As You May or May Not Know, I Kinda Have a ‘Thing’ About Old Ladies.

(AND BY THE WAY, you don’t qualify as ‘old’ around here unless you are at least in your 90’s! Just so you know.)

I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that my mom is 93, sharp as a dang tack, and I just love her. Mom does not in any way fit the ‘sweet little old lady’ stereotype– she says that inside she does not feel nearly as old as 93 sounds. Of course she has slowed down, of course she’s not like a woman in her 40’s, but her curiosity, her passion for God, her interest in what’s going on in the world and her capacity to enjoy things and laugh at herself has not faded as the years have added up.

I’ve been thinking about all of that a lot lately. Maybe it’s because between FaceBook, Twitter, this blog and all of the other social media out there I have been reconnecting with a lot of people from my past. And when I click over to their photo pages and see pictures of my high school buddies with their GRANDCHILDREN, I am honestly shocked that they are old enough to be that… old. There’s a word for that, let’s see, what is it? Oh yeah, denial. Because, hello, I’m the exact same age– just because my kids are still teenagers doesn’t mean I’m any younger than my classmates who are walking their offspring down the aisle! I totally get what Mom is talking about, now. Even though I see that blonde in the mirror with the crinkly eyes and the ever-increasing number of chins, on the inside I can also see a show-off-y little kid, smart-aleck-y teenager, lovestruck young wife, grateful, grateful new mother and older-but-wiser woman all looking back at me.

Maybe that’s why I love old ladies so much. I’ve learned that behind every heavily-lined face and slow-moving body there are not just the ghosts of all of their past selves, but the soul, the very essence of exactly who they were in their ‘prime.’ If I take the time and energy to engage, it’s not very long before that self starts getting revealed which is endlessly fascinating to the writer/voyeur in me.   Of course, it can go either way– a lot of sweet-looking little old ladies are anything but!  Russ often quotes something he heard a preacher say once: “What you don’t conquer in your youth, you become in your old age.” So when I see older women who are kind of grouchy and bitter and complaining about everything, I have a sneaking feeling that has always been in there, even when they were young and active. And when I see older women who are funny and wise and interesting, I think that was probably always a part of their personality, and that they simply refused to allow the years and the indignities of old age rob them of those things. Because even though we can’t always control how our body ages, especially in the case of  illness or accidents, I’m thinking that we CAN control how we react to whatever we have on our plate.

Mom has been blessed beyond reason with enough good health that she can still participate in life. She reads the paper and watches the news, she gardens and cooks and fusses at Daddy to walk more and eat fresh fruit. She clips out articles that she thinks her kids need to read  and sends them to us– usually about the benefits of walking and fresh fruit! Living a long time guarantees that you will have more than your share of loss. I see that with Mom, who has outlived all of her 8 brothers and sisters. But I also see her choosing to focus on what she still has– her husband, her children, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Mom has set an impossible standard for my sisters and I to follow, but honestly, she is one of the greatest inspirations in my life. Hopefully, when I’m 93 I’ll still be blogging away, sifting through the events of my day to try to come up with something to tell you guys so we can all discuss it to death! I’ll be posting pictures of my grandkids and griping about Pip (oh yeah, he’ll outlive us all) and going to Homecoming concerts (oh yeah, Bill will outlive us all too.) And I am TOTALLY counting on all of you guys to still be here, OK?  *pinky swear*

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of the incredible 104-year old British lady named Ivy Bean that inspired this post. Someone recommended that I follow her on Twitter (she has over 45,000 followers!) and as I idly clicked over to look at her profile I found these photos and laughed out loud. I did some research and was delighted to discover that apparently Ivy is the resident celebrity at the Hillside Manor Residential Home For Retired Ladies and Gentlemen in the town of Bradford, England. Their website proudly features links to various newspaper articles that describe Ivy as “the oldest person on FaceBook.” One of them, dated 2007, says, “The former millworker heard about the internet social networking site as staff chatted at the care home where she lives. She told them, “I’d like to have a go.”  … “I love being online, and it beats writing with a pen!”

Hillside Manor looks like a lovely place, with lots of activities. Here’s a photo of Ivy (second from left) and some of her girlfriends preparing to compete in the Bradford Senior Olympics– please note that the list of events include ‘cap hurling,’ ‘walking stick javelin throwing’ and the ever-popular ‘bean bag shot put.’

ivybean:mirror(Courtesy of Daily Mirror)

Ivy’s the one cracking up in the blue dress, third from left.

friendsCourtesy of

I personally don’t think it’s an accident that Ivy is surrounded by women friends in almost every shot– well, except for that one picture where she’s working with her own personal Geek Squad…


Anyway, these are the shots that completely stole my heart! I truly hope to live long enough to be the seemingly sweet little old lady who is actually a feisty little “Chicks on Tour” lady who is still capable of, well, THIS:



Courtesy of TwitPic– and


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  1. delightedabroad

    Can’t believe it: I’m I really the first one to comment ? What an honor !
    When thinking about it I would agree that habits have the habit to get stronger with the years. My husband’s grandmother (is that a ‘grandmother-in-law’ ?)once was in hospital for some days and told us on the phone that this old lady in her room was constantly maoning and annoying her with stupid stories. When my mother-in-law visited granny she also asked the other lady how old she was: 85. At that time granny was 95 !

  2. rachelbaker

    I have a ‘thing’ about old ladies too. If I age half as gracefully and generously as either of my grandmothers then I’ll be a pretty cool old chick! Thinking about it, throughout my life, I have had the pleasure of knowing some very fine examples of how to age with dignity, humour and optimism. Have you ever noticed that it is the older people who are the most excited about the prospect of heaven who are the most loving, positive and just plain inspiring people down here?

    My Dad’s Mum is the last remaining girl of 4 sisters, they all lived really different but God-honouring lives and were passionate prayer warriors. Ever since I was very small one of my favourite things to do has been to just sit and listen to my Grandma talk, and if you got her and her sisters together then you were in for a real treat. I’d love to write their stories one day.

  3. auburn60

    Tori, you and I are going to be kick-a** old ladies! I fully intend to live to be 100–it will take me that long to get back at my children. And I am going to stop wearing a bra after about 80–I don’t care if I have to kick the girls out of the way to reach my walker. I think I will have earned the freedom by then.
    We have 2 wonderful couples at church in their late 80’s. My son told me that we have the coolest old people at our church. When I passed that remark on to them, they told me if they encountered any ‘old people’ at church they would tell them of Matt’s admiration.

  4. themema

    I expect most of you have heard the expression, “Let me live long enough to be a burden to my children.”

    When my kids were teenagers, and one of them was really giving us instant white hair, I bought a shirt with that on it. Wore it a lot. Still have it. My kids think it has already come true.

  5. bettyrwoodward

    Rachel you should write those stories I’m sure granma would help!
    I have a friend who is ‘in her 90th year’ and she is always going out of her way to make things easier for other people. She is almost blind. When visiting her she always makes you welcome and you come away feeling uplifted. Unfortunately she has recently moved farther from me so I don’t she her so much but phone calls are still encouraging. Rachel has already spoken of my mother and mother-in-law. Stuart’s mum is 87 and mine 86 and both are a delight to talk too (if a little quaint!) I took my mum away for a few days earlier in the year and she wore me out!!!
    Both of these lovely ladies are very active in their churches and love the Lord. Aren’t we fortunate. Thank you Lord. Thanks Tori for giving me the chance to honour them.

  6. rockin robyn

    What a special story and special lady!!

    I’m not even bragging or “fibbing” when I tell you that, even as a youngster, I always remember holding my grandparents and any elderly I encountered with deep regard and respect. I’m not even sure if it was how I was raised. I’m sure it had something to do with it but as long as I can remember, my heart was always light and my eyes wide open to pay attention to the more wiser generation. They are here to mentor to us and when they go away… “man” we are on our own. We really should take the time to learn from them while they are still with us.

    This younger generation should put away the video games and tap into the minds of the older generation and not be so disrespectful to them.


    Awwwww…….they are all the cutest things! What’s in that bottle? That might hold the key to long life w/ those gals! Ya know, my grandmother, (I was named after her, Johnnie Parker. Does that make me a juniorette?) lived to be 96. She was vibrant, quick-witted, and a complete control freak! She was special, wise & nostalgic. She passed in 1996, I miss her. It was great to sit down & learn from her,listen to her & her memories.

  8. MostlySunny

    I’m definitely NOT old by Tori’s qualifier at the top, but I sure am feeling it some days. You get to a certain age (think…the speed limit!) and wake up with new aches and pains and creaks and cracking and I think…golley gee, all I did last night was sleep! What’s up with that?

    I like these ladies’ spunk. I hope I have it when I’m…the speed limit in Montana!

  9. MostlySunny

    Love their hats and their purses! They remind me of Sophia on “The Golden Girls”!

  10. LindaB

    I love old ladies, too——-’cause now I are one!!! And in many ways, it feels dang good! I don’t feel like I have to impress anyone anymore—-it’s too late for that now! I don’t need to “keep up appearances” either! If I went to Walmart in my pajamas, no one would blink an eye because they don’t expect an old lady like me to be a fashion icon! I enjoy that!

    I also agree with you, Tori, about cross, complaining, pessimistic old ladies probably felt that way all the time, but now old age has ’caused them to let down their facade and let it all hang out……which brings us to Alyson.

    Alyson, please invite me to your 80th birthday party!!!!

  11. GRITSinNC

    LindaB, you said what I was gonna say about…now I are one. LOL Uh oh, I just re-read Tori’s qualifications and I have about 15 or so years to go before I actually qualify. LOL

    There is great freedom in age, isn’t there. I haven’t TOTALLY outgrown some vanity, but most of it…it depends on who I’m gonna see. :o) I seldom wear a bra except to church, but I wear like a button up shirt over a tank top or t-shirt or something so it’s not obvious…I’m fortunate to not be very large up there. :) When I go to the store or Walmart or somewhere similar, it’s not a pretty sight but it just takes too much energy to bother with the makeup, hairdo, etc. just for that.

