Change is good. *Update: Now with Readers’ Photo Gallery!!!*

Yes, I’m alive. Alive and … redecorating!!

It’s not like Extreme Home Makeover or anything, we’re not knocking out walls and adding a new wing– more like I found a couch I really like at the furniture consignment place and I got so jazzed about having more seating room in the den (yes, I am THAT easily excited) that now I am casting a critical eye on the rest of the house and walking through every room with a look of concentration on my face and one finger tapping on my pursed lips while I say, “Hmmmm….”

Something about this time of year makes me want to change things around a little, I have no idea why. This time of year also makes me sneeze vociferously and blow my nose like a foghorn, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the redecorating thing.  Russ, bless him, helped get the big honkin’ couch unloaded and is now patiently helping me move stuff all around while I try to get it situated. He has been kind of a saint, now that I think about it. What I really need is one of those kind of interior design people that come to your house and while you leave and go get a sandwich or something they shift all of your stuff around and reconfigure the furniture and rearrange all of your tchochkes so that when you walk back in the door, voila! A whole new house except you didn’t actually go buy anything! (Those kind of people do exist, right? I know I saw something about that kind of designer service on HGTV… Either that or I’m mixing this up with that fairy tale ‘The Shoemaker’s Elves’, or something. Either way, it’s a good idea don’t you think?) So now I’ve decided to maybe change the color in my kitchen, and paint my fireplace, too. I’m on a roll, folks!

So all of this house stuff has made me curious about you guys. What is your favorite decorating style? Do you like traditional, contemporary, classic, antiques, country, retro, beachy, European…? Do you like bright colors, a neutral palette, earthy colors, pastels, jewel tones? What about furniture? Rustic, sophisticated, new, old? Do you collect anything?

My ‘style’? Well, I like eclectic rooms with lots of personality. Love that French flea market feel, LOVE art deco, especially  European antiques of that period. I also love folk art, and have some kind of wild, colorful pieces scattered around. I like rich colors and luxurious fabrics, but I don’t like dark rooms. I like elegant but not fussy. I have lots of books everywhere, and lots of lamps– I really love lamps, and chandeliers, too. My paint colors vary–my entry hall is red, my den walls are painted a soft gold called “Warm Muffin”, the piano room color is kind of a neutral beige/taupe called “Cashmere,” my bedroom is kind of a warm vanilla color, my kitchen is in two tones of green, somewhere between a sage and a moss…? I’m kind of tired of it, I’m thinking like a green apple color instead! In my dining room I painted these big harlequin diamonds in metallic gold all over  the walls. I know, it sounds kinda early Rococco/whorehouse, right?  Actually it kinda is.


Wait, it gets weirder–I also painted one wall matte black and it has folk art cabinet doors hung on it like paintings. Actually, one of those interior designer re-arranger people would probably run from my house screaming.

Ok, I showed you mine– tell me yours! I’d love to have a picture in my head of your place. And even if you are a guy and not into all of this decorating talk, tell me about your place anyway– come on, jonny,  it’ll be good for you!

I’m going to go sit on my wonderfully squishy new-to-me couch now.

**UPDATE!!! (My administrative account is kinda jacked up, so I won’t be adding photos in the order they are received…)

From DELIVEREDJEPARKER63’s camera phone: Her china cabinet


Her desk, with cat:


Her antique bed:


From swerchon: This one is hilarious– that’s her leg sticking out as she attempts to plug in her Christmas tree!


This is swerchon’s pride and joy fireplace and her ‘little friend’, Nicolette.


OK, here’s the first photo to come in… and it’s of a hamster! However, we will definitely count Delightedabroad‘s newest addition “Flitzi” as a decorating accessory. A tchochke with legs, as it were. How cute is she?!

Flitzi - Gr008 - 19-1.09.2009 008h

Flitzi - Gr007 - 18.09.2009 005h

OK, who’s next?

From rachelbaker: here’s that miniature bottle collection (that she SWEARS she had no part in emptying) and darling jade tea set from Honk Kong that she told us about!                                                                                                                                                                                           2


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  1. LindaB

    Oh my! You have opened up a subject that used to consume me! I collected decorating magazines by the truckload! I poured over them, made scrapbooks of the rooms I really liked and hoped to emulate some day. I kept an array of paint chips to ponder while I watched TV. I was sick! I suffered real actual angst deciding how to decorate my rooms. And in the back of my mind I always put every decision through this test—–what would my friend Janice say if she walked into this room? (She always decorated her house absolutely perfectly to my mind! I wanted to impress her, I guess. Or maybe just not embarrass myself to much.) Anyway, I’m much more relaxed today—–mostly because I don’t care as much. It is what it is. And I am too tired to change it now! It’s funny—–when we were young and raising a family, we didn’t have a lot of extra money to really “decorate”, and now that we have some extra money to do it, I don’t feel like doing it! I’d have to make some decisions, and that’s too hard!

    I like sort of English cottage style or eclectic, I guess. Heavy on comfortable seating (in more ways than one), good lighting, and lots of stuff to look at! I always like going to people’s houses that had lots to look at. (Some would call that too busy, but who cares?) Then if the conversation went flat, you could entertain yourself by looking around at their things! But now I’m “winking” at contemporary and modern, sleek and minimal—–maybe because antiques and traditional things remind me that I’m actually an antique now myself. But I don’t have enough energy and motivation to redo our whole house in contemporary. I just “wink” at it.

