Social Awkwardness Is A Hard Look To Pull Off At My Age

Well, it’s blog conference time again, which means it’s time for my once a year, very uncharacteristic bout of shyness to make it’s annual appearance! As you may or may not know, my family nickname is Tori “I Can Talk To A Rock” Taff. Russ used to say I’m the only person he knows that can stand in the short line at Krogers and by the time my groceries are bagged I have exchanged childbirth stories with the heretofore total stranger behind me and bestowed a heartfelt hug when I leave. My job at Homecoming Magazine and the book I wrote on the ‘Top 100 Christian Songs’ for CCM Magazine both require(d) interviewing countless artists, by phone and in person– most of whom I already knew, but many I didn’t. Shoot, this BLOG is pretty much an ongoing conversation, when you think about it! So, talking to people? Not so much a stretch for me.

Except at blogging conferences.

My first one was BlogHer ’08 (I know, these conferences don’t have names that exactly leap off the tongue, do they?). I told myself the reason I chose to eat lunch twice alone in my hotel room instead of mingling with the 1000 other women bloggers downstairs was that I needed a brief respite from all of the convention chaos to chill out a little bit before rejoining the fray. This was partially true, but to be completely honest the main reason was that when I picked up my lovely organic salad lunch in it’s recyclable container (we were in San Francisco) and looked around at all of the women who were walking up to tables full of complete strangers, introducing themselves and asking if they could join them I realized with a sinking feeling that for whatever reason, I was not gonna be one of those women that day. I would say that it felt like I was back at my high school cafeteria again, frozen and shy, except that hello! Doesn’t apply! I had NO problem talking to anybody in high school.  I also learned at that conference that for me, the Third Ring of Hell is walking into a ‘Get Acquainted’ cocktail party alone, making awkward conversation with a similarly uncomfortable techie blogger (oh yeah, we had a lot to talk about) and finally FAKING A CELL PHONE CALL so that I could escape with some shred of my dignity remaining. Why didn’t I just walk up to someone, introduce myself, ask about their blog and start a conversation? I have no idea. It always worked at Krogers! At any rate, despite all of that I loved the conference, I learned a lot, and I was not COMPLETELY socially retarded– OK, I did wear a bag on my head at the CheeseburgHer party, but so did everyone else. I also vowed that now that my bloggy feet were wet, I would be much more at ease at the next one.

‘The next one’ happened to be BlissDom ’09, held right here in Nashville. It was a smaller, seemingly less overwhelming conference, with some of my favorite bloggers slated to be speakers. I chose to stay at the Hotel Preston with everyone else, though I could have easily driven home every night, just to make sure I was completely immersed in the whole conference experience. I had made contact with a couple of other Tennessee bloggers that I ‘knew’ online, so I knew I would have someone to talk to (and eat lunch with.) I adored BlissDom. I came away with reams of copious notes, a bagful of swag and countless blog cards from women I met. I even handed out a few of my own. But still? If I had to rank myself on a scale of 1 to 10… 1 being a monosyllabic nerd in the corner and 10 being my usual full-throttle Tori, I’d have to say I was about a 5, maybe 6 at best. A pastel version of myself, let’s say.

Want an example? OK, after almost every session (which were truly so interesting and informative and entertaining), there would be a Q and A time. My mind was brimming with questions, but just as I was cleverly phrasing one in my mind, I noticed something. When the mic person would approach someone with their hand in the air and they would stand up, they’d always start their question by stating, “Hi, I’m (fill in name here) and my blog is (blog name here). I just wanted to ask…(fill in question here.)” So what started happening was that when the person would say the name of their blog, there would be a murmur of recognition in the room, a craning of necks to actually see the person (it’s so weird when you feel like you know someone so well from reading their blog but you’ve actually never really laid eyes on them.. Oh wait, maybe you guys do get that!) and then there would be a smattering of applause– or a LOT of applause and some encouraging catcalls from friends and fans if it was a really popular blog. And it was at about that point that my carefully framed question died on the vine. I had this sudden vision of standing up, taking the microphone and stating, “Hi, I’m Tori Taff from ” and…. *sound of crickets*  OK, realistically I don’t think that would have happened, I had met people that told me they knew my blog, had read my post about whatever, blah blah blah, but still. The primary color Tori would have blown right past that part and asked my dang question, but the pastel version just settled back into her seat and started taking copious notes again. See? Virtually unrecognizable as myself.

