Faroe Islands Hospitality

Just popping in to show you a few photos from Russ’ latest trip to the Faroes!

He just got home Sunday night, was gone for about 10 days writing music and doing some pre-production work because he will be recording his next cd there, and he is really fired up about that.  The Faroe Islands are home to some world-class musicians and Russ has had the honor of working with quite a few of them over the years as he has performed there several times. He is particularly looking forward to working with his friend, producer/musician Jakup Zachariassen. Jakup and his gorgeous wife Sonna are the most gracious and generous hosts and made our trip there last summer unforgettable. It dang near killed Madi to not be able to go with her dad this time, but we are hoping we can travel there again as a family before too long. It really is a magical place– here, I’ll refresh your memory with some pictures from this summer–remember this?


And this:


(Madi says it looks like Narnia!)

Here’s Russ and Jakup in the studio– (how cute are they?!)


On his last night, Jakup and Sanna prepared a farewell feast for Russ and some of the musicians. They made a fabulous lobster stew and steamed fresh king crab. Russ practically tears up every time he talks about that meal.  King crab will do that to man.

Here they are cooking away in their kitchen– the beautiful blonde is an amazing artist named Lena Anderssen, who sang with Russ at the G Festival. They sounded great together, she’ll probably appear on the new cd too.


Lena with another friend and dinner guest, musician/engineer/Danish Grammy Award winning producer Oli Paulsen:


The soup…


The crab….


OK, that’s it. I’m going to go rummage around the kitchen.

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  1. jonny

    Yes, King Crab will do that to a guy. Still can’t forget my last KC experience, and that was in 1987!! Oh, to make things worse, it was in Alaska. Sorry, gotta cut this one short. Tears are starting to make it even harder to read the small text in my phone = /

  2. LindaB

    What a beautiful place and what sweet people! The food looks incredible too!

    I cannot wait to hear this new CD by my favorite gospel singer of all time!

  3. MostlySunny

    Great stuff! What a beautiful place; I’m with Madi – “I wanna go, too!”

    One question – Why the Faroe’s to do a CD? Just wondering…


    So, who took the pics? Have you taught Russ your art of photography? Are yo sure you weren’t there?

    Crab & lobster – my favs of all time! Add oysters and I will be alreay in Heaven!


    And one more thang –
    Girl, your husband is still just Fine! He was 30 years ago, and still is! I’ll ask again, WHAT IS THE SECRET? What’s really coming out of that fountain at your house?

    Love ya! Peace

  6. tori

    jonny– I know, honey. We’ll give you a minute to regroup.

    LindaB– I can’t wait either!

    MostlySunny– I guess the easiest answer to that question is that Russ wanted to break out of the mold a little bit. There is such a wonderful combination there of musical/technical sophistication AND musical passion that it got Russ creatively excited like I haven’t seen in years! He wants to take what he does and infuse it with some different instrumentation, style and singers. Madi keeps saying, “This will be Dad’s ‘Graceland’!”

    DELIVERED– The first two photos are ones I took last summer, the others are Russ’. And thank you for using the word ‘fine’ and Russ in the same sentence– I totally agree, but he doesn’t hear that often enough!

  7. jonny

    Well, to be honest, I think Russ got finer over the years. Could be a guy thing. Still can’t see what possessed him to ever sport a moustache back in the day, but I guess we’ve all gone through awkward fashion phases in our lives for various reasons.

    My organizer brain is having a field day with all this new info on Russ! There’s gotta be some way of getting Russ and the FI gang over here for a show. After the CD is finished, of course. Maybe they could smuggle me in some KC as well = )

  8. MostlySunny

    Good for him!!! (and for us, too!)

  9. jonny

    OK, going off-topic to do a little catching up.

    As to former’s comment about men in relationships “quieting up,” I guess we just discover at some point anything we say or do can, and more than likely will, be used against us at a later date.

    When contemplating some issues concerning men and women, a couple things came to mind. One, it seems the number one godly quality for a woman is a quiet and gentle spirit. Two, godly qualities for men seem to be patience and understanding. Of course with liberal amounts of gentleness thrown in the mix. So, I guess women should work on being quiet while men are figuring out this patient and understanding thing, meanwhile men get to work on being patient and understanding while women are working on their quiet and gentle spirits = )

    OK, D, my phone IS a little computer. My monthly phone bill includes my phone’s 3G internet connection, calling minutes and hundreds of SMS. As such, with the help a a special cable, my phone can also be used as a modem for another computer. A “real” computer. For some reason the wonderful, quite efficient, 3G connection has not been working in my area. As a result I have to use the slower, weaker GSM default internet connection. Hopefully this gets worked out soon. Because of the weaker connection, I’m not always able to view everything Tori throws up here, or respond to some of it.