    As for paint colors, I have a terrible time picking them! They never turn out like I envision them to be……except for one room! My husband’s computer room needed painting and I picked this muted green, and it was gorgeous! I wish I’d have painted the whole house in it! I like light colors——-neutrals mostly so the things I put in there will “pop” and not be overwhelmed by the wall colors.

    My living room is the hardest to decorate and create a mood because my husband insists on filling it with 7 surround speakers and a huge TV screen. (This has been the source of many an argument and if we ever divorce, that will be my grounds!) The room is also long and narrow—–like early bowling alley—–and it’s impossible to move the furniture around anymore. And I like to do that once in a while to just have a little change. But it’s comfortable and it will do until I leave this world.

    How my home looked used to be very important to me. But now that I’m older and wiser……and worn out, I think what’s going on in that home, the love shown to each other and to our guests, and genuine hospitality is more important. Oh, and comfort! I’m very into comfort!

  2. LindaB

    Gee, that was long, wasn’t it? I have to learn to be succinct!

  3. LindaB

    Oh, and one more thing! That friend Janice had cancer last year and I went to her house to sit with her and take care of her until her husband got home from work on Thursdays while she went through chemo. And you know what she told me one day out of the blue? She said, “Linda, I always loved coming to your house! You were always busy cooking something, the house smelled so good, and the kids were always right in there with you….and loving it!” That made me feel good. All that angst for nothing!

  4. LindaB

    You folks can jump right in here anytime.

  5. LindaB

    Well, Tori, you always say that you are a “comment whore”, so the Rococco/whorehouse theme fits! LOL

  6. LindaB

    And you asked if we collect anything? Well, I collect speeding tickets, but they are hard to frame.

  7. jonny

    I think LindaB may be feeling a liiittle guilty now about not helping make delighted’s dream come true!! The decorating subject, not a problem. Was raised by, a victim of??, an obsessive compulsive mom who believes decorating is her calling from the Lord Almighty Himself! Her gift to others. Actually, the last person I sort of dated was the same way. But worse. Out of the drying pan?? My mom definately would’ve re-done Tori’s place the instant she turned her back, or least have lots of suggestions for her. They probably would’ve involved an excuse for her to go out and spend a lot more of my dad’s money, though = / OK, only half serious on that last one. She had her own business for awhile with a version her and my name together for its title. Apparently it was doing quite well, but she gave it up to concentrate on family more. So, as you can probably tell, I’m no stranger to decorating. But, I’m taking a little Say it! break for a tiny little while, except for this one to quickly jump in and help support the new, and ABOUT TIME, post. Oh, and I didn’t want to miss a golden opportunity to tease, I mean say ‘hello’ to, my former obsession!

  8. delightedabroad

    Ahh, jonny, you meant ‘out of the FRYING pan’, right ?
    First of all I hope we don’t move the next decade at least… actually I hate the packing part. Although the last one was quite good because we came back into the appartment we have lived in some years before. So we new all furniture would fit in and where; luckily my husband and I have the same taste of bright rooms with much free space in it. And we both love wooden furniture (has to be inlay due to price but it’s ok). I guess you could say a little Toscanian style is gleaming.

  9. delightedabroad

    Oh, the free space thing has probably ssomething to do with my wish to revive my dance training

  10. jonny

    Yes, out of a hot, sizzling frying pan and right on into to a nice, hot, juicie blazing fire of a disaster waiting to happen. Interestingly enough, both my mom and my ex-datie, of sorts, both had yet another thing in common. Their siblings, and one spouse, won’t let them anywhere near their homes = /

    So, back to my question in the last thread delighted, did you really shed a few tears last night??


    OK – FIRST OF ALL – I think that since we waited so long we coulda gotten more than one wee pic of the house! (Tori – we have had this conversation b4!).
    My home – huge antique beds, probably about 200 years old, w/ gray marble tops dresser/nightstand – my father’s. some walls covered w/cymbals, broken drum heads, sticks from years of hanging w/ my guys in the band. my dresser had a collage of pics, backstage passes, stickers, from at least 40 years back – some are my father’s, but starting to clean off some of them – cant see the mirror! livingroom has old sideboard, age probably about 100 years old – made w/ wooden nails, converted into entertainment center. old tiffany style hanging lamp over chair/bookshelf, bought by my dad from some far away place to my grandmother at least 50 years ago. antique secretarial desk in corner, (cubbies and all!) that i really use for my business/organizational process. chippendale, original glass china cabinet, who knows how old, just crammed w/ cut glass, crystal, impression glass, carnival glass, dishes, goblets, gravy boats, compote dises, sniffers, cordial glasses collected by my gandmother forever. no organization there at all – just glad they are in the thing where i don’t have to dust them! book cases everywhere. oh, bedroom in leopard – love it! always have, always will, plus goes w/ my coloring – (like there’s anyone in there to see me, right? just the four cats who probably resent the leopard print stuff. ya know? i got this tiger print fluffy , i mean really full fluffy throw, and when they jump up on the bed, they look/sniff the throw real strange-like. some start doing the happy-cat paw thing, ya now, kneeding the blanket, others jump immediately down as if it were hot. crazy). i got one of those old antique kitchen cabinets in the kitchen coirner – the ones that have the flour sifter in it and the flour comes down into another drawer? cool, but needs to be restored again. have several old funeral parlor lamps – vanilla colored carnival glass globes w/ heavy brass stands. used to be in old funeral homes.
    my daughter’s room is, of course, still a high school girls’ room – even tho she is away at college – every card she ever got in the world is along the top of her wall – like bordering. one whole wall is deflated balloons, looks like a huge collage. every dresser top is coverd w/ trophies for cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, pictures, pompoms, certificates, ya know the routine.

    so, i see lots of little people coming in now, so gotta go check some homework and reading books! you asked for it, tori! shoulda spaced it out so that we could get started on the numbers for this blog entry?


    ok – now im reading the previous entries to this post – LINDAB! alrighty then! yeah, jonny, looks llike a little guilt to me, too! all the sudden the little chatterbox, huh? and, then, how many entries? let me go back and count – 6 all in a row.
    oh – and LINDAB – don’t worry a bit about the length of your entry, ok?