So here we are, poised on the brink of another BlissDom. I’m actually really looking forward to it. Again, the panels look interesting and the speakers are impressive. This year it’s being held at Opryland Hotel, the sprawling mini-city that is about 20 minutes away from my house. The conference starts with the de rigueur Welcome cocktail party Thursday night, continues all day Friday, Friday night and Saturday, and ends on Saturday night with a concert by Harry Connick Jr. (cool, right?) and, of course, MORE PARTIES. I am only going to stay at the hotel on Friday night– Russ is gone this weekend and I don’t want to leave the girls home alone that long. But this time, I’m making a preemptive strike at the inexplicable social anxiety I now know to expect. I have dutifully RSVP’d to the parties (and I have a good blogging friend who will at least be at the Friday ones), I have planned a Saturday lunch with a group called Nashville Women Who Blog, I have shiny new blogging cards to pass out *AND* I had a sudden burst of maturity and decided that my goal for this conference is simply to be myself. Which is usually a given, but apparently takes some major inner mind-wrangling where blogging conferences are concerned.

It’s funny– I’ve psyched myself up and mentally prepared myself so well, that when I’ve come across a lot of blog posts this past week  featuring first-time BlissDom attendees anxiously asking the all-important WHAT TO WEAR question, I just kind of smiled a knowing smile and thought to myself, “Pfffft. Those crazy newbies. After they have a couple of conferences under their belts they’ll realize it is SO not a fashion show– they just need to focus on being comfortable and forget about trying to impress anyone…”

(So ask me where I was last night at 8:55 p.m. OK, I’ll tell you. In a panic in a dressing room at Stein Mart, after an all-day shopping marathon that started at noon and crossed three counties, trying to hurriedly pull a stupid top that was SO not going to work with my black jeans off over my head while I tried to make a split-second decision between that so-so blue sweater and that green one that would work with my brown boots but to be honest, really looked better on the hanger than on me while the loudspeaker announced that the store would be closing in five minutes and the dressing room attendant gave me the stink-eye because I ended up leaving her with eight items to re-rack while walking out empty-handed. Apparently I still have a little inner wrangling to do.)

I’ll be checking in from BlissDom. Stay close, I may need you.

**BlissDom ’09– I am somewhere in that sea of women, taking notes.


** OK, seriously– from the looks of things, this is NOT what you’d call a really intimidating cocktail party, and yet… Go figure.


** Proof I DID actually talk and make bloggy friends– This is darling Robin from

(Cue the applause!)


79 Responses

  1. MostlySunny

    Oh, please be yourself!!!! And have fun! We’ll cheer and whoop and holler for you from here!

  2. auburn60

    Well, this is weird. My husband is headed to the Opryland Hotel today.
    Although you’ve never seen him–he has seen your picture. So if a very tall,big man comes toward you with his arms open yelling your name it’s not some crazed fan who stalked you there–it’s just my relatively harmless husband. And don’t be surprised if he asks about the whole fam by name, including the dogs. And if he does PLEASE tell me! That would mean he has been listening when I talk!

    As for the social awkwardness part–just do that thing I do at FF.Just
    start talking to people you don’t know and hold them hostage until you get a response. C’mon, you’ve seen me do it. Hey, I didn’t say it was always successful.But people will talk back to get you to leave them alone. :)

    (For the uninitiated–I’m just kidding! I don’t really do that. Really.)