    I tote around an oxygen tank all the time but I’m not pessimistic…I still enjoy life in spite of staying tired. My paternal grandmother lived to 98…we were hoping for 100, and my mother lived to 91 but neither had serious health issues like I do, but they were sharp as a tack. I’m still hopeful.

  12. GRITSinNC

    I did it again with the smileys. Somebody needs to take those keys off my keyboard or either make an eraser in this software. Well at least one of them lost the dangling parenthesis.

  13. jonny

    Well, pretty much everyone who’s been hanging around here from time knows, I have a ‘thing’ for one old lady in particular. Yes, she sometimes shops at Wallmart in her PJs, sometimes even less, and yes she has that demon of a beast called alcohol she’s constantly battling, dealing with, which she publically refers to as her A.D.D. thing, but, well, what can I say, she motivates, inspires and challenges me to greater Say it! hights!! = /

    Wonderful blog entry. Thanks Tori! I still miss two of my grandmothers. Probably wouldn’t have made it this far without them! They didn’t make it to their nineties, though.

  14. auburn60

    Oh yeah,Linda–it’ll be a blast! But we better start planning now…we have a tendency to get off track. Maybe we can plan a party in 29 years. Mark Lowry’s about my age–we’ll round him up for a party…and maybe the Booth’s will still be cute…they’re younger, you know. We’ll let them entertain us. Maybe Tori can make pink cupcakes.
    I already have issues with my ‘foundation garments’. I think I’m just gonna leave them home for FF this year. Think anyone would notice?

  15. LindaB

    Will they notice??? Not if they’re looking up, like they should be, Alyson!!!! LOL (Just teasing you!)

    If I leave mine at home, there’d be room for another person in the car…..or two. Alyson, maybe we shouldn’t get started here like we did a while back!?! We might end up bra-less and blog-less!

    Jonny, you’re crackin’ me up again! Someday I’ll send you a picture of me and that will end this foolishness!!! ROFLOL

  16. jonny

    Oh, and I toured eight months in Northern England, Scottland and Wales, mostly. I was in Bradford though for a couple days at least. Had my first Yorkshire pudding there. Anyway, I digress. We did a lot with the Nursing homes in those areas. We were all impressed with the ones we came across, no exceptions to my knowledge. I was in my mid twenties and, to be honest, did an awful lot of flirting with the older ladies. I also ended up offering to dance with a few of them after our shows. It was pretty bad, and kept getting worse. Well, one Sunday, somewheres in Scottland, I was leaving the church we had just attended mass in. I wore my kilt. I was waking down a somewhat steep, short little path that would take me down to the little metal gate entrance at street level. Well, also at street level were a couple of elderly ‘church’ ladies checking me out as I was walking down the path, waiting for me. Just as I passed through the little gate, the both let out with, “Give us a twirl!” I obliged. One seemed truly impressed and could not contain herself, “Ogh aye, what great knees, lass! If only I were twenty years yuungar!!” Then, within a split of a second, and without even batting an eye, I let slip, “Only if I were twenty years yuunger!” They didn’t even know what hit ‘em. Left them standing as speechless as if they suddenly found themselves as naked as the day they were born and walked away as cool as a clam, all the time wondering to myself how in the world I just pulled that off!?!

    Sorry LindaB, you are not the first = /

  17. auburn60

    Well, Linda, I was gonna say that if we get in trouble here we can always go over to my blog…
    BUT…I am now going to go to bed and leave you and jonny alone…

  18. LindaB

    Well, I’m disappointed now!!!! :)

  19. LindaB

    I didn’t see your post before I entered mine, Alyson! I was disappointed that I am not Jonny’s first flirtation. I’m not disappointed that you are going to bed now. LOL

  20. jonny

    But I didn’t know of you back then!! If I knew then what I know now, it wouldn’t have been the same. I wouldn’t have been the same! Honest. That was all part of ‘Life before Linda.’ It’s all different now. Seriously! auburn60, WAKE UP!! Help me out here…

  21. jonny

    Sorry, that last one probably took it a bit too far. You can go back to bed now auburn60. Sorry to have to wake you like that needlessly = /

  22. delightedabroad

    Let’s see, if I get that…jonny, you like flirting with ‘elder’ women – well, there’s probably no risk of being taken too seriously ??? Besides LindaB, perhaps ?!

  23. delightedabroad

    I hope you know when to take ME seriously, jonny ! Not right now.

  24. jonny

    No, didn’t take you seriously. Thought that was quite good delighted. Also, the ‘Life before Linda’ comment was done around eight in the morning after being up all night. After a little sleep I think something like, ‘Sorry about that LindaB, but it is true. And, honesty is the best policy’ would’ve been more appropriate.

  25. delightedabroad

    Oh, ‘honesty’, that’s my cue; could you all please be so kind and give me a feedback on my language/style/way of expressing/grammar ? And I’m again absolutely aware that it has nothing to do with the posted issue ! But who else could I ask than native speakers ?

  26. delightedabroad

    I mean, do I sound like a foreigner desperately trying not to sound like one? (What a sentence…)

  27. delightedabroad

    How could I improve e.g. ?

  28. jonny

    Oh, and Tori, regarding your mom and fruit, your dad, others that she bugs, should be thankful. It could be worse. She could also be into seasonal eating. My brother is and apparently gets on my dad’s case about it from time to time. It’s not enough that he actually eats a lot of fruit, it has to be the right kind of fruit according to which season it is that time of year. My dad’s defence is that whatever fruit he’s eating at that time IS in season somewhere in the world!

  29. karen48

    Sure glad I got 30 years to go before I’m considered old. lol I love old people. I love hearing them talk about when they were young and how things were back then. I wish my grandparents had been around longer so I could have found out more about them. I was too young when they passed away to have thought about all the stories they could have told.
    Not sure I’ll make it to that *old* lady age, but am sure gonna give it a go. lol Then Tori’s gonna have to come for a visit.

  30. rachelbaker

    Delighted – honestly – your use of English is astonishingly good, you put some of us to shame! 99% of the time you wouldn’t realise you weren’t a native speaker. Often if you read something written by a ‘foreigner’ it sounds a bit stilted and formal, but you write with ease and it sounds perfectly natural. I’ll be sure to pick up on any grammatical errors I find, but from what I’ve seen so far you’d find more in my comments than yours!

  31. LindaB

    Rachel is right! You are amazing, Delighted!!

  32. jonny

    Actually delighted, I really look forward to what you write, and which words you’re gonna throw in there! Also, you don’t seem to put your foot in your mouth as often as some of us on the blog here = / And I have a confession to make. English is NOT my figst language!! I originally started out speaking gibberish. For better or worse most people around me spoke English and after a while I completely abandoned the gibberish and took up the English I was influenced by. Even though I have no active memory of it, I do believe the gibberish still slips in there from time to time = /

  33. delightedabroad

    Thank’s a lot, guys. An important reason for my question is btw that in my opinion there are translators and GOOD translaters ! And I would prefer to be part of the latter ! But I know I have a weakness concerning sequence of times. And I admit that it feels good getting compliments…

    Sometimes I’m sad that I only got to know my maternal grandmother and my paternal grandfather. He was one of the rather silent persons and astonishingly (for elder people) he didn’t like talking about the past. Today I would like to ask him if he could tell me if one of the ancestors had Jewish roots. Unfortunately there’s no one else around who could tell that.


    OK, guys – since yall are SUCH a great resource of information – I need all the tips I can get. I plan on going on Carribean cruise at Christmas. I have never been on one, so give up all the tips on packing, shopping, planning that ya got. Taking my college student dau, who at this time really doesn’t seem all that excited about being stranded in the middle of the ocean w/ only her ma. Go figure! I’m thinking that since I’m AAA, that may be the best way to plan this thing?
    Tori, do they have a library on these cruises, or am I gonna have to go all the waaay out there w/out all of yall?

  35. delightedabroad

    DELIVEREDJEPARKER63, you’re AAA ? What’s that ???

  36. MostlySunny

    AAA – Well, it has nothing to do with cup size (if that’s what you were thinking…or maybe it was just me thinking that was what you were thinking!) Anyway…

    AAA is short for “American Automobile Association”. People pay into it yearly and get all kinds of discounts and services – insurance, travel discounts, hotel discounts, auto towing – that kind of stuff. They even have travel agencies, so this is where DELIVERED was going with that.

  37. jonny

    I thought it had something to do with a battery size = / Boy, men and women really do think differently at times!

    And, considering D is often making requests here, I guess it could’ve also stood for, Always Awaitin’ Answers…

  38. GRITSinNC

    I’m laughing so hard I can’t SayIt right now. Be back later. LOL

  39. jonny

    I just realised somethin.’ This blog could seriously not be good for some people’s health! Maybe Tori should put up a warning sign, or something?? Really hope you had your oxygen close at hand when catching up on all this, GRITS!!


    AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Can’t leave you guys for a second! NO, not cup size! Batteries to what? Oh, no! You didn’t go THERE! Jonny. you’re getting worse by the day! Whatz goin on over yonder?
    GRTS – pass the oxygen! After all of that, where are the tips and pointers? (watch yourself, jonny! =) Im afraid to see whatz gonna be here in the morning. Going home to check my batteries! Good night!

  41. jonny

    Actually, it’s the battery size for the tiny little Mag-Lite I used on my key ring = / Didn’t mean to suggest, or hint at anything buy it. I guess at this point, and after my shamelessly desperate display of trying to get in good with LindaB again, it’s a clear case of the boy crying wolf. Which I probably am to her now after my confession last night = /

  42. delightedabroad

    Man ! What have I missed when being at school as a dutiful student !
    Thanks, MostlySunny, for the information. Perhaps it would also be a nice topic in our regional and cultural lessons of the US (there’s an extra one for GB).

  43. jonny

    In the previous blog entry Tori asked if we had any idea how much fun it was us giving the kind of responses we were. I’m now wondering if she’s thinking, ‘Do you guys have any idea how thoroughly embarrassing it is getting the kind of responses you’ve been giving lately?’

