I’m just tired. And a little achey.

Shut up, I’M NOT SICK.

OK, you can add “a little cranky” to the list.

In lieu of a *real* blog post, I will leave you with this video (I totally relate to these puppies)–

25 Responses

  1. Vicki

    Thats SWEET and FUNNY

  2. babygirl

    You didn’t catch someone’s terrible “fill-in-the-blank” did you?

    Feel better!

    And this video is adorable :)

  3. gracelynn

    Welcome to the story of my life as a middle school teacher Tori! LOL You just summed it up! So I guess I can say I DON’T have an ear infection right?! ****sigh****
    The video was so cute!

  4. LindaB

    And I’m not fat! I’m just a little “puffy”. And I have a glandular problem. And my clothes are simply too big. Shut up! (You can add “a little defensive” to the list.)

    Two words for you Taffs——FLU SHOT! Did you get them? Anyway, take care of yourself and get well! But don’t neglect your blog……..then WE might get cranky! (J.K.)

    ((( Tori )))) (I don’t wanna get too close and catch your bug!)

  5. jonny

    Wonderful video ! Get well soon = )

  6. bettyrwoodward

    Awwww. Lovely video. Please get well soon

  7. Jill

    I’m sorry you’re sick, probably got it from Russ. Just thought you’d like to know he didn’t act like a *bigfattittybaby* when he was here. That is so funny, I’ve been running on that for a week now!

  8. LindaB

    Ladies and gentlemen, and the Grammy goes to…….THEBIGFATTITTYBABY!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!

  9. LindaB

    Accepting tonight for BIGFATTITTYBABY is his lovely wife, Tori……cause he’s too sick to make it up here on stage.

  10. jonny

    Actually, she is too = / And if Russ is a BFTB, what does that make Tori ??

  11. LindaB

    Tired! Overworked. Sleep deprived. But cute as a button.

    Actually, she’s MRS. BFTB! And if I know her, she’s got a “to do” list a mile long and she’s feeling too rotten to do anything and it’s driving her crazy!

    We love you, Tori! And will pray that your “bug” will leave SOON!!

  12. MostlySunny

    I hear ya! I had the “crudds” this week, too. No fun…

  13. Barbara M. Lloyd

    The puppies are precious!

    Gracious, folks, I don’t think Tori is sick…..I believe she is simply exhausted…..and who wouldn’t be with the schedule she keeps.

    Take a day off and sleep late….do absolutely nothing all day. Sometimes it’s better than medicine. But, be sure and put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your bedroom door. Everybody in your home can read.

    Nighty-Nite, sweet pea

  14. jonny

    And make sure it’s low enough for the dogs to see !

  15. jonny

    Looks like I’m going to see Mavis Staple in action tonight. Quite excited about it.

  16. Gramma Jac

    If you’re still feeling bad tonight, maybe the BFTB could sing you to sleep like the guy did the puppies! OR, how about a conference call and WE will all sing you to sleep!

  17. Gramma Jac

    Of course if we did the conference call, you’d need speaker phone and one of the girls videotaping because I’m SURE it would be a performance worthy of YouTube!

  18. tori

    Vicki– I know! That little white guy at the far end is my favorite.

    babygirl– NO, I DIDN’T!!! (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

    gracelynn– No, no you don’t.

    Linda B– No, no you’re not. You’re just right. (And yeah, you might wanna hug me at a distance…)

    jonny, bettyrwoodward– So glad you liked the video, I appreciate your kind thoughts, and I would definitely get well soon if I was sick… WHICH I’M NOT!!!!!!

    Jill–Yippee, glad you got to meet Russ– and no, he only saves the bigfattittybaby stuff for his family!

    LindaB- HA!!!!

    jonny— That would be MADAME BFTB.

    LindaB– You know me way too well.

    MostlySunny– It is EVERYWHERE around here.