    Wow! That’s some cocktail party! hehehehehehe

    Girl – go knock em off their feet! Wish I could be there to see this!

  4. tori

    MostlySunny– Thanks, sweetie– I plan on having fun!

    auburn60– Thanks to my refreshing lack of personal boundaries, if a big tall man comes towards me with open arms calling my name, I’ll probably just launch myself through the air and land on him and ask questions later. And your FF technique always works brilliantly for you– with the glaring exception of that one time when you were apparently seated in the clinically depressed funeral directors section…

    DELIVERED– I know– lame, right?!

  5. swerchon

    Hey girl,

    Hey y’all listen up…..”ahem”…..
    “THIS IS TORI AND SHE IS THE BEST BLOGGER EVER” (Enormous cheering and standing O……and rounds of applause abounds)

    You are the most “welcoming” person I have ever met and so “approachable and lovable”. In social situations you are my “Idol”. I am sooooooo shy, and reading about your shyness sounds more like me and NOT you.

    Have fun and let everyone see the real YOU!!!! There will not be a cricket anywhere when you state your name and your blog (prior to you brilliant and insightful question).

    Oh heck Tori no worries you will be fine and enjoy yourself – keep the snaps coming.

  6. carsmith

    Dear Primary Color Tori,
    Raise your hand and ask your questions. Pretend everyone in the room are babybloomr friends and you won’t have any problem….the words will role off your tongue. When you hear applause from the audience, know we are also cheering for you. It may even take a while for the crowd to settle down before you can ask your question. You are well known in your own right and we know you have a way with words. Come on “Full-Throttle Tori.” Have fun at BlissDom and just be yourself.
    Sending love your way….Carolyn

    P.S. I’m bothered that you left Stein Mart empty handed. The store could have stayed open a little longer and given you time to shop. I read about famous people getting to shop after hours. They must not have recognized you. That was the start of your insecurity.

  7. tori

    swerchon– Ha! Thanks for the encouragement– and you NEVER seem shy to me! Well-mannered, maybe, but not shy.

    carsmith– Or maybe I could state my name and blog and then just start the applause myself! I could try to throw my voice and talk out of the side of my mouth– “WHAT A GREAT WRITER! LOVE THAT BLOG!” And yeah, I thought Stein Mart was being kind of unreasonable, too. Just because it was closing time didn’t necessarily mean I was thru shopping!

  8. delightedabroad

    Be sure we’ll be with you in some invisible way !
    Tori, might there be a link between those conferences and ‘control’…? Sorry, I’m just teasing you :-)
    Actually I had to realize not long ago that I can talk for hours with a friend or two – but as soon as there are more people around I get ever more quiet. Well, of course I’m working on it and I think it’s improving…even in situations where I’m not talking my native language :-)

  9. jonny

    Well, I was thinking I could go with her dressed in my European, rock star best. Something that would make me stick out and turn quite a few heads. Something that would make the women there just have to figure out a not so obvious way to come up to Tori dying to find out who I am, and which star I fell from! You could let them modestly know you’re somewhat big in the music scene, and that this extremely dreamy man is actually a poor lost soul, from Europe, that stumbled upon your blog and as a result has been gratefully recovering from a lot of the evils involved with the rock scene from the exotic country he’s been stuck in going on twenty years now. Then you could shift to that “just between you and me” voice and mode of communicating and let then know he was actually born in God’s own country on the beaches of California! They may wonder why you brought me with you that weekend, and you could tell them it was just awkward timing. I had already scheduled to visit you that weekend before you knew it was happening and didn’t feel comfortable leaving me home with your daughters who’s friends were coming over all the time bugging me with lots of teenage girl type questions and wanting me to go out and do this, that and other things with them. Basically that bringing me with you was an act of mercy.

    OK, the idea could still use a bit of polishing, but I think it has potential!!