  44. delightedabroad

    I guess that’s one of the burdens Tori has to carry as ‘blog master’ (what was the correct word ?)…oh, btw, speaking of embarrassment. Tori, how’s Pip doing ?


    jonny – I’m gonna blame Tori for it all, anyway! This is what happens when she stays away too long! I think she IS trying to increase the entries! Or, either too embarassed to come back to her own blog! Hey, guess what? She MIGHT have a life outside of this blog? I never thought of that! That’s right – she has this famous singing husband, or something, right? hehehehe

  46. jonny

    Well, I understand he is famous in a few circles. But, you probably hit the ol’ nail on the head, she probably is too embarrassed to come back. Ever again. She may even be steeped in a very dismal depression at this very moment with one question constantly torturing her soul, ‘My God, WHAT have I done!?!’ She’s probably trying to figure out the most responsible way to cut us loose.

    And, I only blame myself. Truly, this was a much more respectable blog before I came along and developed a ‘thing’ for a publically jammy wearing, church going alcoholic senior citizen who is married with children, and has grandchildren! I can only blame myself. Of course I didn’t know she was a married, pajama troddin alcoholic senior when I helplessy fell for her, but that is NO excuse! And to add insult to injury, she has not even acknowledged my existance since the night before last. This goes far beyond any silent treatment I’ve endured in the past. But who can blame her. I was so loud the other night I probably woke her husband up instead of auburn60 and left her ‘standing in the lynch’??? Well, in a very tight spot anyway. She’s probably forced to hide out over at auburn60’s blog even as we speak. I’ve truly made an irreconcilable mess of things. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Kyrie, Mea Maxima Culpa!!

  47. delightedabroad

    Lol. OK, now I’ve learned it: never eat while reading new blog entries. It’s a bit disgusting to clean my monitor afterwards…

  48. delightedabroad

    Well, at least I will not spit out my set of teeth !
    (still all my own)


    jonny – reckon we need to apologize, or something? LindaB – where are you? I’m tired of hearing jonny bellyache all over the place about your lack or attention! The poor guys’ heart is bleeding all the way over here! Throw the poor guy a crumb! hehehehe
    (joking, jonny – doncha dare stop Sayin it!

  50. rachelbaker

    jonny, I hate to bash your ego, but do you really think that Tori is embarassed so easily? Thats not something I get from reading the blog. LindaB has gone into hiding though hasn’t she? Maybe you’re right on that score :-)

    I put Tori’s absense down to one of two reasons – 1). I was right all along and she is waiting for the comments to stack up so no one blog is left feeling inferior to the others – or, more likely 2). she is still trying to buy lots of food to restock her freezer after Russ left the door open overnight. Or … maybe Russ is keeping her busy by taking her out for lots of meals and generally spoiling her rotten to try to make up for the aforementioned incident?

  51. bettyrwoodward

    LindaB please come back I’m frightened that jonny will turn his attention to this grandmother instead!
    Rachel didn’t mention that her freezer broke this week. No her husband didn’t leave the door open the motor broke!
    Tori – how is Pip you haven’t mentioned him for ages.

  52. GRITSinNC

    jonny, not to worry…I always have the oxygen on. Ya’ll are just too much fun. Hope Tori’s not missing all this fun.

    Someone answer poor Delivered’s question about cruising. I can’t help because I’m like her daughter…I don’t intend to be stranded out in the middle of an ocean where I can’t get my feet immediately on terra firma. I spent 2 weeks on a military transport crossing the Pacific (ex was in Navy) and I swore if I got off that ship, I’d never get on another. That was 50 years ago and I haven’t changed my mind. I will get on fishing charter boats or similar, but no long cruise. (I’ve also sworn off flying in recent years.)

    Delighted, you speak like English is your native language.

    Delivered, you must live really close to that library. Hope you’re not having too much rain out that way.

    Tori, please give us an update on Pip. I’d love to see another video with him to see if he’s forgiven you yet.

  53. jonny

    Hey! What are egos for, if not to be bashed around every now and then!?


    GRITS – I do actually live one little country town block from the library, but I also volunteer/sub at the elementary school (2 blocks from my house), so we have a computer in the classroom. I don’t have alot of friends since I have changed my lifestyle. I have alot of folks I stop and talk to, hoping to talk about Jesus, but there is oly myself at home w/ 4 cats, not alot to do. I do alot of reading.
    I thank God for that library.
    not raining yet, but it ids cloudy and damp, good napping weather.

  55. jonny

    I wonder if Pip and LindaB have both run off to auburn60’s blog, licking each other’s wounds, so to speak, alone and lost together, stranded on that isolated, cold and desolate waste of a God forsaken little island called unforgiveness.

  56. rachelbaker

    Delivered – I went on a Carribean Cruise once – it was so wonderful. We sailed across the atlantic first so we had 6 days at sea without sight of land – I think that’s called enforced relaxation! In my opinion there isn’t much you need to take at all – that’s one of the beauties of a cruise – everything you need is already there. Clothes, sun lotion and lots of good books! All I can say is explore each island as much as you possibly can – of course you have to go snorkling, and whale/dolphin watching but inland there are some beautiful places with exquisite waterfalls!

  57. jonny

    Since I’m not able to edit, gonna go for a redo: ‘…alone and lost together, stranded on that isolated, cold and desolate waste of a God forsaken little island of a place called “unforgiveness.”‘


    Hope their wounds are not in the same place, ewwww. Rach – I had originally planned carribean, but Disney is pulling me badly, tho I think I will go carribean. tryin to find one that leaves from Cape Canaveral since i have folks in Orlando. I HATE going in & out of Atlanta, tho. wish i could bypass that. thanks for the tips. jonny – im starting to think you need counseling, or a cat.
    And, LindaB, what’s the deal…ya got us all being tortured by jonny. you’re the only one that can handle him! Jump on in any time now……..

  59. jonny

    It’s a good thing I didn’t have food in my mouth when I read the opening line of your previous Say it!, D!! Well, cats and I just do not get along, and I’m not high up enough on the priority list over here to actually be able to see a councilor. I probably could get some meds prescribed. Heard they make you gain weight, though. Not good for my ‘rockstar’ figure. I don’t know, maybe I should follow up on Tori hinted suggestion and take up drinking wine… Lots of it = /

  60. bettyrwoodward

    Not a lot of wine, jonny, just a little for your stomach! I little is meant to be good for your heart too!

  61. GRITSinNC

    Delivered, there’s only me at home also, and I don’t even had a cat anymore. Thinking of getting one but kids don’t think it’s a good idea due to health. Lost my best friend/companion two years ago..the canine variety. There’s a feral cat I’ve been feeding but he won’t let me get close to him…I need one in the house…in my lap & bed.

    I don’t have a lot of friends either because I’m a bit antisocial I guess…I prefer staying in the house with my books, music, crafts & computer than socializing. It’s easier than dressing & toting the portable oxygen around. There’s just not many who share my same interests. Have LOTS of good friends in my computer…a few I’ve met in person & love to death…all due to the Gaither Community and fans of gospel artists such as Tori’s dear Russ…who I’m dying to hear in person.

    Celia, who’s thinking of a nap also after I eat a sandwish.

  62. GRITSinNC

    Phooey, I wish we could edit our SayIts!

  63. auburn60

    Nope–no sight of Pip or Linda at my blog. Pretty lonely over there.

    Hard to imagine Tori being run off from her own blog. If Linda and I haven’t embarrassed her (or anyone else) in the past with our limit-pushing she’s probably in for the long haul. Gonna go check to see if she’s tweeting.

    Linda mentioned being sick a few days ago…maybe the flu got her.

  64. tori

    I’m here! I’m here! *waves hand frantically while jumping up and down*

    Got a Homecoming Magazine deadline I’m working away on, as well as a new post for here so I’m laying low BUT as always, checking in regularly. Oh please, AS IF you guys could send me scurrying away in embarrassment– darlin’s, you have no idea how high my tolerance level for embarrassing behavior is! (See: “takes one to know one”…)

    More later.

    (Oh, and jonny— I just realized I never did explain why you would be the one jumping up on the counter with a glass of wine! No, I didn’t have you pegged as a drinker, (hey, I’m a one-glass-of-wine wonder, myself!), I just figured you were the only one in the’ kitchen’ with the kind of rockstar moves that could vault you up onto the counter AND also possessed the kind of European bon vivant manners that would bring a lovely bottle of wine for the hostess!)

  65. rachelbaker

    Hey Tori. Now I know where you’ve been – thinking up an eloquent and flattering explanation of why you mentioned jonny in the blog!

  66. jonny

    Thanks for the splainin’! Works for me. But, I knew there was a hint in there somewheres! (No worries, I got your bottle covered!)

  67. bettyrwoodward

    Still no mention of Pip so my guess is that he’ll be part of the next blog!

  68. MostlySunny

    Off to California to see my 88 year old dear old Dad…up in the mountains in the land of no wi-fi! So, have a great weekend everybody; talk to you on Monday.

    Pray for Pittsburgh! The G-20 shindig is here Thursday and Friday, protesters and all. They just pulled some people up from dangling off a bridge holding a sign about global-something-or-other. Let’s hope it doesn’t get crazy…That’s why I’m gettin’ out of town!


    GRITS – oh, THAT rain! yeah, like WOW! My satellite went out, grabbed a cat, cover & couch. When I was doing/sellin crack, i kept a doberman & pit bull on the front porch for security, was still paranoid as h*ll! Thank God those days are over! And, if you only knew how MANY Say Its I wished I could edit, even after proofing twice, would still see a typo at the same nanosecond that I was hitting the SayIt button.
    Tori – glad YOU delurked! You’re not fooling me, though. I KNOW what you were doing – cleaning out all the melted food in the freezer, trying to put the bed back together, & figuring out how to rein us back in.

