?!

2. Have you ever eaten baby carrots dipped in that kind of ginger salad dressing they use at Japanese steak houses? Because you should.



3. Do all dogs revenge-pee when you leave them for a long time, or just mine?

4. What exactly is the point of daylight-savings time, anyway?

and lastly…

5. I’m going to go look at a 100 year old house in Bell Buckle tomorrow. WHAT AM I THINKING?!

34 Responses

  1. jonny

    1. Girls will be girls.

    2. No. Would if I could.

    3. I thought that was a cat thing = /

    4. No idea. It’s fun, though !!

    5. My flat’s a little over a hundred years old, for what it’s worth. Grateful for it. Not sure what you’re thinking, but I trust all will work out for the best !! = )

  2. Phyllis S

    Oh!!!!! Oh!!!! Now Tori, you know Bell Buckle is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world…Is it near town on out a ways? We have traveled many of the back roads in and around BB and love it….

  3. tori

    jonny: Thank you for playing!
    OK, in Europe, living in a hundred year old building is SO not a big deal– yet another reason I love Europe. But here, in the relatively teenaged US of A, a hundred year old house is pretty much a nice way of saying “money pit!”

    Phyllis S: Oh, Phyllis– ME TOO! I’ve been going there on day trips for over thirty years, at least twice a year. We have been house-hunting primarily in Columbia, primarily because our main criteria for relocating is that we don’t get any further away from the airport than one hour– one hour is the magic time frame! David Phelps and Michael English both live in the Columbia area and drive the one hour to the airport without a problem. I never really considered looking in Bell Buckle, I just assumed it was too far away… Then I saw this house advertised, did the math and realized that it was EXACTLY the same distance to the airport as that (beloved) house we lost in Columbia! And yeah, it is right on the main road in town, 1 1/2 blocks from the depot square– you’ve probably driven right past it!

  4. jonny

    Understand the ‘Money Pit’ part. Have some dear friends out in Wyoming, Illinois that have a place that’s around, or even older than, 100 years. They’ve invested a lot into it, but the labor of love efforts and expenses have paid off; looks incredible inside and out !!

    Oh, and bring on the games !! Love it when there’s a little activity at the Bloomr digs = )

  5. rachelbaker

    1. because every dang ‘reality’ show has absolutely nothing to do with reality and is set up by manipulative, greedy people taking advantage of easily led, equally greedy people. Don’t get me started on people who religiously watch such shows – unless of course you’re talking about the idol/xfactor type show – then I become a complete hypocrite. (‘Reality’ shows could even cause ME to utilise a word such as ‘Dang’ :-) ).

    2, Never seen such a thing, but if it really takes you to a place with rainbows and unicorns then I’m in … Hang on, Japanese STEAK houses??? I thought they were more into raw fish, but I guess the American version of most international food must include steak (which I heartily approve of – not a fan of raw fish – or fish of any kind).

    3. I never wish to find out.

    4. One of the great unanawerable questions. When we ask the equivalent about British Summer Time some people witter on about Scottish sheep farmers, but I never bought that argument. Maybe the makers of blackout blinds/curtains for kids bedrooms are behind it somewhere?? (There have to be some good conspiracy theories out there).

    5. You are thinking, ‘I am Tori Taff, people EXPECT unconventional’.

  6. auburn60

    1. One of my pet peeves about ‘reality’ TV: How it makes women look. Petty, jealous,back-stabbing,gossipy,crazy. Did I leave anything out?

    2. No.

    3. Our dogs just pee, any and everywhere. I’ve probably shared how I feel about these dogs that LIVE IN MY HOUSE. I still see the whole situation as a battle I lost, even before I knew there was a war going on. Seriously, don’t get me started on the dogs.

    4. I keep reading all the rationales for DST. Maybe I’ll appreciate it this summer. Right now…not so much.

    5. We ALMOST bought a century home in Ohio. Fortunately, we got a peek at the huge crack in the basement before we actually put any money down. There were some really neat features in that house,though. Be sure your prospective house has a resident ghost. You know how I feel about home-owners having their own ghost.

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    1. Those reality shows don’t appeal to me…for some reason.