  10. delightedabroad

    Lol ! jonny, I didn’t know you need public relation so dearly ! :-)

  11. jonny

    It’s not for me. I’m good with my PR at the moment. But I’ve been used similarly, and successfully, in the past to help others out. Not an issue, or a first for me. No sacrifice too great for our Tori!!

  12. delightedabroad

    I don’t doubt that at all and I hope you recognized I was just teasing. Imagine you ‘helped me out’ of nervousness and the like…

  13. jonny

    I did realize you were teasing! I just took the opportunity to throw a little more of my own humour in there! Sorry if I was a little too poker faced on that one! I was laughmg quite hard at myself when I punched in that, “no sacrifice too great” line, though!! Not only do I enjoy taking the mickey out of Russel every now and then, but enjoy doing it to myself sometimes as well. Speaking of which, if we pull this off, I wonder if he’ll let me borrow a pair of shoes for the occasion from his fabulously famed collection!! LOL!! = )

  14. delightedabroad

    That’s the handicap with only writing; if you can hear and/or see your counterpart it is much easier to know how to estimate a comment. As you know, jonny, I’m a greenhorn in this ‘teasing/making rascally remarks brach’ – which makes me often insecure afterwards, doubting if I had been too fresh. So I’m grateful that you show patience :-)

  15. delightedabroad

    Oh, I meant ‘branch’ of course

  16. jonny

    Don’t worry. After just a few short more month’s at the same blog with D, Former and myself, to name a few, you’ll be throwing in as recklessly as the rest of us! It’s true! Really! God told me so Himself! Honest!

  17. jonny

    Sorry, “months” plurar!

  18. MostlySunny

    jonny – You’re killing me here! Thanks for starting my day out with a good laugh. I’m just imagining you and “primary” Tori and that grand entrance…

    OK, is it just me and my new reading glasses-bifocal-magnifying thingys, or is the type on this blog bigger and clearer? And some people are now green and other are still dark type.

    Just wondering if a few more brain cells are getting a little more active these days. Whatever it is, it looks great!

  19. jonny

    “plural!!” Man, I’m seriously slippin’ today!!

  20. delightedabroad

    How you make me feel at home here !!! Thanks. You guys are keeping me from going up the wall. ( My exam’s coming nearer and nearer :-/ )

  21. jonny

    Oh yeah, Tori could also let slip, from time to time, that yet another bit of “awkward timing” is that her husband also “just happens” to be away on tour that weekend!


    But, I lived seeing the human, humble side of you – MS. BESTEST BLOGGER E–V–E–R! I dont even read other blogs! This is quite the best ever – nothing remiotely lame or dull about it. Just wait till I conquer Twitter! (are you taking that curling iron w/ you this time?) hehehehehehe

  23. Busymom

    I’ll be there, at least on Thursday, anyway. We can have serious-looking conversations.

  24. jonny

    Well… that last “let slip” bit may have been too much. And inappropriately out of place. Sorry. It’s probably enough if you simply keep your ring on. Let the curious and inquisitive figure things out for themselves.

  25. tori

    Ok jonny, you started my day out with a smile! Just read this whole thing to Russ and he actually laughed out loud! I think your plan has serious merit. And you know how you just ‘knew’ how Former looked in your head? Well, I’ve got you pegged as a Russell Brand-type European rock star. You know, rail thin, sporadic facial hair, guyliner, lots of leather and weird accessories, a la Steven Tyler… When we make our entrance into BlissDom, you’ll have a big burly bodyguard clearing the way and glowering threateningly every time someone tries to approach… And when it’s time for the Harry Connick Jr. concert on Friday nite, he’ll get like halfway through his first song and then recognize you in the audience, bring you up for a duet and then just turn the stage over to you. And then all of the BlissDom attendees would rush out after the conference and get tattoos that say “jonny”…
    This could work. How fast can you get here?

