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OK, let’s see… In no particular order:

**I’ve announced the winner in the Newman’s Own Giveaway on the Review page– go check it out!

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**I taped some more Homecoming Radio shows last week, which once again were so much fun! I think I’m kind of getting the hang of it, but I’m still a little bit uncharacteristically restrained… I mean, I’m not a demure little shrinking violet in headphones or anything, it’s just that in real life I am usually a bit more boisterous. And I interrupt more. And I snorty-laugh a lot.  And sometimes my language is colorful. But sitting in that recording studio next to Mark, gazing across the room at Kevin, Phil and Bill, I am (for me) just a perfect little lady– at least while the mic is live. When we break for lunch, I go back to interrupting and snorty-laughing.

We taped a LOT of shows in the two days we were in the studio. We’re all very relaxed and comfortable with each other, and I think that comes across– and dang, those guys are FUNNY!! They are all such pros, especially Kevin who is really impressive; he just never gets ruffled and is so fast on his feet with one-liners and comedy bits. Mark’s right up there with him, and can deliver a beautifully phrased, off-the-top-of-his-head spiritual moment like no other. Phil is kind of the glue that holds it all together, smooth and professional. And Bill is Bill– he loves listening to the music more than anything, and he gets all enthusiastic and happy  about the playlist, especially when they put the spotlight on one of those old convention songs!  Sometimes he even starts doing that weird little directing thing– you know, when he starts enthusiastically pumping his arm up and down to the music with a big ‘ol possum-eating grin on his face? Yeah, that! Gets me every time.

This will give you an idea of  why they might want to reconsider placing Mark and I next to each other.. (he took these on his phone):

**I’ll leave you with a fun little piece of video… Last month, Russ was honored to be asked by his dear friend, singer/songwriter Regie Hamm to perform at the 3rd Annual Bella Bash at the Loveless Barn. Here’s a little bit about Regie:

Hit singer/songwriter/producer and Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics board member Regie Hamm scored his biggest hit this year with the solo-written, 16-week No. 1 song “Time of My Life” for American Idol’s David Cook, and today he has signed a combined book and record deal with the Oklahoma-based Tate Publishing and Tate Music Group.

Regie Hamm’s new book, “Angels And Idols” recounts the compelling story of a would-be pop star who adopts a little girl from China only to find she has one of the worlds rarest and little known genetic disorders. The 24-hour care required for her, as well as the financial burden her condition placed on the family, sent Regie’s career into a tailspin and he lost practically everything he owned. After five years of abject despair and at the end of his rope, Regie entered the American Idol songwriting contest and won with the song “Time Of My Life.” The song went on to become a smash hit for David Cook and one of the longest running Billboard chart toppers of all time. It also became the theme song for a forgotten community of special needs families who share a common experience with Hamm …they all have children with the genetic disorder known as “Angelman Syndrome.” “Angelman Syndrome” is a partial deletion of the 15th maternal chromosome and is characterized by lack of speech, severe delays in motor skills, severe sleeping disorders, seizures and 24-hour care requirements.

It’s a great cause and a sold-out successful night– here’s the line-up:

Russ closed out the show, and Madi grabbed this little bit of video on her phone. Russ’ road drummer of many, many years, the incredible John Hammond was playing drums, and Tom Hemby, one of the best bass players in Nashville (who played with Russ way back in the Imperials days) was there, too. The back-up singers were amazing– Kim Fleming, Vicki Hampton and Robert Bailey– and in this clip you can see Russ enjoying them so much he almost forgot to sing! Anyway, it was a great night and Russ rocked the house, so I wanted to share it!

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  1. rodB

    Great pics of you…oh, and Mark too. ;) AWESOME video..I LOVE LOVE that song…and John Hammond is incredible. Hemby…have not heard him play in a long time…and yes…for sure a great player. Thanks for sharing…that singer guys does alright :)

  2. babygirl

    Ha! Snorty laugh a lot– my son would think someone was writing about ME :)

    The video and pictures are great–thanks for sharing.