  13. MostlySunny

    Well, I don’t know what our style is or is called…I’m not the decorator, my husband is. He’s got the artistic eye and can make a room comfy and cozy directly from Big Lots! I’m the painter, wallpaper-er, fixer-upper (my husband calls me his handy(wo)man!). Just tell me where it’s supposed to go and I’m on it!

    I’m not much help here on the decorating stuff, but if you need a new shower head, heating/AC thermostat, dimmer switch, screen door, dead bolt, shelves, or pigtail for your dryer installed, call me!

  14. MostlySunny

    My husband used to move the funiture around a lot, particularly on Saturday night. I always made it a point to be back from a movie before it got dark because I might kill myself after walking in the door. You could easily trip over somthing that wasn’t there before! “Oh, I just got in the mood to rearrange things a bit!” I’m like a blind person walking around with my hands outstretched making sure I didn’t run into anything and but a toe!

  15. MostlySunny

    That should be “bust a toe!”

  16. jonny

    Do you work out of country??

  17. LindaB

    Sunny……I NEED YOU!!!! Come help me first, okay? My husband, who used to do all that repair and moving stuff, is using that old “well, I had a heart attack” excuse now! And I’m not good with power tools. Never let an ADD person use a power tool. There was an “incident” once involving me, a tree with one long branch that needed trimming, and a chainsaw. After that, my husband, with my children’s urgings, HID IT FROM ME!!!! I could never find it again…….and I have looked!

  18. jonny

    They should’ve hid the bottle!!

  19. LindaB

    Can I interrupt this kitchen table conversation for a public service announcement? Would you like to help uninsured, low income women get a free mammogram? Well, it’s easy to do——I do it every day and it takes about three seconds! Just go to this site:

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    Thank you! And now back to the kitchen table…..pass the coffee pot, please……….and the banana nut bread. As you were saying……….

  20. LindaB

    Jonny………..what makes you think they didn’t?

  21. auburn60

    Ok,Linda,I will pick up the conversational ball…

    First–I LOVE those furniture consignment places! We have not one, but two, right down the street and they both get a lot of stuff from estate sales.Tori? You could be here in a matter of hours.

    Second–IMO– your decorating style sort of shifts along with whoever happens to be living with you at the time. And I don’t mean a steady succession of mates or anything–I mean the mix of your household. Presently,I co-habitate with a husband and 14 y.o. son who could not care LESS if a wall is painted or wallpapered or a rug is on the floor. As long as there is a big screen TV, video games and a place to FLOP they are happy. Oh yeah, and a stocked refrigerator–color doesn’t matter. When my daughters were at home we were always comparing quilt and comforter colors against paint chips and lamps. Only problem was we could never make decisions.

    I always want our home to reflect us and our story so wherever we have lived there have been some things that were constant. I have my grandmother’s dining room table which is made of pecan wood, so it is kind of unique.I use communion trays from a small church that my grandparents helped establish as charger plates on my DR table.I have tintypes of both sides of my family on the wall in the LR along with Victorian furniture.I have odd bits and pieces from extended family and different locales we’ve either visited or lived and I like for people to ask about them–it gives us a chance to tell who we are.

    Our entryway into the den reflects my husbands college football career. My son’s room is painted orange and blue–for his favorite football team. We have lots of pictures…from our wedding,the childhood of the girls,the places we’ve lived up to the present. I have prints, photos and paintings of the mountains–because that’s what I like! Our den has a huge double sectional for football watching parties on Saturdays (are we sensing a theme here?).

    I’m never completely ‘finished’ with the decorating…something that totally baffles my husband. I’m currently planning to re-paint or paper 2 bathrooms and the kitchen. I have gotten paralyzed with too many choices and can’t seem to make a decision on the one bathroom, but I’m gonna close my eyes and pick a color. I can always re-paint,right?

  22. MostlySunny

    jonny – I have a passport…

    LindaB – the picture in my mind of you, the tree and the chainsaw is cracking me up! How many times did you say “OOPS?” And yes, don’t you just hate it when they bring up that “heart attack” or “I was in intensive care for a week” stuff?

    auburn60 – We were at Best Buy last week and came out with TWO TV’s. And it’s just the TWO of us at home! The way it was presented to me was “You should be able to go from room to room and see the same picture.” HUH? It’s a “guy thing.” I never had to quibble over quilts.

  23. jonny

    Hey! That ain’t no ‘guy thing’ I’ve ever heard of, come across before. Your husband just sounds a little… well, you know… ‘special.’

  24. auburn60

    Oh yeah, jonny–it’s very much a ‘guy’ thing. We had 6 TV’s at one time until I put my foot down.

  25. karen48

    I wouldn’t know how to decorate if my life depended on it. I grew up very poor. My dad died when I was 8 and mom raised 6 kids by herself. Our furniture was mostly given to us and nothing matched.

