Wordless Wednesday: “Every time we say goodbye…”

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  1. babygirl

    Awwww…. I know what you mean….

  2. Liz @thisfullhouse

    Yep, I hear you. So sweet!

  3. jonny

    Works for me !

    (hope that made sense)

  4. auburn60

    Sort of took my breath away this afternoon, my friend.

    But they look good. Your Dad’s smile always gives me a little clutch in the heart. And your Mom… oh, how I want to be your Mom when I grow up!

  5. MostlySunny

    They are just so darn cute!!!!!

  6. KellyBurton

    I love you.

  7. Vicki

    As odd as it sounds, I love pics of your parents.

  8. rodB

    Let me…your mom is saying “drive carefully and don’t forget the sandwiches and snacks in the bag I made for you”. Your dad is saying “Have Russ check the air in that front drivers tire…and change that headlight when you get home”.

    Awesome pics…awesome lineage.

  9. Busymom

    Can you WARN a body before you do stuff like this?! (Great picture)

  10. Phyllis R

    Precious memories to cherish for sure. Sure makes me miss mine.

  11. LOpitz

    aww miss them! And you guys!! That would be grandma yelling to you to make sure you say a prayer before driving because ” You have not because you ask not!!!” (or atleast that’s what she tells me every single time we leave :)

  12. Linda

    What a great picture of your mom and dad. They look like such sweet folks. I’m sure they’re very proud of you!

  13. Barbara M. Lloyd

    A precious picture and it tells the whole story of their life together. There has been a real bond and they just took you kids along for the ride….and love paved the way.

  14. LindaB

    Well put, Barb! And ain’t love grand!

    I would love to see a picture of them when they were younger…..like a wedding picture or something. Or a family picture when all the kids were home.

  15. jonny

    I would love a picture of them younger waving good-bye !! = ) And in agreemnt with what Former wrote, Barbara = )

  16. LindaB

    I’d like to see a picture of “Ed”, too. ;)

  17. Janice

    “Every time we say goo-bye” I just said good-bye to my adorable husband and soul-mate Wednesday. His big, beautiful heart just couldn’t take the stress of another attack. David took a big piece of my heart with him. I feel empty! I waited 37 years for the man God chose for me, wouldn’t you think He would give me 37 years with him? Thirteen &a half years was not enough, too short. I have no regrets. We let each other know every day we loved each other, we kissed good-bye when we went anywhere(even to the mailbox!) God and my family have been my rock of strength at this time. Please pray for me to find peace and comfort in God’s loving arms. Thank you.

  18. auburn60

    Janice, I’m so sorry. Sometimes it is so hard to understand God’s ways…and indeed I don’t think we’re expected to understand…but just to trust. I don’t have any words but will certainly pray for you. I’m so thankful you can say you have no regrets. Sounds like he could have no doubts of your love for him.

  19. LindaB

    Oh Janice, I’m so sorry! This has been a heart-wrenching week for you, hasn’t it? And I’m with you—-it seems like God would give you at least 37 years with this wonderful man after you waited so long for him! It has to be some comfort that you could say goodbye with no regrets—–you let each other know daily how much you loved each other. That is wonderful! And wise. I think I can say for everyone that frequents this blog that we will pray for you, Janice……that God will give you strength to keep going, comfort in the middle of such grief and loss, and that the Good Shepherd will lead you gently to a place where you can sing again the words to that old beloved hymn, “For I know what ‘ere befalls me, Jesus doeth all things well.”

  20. MostlySunny

    Janice – I’m so, so sorry. No regrets…that’s beautiful!

  21. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my dear Janice, it hurt my heart to read your words…..and nothing I can say will help you feel better right now. But maybe one day you may come to understand that you had a very special 13 years with David that many people don’t have over the span of their entire life. And that was your gift from God.

    As children of the Lord, our blessings continue throughout eternity…..and one very big one is His promise that one day there will be a great reunion in heaven and we will see our loved ones again. This is not all there is, sweet Janice.

    I will be holding you close to my heart and in my prayers for I have walked the path you are on today and I know the pain too well. God wraps His big old loving arms around us and eases our pain one day at a time.

  22. Gramma Jac

    Janice, I can’t be nearly as eloquent as Barbara, but know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers too!

  23. tori

    Janice– You’ve found a very safe, encouraging little corner of the internet here. Lots of love and prayers are being sent your way.

  24. Phyllis R

    Janice, I am so sorry for your loss. (((hugs)))

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