  26. bettyrwoodward

    You do know how to make people laugh. That’s you Tori and Jonny as well.
    Is there any news of Betty?

  27. delightedabroad

    Or did you, Tori, mean ‘how fast can you run’ ??

  28. jonny

    Tattooing of the auto-graphs I’ve placed on various *requested* parts of their bodies, of course. Since this is so short notice I’ll probably have to borrow some of Russ’ leathers and hardware. I used to do eye-liner before it was “guy-liner,” so not an ish. I did find a really cool earring the other week that would work. Oh, and it’s probably best I refuse Harry’s on-stage invitation, no matter how desperately he begged. Keep playing the mystery card up until the bitter end!

    But, I’m afraid this may be a little too short notice this time round. I’m not able to afford the plane ticket, or anything else for that matter, at this point. Maybe the next one!!

  29. delightedabroad

    Oh my, I just had a BIG cup of hot chocolate and am now ‘on sugar'; can’t decide wethter to continue reading or rather take my guitar or just stare holes in the air :-/

  30. jonny

    Oh, and Betty W, hope you appreciated my one “European” Say it! in there!!

    Yes, news on the American Betty would definitely be appreciated = )

  31. auburn60

    You need my husband to pose as the ‘big,burly bodyguard’ just say the word.
    And I just spoke to said husband and he said he’s absolutely certain that he would recognize you if you wore that ‘pirate wench’ costume from Halloween a couple of years ago–and, no that’s not weird at all(!)… :0

  32. jonny

    I was just about to Say! that if the Lord suddenly drops a couple thousand euros in my lap real soon like, your hubbie would probably make an excellent bodyguard, auburn60! I’m afraid I’m the one who may be resembling a pirate’s wench, though. Especially if Tori has any say in it = /

  33. LindaB

    Okay, after reading this entry, Tori, I am incredulous! You, beset with shyness and social awkwardness is about as believeable as Tiger Woods becoming a marriage counselor! This just can’t be! I’ve met you! There must be some underlying reason for your timidness at these bloggy gatherings. If Betty was here to analyze this situation, she’d know exactly what’s going on and give it an acronym! I’ll give it a try in her temporary absence.

    I think you have some kind of inferiority goin’ on here. Does your writing suffer in comparison to the other bloggies? NOT A CHANCE! Are they more attractive? Nada. (What’s not to like about thin, blonde, and pretty?) Do they drive better cars? Negative! Are their shoes better? I don’t think so. Did they marry better? No, ma’me. So, your social fear has no basis in reality. And thus, you have to fight this imaginary inferiority by using your imagination! Just imagine, when you walk into that conference, that everyone there is in their underwear. (If you have trouble with this picture, I’m sure if Jonny happens to show up, he’ll help you.) Then you can laugh and relax and have fun——piece of cake. I used that same technique myself when I was going to my Weight Watchers meetings. I eventually got “let go” for laughing at inappropriate times, but while I was there, it worked like a charm! If Betty were here, she’d say you a victim of S.N.R.L.—–Shyness Not Reasonable or Logical……or Snarkle for short.

    You will be fine. And I’d give my right arm to see a video of you standing and saying your name and your blog’s name! Just listen and hear us cheering around the globe!

    And hey—-HOLY COW! HARRY CONNICK JUNIOR!!! Who cares about all those other bloggers??? Just gaze at Harry!

    For those that asked how Betty is doing—-she’s coming along very well. It will be a long recovery, but Betty is a fighter and determined to get back to her life! If you will, pray that God will give her strength and encouragement for the road ahead.

  34. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I see absolutely no reason for your shyness in the blogging department, but in the meantime, I have the solution for your feeling encouraged. Hopefully, there is time for all of us on here to gather together and tape our clapping and hooting and hip, hip hoorays. Then, at the appropriate tikme, you just click us on and let us yell for awhile. But then, as you stand there all shiny and bright, smiling with pleasure at how appreciated you are…you must remember to click us off….lest anyone knock you in the head later on while walking down the hall. Because they want what you have: an adoring audience of the highest taste.