    I know what I like, but have no idea how to get there. lol I love antiques or soft comfy stuff.

    I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and my living room has 1 well worn recliner, computer desk and chair, tv, and a couple of tables/end tables.

    Oh and clutter I guess is my style right now, but I’d sure love to solve that problem. lol I’m thinking of moving when my lease is up and I guess no better time to declutter and get new stuff.

    I love hearing about how other people decorate and would love to see pics. *hints*

  26. rachelbaker

    My horizons have been broadened and my vocabulary expanded. I now know what a tchochke is – never heard the word in my life, but according to the online dictionary it is ‘a cheap showy trinket’. I definitely should be aware of that word … have I told you about my miniature bottles collection?


    I tried sounding it out – like my first graders do – comes out alot like “junk”, I think.

  28. tori


    This may be one of my favorite posts in a looooooong time! It is amazing how much you can get a ‘feel’ for a person by learning what they choose to surround themselves with. I WISH there was a way that you guys could post pictures here… The only way I can think of would be if you email photos to me and then I could put them in the body of the post…? Would any of you want to do that? You could send me a photo in jpeg form and I could post it! It could be anything… one favorite piece of furniture or a whole room or maybe that miniature bottle collection, rachel?!

    If anybody wants to, send it to

    (I’m going to make banana bread now.)

  29. rachelbaker

    Oh, and about my decorating tastes – I like light and airy, and I also like blues (I don’t think they are cold at all). I have the former in my current house, but not the latter because my husband does not agree with my taste in colour-scheme.

    We probably have our fair share of tchochkes (look I learned a new word). Whenever we go on holiday we bring back a souvenir to place on one of the bookshelves. We have a little wooden kiwi bird from our honeymoon in New Zealand, some very bright little reggae music figures from the caribbean, some little animals I brought back from South Africa when I was a teenager, and a lot of things from the multitude of places Jon has had to visit on business. We have the tiniest weeniest jade teapot and cups that we bought at a bustling market when we lived in Hong Kong. Also of course there’s my collection of miniatures (and before you start throwing suspicioous glances my way I did not drink the contents of ANY of them)! Oh, oh, oh and did I tell you about my lovely little harp I bought from the wonderful dulcimer shop in Townsend Tennesee.

    Our walls are lined with pictures of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and surrounding areas of the North East of England, which although we don’t live there anymore, will always be home. We also have some paintings of our favourite places in Hong Kong that we bought from the artist (after some substantial haggling), and a lovely pencil drawing of Prague that we bought from a homeless guy there. Add to that the paintings and creations of two little girls and some family photos and you will see that Jon has had to compromise on his dream of a clutter-free house like I have had to compromise on my blues!

    Oh yes, and talking of Jon, he has just discovered/developed a new hobby/talent for woodcarving and we now have some stunning bowls and spoons laying around.

    Just so you know, it is IMPOSSIBLE to relax in a living-room unless there are at least two bookcases full of books in it. Also. in my dream room I would have a wooden, antique bureau/writing desk with lots of little drawers and hidden cupboards … and I would sit there all day writing and day-dreaming a little – or maybe day-dreaming and writing a little!

  30. bettyrwoodward

    Rachel must get her love of blues from her father but I’m beginning to agree that they are not cold. Our lounge is blue. Unfortunately minimalist and collecting don’t go together! I have a collection of Lilliput Lane houses and villages which are in a glass cabinet (each Christmas Stuart adds the cotton wool snow). Having lived in a manse for many years it is difficult to do exactly what I want in a house. This house (we’ve been here 7 1/2 years) is probably the nearest.
    Green colours can be difficult to get exactly as you want it. Our entrance hall was meant to be a pale sage green and ended up brighter apple green, not at all what I wanted. Generally I go for light and airy but comfy too.
    Rachel is going around with a camera at present so at least Tori should see some of her things soon!

  31. jonny

    OK, I thought about my earlier comment and yes, collecting can be a ‘guy thing,’ a gal thing also, but I’ve come across more guys into it than gals. And having a TV is big in America, so why not collect TVs??

    And don’t worry rach, we know where you got the empties from… don’t we LindaB…

    I absolvely LOVED Newcastle Upon-Tyne!! Was there quite a bit in 1991 and truly, genuinely fell in love with the place, the people we met and stayed with. I could truly care less whether or not I ever visited any other part of England again, but would definately go there again in a heart-beat, if opportunity ever presented itself. There was also a truly wonderful, very special Christian bookstore/shop back then. Really liked hanging out there and chatting with the ladies working there. One got me to buy a book or two on marriage. She probably meant well, but I’m afraid they weren’t that much help after all = /

  32. rachelbaker

    Ah jonny – you have made me smile. Newcastle-upon-Tyne is without doubt the most wondeful city in England (or maybe the world). The city is small enough to find your way around, but big enough to get everything you want, as well as being beautiful. The people are the friendliest you will find anywhere over here, and the countryside/coastline is breathtaking.

    Tourism advert over.

    jonny – was the bookshop CLC?

  33. jonny

    Possible. It was spacious, I remember that much. May have been some red brick in it. That had one whole wall for Christian music. Albums, cassettes, and the then new CDs. I may have bought my first CD there. I was with a missionary group doing professional theatre and I believe I our team leader bought one cassette from there as well.

    Absolutely agree with everything you just mentioned about the place!