    P.S. I bet they won’t allow you and Mark to sit next to one another next time :)

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  4. LindaB

    I trust you loosened up your ponytail and got rid of that headache! You look like you are having an incredibly good time! Hangin’ with Mark and Kevin has got to be a gas!

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the video yet——Alanna is watching Oprah in the same room and I don’t want to be rude. But I can’t wait to hear Russ belt out that song! He’s SO GOOD! I was excited to see Melinda Doolittle’s picture, my favorite American Idol performer! She is amazing!

    Tell Missy Madi thanks for the video! What fun that she got to go with Dad!


    look, ive noticed that bag several times now….and with it being that color…i bet you never have trouble finding it, huh? I LOVE IT! i gotta secret….i snorty-laugh, too! at the most unattractive times! (is there an attractive time for that, anyway?) Tori ..you are beautifulllll!

    wow..those guys were high on Holy Ghost! Lord, let me see just one performance on this earth….i know i will get to hear him in Heaven!

    I cant even try to imagine you AND Mark in the SAME room at the SAME time…….:) a dream come true!!!!! would die laughing…whatta way to go, though!

  6. auburn60

    I just found out that this blog has carried on without me for a several days. I’m processing this info. right now.

  7. DonnaMariePatterson

    Get down, Russ!! Love your blog, Tori! And, I really LOVE listening to you on Homecoming Radio!

  8. jonny

    One of my biggest concerns, should I ever actually meet Tori face-to-face, is that she would snorty-laugh all over me. Even had a few night-mares about it = /

  9. tori

    rodB– Oh Rod, that band was SMOKIN’! Russ was *thisclose* to doing the Pentecostal two-step all over the stage!

    babygirl– Surprisingly, Mark and I are very business-like and professional… except when we’re not.

    LindaB– Ponytail is gone, I no longer look permanently surprised. Melinda Doolittle was unbelievably good, what a performer! I was sitting right next to Madi and our pastors, Danny and Jillian Chambers were right next to me!

    DELIVEREDJEPARKER63– Yeah, I have no trouble picking my purse out of a crowd!

    auburn60– We barely limped along. Seriously. We have been a sad shadow of our former selves without you.

    DonnaMariePatterson– Glad somebody’s heard me on it– I think people are starting to think I’m making the whole thing up!

    jonny– It could totally happen.

  10. jonny

    Well LB and Tori, I wrapped those lyrics up for now. I received an e-mail last night that radically affected the direction I took and is considerably darker, and a bit more straight forward than I’m comfortable with. Because of how heavy it may be for some, I’ll go back and post it on the previous thread; not this one.

  11. LindaB

    ALYSON! WHY have YOU been away for “several days”, Girl? I was missing you, but thought you were at a football game or something having to do with football!!!

  12. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh dear, Melinda was my favorite and I just hated it when she was let go.

    I absolutely love seeing Russ do that little spirit-filled shuffle. I’ve even tried to do it myself…..but don’t think on that too long.

  13. LindaB


  14. CoffeeCandour

    Pentecostal two step …… may have to introduce a bapticostal one

    I love the homecoming radio, listen to the downloads all the way over here in South Africa. You and Mark are just great together on air, so glad he is snap happy, the pics are always good to share.

    I’m picturing it now M/Lloyd rofl

  15. LindaB

    HEY EVERYBODY!!!! GUESS WHAT I’M DOING???? (Be nice now.) I’m listening to Tori on Homecoming Radio! YEAH! I’M ACTUALLY LISTENING TO OUR OWN Bloggy Queen on the radio! I just minimize it (’cause you can’t SEE her—–duh, it’s RADIO. On my computer I just see swirly cloud like things.), and then I can do all the other computer things I do——like play Mah jong, Scramble, Spider Solitaire, look for pumpkin patterns, attend Tablescape Thursday, and keep up with Facebook! It’s very cool!!! I feel so…..so…..multi-media savvy!

    It was not easy for me to get there, to be honest, but then I’m computer challenged! I’m gonna put this link on here in hopes it might help you guys—–I’m always thinking ’bout you! ( http://www.homecomingmusic.net/ ) Right now, I’m listening to the show titled “You Look Better When You Smile”. It has GREAT MUSIC TOO! Good job, Tori!!!