  70. jonny

    Well, rachel, to be honest, I am flattered if she spent all this time trying to figure out how to save face on my account! And, it’s really nice seeing your mom throwing in with the rest of us ‘limit pushers!’ Hopefully we haven’t corrupted her too much, no permanent damage done and all that. There are the grandchildren to think about, after all…

  71. LindaB

    I’m here, folks! Since last week, I had a terrible cold (or flu, I never know which), a family wedding, three out of town guests that I cooked and cared for, a seven year old granddaughter/flower girl that I had to “handle” throughout the wedding festivities, tomatoes that all ripened and were ready to pick NOW, and an 18 month old grandson to babysit for Monday and Wednesday from 10:30-6:30 while my daughter went to her college classes. I was swamped, but I made it through! And the wedding was breathtakingly beautiful——our niece planned and executed a gorgeous wedding ceremony. It was a fun family time! Thanks for missing me! I am flattered! And no, Jonny, you did not scare me away! It would take more than an amorous but misguided rock star to do that! LOL You are still a “hoot”! And apparently more agile than the rest of us—–able to leap tall counters in a single bound! LOL

    Tori, you are always teaching me new words and phrases! (Delighted, Tori is a good English vocabulary user for you to learn from!) Like “bon vivant”! I love that one! LOL I’d heard it before, but never bothered to look it up. I had so many years of French, and didn’t know that phrase—-that’s pitiful! LOL I have had an “epiphany”, Tori. (Learned that word from you too!)

  72. delightedabroad

    Yeah, everything/everyone is useful – at least as a bad example…

  73. delightedabroad

    Sorry, LindaB, didn’t talk about you ! And you’re right, sometimes it’s challenging to read Tori’s posts just because of vocabulary that you won’t ever (or not in that context) learn at school.


    W-E-L-C-O-M-E B-A-C-K, LINDAB!
    ARE YOU & TORI HAVING A COMPETITION TO SEE WHO CAN ACCOMPLISH THE MOST STUFF? Y’ALL CAN HAVE IT! I’ve been in a rat race for about 10 years, glad for the slowness, peace and tranquility. Good to have you back, though, and hope that you feel better.

    Now, take a snip outta jonny’s behind, Ma, he’s been bad! Maybe Tori will make a sweet-talking video for him after he gets his tail clipped! hehehehe
    jonny, you are so fun to pick on!

  75. jonny

    Yes love, a mis-guided ‘hoot,’ still able to leap a-top Tori’s ‘kitchen’ counter top in a single bound, that’s me alright! But, I did have a hard time with a fence yesterday when having to fetch a Finnish baseball that went under it. If I had a tail, it surely broke off in my landing on the other side! Thanks for stopping by and filing us in on your ‘ten percent,’ though! I had a lot there just waitin’ fer ya! = )

  76. jonny

    Oh, and for the record, I do happen to have a “good liver”

  77. delightedabroad

    Oh my ! I’m amidst a bunch of pranksters !!
    Hmmm, I just can’t imagine why I feel so at home … :-)

  78. jonny

    But more than just your normal run-of-the-meal pranksters, (never quite sure what “run of the meal” actually means, where the phrase came from) we are bonefied (sp?), 100%, card carryin’ ‘limit pushers!’ Oh it feels gooood to finally be out of the closet! Free at last, free at last, thank God we are all free at last!!

  79. GRITSinNC

    jonny, it’s actually run-of-the-mill and I think it means something just ordinary, nothing unusual, but I have no idea where it came from.

    Delivered, I love your story of deliverance and redemption. You’re so special.

    As a dog (and cat) person, I’m wondering what became of the doberman & pit bull. I don’t know dobermans well, but I do know that pit bulls are given a bad rap…unless trained to be mean, they are the sweetest, most loving dogs ever.

    Think rain has stopped here. I see sun but it’s about to go down. How ’bout there?

  80. jonny

    Thanks, GRITS! I knew it didn’t look right for some reason = /

  81. auburn60

    OK–I had to know that ‘run-of-the-mill’ origin at one time…if I remember right it does mean ‘average’ or ‘nothing out of the ordinary’ and comes from the textile world. A’run’ of fabric from a textile mill with no distinguishing marks; just a regular old piece of cloth. I think. I have a thing about words–I always want to know where they came from and why we use them the way we do.

    Linda–you are the ‘flower girl wrangler’! Chloe is getting to be a pro at this wedding stuff.

  82. LindaB

    Yes, she is! But she’s rebelling about getting her picture taken so much! She wanted to run and play afterward, and was much chagrined to find out she was required to pose again for endless picture taking! She’d never make it in the gospel music business!!! LOL

  83. delightedabroad

    Now that I have finished my French homework (translating a newspaper article about advanced training for adults in Finland – into French) I feel free to join in.

  84. jonny

    Cool. Did you pick the article yourself?? By the way, I’m suprised none of our Americano brothers and sisters living in the good ol,’ troubled at the moment, U.S. of A. didn’t comment on, ask a few questions when I mentioned Finnish baseball earlier.

  85. delightedabroad

    No, that’s what our teachers do: picking a most challenging text in terms of vocab/grammar/style…but they usually take current ones from magazines or newspapers (The Economist/Le Monde e.g.).
    Only a moment ago I realized with amazement that I’m on the internet ! Of course I am right now but I mean VISIBLE !

  86. jonny


  87. delightedabroad

    Well, guys, see you later, I’m leaving for school – with my homework done…:-/ have to find out if it was succesful.

  88. delightedabroad

    IT’s a German website ‘’. Third or second entry under ‘IDI Stuttgart Mitte’ has a little video sign…


    GRITS – Dobies dont have a very long life span, but was the absolute sweetest creature i ever knew. Pitt loved water, he was young, had rescued him from abuse, kept him on the front porch. He broke through the screen to get out in the rain one night, hit by a car, made it back home, long enough for me to get him to the vet and then i had to have him put to sleep. almost got hit on the way home from the vet, crying so hard i couldn’t see to drive.
    Then, got on drugs so hard i could not even feed myself, much less a big dog. Got delivered, startd simplifying my life. rescued 2 kittens, tho, and they are still at home, one had a baby, both have been spade now. easy to feed, easy to care for, they love outside, bring me presents of dead squirrels, mice etc on a regular basis. Sometimes a bird or snake. they look at me so proudly like they are really giving me something special, and to them it is very special. sadly one night i heard this sqeaking comiong from the front porch, sat in the living room reading, hoping whatever it was would die soon. finally went out there, kept hearing the sqeaking, found a tiny baby rabbitt covering in the corner, already partially eaten, so sad! had to kill it myself to put it out of misery. can’t fault the cats, in their nature. never knew rabbits made a noise, either. found out the sad way. grew up showing horses in W.S., chickens w/ eggs, goats, cat/dogs. can’t imagine life w/out animals. went to 2 years of vet med in Sanford b4 really getting in trouble in Fayettevile.
    jonny – what position do you play – i guess outfield, huh? since you were close to the fence.

  90. jonny

    Yeah, that’s one reason I’m not big on cats. Now if they stuck to rats, mice, snakes we’re OK. Well, maybe rabbits. There a REAL problem with them in Helsinki right now. But birds and squirels…

    I’ll get back to the Finnish baseball thing later. It will require some energy to write out. But, I play their 1st base, which would be similar to our third. It’s complicated. I only started playing it a little over a week ago.


    Holding ya to it!
    Oh, GRITS – ya had it right – it is “run of the mill” – which means the average, as in the regular. Not as special order. It is super hot here today! Whew! Thought this kinda heat was gone for the year.

  92. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, GritsinNC, I have a kitten for you! And, my friend, Cathy, will deliver “Ella” to you. Cathy has two large dogs and Ella enjoys riding around on one of their heads or curling up to sleep inside the arms….er, legs of the other. Just let me know and you will have an adorable little 8 week old kitten, who needs a permanent mommie.

    Gracious, I am able to speak with authority when it comes to old age. I am shocked when I look in themirrow…but ’tis true. I’ve slowed down in my walking over these past two years…but the spirit is willing so I’m hoping I haven’t slowed down anywhere else. Looking forward and never backwards, I hope to receive an invitation to Alyson’s 80th birthday party!

  93. delightedabroad

    And we have a dwarf hamster on free run right now ! But as Flitzi obbviously needs a nap (of course it’s soooo exciting to have so much space for running!) I have time to check new entries…:-/

  94. jonny

    Well, I wouldn’t doubt it if GRITS, Alyson and Barbara will all out last me, no contest!!

    OK, Finnish baseball. Google it if interested, way too complicated for me to write out here and there’s much I’m still trying to figure out. I sort of just jumped in last week Tuesday evening. One thing I was told that I didn’t see during my extremely quick search on the net is that it was developed as a military game for soldiers. They could have a little ‘fun’ time, all the while having certain military things re-enforced, at the same time! Or something like that.

  95. jonny

    And really nice to read that Flitzi’s finally getting a little running around, wild and free like, space!! Just don’t let the little darling run too wild and free around D’s cats! I’m sure they would mean well, but, well, you know… they are cats after all. And with a reputation they seem to actively be living up to, for better or worse.

  96. delightedabroad

    Pets are a good subject to talk about and let the entries rise…what I find difficult with Flitzi running freely is that SHE is getting more and more awake and alert while I’m slowing down (that proves that I don’t drink too much coffee…:-) )I’m a bit worn out after 4 lessons German-French translation about this Finland topic. Did you know, jonny, that the Finns are on the lead with advanced training ?

  97. jonny

    No, but not suprised. That seems to be one of the many things they pride themselves in. Education I mean. Well, if I remember right when we had hamsters, the ‘free’ space we let them run around in was quite controled. The hamster definately got more room, space to run ‘freely’ in, but we also had barriers, borders it could not pass, cross, go over or around. Then there was the… Ball! Every hamster we ever had just went wild inside that ball. They could spend hours doing nothing but endlessly scurry around in the ball.

  98. jonny

    Oh, and now that I have forsaken, been DELIVERED from my former amorous, misguide, evil counter hoping rockstar ways, I guess the only thing left for me to do is talk about other peoples’ pets = /


    jonny – ya must be bored! Were you tryin to get my attention? OK, ya got it! LindaB must still be buggy. What, no ball practice tonight?


    jonny – left you a note, but mistakenly left it on previous blog entry. go back to before. later.

  101. bettyrwoodward

    So we’ve made the 100 comments again! Does that mean we get a new blog Tori. Have you finished the homecoming magazine article.