  35. meb

    This is exactly the encouragement I needed for the conference I’m attending next week in Franklin TN. I’m going to be surrounded by 150 of the most creative minds and I can’t imagine anything I have to offer would come close to what they have. But then again the reason I’m attending is to learn from them and the speakers & performers and others that I’ll get to meet.

    And I liked Jonnys idea too. Too bad you couldn’t make that happen. When it does happen though we have to see pictures. :-)

  36. jonny

    Wow, thanks for the new font and possible size change for the text! It breathes! Much easier to read with my phone!! The font for the Say it! seems to be the same smaller size, but you guys may not have any control over that one.

  37. tori

    I’m so glad you guys like the little changes we’re making! Daniel The Computer Genius has literally been working thru the night lately (after working all day at his real job) to implement them, and I am so grateful! Jonny, on a regular computer screen the comments page is the same new size as the post page, but maybe that’s not translating on the phone… I’m really happy to hear the changes make it easier for you to read– you used the same words I did, “I want it to breathe a little bit more…” Yay!

  38. tori

    P.S. Just found out my FAVORITE bloggy friends– SuburbanTurmoil and Busymom– are going to be around this weekend at the conference! OK, NOW I’M EXCITED!

  39. jonny

    Yep, thought you were goin’ for a little more breathing room there. It’s workin’ for me, at least!! Hope you have loads of fun, and thanks for all the Saying it! fun yesterday!!


  40. jonny

    Oh, it’s not the comments page that has a tiny-er font, it’s the little box one “writes” their comments in that has the ity-bity-er font size.

  41. MostlySunny

    Tori – I saw on the news that the Tea Partiers are also having their convention at the Opryland Hotel. Is it crazy there or is the place big enough that everyone kind of has their own area? I looked for you on TV thinking you and your bloggy buddies might just be walking by the camera. I was also looking for a “very tall, big man…with his arms open yelling your name” (or holding a sign that says “Tori, WHERE ARE YOU? I’M auburn60’s HARMLESS HUSBAND”!). Hope the blogcon is going well.

  42. tori

    MostlySunny– YES, the Tea Party people are there– I almost registered with them by mistake! Guy pointed me towards this big desk when I said I needed to register, and a security guard checked my ID– which was my first clue I was in the wrong place. Then another guy tried to give me a coffee mug with the words “Tea Party” on it, and I figured it out! Also, Sandi Patty is doing some kind of weekend conference thingy there with Larnelle and some speakers. I’m telling you, this place is a city!

    Last nite was actually really fun– MAN, what a difference a friend makes! BusyMom was there and we hung out together and she kindly introduced me to several people and we just hung out and laughed and talked. Now I kinda can’t wait for today! I’m about to head over for a day of meetings, etc. and then I am going to spend the nite there tonight, go all day tomorrow and it all ends late Saturday. I’ll check in later!

    Love you guys. Thanks for the encouragement!

  43. auburn60

    Y’know-I gotta work out a meeting between Tori and the rest of my family so my husband won’t resort to carrying awkward signs like mostlysunny describes. After all, I’ve met Russ,Madi and Charlotte.
    Surely,it’s only fair for Tori to contend with the Diva Daughter,the Sassy Sister, the Strong Safety Son and the Harmless Husband.
    (Oh yeah, you met the DD..well,the rest of them then.)

  44. Amy from She Wears Many Hats

    I believe I landed a 2.5 maybe a 3 for this one – shooting for a 4 next time.

    (Loved meeting you tonight – y’all were truly, truly a God send for me.)

  45. delightedabroad

    You all did an incredibly good job in encouraging Tori – now I’m asking if you might do a similar thing for me ? I’d like to remind you that my written exams will be this Monday+Tuesday; so you can perhaps imagine that I AM NERVOUS ! I’m most of all afraid that I could run out of energy and thus my concentration/memory could significantly decrease.