  16. LindaB

    And here’s a link to leave a comment if you enjoyed the program and our Bloomr Girl!


  17. auburn60

    Yes, Tori, I can see how everyone suffered in my absence.

    Linda, you are correct: football has taken up most of my life lately. Except for the banquet, we are now done with football. My son’s HS has only been in existence for 3 years, playing a varsity schedule for 2 years but beat our cross-town rival this year and made it to the playoffs. Then lost in a SPEC-TAC-U-LAR manner in the first play-off game. But no one got any major injuries and I personally had a blast.

    In the full-disclosure category…I have been in a funk. I don’t know how else to describe it. Satan has thrown a few well-placed darts our way but I am returning to my usual smart -alec self. I don’t know if that’s the good news or the bad.

  18. jonny

    It’s all good ! = )

  19. LindaB

    (((((Alyson)))) I’m so sorry you are in Funksville! I missed you here on Bloomr…..and your smart aleck comments! Don’t stay there long!

    I see you on Facebook, with all that football talkin’! I don’t know zip about football……just hockey. So I don’t comment so you won’t know how ignorant I am. (But I guess you know that now.) It’s so nice that you can get into a sport your son is playing——and make it a family thing. Does your husband like football too? My younger brothers played hockey in high school and we all went to the games and screamed out heads off……..and then rode with them to the hospital to get stitches. LOL It was a fun time for us all! Mom never missed a game! I think that was how my she got hooked on hockey! She’s the Red Wings most enthusiastic fan now, I’m sure!

    Anyway, hope you feel better soon!

  20. auburn60

    Yes,Linda, to answer your question, we are all a little football obsessed around here. My husband played HS and college football and coached a rec. league team for years. All of us wear Matt’s jersey to his games (uh,a replica of his jersey,obviously we don’t all cram into his jersey) so everybody has to behave…him included.

    Tori, I just noticed the look in your eye in that first picture. You ARE off the pain meds, right?
    You look like you’re either very happy or taking up serial killing as a hobby. But good! Ya look good! :)

  21. tori

    jonny– You’ve captured the intense emotion of a sad, sad situation so beautifully.

    Momma Lloyd– I’d pay money to see that.

    CoffeeCandour– WELCOME!!! And thank you so much for the kind words about Homecoming Radio, I appreciate it so much.

    LindaB– That was my very first one– I barely spoke! Thanks for letting me know it’s there, and especially thank you for the comment link!

    auburn60–You being a smart-aleck? That’s ALWAYS good news! (Please know you have our love and prayers, sweet friend.) And yes, Mark has that crazy-eyes kind of effect on me.

  22. jonny

    Thanks so much for the feed-back, Tori. As dark as the subject matter is, I hope it will be a very beautiful, sensitive piece. Hopefully even helpful to some.

    And I’d like to add my ‘welcome’ to CoffeeCondour as well = )

    And see a-60, it is good to have you back. I thought something looked a little odd in that one picture of Tori, but had to have you point it out for me = )

  23. jonny

    Oops, sorry, meant to write “Thanks so much for the feed-back, Tori; means a lot coming from you.” I’ve also gotten ill recently and it’s a little challenging keeping on top of some things = / And unfortunately, I have no one to be a “bigfattittybaby” for, or to. I probably should, though. You know, get our own back a little for that whole, ‘come on, just ’cause God says “no” doesn’t mean you can’t have one teensy, weensy little bite if you really loved me’ thing back in the Garden.

  24. LindaB

    Oh no! I just remembered that you Taffs probably planned on going to your folks for Thanksgiving, Tori!! And you’re all sick! I know how precious every visit is with your mom and dad, but you wouldn’t want to expose them to that bug you’ve got, so I’m praying earnestly for you all to get well REAL SOON!!!!

  25. jonny

    Wow, I didn’t think of that. I’ll start praying for that when I get home from this Mavis Staples show. She’s about to start by the way.

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