  102. jonny

    Yes, seeing if you were still out there! No, the ball thing is once a week. I got so ill again after the last time out it may be a couple weeks before I go out and play with everyone again. It’s interesting. I’ve been getting these e-mails from one church fellowship since the beginning of summer, when I hooked up with them, announcing what they were doing each week, and where. Then at one point it was just Finnish baseball, Finnish baseball, and more Finnish baseball, AND, ALWAYS AT THE SAME PLACE! Well, last week a special friend was missing me. It was Finnish baseball day, he’s a brother, so I thought why not suggest the baseball thing! He said yes. He’s heavily medicated, so I kept an extra eye out for him, giving pointers where I could. He did well. No worries. One thing I found suprising when we got there was a LOT of people were smoking cigarettes! This is a rather conservative fellowship. Then realized, when we got closer, that only two were from the fellowship. More arrived later. What had happened sometime in the summer was this none Christian baseball ‘group’ had bumped into the Christian one and the decided to join forces. Well, I soon realized that the Christian group never let on that they were indeed church going Christians. Not a problem, I guess, until this week the non-Christian group wanted to move the day from Tuesday to Sunday!! It’s getting dark early now, so moving to an earlier start time on Sunday seemed like a good plan to the un-believers. Well, there was a looong silence from the church goers, so I spoke up and said it didn’t work for me because it clashed with an important church gig I have this Sunday, and my normal church times the other Sundays. THEN, for the first time all summer I later found out, my brothers and sisters explained that they were, in truth, a church united baseball/sports group. I think everyone is still moving it to Sundays, but at a time that now works better for both groups.

    OK, now for the second part. There’s one woman from the non-believer side that seriously reminds me of LindaB! Serious. Of course a younger, Finnish version, but style, attitude, humor, many things just reminded me of our PJ girl LindaB! Turns out, she may have an interest in me. She got my e-mail address from the church e-mail list and sent a few e-mails tonight before going to bed!! OK, there’s more. At the shop around the corner where I do all my little local shopping, there a gorgeous fair haired red-head. The others are use to me asking for help from time to time because I’m single and every now and then could use help with something or other. Often to do with the language, or a new product or offer I’m not familiar with. Well, they all know me by now and seem to enjoy when I pop in. Especially if I’m barefooted. Finns NEVER shop barefooted!! Well, the wonderful red head seems to never notice me, and the one time I asked her for help, I SACRED her!! The usual ones I ask for help weren’t around, so I went to her. She didn’t hear or see me coming, and well, it was awkward. WELL, two days ago I noticed she was wearing a FISH necklace! Yes, that type of fish necklace!! Mercy! Weeell, last night we had another accidental bump into, a real one, and out it came! I told her I noticed the necklace the day before, and that I liked it. And tonight, shortly before receiving the e-mails from the un-saved Finnish version of LindaB, our paths crossed again in the little shop. I just minded my own business this time, but she, for the FIRST TIME EVER, turned towards me and gave me a truly delightfully warm smile!! OK, thanks for letting me get that outta my system. So, who’s pet were we talking about this time??

  103. jonny

    OK, D, I went over and read it. I think you shoutle copy it, if possible, and paste it hear so it easier for others to follow when I respond. Noone has to go back and forth to keep up on it, now, or in the future.


    Do a shuttle what? huh? do you realize that it is all i can do just to log in? i literally hold by breath every time i enter my password. i am so computer-not friendly! i am dying to get on the twitter thang, but cannot figure out how to do it, so i just read the headlines. i cannot copy/paste, or any of that stuff. so, whatever that foreign language stuff you just rattled off was, i’ll pass.

    is finnish baseball any different than ours, as far as rules?

    sounds like YOUR pet this time! a red-headed one! MMMeeeowwwwwww….


    Hey, yall – i gotta mad parent at me for trying to teach their child something today, so if you don’t hear from me tomorrow – i guess i will have gotten beat up at school! the parent has been doing the child’s homework, (very obviously), child has to be told like 8 times per each assignment, has problems, but still trying to stick in there. the parents around here expect you to have the child learned, but w/ no discipline, and no help from them at home. what? it is getting where you can hardly hug a child w/out issues.
    oh, well…..
    got another student whose mother was arrested last week for drug trafficking, now he & his 4 other siblings are staying w/ his maternal aunt. pray for him. stepfather already in prison for drug and armed robbery charges. he really needs Jesus’ love.

  106. jonny

    A LOT MORE RULES!! And different! Maybe get someone you know to print out some of the stuff on the net, read at home.

    Yes, a-sweet-as-they-could-possibly-come light haired red-head. But, she’s probably too young for me! I seem to be a man of extremes = /

    And the short answer to your other post Say it! is that we are pros who take what we do seriously. All the guys have wives, or live with girlfriends, and all are faithful! We’re not in it for the lifestyle or parties. All of them can drink a lot, and do, but that’s such a part of the non-christian culture over here. Even for those with day jobs and families. I do have a strict policy of no food or drinks on stage, except water for our drummer. I like keeping. A tight, flued, set. No breaking the set to stop and light up a cigarette, take a drink of beer, or stop everything to tune an instrument. A time and place for everything.



  108. jonny


  109. GRITSinNC

    Up too late tonight but had to come check into my favorite blog before going to bed and ya’ll have been busy. Sorry I missed Delivered. I had to drag myself to the Deacon/wives/widows dinner but ended up enjoying it. Can’t convince them I don’t belong there because I’m not a widow. Oh well, what the preacher wants, the preacher gets.

    Barbara, I already turned down the offer of that kitten. I want a grown cat that’s passed the curtain climbing stage. Besides, kittens are easier to find homes for and I want to save one that’s about to run out of time. Though where I plan to look will keep them forever anyhow, if not adopted.

    Delivered, cats do love to proudly bring their treasures home to you, and one I had brought a snake. She walked down that driveway looking so proud of herself, with half the snake hanging out each side of her mouth, then dropped it right on the front stoop and I was fixing to go out to go somewhere. Needless to say, I was stuck in the house for a while until I could tell that snake had slithered away from between my front door & the car. :o) They love to play with things like mice until they quit moving then they’re no fun anymore…they don’t usually eat them.

    Delighted, tell me about that guinea pig. I’m not sure that’s something I want but I gotta have something. Son says get a bird. I said I want something I can sleep with, like I did for previous dog & cat…trying real hard not to move at night & disturb them. :) Oh, don’t guess I can sleep with a guinea pig either…would sqush him. Besides, they’re rodents aren’t they? I’m not fond of rodents.

    Delivered, you really need to do Twitter. It’s not difficult. If I can figure it out, you can. And I can tell you on e-mail about copy & paste. Or why don’t you just drive over to Pittsboro, & I’ll give you some computer pointers.

    Good luck with the children & parents & school tomorrow and, jonny, good luck with the redhead…and the short days & long nights coming up.

  110. jonny

    Thanks! And delighted has a dwarf hamster. I do believe it’s pretty much impossible to sleep with. Besides, don’t they like being up and running around all night??

  111. delightedabroad

    GRITSinNC, jonny is right Flitzi is not only a hamster but a dwarf hamster. It means when she sits down for fur-cleaning e.g. she has the size of around 5cm³ ! And it’s also true that all hamsters are nocturnal. So I’m quite sure it’s impossible to sleep with, I’m sorry.

  112. delightedabroad

    When Flitzi was in the free running area – which in fact is limited and escape-proof :-/ as you reckoned, jonny – she started climbing up on my pants/t-shirt. My husband had to pick her from my neck from under my nearly-open hair !


    jonny – you up, yet? didn’t get your “bye” until it was time to say “hi” again. any progress w/ “Red”? Don’t start buying unecessary groceries now! Hey, do they have a delivery service?
    GRITS – i used to work in a chicken processing plant there a LONG, LONG time ago! I was attending college in Sanford for Vet. Med., and worked at that plant during the summer one year. YUK! i didn’t eat chicken for a waaaay long time afterwards. i might take you up on that invitation, its not far off the path from when I run up 85/40/70 going to Winston-Salem to visit my ma. want some pepper jelly or pickled okra? kinda stingy w/ the fresh frozen tomatoes right now.
    Delighted – did you say that the hamster was running free? like in free around the house? since it is like part-mouse or something – aren’t you afraid it will maybe sneak outside or into the a/c ducks, get caught up in the dryer? maybe into the bag of chips or flour? i mean, if it is so very tiny, a dwarf, right? how do you keep up w/ it? my cats can surely find it if it gets lost in the house. does it get behind the fridge or stove?

    OK YA”, GOTTA MEETING W/ MAD MOM. Used to be one of those, now have to deal w/em.

  114. jonny

    Good morning D!! All the best with the mom. So, you think I should give ‘Red’ a shot, avoid the younger, un-saved Finnish version of LindaB?? If I was younger in my faith I could possibly believe God wants to use me to save her, you know = / Actually, I just came back from the shop around two corners. She wasn’t there. But, I was in such a good mood I teased the manager a bit, talked with the gay ‘butcher’ about his new position. They just opened up the smallest little fresh meat & fish section I’ve seen to date. Anyway, I asked if he had to have some special training for it. He did. A shame in a way. He was the best one at the check out counter.

    Thanks to one woman from a church I used to help out at, and her generous help/support, I live in the 2nd richest area of Helsinki, also the oldest. A relative of her’s passed on leaving her the apartment. The apartment was originally built before Finland was a country by the Russians. Anyway, for some reason they do not have any normal sized food stores around! Lots of antique shops, though. Anyway, there are four choices of tiny little shops.. The cheapest little one, which the students mostly go to, as well as a few others. Two somewhat more expensive ones. The little shop around two corners, a two/three minute walk from where I live, is one of those. Then a privately owned one three doors down from where I live is the most expensive. Not only is it the most expensive, but I don’t care for the atmosphere in it, how it’s set up, or the brand of products they stock. Anyway, even though it’s a little too expensive for me, it does have a cool little community vibe I enjoy that reminds me of a food store I grew with. Especially now that they have the tiny meat and fish section. I’ll in again later tonight and see what they put 50% off for the next day. Instead of doing it on the day, they do it the night before. Anyway, since being sick a lot, I pop by every evening to basically see if there’s something cheap(er) and quick for dinner that night. That’s when I bumped into ‘red’ the last two times.