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Yum! Lobster and Crab…any kind of crab…are two of my favorite foods. Like D.Parker, add oysters and I will be right in heaven with her.

    I can hardly wait until Russ’ cd comes out…maybe there will be enough creative juices flowing from the Taff house that there could be two new cd’s. That product table could sure use them….and so could I.

    How fine is that fella? Well, fine enough to have fans from two to ninety-two…and gettin better all the time.

  11. rockin robyn

    Sure looks like one fabulous place to go! Beautiful!

    Talk about your pictures of art though… what fabulous pic is that of Russ behind the sound board – gives me goose bumps. ** mediocre sound tech-y here in aah of the site** It will be pure torture waiting for this project to come to fruition. Tori, just the build up of you saying it got “Russ creatively excited like I haven’t seen in years!” Man!! I know this is going to be a wonderful gift from God. Can’t wait.


    And, here I was fearing being booted off Bloomrs! And, jonny – that mustache was even fine!

    So, how is Betty these days?
    We had a terrible storm last night – I slept through it – but my porch furniture is now lawn furniture! On my way to Pre-K to sub. PRAY FOR ME! last time I subbed pre-k I was 5 minutes from foaming at the mouth & running outta there pulling out my hair! Too many whiners. If I survive – I will be back later today! -

  13. jonny

    All the best with the pre-K! Personally, I love working that age group. Did it for years. Sorry it’s not your thing, though. I’ll pray for you AND the kids = )

    Oh, and if the moustache was so hot, fine, then why isn’t he still sporting it?? ; )


    Well, as to the mustache – I guess Tori will have to answer that one – but I think it went about the same time as the mullet did – though both were fine, fine fine! yeah – I went there again! (since its not used in the same sentence w/ Russ very often! =) Russ was the BOMB, man! Still is! He’s deeper now, though. Believe it or not, though, I only have one CD, (hint, hint, Tori).

    Boy – give me first graders any day! Thank Jesus we all made it – including the kids! HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
    Tori – I love you! You never did tell how you prepared that humongus artichoke! And, that pic made me go out and get some lobster bisque! For real!
    Peace. oh, And, Betty?


    I notice that he took pics of EMPTY CRAB LEGS!!!!!! And, his pics are just about as good as yours, JUST ABOUT.

  16. Barbara M. Lloyd

    So happy to report that Betty seems to be improving daily…if slowly. Tomorrow they are going to do a procedure where they thicken a vocal chord in hopes of enabling her to speak above a whisper. Her heart appears to be doing well…but they may have to put in a pace maker. The lady has been touch and go, so it’s nice to be able to tell you that I believe she is on the right side of the page now. Thank you so much for your prayers….please keep praying.

  17. LindaB

    Jonny said, “So, I guess women should work on being quiet while men are figuring out this patient and understanding thing,……”

    IN YOUR DREAMS!!! (Said very loudly!) LOL

  18. jonny

    I rest my case! = ) It’s OK though Former, after Betty all my prayers are proffered in your direction. AND your husbands’, of course = )

    Oh, and thanks for the wonderful up-date on Betty, Barbara!


    Thank you, Jesus.

  20. LindaB

    ROFLOL JONNY!!! Yeah, my husband does need your prayers as he learns that “quiet gentle spirit” thing!!! LOL Especially during hockey season! Oh wait, I’m louder than he is watching hockey!

    You’re a hoot, Jonny! Got any of your music available online yet? I wanna hear our resident rocker sing!!!!

  21. jonny

    Nope, not yet. JUST finished talking with one guy we’re hoping will help us out in the studio, plus we should work on at least four new songs, plus another Neil Diamond conver the drummer and I would like to do!! Plus all the club organizing and other things I seen to have a challenging time getting done = /

  22. LindaB

    This place looks different today! There’s a difference font or something.

    I thought of something recently…….notice the plume of smoke rising in the north? I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall of the Taff’s “music room”, or wherever it is that they write music and lyrics together!!! I also wonder if they have “moments of intense fellowship” in the process? Like, does Tori want to use one phrase and Russ another? Wouldn’t that be fascinating? And what does it feel like to be composing lyrics that thousands of singers all over the world will one day be singing……and recording? That’s gotta be an incredible “high”!!

    Tori, I didn’t mean to talk about you in the third person! But can you tell us a little about the process you two use to arrive at a final “creation”? OR, is that like talking “shop” for you?

  23. delightedabroad

    This post and those pictures turned me into a curious, impatient type of fan: when will this CD be available ????

    Didn’t have the energy to comment earlier, I’m quite exhausted. However this time participating could be helpful (training my abilities…).

  24. OliP

    Nice post that you’ve published. I live in the neighbourhood, where the recordings take place. So I had the wonderful oppertunity to welcome Russ to the Faroes, once Russ and Jakup came to record something.

    I’m really looking forward to hear their CD. :) God Bless

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