Oops– you caught me ‘half-designed’!

(I first said ‘half-dressed’, but you would not believe the type of ads that was attracting!)

OK, your discerning eyes may have noticed that our beloved ‘bloomr looks a little different this morning.  There’s a reason for that– Daniel the Computer Genius and I have been confabbing via late night Instant Messaging and boy howdy, we’ve got some big plans, people!  We’ve been doing some serious brainstorming lately about giving this blog a little redecorating/reconfiguring facelift and trying to add some shiny new options that will enhance your Babybloomr experience.

(Picture me standing like those girls at car shows demonstrating the new floor models with wide sweeping arm gestures… Except I’m wearing real clothes and not those slutty car-show-girl outfits. Because even in your imaginations I am all about the propriety. Stop laughing.)

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about anything  too fancy or high tech-y…

(Because, hello, you’ve met me, right? Tech-y is not the first thing that comes to mind. That’s why I was smart enough to convince my sister years ago to have that third kid so he could grow up and be a Computer Genius and help his Auntie out.)

…just a few bells and whistles that can make the site easier to navigate and read, and also make it possible for me to add some stuff that will make everything look prettier and more interesting and way more FUN! FUN! FUN!  I am all about the fun. So, for right now? Don’t worry about those weird little letters/icons at the top right of this page. They are soon going to make it possible for you to link to other Babybloomr stuff like Twitter, Facebook and a FeedBurner– but not quite yet, we’re still installing stuff.

(‘Stuff’ is obviously another one of those high-tech professional bloggy terms that the average lay-person may not understand. And yes, I also don’t quite know what the ding dang a FeedBurner does either, but I am learning and will soon post and tell you all about it. In very easy-to-understand language, the same way Daniel The Computer Genius explains things to me, which is to say, like I ride the short bus. No offense.)

I WOULD like you all to notice that the photos are no longer kind of s t r e t c h e d out to the point that they are slightly distorted. Quick, go check the last post with all of the Faroe Islands shots– don’t they look better? Although honestly, when it comes to pictures of myself I’m going to miss that a little. It may have made me look distorted, but it also made me look a little taller. Oh, well. *sigh* The things I sacrifice for this blog.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys a heads-up by way of this lovely public service announcement that we’ve got some fun stuff coming up around here, so stay tuned– the new floor model is coming soon!


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  1. tori



  2. jonny

    I’m still trying to find some scissors so I can cut out that picture of Former in her prime!!

  3. swerchon

    Helllllllllooooooooooo (echo)

    I’m here – this sounds exciting !!! Can’t wait

    OK Feedburner – this is a new one to me as well. Tori you are impressing me. Will this work on my new iPad? tee hee !!!!

  4. tori

    Oh thank God you guys are here– I was getting worried that everyone read the title and then were scared to death about what they’d see if they showed up!

    Jonny– Every time you call her ‘Former’ I start laughing! And she’s STILL in her prime, baby!

    swerchon– All of the changes like Feedburner, new design, etc. will just be to help make things easier and prettier around here. I’m excited, too! (Russ’ little ears are already perking about about that dang iPad– boys and their toys!)

  5. jonny

    I know!! I just wasn’t sure if it was OK to let on how recent that pic is! I thought you photo shopped the old car in for deceptive purposes!!

  6. carsmith

    I knew something was different as soon as I logged on your site, colored buttons everywhere. Glad you have a computer guru in the family. I recognized you standing next to Daddy Bud’s car. Oh! My mistake on both counts but it could be.
    Faroe Islands look like the perfect spot for Russ to be creative. Can’t wait for his new project.
    I’m with Madi. What a dream place to visit. On your next trip to the Islands I think close family friends should go with your family. I searched my kitchen and didn’t find any lobster or king crab legs but the food pictures looked yummy.

  7. bettyrwoodward

    I’m still here too. Looks good to me but some of the terminology might need explaining! Love the photos of the Faroes. I’d love to visit there sometime.

  8. delightedabroad

    That’s what I call the right idea at the right time !
    I’m longing for (nearly)*better be careful what I say here* all kinds of fun stuff. I’m so fed up with those technical/economic/ political texts from school…

  9. delightedabroad

    Oh, btw I finally know the exact date for the written finals in English: February 8 and 9; which means 4 translations and 1 essay in 2 days.