    It sounds so quaint and picturesque! I envision lots of old stone buidings, cobblestone strets, etc. have never been off the east coast, much less outta tha country.
    mom will be here at 11:00. it is 10:00 now. may not be here then, but not out of avoidance, just will have work done.

  116. jonny

    Yep, some ‘stone’ streets close by, plus the sea. A lot of amazingly beautiful old buildings, but not a lot of parks = / Bumped into, without question, the most famous gospel singer in Finland at the tiny little post office, also around two corners, two weeks ago. Found lives close buy! We worked together once a year and a half ago, and at the moment I’m trying to get his youngest daughter interested in doing one of my clubs in the Spring. He also has a boat harbored two blocks from where I live. One door down from me are the Sister of Mercy?? Whatever the name of the sisterhood Mother Teresa belonged to. Them them next block down, across the street from each other, are to apartment buildings providing housing for Christian students! Also, a few other musicians I know live here. One also has a studio on my street. I truly interesting area. A small little world all its own.


    So, ya get to go boating alot, then? I love the water.

  118. jonny

    Nope, never have been. Wouldn’t mind trying it out sometime, but if I had the health, energy and time to go out and do something like that I’d probably go back-packing.

  119. GRITSinNC

    ‘Scuse my ignorance….didn’t know the difference in a guinea pig and a hamster. Had to go Googling and YouTubing to see. They’re cute little critters, aren’t they.

    Delighted, do you have young children that the hamster is for or is he/she for your own pleasure? Just curious. ;)

    Good luck with the angry parent, Delivered. And yeah, come by anytime with the hot pepper jelly. Never had pickled okra…not sure about that. This is a lot safer and prettier drive to W-S area than the interstate, trust me. I stay off interstates now at all costs. So what if it takes 5 or 10 minutes longer to go the old way. I can be going 75-80 on interstate & they still want me out of the way. If the speed limit was 100, they’d go 120…they can have it!

    Short on time today. Maybe we’ll soon have a new blog and an update on Pip?

  120. delightedabroad

    GritSinNC, this tiny hamster lady is for my husbands and my pleasure. We don’t have children; and if we did they would not get a hamster but perhaps some pet of rabbit size. You need a lot of patience, much fun watching and the dicipline not to force to cuddle if you have/want a hamster. And a gentle + resolute grip in one.

  121. delightedabroad

    DELIVEREDJEPARKER63, you’re right, that would be among the first things: a boat trip. I love the water too.

  122. Barbara M. Lloyd

    GritsinNC, this little Ella kitten has your name written all over her. Yep, she is very active…and funny….and adorable…..and just the cat for you! I will come with Cathy and bring Ella to you….and I will bake you a cake of your choice and bring it along, too. Then Johnny and Deliverance can come over for cake and…um, milk. Sounds like a plan to me.

    We sure did get away from old people…..except we could work it back in if an old lady delivered a cat to a sweet lady in NC.

  123. jonny

    Well, to help get back on the old people track, I went to the shop to check out the 50% off dinner possibilities and say one guy I thought left for the day earlier. Turns out if left earlier to deliver some groceries for an older woman. So, yes D, they do deliver. Is Ella kitten named after that wonderful singer, performer, person who has graced many a life with her voice and song??


    The school-mom thang went great – Jesus had obviously handled it all! She came in all smiling, not even a word or smirk! I had been bracing myself for the slaughter! Oh, me of little faith, over & over! When will I learn that He handles it all?

    Would love a getogether! I would have a BALL! jonny would have a long drive, though – I bet he would have to get on a boat this time!
    And, hey, jonny – so wait till she’s on, then get your groceries delivered -ask the girl out! r u scared, Mr. RockStar? never known rock-n-rollers to be timid! sure wish i coul hear some of your stuff, gonna try it again in a minute to see if i can pull it up.
    Its looking really rainy here, cool, great again for snuggling w/ a furface on the couch. (jonny – furface is my cats, fyi.)

  125. jonny

    Well, I’ve absolutely nothing against a little get-all-together, but I would definately fly over. If I’m making the effort, we gotta get Tori and all the regulars there as well, and anyone else interested, even the lurkers. And if so much effort is going to go into that, Russ should tag along and we should probably put on a little show.

    Rules to the game are VERY different over here. I have a little plan to try and talk to her some more, but there is much to consider. The concept of American dating does not exist. Your either an item, or you are not. The other alternative is you have someone to sleep with, but that’s it. No other involvement, really. It was in the press some months ago that Finland had the highest one night stand rate in the world. Sad. Anyway, we don’t know each other that well yet, so going to try a few ‘non-dating’ techniques to try and help us get to know each other better. Let’s see what happens. But, she still could be SERIOUSLY too young for me!! Thanks for your interest, though!


    Im gettin ready to see once again if i can pull up your music.

    See what I mean, GRITS? I might finally hear some of his stuff, oh,, I don’t know…MAYBE NEXT YEAR?

  127. jonny

    Sorry, forgot to mention that none of our stuff’s been made public yet. If you actually find some of our songs on the net, please let me know = /

  128. delightedabroad

    I like the idea of a get-together too. Who has a kitchen big enough to house all of us ???



  130. jonny

    And don’t forget to hide the booze and have extra PJs and tooth brushes readily available for my former obsession…

    By the way delighted, I just found out a German friend of mine living over here is back in Germany for his parents’ 75th birthdays! Yep, you heard me, both of them turning 75!! Party happening even as we speak. They were born five days apart from each other! Too cool for school!

  131. jonny

    D-We’re supposed to go to a studio and record stuff soon-sh. Not planning on releasing it, but put it up on MySpace so when we start going to other cities people can give us a listen to see if we’re something they may be interested in checking out. It would not be download-able. My hope was originally to never have anything recorded, be strickly a live band, but the others have invested so much in this as well and would like to record some stuff.

  132. delightedabroad

    Well, hopefully my husband and I will also have our 75th birthdays insome years – only with a little time span in between…

  133. jonny

    Oh, and if this big, little get-all-together actually takes shape, butt nipped Pip should probably be the guest of honor…

  134. delightedabroad

    I don’t think we have to bother about THAT: with all those pet-loving guys around !

  135. jonny

    Well, at least on this blog, I do believe ol’ Butt Nipped has became more of of celebratie than Mr. Taff himself = / Actually, Butt Nipped Pip sounds like a pirate name to me. Quite manly, in a rough, rugged macho kind of way.

    Also got a little prayer request. Tomorrow I was to have my first high profile-ish church gig. Was gonna do Hallelujah and Could We Start Again Please. I’m still quite ill and may have to cancel. Still trying to figure out what to do. And if canceled, that there may be an opportunity to try again in the near future. Anyway, that the Lord’s will be fully realized in this.

  136. delightedabroad

    Of course I”ll pray !

  137. bettyrwoodward

    I’ll pray too. Hope you soon feel better.

  138. jonny

    Thanks girls! Oh, and betty, in an earlier Say it! I meant to say a ‘well done’ kinda thing for throwing in with us ‘Limit Pushers’ earlier. Unfortunately, the ‘well done’ or ‘thanks for the back-up, support’ part never made it in there = / Anyway, better late than never, thanks!

  139. bettyrwoodward

    It’s great to be here! Might not be here much next week as I’m going to Rachels to help look after my wonderful grandchildren while their Daddy is away.

  140. jonny

    OK, to help me memorize the lyrics, I’ll write out what I’m hoping to attempt, word wise, with the Hallelujah song. Again, it’s the prelude to mass. Here goes…

    Well, I heard there was a secret chord
    That David played and it pleased the Lord
    But you don’t really care for music, do ya?
    Well it goes like this, the 4th, the 5th
    The minor fall and the major lift
    The baffled king composing Hallelujah

    Hallelujah x4

    Now your faith was strong, but you needed proof
    You saw her bathing on the roof
    Her beauty and the moonlight over-threw ya
    Well, she tied you to her kitchen chair
    She broke your throne and she cut your hair
    And from your lips you drew the Hallelujah

    Hallelujah x4

    Yeah, baby I’ve been here before
    I know this room and I’ve walked this floor
    Well now, I used to live alone before I knew ya
    Yes I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch
    But love is not this victory march
    It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah

    Hallelujah x4

    Well there was a time when you’d let me know
    What’s really going on below
    But now you never show that to me, do ya?
    But remember when I moved in you
    And the Holy Dove was moving too
    And every breath we drew was Hallelujah

    Hallelujah x4

    Well I believe there’s this God above
    But all I’ve ever seen of love
    Was how to shoot at somebody who out drew ya
    And it’s not a cry that you hear at night
    And it’s not some clown who’s seen the light
    It’s a cold and it’s this perfect Hallelujah

    Hallelujah x4

    I gave my best, but it wasn’t much
    When I couldn’t feel, I tried to touch
    Looking for some truth, I didn’t fool ya
    And even though it all went wrong
    I’ll crawl before the Lord of Song
    With nothing on this tongue but Hallelujah

    Hallelujah, etc

    With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

  141. delightedabroad

    Ther’s something about this sing that doesn’t let me go.

  142. delightedabroad

    Hm, don’t no why but I have the feeling as if you would be able to do this gig tomorrow, jonny.

  143. jonny

    We’re going for it. I’ll go to the pianist’s place, she lives down the street from me, in a little over an hour. We’ll see what we can come up with. We’ve never worked together before.

  144. rachelbaker

    Hope it goes well jonny – will pray! Don’t worry I’m sure Mum will have plenty of time on the computer while she is here. I definitely approve of her newfound retired status!

  145. jonny

    Rehearsal went well. Sorry. Wanted to get it to at least 145 before Tori slapped a new one on. Besides, I’m usually the last to leave a dinner party anyway = /

  146. bettyrwoodward

    Glad the rehearsal went well. Be praying for you tomorrow too. Have a good nights sleep tonight.

  147. jonny

    Thanks so much!

  148. LindaB

    This is just the “former obsession” checking in! And you all have been very busy!

    I’ll pray for you tomorrow, Jonny—–that the Lord will move and have His way in everything you do. And that you will feel well and rested.

  149. jonny

    Thanks! Means a lot coming from a former obsession and all!