  34. jonny

    Was your mom in Newcastle at that time, beginning of 1991?? If so, our paths may have crossed.

  35. rachelbaker

    Sounds like the place – I bought my first ever Russ Taff cassette there (I’m embarassed to say it cost 50p in the bargain bucket) – must have been about 12 years ago.

  36. jonny

    Sorry, your ‘mum.’

  37. rachelbaker

    No – Mum never lived there – its my Dad’s home town, but he is exiled in the south! I went up there to university when I was 18 and stayed until we were forced away through Jon’s work situation. We dream of moving back sometime. A lot of my Dad’s relatives live up there though and we used to visit a lot during my childhood – and yes 1991, would still count as my childhood – the year I became a teenager.

  38. jonny

    Then our paths may have crossed. Or maybe your dad’s and mine if he was part of the Christian community back then. Actually, I realised I was there a lot in 1991. The tour from winter to end of Spring, the team leader had a small heart-attack. Things were not going well with me and the leaders of the team I was originally on, covering middle England, so I was shipped over to help out the small team cover Northern England, Scotland and Wales. The change did me good. I was then asked to be apart of the next tour as well from the end of summer to just before Christmas. I was the only one from the tour before the 2nd time around. And boy, did we love any excuse to drop by Newcastle during the tour and say a quick ‘hello,’ at least, to our friends there!! Oh, and it seemed EVERYONE we came across had an excellent sense of humour, as well as being some of the most warm, open, giving, down to earth people we came across in England!! Thanks for the memories!!

  39. jonny

    Or was your dad already exiled in 1991?? Now I’m a little confused = /

  40. rachelbaker

    Yes, poor old Dad was already exiled, had been for a long time. However, I bet we know some people in common.

    Now, here’s the question, did you ever go to see a football match there?

  41. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh, I love decorating…but I don’t like having an interior decorator come in…because then your home would look like every other home in town that he decorated.

    First of all, I want to see the woman’s personality…assuming she is the one who decorated. My home is a combination of antiques, contemporary, French provential, and something that’s here simply because I liked it.

    The living room/family room is white…beyond that is a sun room with deep rose walls. The dining room has a wild print paper on the walls at the top, with a white chairrail and then deep rose on the bottom. The dining roo is more or less separated from the kitchen by it’s round poles from ceiling to floor..and the kitchen has white cabinets and counters, with forest green walls. The bedrooms all have white walls. The master bedroom has horse pictures, including a couple of my daughter on her horse jumping whatever it is they jump. On the other side of the house, the hall has a collection of family pictures. One bedroom has a collection of blue plates on the wall. The other bedroom we call my granddaughter’s, and it has pictures all over the walls of her and the activities in which she was involved over the years. Her parents were divorced and I guess I felt having her room at grandma’s and grandpa’s gave her a little stability. She still comes here and sits and looks at pictures occasionally. It is also the room where I have my computer, sitting on a small round oak table with claw feet. I like my home…when I close the front door at night and lock it, I feel safe….and it’s cmfortable. Y’all come see me!

  42. jonny

    Nope. Not a lot of free time. Definately not for seeing a football watch. Plus I’m not into sports. I don’t mind playing them with friends, but don’t watch, or go to games. A few times I watched some sports on television, but usually at a friend’s place, or because of friends. I was more into discovering Sir Cliff Richard at the time. Especially his films! I may have FINALLY gotten to see his first one at Newcastle. Expresso Bongo, or something like that. It was black and white, he had a cool ’50’s’ styled leather jacket and played a troubled teen. Worked for me. I was staying with a family I’d stayed with before, and they knew of this quest of mine. When I band to stay a nite, or two, again, they were recy for me. Teased me a little. “jonny, we have something we’d like to watch tonight. We know your our guest and all, but we really had our hearts set on seeing this tonight.” Or something in that vain. When they showed me the cassette I couldn’t contain myself! A lie at Christmas had nothing on me at that moment! Interestingly enough, many I met at the time who knew something about Sir Cliff’s films would tell me I really should see Summer Holiday. There eyes would light up a little as they remembered a scene or two. Well, it ended up being my least fave. Youngs Ones really worked for me, though!! “Gotta funny feeling that I’m…” Really cool opening!! Also, Young Ones is a really well written rock song! Still holds up, IMHO. But I’ve severely digressed = / OK, back to ‘inside Bloomrs Homes’ with your hostess with the mostest, TORI!! And her little pooh eating side-kick, the one who’s makes us laugh, and cry at times, and has definately stolen everyone’s heart by now… OL’ BUTT NIIIPPP!!!

  43. jonny

    Sorry, that last one was rachel. Should be ‘football match’ at the beginning. Thought I corrected before Saying it!

    Sorry to read your granddaughter had to experience the divorce of her parents, Barbara. Wonderful idea about the room, IMO. I trust it may have helped some.

  44. bettyrwoodward

    Momma Lloyd I would love to come to visit but it is a bit far! The same applies if any of you visit the UK you would be more than welcome. Russ didn’t seem to find us too bad company so I guess the rest of you would cope. That way you could get to see my home and I wouldn’t have to describe it.

  45. auburn60

    Momma Lloyd–I want to come to your house!

    I would be walking from room-to-room taking pictures ’cause things are still relatively clean after the in-laws visit…but…my camera is broken…again! Honestly…cameras and watches. I can’t keep either.

    And Tori…any idea what brand/color the metallic gold paint is? I’m still looking for bathroom/kitchen ideas.