    2. Haven’t done any Japanese carrot dipping….but I’ve made a carrot cake with a jar of baby carrot food….rather than grating the carrots.

    3. My daughter has one who is dedicated to driving her mad….worse part is this dog often gives the other dogs the incentive to join in.

    4. I complain twice a year about daylight saving time.

    5. I’m praying you will fall in love with the 100 year old house…and that everything that could possibly need “fixin” within the next 20 years has recently been remodeled or replaced. And I hope there is a tractor in the barn. Think about the gas you will save from those weekend junkets, for goodness sake (I’ll try to think of something a little better if you fall in love with it).

  8. jonny

    OK, change my 1. to ‘Reality shows will be reality shows’ !

  9. LindaB

    1. I have noticed. I think they’re attraction is that people enjoy watching it and feeling they are so much more civilized and dignified than those idiots on the TV. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

    2. I have. I’ve also dipped them in low calorie ranch, thousand island, and caesar dressing,………….and moved on to softened ice cream and honey.

    3. Revenge peeing? Well, our dog doesn’t do it, but my husband does when I leave him for a long time. And sometimes when I won’t leave.

    4. I’ve heard the point of D.S.T. is to allow golfers to golf after work longer. I rather like it in the fall because I usually run about an hour or two behind every day anyway, and for one day I feel like I’ve got it all together. But it’s shortlived.

    5. I think the house in Bell Buckle is a good idea, no matter what age it is. Isn’t there a great place to eat there that serves down home cookin’? That would be reason enough for me to move!

  10. tori

    rachelbaker: Rachel said Dang!!

    auburn60: Well, there IS a basement, but no cracks. Apparently it is very structurally sound, has two 1 yr-old HVAC units, a 2 yr old roof and 1 yr old tankless hot water heater. Have the disclosure, but not inspection report.

    Momma Lloyd: No tractor, but a HUGE privacy-fenced, level back yard with a lighted gazebo, brick courtyard, three level deck and koi pond with waterfall! Madi Rose is already referring to the house as her ‘boyfriend’… I don’t know where she gets that.

    Linda B:

  11. LindaB

    In the spirit of totally random Monday……….Tori, what are you going to wear to the Dove Awards??? Have you picked out something yet?

  12. tori

    Ha! Well, not absolutely sure yet, but I have a little black cocktail dress that I’m thinking about… And I have these great leopard pumps with red satin bows that would work with it!

  13. jonny

    Mercy, leopard pumps with a red satin bow !! They won’t know what hit them = )

  14. LindaB

    Look out Atlanta! Tori’s coming to town! Cool! I hope you will take a picture and show us before you go! Or after. I can see it now——–

    “And the winner is……..Russ Taff!!!! YAYYYY!” And you jump up and give him a big kiss before he walks up to the stage! And when they give him that lifetime achievement award, you KNOW how the camera always pans to the recipient’s spouse and children while they look adoringly at their hubby or dad…….and cry a little (but not enough to ruin their mascara). I. JUST. CANNOT. WAIT!!!! I’m gonna get a new outfit to watch the Doves from my recliner! Has Russ written an acceptance speech?

  15. jonny

    And I’ll actually wear a colored, button down shirt in honor of LB getting a new recliner outfit !! Black of course; for Russ = D

  16. jonny

    ‘collared shirt’

    Oops. In my excitement, I typed a little too quickly = /

  17. bettyrwoodward

    1. Don’t watch reality shows.
    2. Never eaten it but if sounds good.
    3. Haven’t got or ever had a dog!
    4. Do like the longer evenings but sure it must have something to do with money somewhere.
    5. Hope the house works out this time.
    6. Yes please to the photo from the awards.

  18. jonny

    Maybe Tori should rent a leopard for the evening to go with the pumps –

  19. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Nobody deserves that lifetime achievement award more than my Russ….but then he has also three additional nominations: two songs and an album. It’s almost too much excitement for an old lady to happens to love that fella.

    Leave it to Madi Rose to come up with a name all her own for the new house we all will be praying for now. Guess, after the sold sign goes up, we’ll have to start praying for a tractor, for goodness sake.

    Yep, I wanna see that outfit, too….though I have a good imagination and, darling…you look smashing!