    OK, gonna get this to 150. Can’t remember if we’ve made it that far before or not. Anyway, couldn’t sleep last night, so went over the lyrics some more. I think the most significant changes to the Hallelujah lyrics are:

    Well, I still believe there’s a God above
    But all that I’ve ever seen of love
    Was how to shoot at somebody who out drew ya


    I did my best, but it wasn’t much
    And when I couldn’t feel, I sought your touch
    Yeah, when I tried the truth, I didn’t come to fool ya.
    And even though it all went wrong
    I stood before the Lord of Song
    With nothing on this tongue but Hallelujah

    With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

  150. rachelbaker

    Well, I suppose I’ll drop in to make this up to 150! Hope it goes great today jonny. I hope all our friends on the other side of the atlantic are all fast asleep.

  151. jonny

    And to bring it home, so to speak, here’s my re-working of the Could We Start Again, Please lyrics. It’s sung at the beginning of communion.

    I’ve been living to seek you
    Dying to seek you, but it shouldn’t be like this
    This was unexpected
    What do I do now?

    Could we start again, please

    I’ve been very hopeful so far
    Now for the first time I see I’m going wrong
    Hurry up and tell me
    This is just a dream

    Or, could we start again, please

    I think I get the point now
    I know I’ve gone a bit too far, you brought the message home
    Before it gets too frightening
    I ought to call a halt

    Then could we start again, please

    I’ve been living to seek you
    Dying to see you, but it shouldn’t’t be like this
    This was unexpected
    What do I do now?

    Could we start again, please

    I think I get the point now
    I know I’ve gone a bit too far, you brought the message home
    Before it gets more frightening
    I ought to call a halt

    Then could we start again, please

    Could we start again, please

    Oh, could we start, again

    Happy 150, everyone!!

  152. jonny

    Oh, never mind. The ever alert, and helpful = ) rachelbaker beat me to the punch! = )

  153. jonny

    Oh, and no records broke yet. Just had a quick check. The first ‘break through’ post was 154, and Butt Nip’s little ‘attitude’ video made it to just over 170. It did have a glance at what life was like before we started bustin’ the triple digits. Imagine, it would’ve probably been considered a big thing back then making it to twenty, or all the way to thirty! My, how times have changed = /

  154. delightedabroad

    That’s weird: I was convinced we once hit the 200 – or did I only dream ?? But looking in the archives I have to admit jonny is right.

  155. jonny

    No. If we would’ve ever hit two hundred I would’ve been so excited I probably would’ve bought everyone over 65 a pair of shopping pajamas, or something. It wouldn’t have been easily forgotten.

  156. delightedabroad

    Hi jonny how are you ? Is your church gig in the evening ?

  157. jonny

    Yes. 17.45-ish my time. Sound check 15.30. We’ll practice the songs with a real piano then for the first time. I’m indirectly heading there now.

  158. jonny

    Oh, sorry. Hi back! I’m still ill, stuffed up a bit. Fortunately the songs are not too difficult, range wise. I’ll start seriously warming up in an hour or so.

  159. bettyrwoodward

    Hope it goes well, jonny. I hope you did get some sleep last night and did not spend the whole night on here!

  160. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gritts, I made a mistake on the age of that little kitten, which is getting older by the minute. I believe she is ten weeks old now. And, she really, really needs a home. You will just love her as soon as you see her…and my friend will deliver her to you. Please reconsider.

    If Gritts won’t break down and take this adorable little kitten…is there anyone out there who would take it….under the condition that it would be a house cat and you would love it.

    Okay, so this isn’t an old lady subject…..but it’s an old lady asking. Does that count?

  161. delightedabroad

    For me, yes. And I would love to take a kitten but my parents-in-law — who are at the same time our landlords – absolutely refuse a cat in the house/appartment due to really bad exeriences in that field.

  162. delightedabroad

    We’re on the way to a new Sayit! record…perhaps.

  163. jonny

    Old people and house pets seem, often enough, to go together, topic wise = /

    Thanks betty, apparently it went very well. A few hundred people there and at the time for prayer a few seemed to come to the alter in a perfect Hallelujah state of things. Oh, and I wasn’t here all night, and did get some sleep in the morning. Musicians hours??

  164. delightedabroad

    Or excessive reader hours – (not me this time) !

  165. delightedabroad

    Would you like to tell us more, jonny ?

  166. bettyrwoodward

    Please tell us more jonny! I’ve arrived at Rachels by the way.

  167. jonny

    OK, more coming. It’ll take awhile, though. Good to know you made it to rach’s safely. Can’t remember if it’s been brought up before or not, but do you two live far from each other??

  168. rachelbaker

    Its about 2 and a half hours drive jonny. Not far by US standards but a fair way. Its not as far away as I used to be though.

  169. jonny

    OK, first off, a littlle back-ground info on the mass I sang at. It is the brain child of a very interesting man. He’s a Lutheran Priest, the Lutheran Church are the big guns over here church wise. It’s the national church. In the not too distant past they even used to name your baby for you, or re-main it if the Priest wanted to do so, for whatever reason. Thank God I’m not a Lutheran. We’d have issues = ) Anyway, he’s in the public eye for a few reasons. One, he used to have his own TV show. A talk, or discussion show. Can’t remember exactly what it was about, but apparently it impressed a few people. He’s also the man behind HelsinkiMissio now-a-days. It’s a Lutheran based organization set up to help people with special needs. They do a lot of work for the elderly, and have a music school for the mentally challenged. Not sure how else to describe it. He’s also now in politics. Anywho, he started up this mass some years back that translated into English would be called the St. Thomas Mass. It’s set up to be more of a medium type thing between church and those that are not all that involved with church, or those just getting getting back into going to church again. More user friendly, I guess. As a result it goes out live on the leading Christian radio station, and it truly has the most diverse group of Priests helping out, brothers and sisters supporting it, plus attending as well. Anyway, it’s quite big and popular for a church type thing and most of those who don’t go to church have heard about it one way or another. They even know the old, beautiful massive church building it’s held at. Also, as you probably gathered, the mass takes place in the evenings. The concept for the mass apparently goes back to some vintage Lutheran Litergical (sp?) roots. Something else that is special, unque for a traditional church, is that there is a HUGE portion of the mass that is just for prayer. There are various ‘stations’ along the two lengthwise walls with a Bible verse, thought or prayer at the different stations, from what I can tella. Plus some prayer candles, some paper, something to write with and baskets for the written prayer requests thought would later be read out loud in a way I’ve never seen done before. Meanwhile a choir, and/or house band play songs other can sing along to with the help of a couple books. Also, during this time many deacons, priests, those approved?? are up on the alter in white-ish Lutheran robes ready to talk with, listen to, and or pray with those coming up to kneel at the alter for this purpose. OK, I guess that’s enough back-ground info.

    Now, what was so special about last night was that the ‘young-ish adult’ team was responsible for it. A lot of people having responsibilities, helping in areas, ways, they haven’t before. It was a pretty big undertaking. Also, many a part of this group made an effort to invite many young-ish adults who aren’t actively attending church to come to this one. Theme for the evening, “Jesus gives/offers life”. When I found out about it, I suggested I do a few songs I thought would help support what they were going for. One woman who had seen me perform at a larger club went along with it and checked with those involved with, responsible for the music that evening. Interestingly enough, they went whole hog with the music last night. There was a top notch line-up for the house band and the choir was fully present and sounding just wonderful as well. On top of all that, or unneer it, there was a guest vocalist. Me.

    Well, when I first showed up for sound check there was a a guy I hadn’t seen before the helming the mixing-board. Oh, since last summer this has been my main church. I had gone occassionelly in the past, but every Sunday I was physically able to since last Autumn. I had been helping out at other church type things up to this point, but believed I was now concentrate on just this one. Anyway, he was new to the St. Thomas Mass mixing-board, but I’ve known him a few years now through one of the other churches I used to help out with the house band, percussions, but haven’t been a part of since last Fall. Anyway, it was a little awkward at the beginning. Extremely few from the church crowd know that I’m a rock vocalist, or have ever heard me sing. Well, after our first run through, nothing was awkward anymore. When my part of sound-check was over, he was in awe. If wondered why I never sung at his main church thing, the one I help a lot a few year with percussions, and I explained it was not something that church type thing seemed interested in. I explained a bit why, if thought about it, saw my point, and then stated that that was indeed a true shame. He then went back to the sound board and asked me to sing some more in the mic I brought, my ‘Elvis’ mic, so he could fine adjust a few things. He really wanted me to make the best first church impression possible. I found out later it was his first time ever mixing for this high profile mass and really wanted to make the best impression possible himself as well.

    Just before the mass started, my fever went up. There was also some flem issues during sound check, but just left it in God’s hands. Finished the Hallelujah for the prelude to the mass. I muffed one line, but did manage to get a couple of the key words in. I over did some things at the end, but considering I’ve never done before live like this, and only a one brief practice and a sound check, I’m not complaining. God was indeed faithful. Unfortunately the ‘MC’ or host for the evening did not give a moment for people to have a moment after what we did, and jumped write into the announcements before mass. This concerned me. Also what we did was not how a prelude to the mass type song has been done before, so couldn’t read how it was recieved. That is until prayer time. Many went up to the altar in tear. Or, pretty neutral going up, but braking down once they got there and knelt down. Then I knew it hit its mark, served its purpose. Especially when one woman, whom I believe was there the first time, and who did not seem like someone who’d been connected with Christ recently, or for awhile. Apparently a few others noticed her as well. It was announced earlier that I would be singing again during communion. This time I only missed one word, didn’t over do anything. Pianist and I nailed it. This time, the person following up leading the next song, that others could join in on, left a little space. We witnessed Christ’s touch then in that space of a moment.

    Afterwards many were thanking me, some weren’t sure how to express what they experienced. Some thought it was very good, nice, other thought it was fabulous, still others thought it OK, but not appropriate for mass on a regular basis, or not suitable for mass at all, but OK for a prelude, or something outside of, or around the mass. As I mentioned earlier, many who’ve known me, or known of me, seen me around for years, got to witness me using this gift, and/or this calling I’ve accepted, for the first time. They seemed to be impressed. Liked experiencing it. Some now would like me to do this more often, especially the guy doing sound. Anyway, it was a truly special opportunity, for which I’m grateful, and it may have opened up some doors for me to do more outside of the club scene. In God’s hands, for which I’m also grateful.