    Tori – I want to see those matte black walls w/ the doors hanging on the walls. I think it sounds GREAT! May want to copy it in the near future! Sounds really interesting, mephorically. I would love it! A wall of doors, walls of glass? hey………………
    I am really loving it more and more – ya gotta email a pic to me.

  47. delightedabroad

    Almost, jonny. Actually not because of the two hundred but due to your comment some lines before. Anyway it would have been tears of emotion.

    In my former comment I forgot to mention that our walls are painted in a very light colour called ‘siena’. That goes very well with the wooden furniture. MostlySunny, we have this ‘handicraft talent’ in common; unfortunately I have to confess that I don’t seem to have green fingers so we have only the most robust plants…

  48. jonny

    Tears of emotion… do you mean like frustrated, repressed anger??? ; )

    Maybe we should have our ‘get-all-together’ at Barbara’s!

  49. delightedabroad

    Well jonny you might believe it or not: there are days when it hits me if someone is kind to me/ notices me. Anyway I know those tears you mentioned as well…:-) not yet in connection with you…

  50. rachelbaker

    Cute hamster delighted! Reminds me of the ones I had as a child.

  51. jonny

    Wouldn’t the cage be considered a decorative extra?? She is adorable, though!!

    Also, delighted, I believe most people would prefer I NOT notice them = )

    And… what’s with asking a question here more than once before getting some sort of response, answer?? And it’s not just me!! Must be a ‘Bloomr thing’! = )

  52. delightedabroad

    There you can see how low my standards are, jonny :-)

  53. jonny

    Truly! I’m honored = )

  54. delightedabroad

    To come back to the track: there’s one thing I really don’t like in our appartment but it would surely raise suspicion if two washbasins and two toilets accidentally would brake at the same time ! The colour is called ‘mustard’ and that’s exactly wht it looks like.



  56. delightedabroad

    Sorry, jonny, what do you mean with ‘asking questions more than once’ ? At the moment I seem to be slow on the uptake. (Do you really say so ?)

  57. delightedabroad

    Oh, and Tori, on the top of this page is a small picture of Madi – could you please tell me what an ‘aerial silk lesson’ is ??

  58. jonny

    Yes, I asked the question in the previous blog, then here again about the tears. It’s was supposed to be used to set up the ‘Bloomrs thing.’ You know, as in instead of a ‘guy thing’ … ha-ha… = /



  60. swerchon

    My favorite design style is classic / French. I live in a small semi-detached home approx. 1,300 sq ft. I have done all of this on a tight budget.

    I am single so all decorating is done by me – so no one to argue over colors or “that’s too feminine” or that’s too masculine” etc.

    I am in the process of redecorating myself and I have to date focused mostly on the upstairs. I have beige/off white carpeting up my stairs and in the bedrooms. My bedroom or boudoir as I now call it, is currently decorated with mirrored closet doors, new generous size wood moldings around my window which makes the window appear bigger and more regal. I had a headboard made of a damask creamy-white material with matching duvet cover and the SOFTEST faux fur beige blanket from Pottery Barn.

    The colour scheme in the bedroom is beige, gold, with black fur pillows and mini floor rug accessories. I also have “Nicolette”, she is a 3 ft. high statue which has a tray (I’m sure you have seen these, I have usually seen them as “butlers with a tray” but I found this lady dressed in a form-fitting silver evening gown with long gloves and of course pearls, holding a tray. So I had to place on that tray my slippers, not my Wal Mart fuzzy slippers, but fancy “show only” slippers. Next to her is my pride and joy, a faux stone electric fireplace. It adds such coziness to the room and I use it more during the Christmas season. Also at the Christmas season I put up a white Christmas tree with gold ornaments and white lights. The tree adds ambience/romance to the room – I LOVE IT. I had my two cousins from Germany come and stay with me, I gave them my bedroom and they called it “Himmel” which is German means Heaven.

    I have a home office which I did a few years ago which is very much like a “gentlemen’s’ den. Large dark wooden desk, large black office chair, wood chair rail around the room and green wallpaper (which looks like green marble). The room has Book tschkeques including a wallpaper boarder just below the ceiling which has the same book theme – love this room as well. I even found a small Moose-head with antlers (but it is a teddy-bear like material) so no animals were harmed in decorating this room.

    Next will be the main floor, I’m planning on starting with the flooring, hardwood and ceramics – yikes I see my $$ flying out the window – Loved Tanya’s new floor AMAZING..

  61. swerchon

    Sorry major spelling error….

    Meant to type……….tchochkes not tschkeques) Do I get a gold star for trying to spell it?


  62. themema

    Ok, first, after a number of typical 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath homes, I moved back into my childhood home which is anything but typical. It looks like…. well, you decide. It was my childhood home. My parents were in the process of building a new deep in the country general store located between two roads across from my father’s farm. As soon as the store was completed, they were going to build a new home on the farm across the road. Before that happened, the Navy took the farm for an auxiliary flying field to train pilots during WWII. My parents had planned a clerks quarters on the second floor of the store, but decided to finish off the second floor at little nicer and live there until they could decide where to build. This was 1941. My Mother lived there until her death in 2002, and then my husband and i moved back in. The first floor is no longer a store. It has 5 rented apartments in that space. We have the second floor, and the third floor which was one gigantic playroom when I was a child is now another rented apartment.

  63. rockin robyn

    This is a fun subject… I like hearing how everyone lives.