  10. MostlySunny

    Present and accounted for! Will this site come with a “user manual”?

  11. tori

    Listen, you guys– I can PROMISE you nothing will ever get complicated for the readers around here! The idea is to make it EASIER…

    Mostly I am just working with Daniel to redesign the way things look a little bit AND give me some more options in the way that I post photos and videos, make it clean and open-looking so it’s easy to read, organize the old posts better using categories, introduce you to some cool sites I’ve found that you might like… stuff like that. Nothing real earth-shattering, it’s just that we haven’t really spruced up in a while and I’ve seen stuff on other blogs that I’d like to incorporate.

  12. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Well, sweet pea, I liked you the way you were…..and I’ll like you with more “stuff” going on, too. Just dn’t stop those pictures of family, home, and everywhere. In the meantime, have fun!

  13. LindaB

    Tori, I thought something was different! Just call me “Eagle Eye”. And “prettier and easier” are wonderful things, especially together!

    Jonny, Jonny, Jonny! You should have known that picture above was not me! There’s one thing that gives it away——MY hair isn’t that long. But other than that, it was an honest mistake.

    Delighted, we’ll be sure to pray for you Feb. 8 & 9th! You can do this!!! Just relax and don’t overstudy, which has never been a problem for me, but I’ve heard others say that they do that. We’re with you on this!

  14. Karin

    Hi Tori, I am the one who twittered/tweeted? you last week letting you know I couldn’t set up a user name and password – and today I could, so I did! Tell Daniel the Computer Genius “thank you” for working on that and getting it fixed. Been a long-time fan of Russ’s (like when he started with the Imperials, ok, so that dates me because I think that was somewhere around 30 years or so ago ?!?!?) Anyway, been a reader of your site for a while and love your take on life. Looking forward to what you and the “genius” cook up for the site.

  15. jonny

    Welcome Karen!! Of course, your parents could’ve been into the Imperials and you were first turned onto to him through them when you were just three or four!! And, who’s to say it didn’t happen after Russ already left the group, years afterwards, but to your folks the group was never the same after Russ.

    And Former, who’s to say the hair wasn’t photo shopped along with the car! Maybe one of the new things added to the blog are better means to mask, or help protect one’s identity. Obviously that isn’t quite perfected yet seeing as how I was able to spot who it was in the photo, but then again, no one else here has been as obsessed with you as I was back in the day = /

  16. jonny

    Sorry, welcome aboard “Karin”!! I just woke up and my eyes had not yet properly adjusted to the small font on my phone!!

  17. Karin

    Thanks Jonny, I appreciate that you are trying to make me not feel too old tonight, however, even though I was a mere 13 and working at my parents Christian Bookstore I remember Russ being the “new guy”. And I agree, the Imperials were never the same after Russ. But his self titled album is one of my all-time favorites. And no worries about the spelling, happens all the time.

  18. LindaB

    Jonny, if that was actually a photo of me and they just chopped my hairdo……………..well, to tell the truth, there was more choppin’ goin’ on with the rest of it than there is at Benihana’s on a Friday night!!!

    Welcome, Karin!! I’m glad you finally got “logged in”! Come back often! As for your age, since the Bible says a thousand days is as one and one is as a thousand days to the Lord, and we’re new creatures in Him, we have the same “calendar”, don’t we? And it’s really irrelavant when you were listening to the Russ sing “Trumpet of Jesus” with those other guys! We were listening to it then and a million years from today, we’ll be listening to it still!!! You could theoretically be one year old or a thousand! Don’t matter!

    I’m rambling, aren’t I? Sorry.

  19. LindaB

    And Tori, thank you for saying I’m still in my prime!!!! However, I own a mirror and if this is my prime, I don’t want to even think about my declining years!!! Just shoot me now.

    But that was nice of you! You’re so sweet.

  20. jonny

    I’d LOVE to get a CD copy of the self titled release!! He did some amazing vocal gymnastics on that one! I didn’t care for it at first because of the ‘cleaned up’ version of Lowlands, but appreciate it now for other reasons!!