    OK, just WOW. just wow!

  171. delightedabroad

    Yes, wow. What I could imagine is that those people, who are NOT used to this kind of thing in mass, perhaps can only now broaden their mind for the innumerable possibilities of the Spirit. I experienced that many people need a step-by-step approach to God’s way of doing His work

  172. delightedabroad

    And as a side-effect we broke the record !

  173. jonny

    Just different parts of the same wonderful body. We all have things that are precious, important to us in our faith related extras, especially things some of us grew up with.

    And sorry Butt Nip, we have indeed broken your old record. I could point a finger at delighted, but once again, I can only blame myself. Once ago, I didn’t leave well enough alone. Once again, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, etc.

  174. jonny

    I believe I’m just a natural born Limit Pusher = /

  175. delightedabroad

    Why me ? I’m innocent !

  176. jonny

    If you didn’t go on to 172, left well enough alone at 171, we could have just been tied with the Pipster, but no, you had to boldly come it 172 making a lot of noise about breaking the old record! And probably just after poor Tori finally made her peace with the little, big guy. He’s probably run out to where he tossed off the old chip, and has squarely put it right back on his tiny little shoulder again! But again, if I had not embraced my limit pushing was yet once again, this would’ve never happened in the first place. Mea Culpa, etc, and so on and so forth.

  177. delightedabroad

    Alright then, mea culpa too. And besides, I guess Pip would’ve been grateful if we hadn’t chattered about him in detail…

  178. jonny

    You may be right, we may have indeed added insult to injury. Oh my, this just seems to get worse and worse = /

  179. delightedabroad

    Just look at it from the other side: we possibly perhaps maybe make my dream of two hundred come true… :-)

  180. jonny

    How could you DARE think of yourself at a time like THIS!!! Actually, I was wondering the same thing, too = / We’re definately close. Closer than ever before. I guess it depends on when Tori’s next meal hits the tables. Maybe some of our not living in Europe or the British Isles brothers and sisters haven’t stopped by yet to say ‘hello’ yet, or something to help with reaching your dream of a 200 or more Say it! post! One that you also happen to have posted the very first Say it! in, by the way.

  181. rachelbaker

    Anything to make Delighted’s dream come true!

    Sounds great jonny.

  182. delightedabroad

    Does that mean anything special ???

  183. jonny

    Oh man, I double ‘yet-ed’!! I believe that was a first. Well, as well as everything else that happened last night, I slipped a disc in my lower back! Not too bad, but I have been in quite a bit of pain, since then, more so last night. Worst seems to be over, though.

  184. jonny

    Oh NO!! Now I just accidently left in a unnecessary comma! This is truly going from bad to worse. I do believe ol’ Butt Nip may have slipped a curse or two on me!!

  185. bettyrwoodward

    Sorry about the back jonny. Hope you will be able to sleep tonight!

  186. delightedabroad

    I’m sorry too. Do you have something to ‘hang yourself up’ ? For example a doorframe ? That would perhaps give your discs a bit of space – of course only if it doesn’t hurt !

  187. jonny

    Thanks. Yes, I’m good with the stretching, traction. A couple things to ‘hang’ from, plus a traction thing I can do in bed, as well as lie on my stomach and arch my back way back like a wolf howling. This is around the third time this has happened so I sort of know what I’m in for. I also knew this might happen when I went to church. There were warning signs it was about to happen, starting after the slip and harsh landing on my whoop-bottom from the fence when playing Finnish baseball last week. In order to do the gig I knew I would have to carry my quite heavy mic and stand, as well as do massive amounts of sitting for many hours. Those who’ve had back trouble will probably know what I mean about the sitting. Anyway, I took the risk in full understanding of the consequences.

  188. jonny

    OK, a couple more stories to help with the 200 mark. Told in two separate Say it!s, of course.

    I realised last night before the mass started both songs were similar in theme, subject matter. Some differences, but quite similar none the same. I also realised that what we were doing to do with Hallelujah would be a tough act to follow, especially if those there connected with it. I mean a tough act for us to follow with the communion song. Well, I stuck to my guns, and basically because it was the longer piece, and for a few of the reasons it was indeed different from Could We Start Again Please, we did it for the opening.

    OK, feed-back time. Many liked our take on Hallelujah a lot. Liked it better than the following song at communion. OK, I sort of expected that and we talked about why they probably liked it more. Then towards the end of the evening a few women came to me and said how much they appreciated the communion song more even though it did not have as much going on as the Hallelujah piece did! We talked about that a little as well. I guess we covered two sides of the same coin that night. Fortunately.

  189. delightedabroad

    This evening I had another sort of problem with my back: Flitzi climbed straight up my t-shirt and was on my back faster than I could react. Luckily my husband was ready to save the little kamikaze-like dwarf hamster.

  190. jonny

    LOL!! See, husbands can be good for some things!! = )

    OK, 2nd story, and quite possibly the 190 mark!! Air’s getting awfully thin up here though. I may have to borrow some oxygen from GRITS!! Alright, on with the story. Back in the eighties I had a cassette of Walls of Glass. I was visiting home a short time and ended up giving it to my sister. Can’t remember if she liked it already, if I turned her onto it then, or if I left it with her thinking she may like it. Anyway, she more than liked it. Wore it out actually. Well I called her a few nights and said she’ll never guess with whom I’ve hooked up on line! (Did I use ‘whom’ correctly??) I had to tell her, she couldn’t guess. I also shared some things concerning this blog. Mostly bragging type things = / Anyway, she was reminded once again of that cassette and said she listened to it for years, loved it, and knew all the songs back then! I guess it will forever hold a special spot in her life = )

  191. delightedabroad

    That sounds very much like an affectionate brother-sister thing…:-)

  192. jonny

    Well, if we come even closer to the 200 mark, I believe we should tread carefully and try and save, leave the 200th Say it! for delighted. It is her dream after all. And she was the first to actually Say ! something on this thread as well.

  193. jonny

    Hey! I just noticed something. How come I, who has the most challenging means of Saying it! of anyone bother to Say ! Something, often have the longest, and possibly the most long-winded as well, Say it!s… Somethin’ ain’t right = /

    (there you go delighted, yet another steep step upwards, onwards, towards no-(wo)man’s land. The 200th Say it! on a Bloomr Blog post!!)

  194. delightedabroad

    Oh, come on, as if you are not as keen on reaching the 200 as I am !

  195. delightedabroad

    And btw most of my friends would assure you that I’m not a chatterbox !

  196. jonny

    Actually, no. I’m keen on you having the first ever 200th Say it! EVER on this blog, but I’ve been more interested in Tori’s next post. I must say, I do appreciated having a place that I could use as a sounding board before the church thing last night, also when working on the lyrics. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a woman of my own someday and leave you all in peace. LOL!

    Oh, and the reason I left my sister the cassette was to help her out spiritually. More of a brother in Christ helpin’ a sister out kind of thing. We’ve never been close. Now that I think about it, she probably did show some interest in it, as a result left it to help encourage her in her faith.


    OK, let me contribute to the
    Say Its. wouldve been here earlier but had to go visit some folks in hospital, take a neighbor to dr. office – but looks like yall don’t need any help. all w/out Pip being injured in any way! and, where is Tori? got open house at school tonight, and no mad mamas to deal w/, though one of my students was out today due to swine flu. might just OD on hand santizer, can you OD dermally?


    oh – one more say it – ya can’t say i didnt do my part.

    my maternal gramndmother died a year ago today, please remember my mother in prayer, she is coping, and even praising, but it is still painful.

    see yall on the other side of 200!

  199. jonny

    OK delighted, should be all yours. And I’ll proffer a pray for your mom, D, in the meantime!

  200. delightedabroad

    Oh, you’re all so nice to me ! I’m stirred to tears…

  201. rachelbaker

    Woooooo hoooooo!!! You did it, you have attained your dream. Well done! The rest of us are all a little bit pleased too. But now, surely, it must be getting close to time for a new blog so we can start all over again!

    Delivered I will pray for your mother.

  202. delightedabroad

    So will I.
    And let’s see what topic Tori found to surprise/challenge us in her next post. But I’ll have to leave for today, it’s late here.

  203. bettyrwoodward

    Well done on the 200 ++++. Your turn now Tori!

  204. jonny

    Serious about the tears??

    To be honest, I think we even helped the Pipster save face. I mean if we broke his old post’s record by just a handful of Says it!s more than his 171, that would probably be kicking a little dirt, sand in his face. Or on his pooh. Whatever. But, now that his old record has been broke for the sake of reaching the first EVER 200+ Say it!s Bloomr Blog post, plus doing something for a sister that may have in truth touched her to the point of tears, I think deep down he would be pleased, honored even. He may have to publically carry that heavy ol’ chip on the shoulder a few days for the sake of appearance, it’s a guy thing, but I do believe he may be wanting to shed a few tears himself. When noone’s looking, of course.


    Is there such a thing as a drama king? heehehehehehe!
    Thanks, yall, for the prayers!
    Yep, time for Tori to resurface! Need a new topic – or do we just go ahead and select one for her?


    maybe she is just doing all that editing…..and the post is on the way.

  207. jonny

    We have set the bar a little high, subject wise. I wonder whatever happened to the ‘pick a winner’ for caption contest idea. Also, I miss trish. Sorry she couldn’t be around to witness this, maybe even add a little more to it.

  208. jonny

    Oh man!! I helped push this to 200 Say it!s!!! What was I thinking!! That now means I have to buy everyone over sixty-five a pair of SHOPPING PAJAMAS!!! Man, oh man. I seriously did NOT think this one through!! *takes a very deep, long sigh*

  209. LindaB

    I wear a size 2x, Jonny. And I like purple. I’m just sayin’….

  210. jonny

    I’m on it. But, what would your hubby think when you received a pair of purple ‘European’ shopping jammies from a rockstar in Finland?? Just askin’…

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