So, things got a little windy around here last night…


My gazebo cover now kinda looks like a Tibetan prayer flag! But everybody is fine and this was the only damage–well, this and the fact that Pip might need trauma counseling. Between the storm last night and the fact that I gave him The World’s Worst Dog Haircut EVER today, he’s kinda lost his will to live. Why anyone lets me near a dog with scissors in my hand is a mystery to me– ya’ll need to stop me since I obviously can’t stop myself.

Thanks so much for all of your feedback this week– I loved all of your letters to your younger selves and I appreciate the kind words about the photograph of my parents. Hope you’re safe from all storms, and you have a great weekend!

13 Responses

  1. jonny

    Sorry to see old butt-nipped is back in the news again. Maybe you should just not be around scissors. Period. Of any knid. End of story. For whatever reason. Full stop.

  2. tori

    I need a support group.

  3. tori

    (But I did limit myself to the FRONT end this time. For the most part.)

  4. babygirl

    I found our seatcovers for the patio swing about 2 acres away..the swing was on its side— finally found the 2 large garbage cans– still looking for their lids. Little windy around here.

  5. pj

    We have your wind up here in PA today, tonight. Thanks for sharing, Tori!!

  6. Vicki

    We had snow – 3″ worth. I’d’ve prefered wind. Oh, and Tori? Stay away from scissors…. LOL

  7. jonny



  8. chillybean

    let’s see some pictures of the not so shaggy dog….I bet he looks cute as can be.

  9. tori

    Ooooh, Colleen– its not good.

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    One of the seven wonders of the world should be the way our pups forgive us when we make a mess of things connected with them. But then, he probably feels it was the wind, not you, that created all of those lopsided air vents in his coat.

    One time our older son was triming his dad’s hair out on the patio. My son had a phone call and, while talking away, accidentally cut a hole in the back of his dad’s hair about the size of a quarter. I almost fell in the floor laughing….but not in front of my husband. We figured when he went back to the office someone would mention the hole in his head….but, mercifully, no one ever did….and our son lived on. Moral of the story: people just aren’t as forgiving as dogs……or something like that.

  11. LindaB

    Okay. Since I’ve never seen a Tibetan prayer flag, I had to look it up……..bahahahahaha!!! Good one! (I learn so much useful stuff on this blog!)

    About your assault with scissors on poor little Pip, all I can say is it’s a good thing Pip is a little harmless pooch, ’cause if he was a pit bull or German Shepherd with touch of vanity, YOU would look like a Tibetan prayer flag!

  12. MostlySunny

    Heard the weather was a bit breeeeezzzzzy your way! I think another one’s coming your way again this week. Sorry…

  13. jonny

    Actually, when I read the title of this thread/post (before scrolling down to the photo and info) I just thought you guys were having mexican food for dinner again = /

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