  21. MostlySunny

    Tori – Is it “Pittsburgh” in Nashville? Are you getting snow and stuff?

  22. LindaB

    Tori, about finding you “half dressed”, my grandmother would say, “Don’t worry ’bout it! If I see anything that I don’t have, I’ll throw a rock at it!!”


    Started laughing before even getting to all the comments!!!!!!!
    am subbing 3rd graders this afternoon – avoiding the grocery store.
    anxiously awaiting a flake, (maybe 2 whole flakes!) even though forecast is for a foot – (never gonna happen!) already no bread in stores? why??????

  24. jonny

    We got lots of snow today! I think it started last night already! Definitely more than a foot. Apparently there are a few cars on our street buried under those piles of snow out there! Haven’t gone out today though, just opened a window and took a look = /

    Oh, and I believe this is the first time I’ve had snow banked up against my third story windows since moving here over a year and a half ago!!

  25. delightedabroad

    As for the snow: actually we DO have snow here – perhaps 5cm and it melts on the pavement (the streets are ‘salted’ so there’s not much left). Compared to the situation in northern countries or abroad it’s rather ridiculous to call that snow. Of course in higher regions it’s more…

  26. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Linda B, those late-night commedians would have paid your grandmother big bucks just to be able to listen to her sayings….and steal them.

    Tori, I betcha the three Taff girls are building a snowman today…and papa could be helping. Time for a photo!

  27. Karin

    BTW Jonny, Russ’s self titled is on iTunes. I know, not the same as the CD with all the liner notes, but you can still get it. Downloadeding a couple of tunes from it later today.
    Thanks for the welcome everyone.

  28. LindaB

    Does a “self-titled” album mean you came up with the name yourself, or your name IS the title? I just wanna get it straight.

  29. jonny

    He may have come up with the name himself, but it usually means it has the name of the artist or band on it.

    I’m afraid I’m not able to do iTunes.

  30. jonny

    I guess the question of the day could be how did the self-titled release become self titled?? Was it because Tori got tired of some people thinking the songs played on the air from the previous two releases was something new the Imperials had done?? Or was his wife, that wizard with the words Tori, not around when the call came for a title??

    “Hey, Russ, the new album is about to go to print. Is your wife around so we could get a title for it??”

    “Well. No.”

    Oh, man, RUSS, what’re we gonna do!?! We needed that new title like YESTERDAY!!”

    “Uh. How ’bout we call it “Russ Taff.””

    “Well… OK. Does Tori know about this??”

    “Uh. No. But I could take her out to a show and dinner, then let her know.”

    “I don’t know, Russ…”

    “I could also tell her I think I’m ready to have kids!!”

    “Wel… OK, but remember, this was all YOUR idea!!”

    “Sure, sure. Uh. One more thing.”

    “Yeah Russ, what is it.”

    “Could we also have a big picture of Russ Taff on the cover?? Maybe with my new shoes??”

    “Well, OK, Russ, but this will probably delay things a few days.”

    “That’s OK. It’ll probably take a few days to break the news to the little woman anyway.”

    “Well, alright Russ. But remember, this is ALL your idea!!”

    “Got it! Thanks!!”

  31. LindaB

    Can’t sleep, huh Jonny! LOL

  32. jonny

    Actually, the idea came to me during breakfast. I did happen to get a lotta sleep last night though, FWIW.

  33. delightedabroad

    Well, that is interesting: I always thought it is the other way around. First you’re tired then you become foolish…I can assure you it’s true each time I look at my class mates and me!

  34. delightedabroad

    Hi there, are you lost in snow ????

  35. jonny

    I’m still around. Been extremely quiet around here lately for some reason.

  36. delightedabroad

    You’re absolutely right, jonny ! Did you or I say something wrong ??

  37. delightedabroad

    oh, btw, the date is gone…

  38. tori

    OK, jonny you were killing me with the imaginary conversation!

  39. jonny

    Thanks Tori. Glad it worked for someone! But you’re right, delighted, we have a whole date missing above! The date thing caught up with Tori’s last Say it!, though!!

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