    I love my home. I bought my cottage style home about six years ago. And I’m single so it is all me and only me. My living room is all about wood and leather. My leather couch (**I love my couch) is a honey brown, not real dark. About a year ago I found a leather chair and ottoman that matches my couch and I was soooo tickled. My wood furniture is a honey oak color. (I don’t like blonde or pale color wood). And in my living room I have “frogs”…. I have a curio-cabinet with glass shelves that is full of my collection of frogs from all over… some gifts that friends got me (cause they know I collect frogs), and some special purchases from places I’ve been to on vacation.

    My kitchen is all oak cabinets(again not pale wood tone) and my table brings the oak color into play. My kitchen has a religious theme. That is where I get my nutrition, hopefully, so I give all praise and glory to my Savior. When I walk into my kitchen it allows me to reflect and thank Him for His blessings and for “feeding me” spiritually. Often I’ll sit at the kitchen table to read my bible/do my lessons.

    The master bedroom (my room) is the room I’m most proud of. I painted the walls a kind-of teaberry pink and my furniture is black. The carpet is cranberry and black design. The decoration throughout the room is music/music notes. I have music notes in picture frames, I have wall hangings of saxes and nic nacs of saxes. (even have a frog playing the sax nicnac). I made my own curtains with cranberry color material and music note material. My bedding is a black bedskirt, and sheets either cranberry in color or black and a crocheted bedspread in black and pink.

    The second bedroom is my library. Before I bought this house I loved to travel and I’m a photographer so this room has a bookshelf with all my photo albums of my travels. One thing I enjoyed doing with my family out west (Colorado) was mountainman rendezvous. We dressed in the period clothing etc. This room is decorated with all those fixtures. My garb, (my aunt made my dress in period material), my hat and yes my blackpowder muzzleloader. My gun was a kit that I put together and shot/shoot and it is proudly displayed in this room. Not much furniture in here… a love seat to look rugged, the bookcase and a table with a cd player and my gospel cd collection.

    My bathroom is decorated in red, white and blue. To honor this great country of ours.

    Now follow me upstairs to “the loft”… I call it my loft. The previous owners “finished” the attic into a room… this is my music room. All my photography of bands or singers I saw in concert are on display here. My computer and stereo system are operating up here. I have a table and chair set up here for visiting and listening to music or overflow of family and guests come up here. My keyboard is up here on display as well as a small collection of musical instruments from a wooden “hand-made” kazoo to a 1930 wooden toy guitar. (I love wood) And a bookcase full of music books galore. My entire collection of cd’s is on display here. (rock, pop, jazz, country, new age – if rockin Robyn likes that artist or band the collection of cd’s is here)

    That’s my little spot on this great earth.

  64. delightedabroad

    That’s so fascinating ! And I enjoy starting my computer in the morning to read all those new entries.

  65. delightedabroad

    Hm, still seems to be an empty kitchen…:-/

  66. LindaB

    Well, I want to send pictures…….but……..okay, I have to straighten it up before I can do that! And I babysit for my eighteen month old grandson today and any pictures around here will look like that new contemporary style——Early Fischer Price! But I’m gonna work on that.

  67. nashbabe

    My dream is to own a Frank Lloyd Wright type house. Although I know it’s totally impractical because the great architect (and lousy human being) didn’t put things like gutters on them, because of course they detracted from his style. Like Fallingwater, for example, which should be called “falling down water”. Cool, but having to be propped up with scaffolding. Oh well. *sigh*

    I’d either fill a house with Mission furniture, or really cool Scandinavian furniture. Well, I’m half Dane and part Swede, so whaddya expect?

    Or how about a Frank Geary? ;-) Wouldn’t that be a WILD home? ;-)

    The decor around here is extremely boring. Mostly white walls and old stuff, but not cool old stuff. ;-) I have mostly used money for tuition for someone else’s kid. We’re such weirdos! :-)

    I’m hoping that either God lets me decorate like I prefer in heaven, or makes it so I don’t care about it any more. Either alternative is fine. :-)

  68. rachelbaker

    I’m glad you like the teapot Delivered! I love your desk. Its very like the sort I said I would have in my dream room.

    Isn’t it fun spying into people’s houses?


    ITS GREAT! i am anxiously awaiting pics from ther other guys – come on, jonny! LindaB, i laughed at your fisher-price comment – i know what you mean! been there, done that. Rach – i had sent those pics to tori last night, came to the blog just now to see entries – i had told her to do whatever w/ them, and after reading your entry of the desk – i was wondering if you saw mine. my cat really thinks hes hidden in there. it was cute when he was a kitten, but now sometimes he sits up there and cries b/c he can’t fit in!

    Thanks, guys for all the prayers for my mother this past monday during her mother’s death anniversary. She actually felt some powerful love that day, and it helped her get through it. She knew from whence her help came from!
    Tori – i sent her a copy of russ’ copy of your hallelujah entry. she loves it!

  70. delightedabroad

    DELIVEREDJEPARKER63, I can understand your cat: each time I have to realize that another pair of jeans/pants has mysteriously shrunk I could sit down and cry.


    I KNOW THE FEELING! This past November, (2008), I was in size 9/10, now 16/18. (yeah, denial, refusing to be a full 18/20, yet!). In less than a year, that’s a pretty, like, HUGE jump, but it sure was totally worth it. I have faith that the God that delivered me from those demons will also deliver me from this weight, but I gotta big role in this one. Faith w/out works is dead. It will be alright. I’ve begun walking a mile again every morning, & think I’m being lead to do it again in the PM, if not just a half. No eating after 7:00PM. Am about to OD on fresh fruits/veggies. Even those delicious fat free devils food cookies from the Dollar General are off limits due to calories,(fat free, not sugar free, though!) I gotta tighten up now,though, cause the holidays are coming up, & we KNOW how that’s gonna be!