  20. jonny

    When are the Dove awards ?? Should I start fasting now ?? = )

  21. jonny

    OK, here’s random for you; as a boy I often wondered how a baby got out of its mommy’s tummy. Well, I need wonder no more !! = )

  22. LindaB

    You worried me there for a minute, jonny! That was cute!

  23. jonny

    I was born to worry you, LB !! = )

  24. jonny

    Oh, and I did clearly state ‘mommy’s (mummy’s) tummy’ –

  25. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I’m still a little worriede, jonny…but not a whole bunch.

    The Dove Awards are on Thursday,April 19, in Atlanta, GA….but they won’t be televised until Sunday, April 22. We know Russ is receiving the big lifetime achievement award….Sandi Patti received it last year. But he has been nominated for Most Inspirational Album of the Year and two songs from that album have been nominated, Here Comes Jesus…and I just love it. At this moment and with an age factor playing a big part, I can’t remember the name of the other song. We know, of course, that both Russ and Tori have written most of all the songs on the album. All in a day’s work for our Tori. Gracious, sweetheart, please give everyone all of the details and don’t worry about repeating anything I’ve said….it’s worth repeating.

  26. jonny

    Thanks ML !! Never mean to worry you though, just Former ; )

    I thought Russ worked with other people on the words for this one. That’s the impression I got from some things shared a while back —

    Super-Cool about the LTA award, though !! But how in all get-up did SANDY PATTY get it before your RUSS !!??? = / Now I’M worried, lol !! = )

  27. LindaB

    Russ is a southern gentleman——ladies first! ;)

  28. jonny

    Nope. I believe she has been lurking Bloomr for years now, trying to discover some weakness of poor Russ’. She of course came across his fondness for Momma Love’s Red Velvet cakes. Need I say more ?? But I will, of course. She probably figured out a way to get Momma L’s phone number, and being as gifted as she is with her voice, did a perfect, spot on imitation of Russ desperately needed a Red Velvet ASAP, probably with a cloth over the phone feigning a cold !! She then, more than likely, told ML to just leave it somewhere convenient, close to where she lives, cause ‘he’ was in the area; and so as to not pass ‘his’ head cold onto her, ‘he’ would just pick it up from there. And I take it you can surely guess what went on from there, but let me not leave you hanging… just in case !! She then super-glued a piece of twine to the bottom of the box, lifted its lid, and left it somewhere she knew Russ would stumble upon it. As he went to reach down for it, she pulled it closer to the caged trap she camouflaged and had waiting for him !!! Blinded by his desire for the Red Velvet, he kept after it until it was too late !!!!! The rest, they say, is history.

    Now given the chance, and being not only the Southern Gentleman he is, but also the pillar of an example of a Godly man as well, he surely would have let the ‘lady’ receive first; but she was NOT taking any chances with this one, nor was she in a ‘lady’ frame of mind at the time. And if Russ had been a girl, a reality show moment would have more than likely occurred at some point, too = /

  29. jonny

    OK, now Barbara M. Lloyd should probably be worried, too = /

  30. auburn60

    Wow. The conspiracy theorists come out on the blog after I go to bed.

  31. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, jonny, I am totally confused with your suspense novel. The only thing I feel safe to agree with is the ridiculous fact that anyone received that special award before Russ.

    As for the words to the music on Russ’ album. Others did contribute but so did Tori along with Russ. And Russ is the first one to give Tori the credit she deserves….all through the years. That lady has a fantastic command of the English language….and a heart to set it to music.

  32. jonny

    “The only thing I feel safe to agree with is the ridiculous fact that anyone received that special award before Russ.”

    Same here !!

    “That lady has a fantastic command of the English language….and a heart to set it to music.”

    So true !! At least from what I’ve discovered so far = ) And, how generous she is in encouraging others. I truly can not thank her enough for the support she, the Bloomr digs and a few of you are, and have been. I am like a new man in many ways since landing here and becoming more sure, competent in who I am and what I do as a result. Others have noticed the change as well and like it. Again, thanks. It’s great being surrounded, and touched by such a great cloud of witnesses = ) = ) = )

  33. jonny

    Sorry, Mrs. 60 !! = /

  34. Dana Peters-Colley

    Great pics!

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