    Ah, jonny, is that you commenting on “CompuPawn’s” post of Russ’s Really Big News ? The name “jonnylovegrapes” just caught my eyes…

  46. delightedabroad

    It’ll begin in 18 hours; this is easier to understand than telling you I’ll start at 8.30 am CET, right ?

  47. tori

    delightedabroad– You have the entire ‘bloomr community rooting for you, girl! Seriously, prayers will be going up for you, and we all will be waiting to hear how things went. You have worked so hard to prepare, and my prayer will specifically be that all things will be brought to your remembrance, and your mind and body will will be calm and supernaturally energized. Rest well, eat a good breakfast and know you are not alone!

  48. jonny

    Amen!! Already started praying for this some time ago, FWIW.

    It’s an old username. LoveGrapes is the name of my band.


  49. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Delighted, I’m praying for you, sweetheart…and will pray you through until the end. You are going to come through like the winner you are.

  50. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Sweet Tori, I’m so glad you are enjoying and benefiting from this blogging conference more than ever before. Imagine what next year is going to be…more over madam president.

  51. delightedabroad

    Thank you so much ! It’s good to know I have great support. Nevertheless it’s a weird feeling: being really tired and at the same time almost hitting the ceiling :-/

  52. MostlySunny

    delighted – Ditto to all of the above. We’re with you!!!!

  53. delightedabroad

    Wow, the first part is done – after a nasty beginning of the day (awful night, beginning migraine) it was alright then. However I don’t dare giving any previsions…I’m just tired now.

  54. tori

    YAY for having the first part done! Prayers still going up… Now get some rest and take care of that headache!


    Thought there’d be a new entry by now w/ lots of goodies from the blog thang! pics, and stuff! what’s up? too tired? blogged out? hellooooooooooooooooooo, atcha!

  56. tori

    Working on it… Re-entry is kicking my keester!

    Russ decided to stay another day in Orlando to write with a great songwriter there, which is now turning into two days because we couldn’t get him a flight out until Tuesday morning (Superbowl traffic out of New Orleans is being re-routed because of midwest blizzards.) Charlotte overslept FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL YEAR and we had 10 minutes to get her out of bed and off to school– I’m still twitching from that one. She also may or may not be bringing two kids home with her after school to work on a project together and I may or may not need to have some kind of supplies here for her to do it… But I won’t know until I hear from her– which I haven’t! Meanwhile– piles of laundry, have to get groceries in and apparently more snow is on the way.

    So yeah. I’m still working on it!

  57. wendmark

    So glad Blissdom went so well this year! Tried to log in earlier and say that but, lost the dang password. Had to get it reset! Praying for Russ as he is in Orlando, hoping that the lyrics trip went well! We just know the next blog is going to be great! As if you ever needed any help with your blog. It is always funny, informative and heartfelt. We love it!

    It is way better than so many that go like: “Blog blog blog! Blog,blog blog blog blog? Blogblogblogblog blog blog blog. BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG! LOL blog! The Blog”.

    Way better!

  58. tori

    Dang, if I’d have known I could have gotten away with “bloggity blog blog” I would have tried that years ago!
    (Ok, not really.)

  59. jonny

    Didn’t Mark&Wendy miss a few “blog”s?? Guess I just have to recount… = /

    Lyrics trip?? I love lyrics. The idea of a whole trip dedicated to/for lyrics could quite possibly be more than I could hope for in one life time = )

  60. LOpitz

    Okay I’ve seen many others who have updated from their weekend at Blissdom, and yours in not one of them :) Miss you!! AR trip anytime soon?


    PARDON GRANTED! Hope you feel better!

  62. delightedabroad

    I’m through !!! However totally exhausted, worn out, spent – you see what I mean ? Thank you so much for your great support !