    Momma Lloyd– (I think my official status might be “VERGING ON” sick– so I’m fighting it off with all I’ve got!) I am definitely sleeping a little more than usual, and spent last night curled up with a blanket watching old movies with the girls– which is almost as good as medicine.

    jonny– OMG, I would LOVE to see Mavis Staples!! Met her briefly once years ago at the Grammys, what a voice.

    Gramma Jac— I would SO TOTALLY VIDEO a conference call sing-a-long!!

  19. jonny

    Oops, you’re not ill. Please ignor what I ‘said’ in the previous thread. I’ll still proffer a few prayers for your Thanksgiving week, though.

    Mavis’ band, crew and house sound guys are setting up now. Opening act finished around fifteen minutes ago. They did a splendid (sp?) job. Their drummer and I go way back. There’s been some fb buzz about Mavis’ guitarist. Apparently he’s considered king of the telecasster. Looking forward to the whole experience shortly = )

  20. tori

    jonny, you are in the presence of gospel royalty– enjoy!

  21. jonny

    I did. God was good. I only found out about it yesterday, but was too ill to go out and get a ticket. I’m still not feeling well, but a little better. I rarely buy a ticket to anything, so ran around the city for about an hour trying to figure out where to get one. I also didn’t have enough money for a ticket, but one friend generously helped me out. Again.

    During the encore, she stood down-stage center and put her hand out to shake one guys hand. Because of the seating arrangement, he couldn’t reach her’s. Being a Finn he wouldn’t dare go around the row to get to her, so she just stood there with her hand out. She asked, “Isn’t anybody going to shake my hand ?!?” Say no more. We were all standing for her anyway, so from the far audience left I ran/glided on over to her in front of God and everybody. One guy in the front row was there before me, but I got her hand eventually, probably thanked her. Contemplated giving her a kiss, but decided against it. Gave her the ‘peace’ sign with my fingers as I departed. By this time a woman just in front of me started dancing. The trio supporting her were out standing. I then started dancing as well.

    She later went down to the front of the stage again, but now the ice was thoroughly broken and many Finns went down to shake her hand, some taking her picture as well.

    Afterwards some bigger names in the Finnish music scene recognised that it was me who broke the ice and stopped to let me know they knew it was my silohouette dashing up to the front. This got some people who know of me in the music scene, but not that well, to just stare at me for awhile. The most famous of those getting a kick out of what I did just happens to also be a Christian, and a neighbor. Although we don’t have much contact with each other, he still stops and says hello when he sees me publicly and has enjoyed some things I’ve done in the past. I’m also supporting, encouraging one of his daughtersin her acting career. She’s still studying. Anyway, his saying ‘hi’ to me publicly has turned many a head in the past since I’m basically an ‘unknown’ to many a normal Finn = )

    Oh, it was her very first time in Finland. Finnish audiences are truly some of the most appreciative. She was blown away by the reception she received and claimed she WILL be back next year !! = )

  22. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Doggone it, Tori, I thought you were just extremely tired….and now I find out everyone is right about you being sick and tired…and you were in denial. Bless his heart, Russ will be able to breathe when he walks into a room where you are because he is now immuned…..I think. Well, maybe up to a point. Gracious, y’all have to get rid of those big, bad germs so you won’t miss out on Thanksgiving with your family. Praying.

  23. LindaB

    jonny, what a WONDERFUL time you all had! I have to confess I don’t know who Mavis Staples is!! I feel like I’m really missing something grand! I’m gonna Google her and find out if she has a sample of her singing on line somewhere—–probably You Tube! That concert must have been like a medicine for you—–you went feeling sickly and ended up dancing!!! Gospel music can do that to ya! Thanks for sharing your concert experience with us tonight.

  24. LindaB

    Okay. I heard Ms. Staples! Here—- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72YXfMaiS6k ! And she’s awesome! When I read that she was one of the Staples Singers years ago, I remembered them!

  25. jonny

    She’s been doing this 60 years now, FWIW.

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