  63. jonny

    Yea!! Now that that’s over, I can start celebrating my birthday with a tremendous amount of peace of mind tomorrow night!! Thanks for letting us know!! = ) Hey, isn’t D’s B-Day around this time now?? It’s OK, I’m a guy. We’re supposed to never remember exact days of birthdays, and such. It’s protocol! Right? Uh… Isn’t it??

  64. auburn60

    When’s your BD,Jonny?

  65. jonny

    The 14th. The public celebration will be at one venue in town tomorrow night, though. I have three jazz trios going that evening. Should be nice. Expecting around 120 people coming for various reasons, not just my birthday.

  66. MostlySunny

    delighted – I’m so glad you’re finished! Give your body and your brain some much needed rest.

  67. jonny

    … and your husband some much needed love!! = ) Or, is he supposed to be pouring on the love now?!? Or has the tiny hampster been feeling a little neglected lately?? Well, no one ever said having a family would be easy… = /

  68. auburn60

    Mine’s today. No public celebrations. No jazz trios. Obviously an oversight on someone’s part. :)

  69. bettyrwoodward

    Happy birthday auburn. Enjoy the day.
    Delighted – Glad its over now rest!
    Any up to date news on Betty?


    jonny – sounds like a blast! And, Happy Bday early! Yeah, Auburn – you too! DEFINITELY AN OVERSIGHT! Mine came and went last month! Just happy to be alive and delivered! Was wondering if I was gonna see another one at times!


  71. LindaB

    I’m so glad your exams are over, Delighted! I bet you are totally exhausted mentally! I’m sure you did well. Now you can let down your hair!

    Jonny…………your birthday is the 14th??? Mine is the 15th!! But their will be no “public celebration”! LOL Just my hubby and kids and hopefully a birthday cake!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALYSON!!!! I hope this coming year will bring you much happiness and joy! And that you will draw closer to God than you’ve ever been……………and He will give you presents! LOL And the same for you, Jonny! And your birthday last month, Delivered! God bless you all and anyone else celebrating a birthday!

  72. LindaB

    Oh, and Jonny, I’m with you on the “lyrics trip”! That’s gotta be so awesome! I can’t wait to hear what they came up with! Wish I could be a fly on the wall—–but I’m too big. It would be too hard on the wall. ;)

  73. LindaB

    So, Tori…………ole Russ is slaving away for Jesus in sunny Orlando??? While you are snowed in???? There’s something wrong with this picture!

  74. auburn60

    Thanks for the wishes everyone. Husband is out of town and 14 y.o. son was to ‘take me out’ for Japanese food, then 21 y.o. daughter skipped class to show up at restaurant–so it’s all good.

  75. jonny

    It does sound good!! And, of course, Happy Birthday, auburn60!!

    Well, one of my best friend’s has his on the 13th, Former. And if it’s any consolation, there probably won’t be any cake. Or any sock-monkeys.

    And… *big drum roll* Happy Belated, D!! I’m also grateful you’re still alive and Saying it!!!

  76. LindaB

    There’ll be monkeys at mine, but they all related to me.

  77. jonny

    Actually, Former, I’ve now gone into a bit of depression discovering our birthdays are simply a day apart. It has set me back quite a bit, I’m afraid. I now can not help but question all over again, “Did she REALLY end up with the right guy!?!” Guess I just have to learn to face facts all over again as well… She IS a taken woman!! Life can be mercilessly sobering at times = /


  78. Leisa Hammett

    Well, don’t know if they were new but your jewelry was to die for and I already FB’d u that that black outfit was hot…as I noticed walking behind you after our lunch. This is so interesting what you write here about this, Tori. Cheers.

  79. » My Birdy Little Secret | babybloomr

    […] watch trashy reality TV, I’ve talked about my insecurities about blogging in general and blog conferences in particular. I’ve described my awkward exercise adventures and the fact that I sometimes have quite a […]

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