    YAY, US!!!!!!!!

  73. delightedabroad

    If you don’t mind, DELIVEREDJEPARKER63, I would like to tell you a few things I’ve heard: it seems to be the total amount of calories/fat /sugar you’re consuming that counts; no matter what time of the day it is. And many people forget that fruits also contain a certain amount of sugar.
    Most time of my life I have had underweight and it was as difficult to GAIN weight as it is for others to lose it. Well, times change and weight obviously too. :-/

  74. themema

    Y’all chatter on. I leave for MB in the morning for the Gaither weekend. Tori, it is not too late for you to show your pretty face. After all, half your family will be there.

    From there I will be going to spend a week with Barb. Alyson and Betty, come on to Aiken. Barb always has so much good food that we both gain weight while I am there.

    Speaking of family, we have not had a report on your Dad for a while. How is it going with him and his treatment?

  75. delightedabroad

    Hi everyone ! Did you all have a good night ?
    In terms of change I hope I will soon have a new desk because at the moment I use an elder dining table which is not high/big enough that I could seriously work at for hours. And as I plan to work independantly at home after the final exam I need a well adjusted work place.


    THEMEMA! I WANT TO GO! But, if Tori was not going, then i was not going. Got friends coming in from PA, but sure hate to miss all of you and the Gaither thing, too. I am gonna show up for my first one very soon, though!

  77. LindaB

    Well, Delivered, since you asked…..I didn’t have a good night! As soon as Candy picked up Carter around 6, I ran out to the garden to pick some cherry tomatoes for my mother who called and asked for more! While I was picking them, I noticed the garden was all vine-y now. And just about then I tripped over a vine and fell flat on my face. As soon as I knew I wasn’t dead, I looked around to see if any of my neighbor’s saw me. They didn’t. So I started to get up and realized what had cushioned my fall. Yes, that’s right—–a bunch of tomatoes! Tomato juice flew every direction! Tomato juice and seeds were smashed into my pants and shirt. I brushed them off the best I could and ran into the house to get my purse and take off in the car for Mom’s. My hubby asked me if I was going to change into something less “tomato-y” and I told him I didn’t have time! I rushed over to Mom’s and delivered the tomatoes. She mentioned to me that the weatherman said it is going to get down to 19 degrees that night, so after I helped her with a computer question and sampled one of the hundreds of buckeyes she’d made for Christmas, I took off for home. I needed to bring in all the butternut squash and tomatoes before the coming freeze. I had to make a couple stops, and by the time I got home, it was way after dark. So at midnight last night I was out in the garden with a flashlight picking squash and tomatoes. And I noticed that my tooth was aching……..and the temporary crown I had gotten last week was loose! So, I limped toward the house….my tooth throbbing, cold and shivering from my tomato soaked clothes, my shoulder hurting from my little tumble into the tomato patch, and lugging a five gallon pail of cherry tomatoes. As I rounded the corner of the house in the dark, the pungent odor of skunk hit me! But I was too tired to be alarmed and I thought, “Oh well! If I run into him, no problem! Don’t they say the only thing that cuts skunk spray is tomato juice! I’m covered!” I made it to the house without a skunk confrontation, thankfully!

    Are you sorry you asked now, Delivered? LOL

  78. LindaB

    I did manage to send Tori pictures of my place last night…..some of my favorite things. Of course, I sent so many, WAY to many, and she’s probably trying to wade through them and pick what she wants to post. Sorry Tori.

    (I talk too much, I eat too much, and take too many pictures. Do you see a pattern here? Sad, isn’t it?)

  79. MostlySunny

    LindaB – My sides hurt from laughing so hard!!!! You already got the chainsaw taken away…What next? TOO FUNNY!!

    Made my day…

  80. jonny

    “then I tripped over a vine and fell flat on my face.” Yep, uh-uh. A vine.

    “‘Tomatoe juice’ flew in every direction!” …… of course it did.

    I think we all know what really broke your fall, or broke during your fall, and got you all wet as well… I guess we just have to pray even harder for you than we have been doing. And it liked like you were doing SO well lately = /

  81. auburn60

    Wish I could take off for Aiken and Momma Lloyd’s cooking. And hanging out with you ladies.

    Linda–I stopped reading after the part about the hundreds of buckeyes amd you only ate one. Now THAT part stretched your credibility! :)

  82. LindaB

    Okay, I ate two. Honest. She wanted to send a bunch of them home for hubby, Alanna, and myself. I told her all three of us are diabetic. Was she trying to kill us?

    I wish I was traveling with Betty and Barb and the girls…….lounging in our hotel suite with that gorgeous ocean view, a sea breeze blowing through our room, deciding which sumptuous dessert to eat that the girls brought, THREE Homecoming concerts, someone else to make my bed and clean my room, eating out at Myrtle Beach’s fantastic restaurants, Russ Taff,…..

    Okay, now I’m really depressed. This is the first time in three years that I’ve missed Gaither Fest in Myrtle Beach. But someone has to sit with Carter and bring in the harvest. Oh well. Next year.

  83. LindaB

    Jonny, if I had been drinking, I wouldn’t have gotten hurt when I fell! And if you had been praying for me like you should, the whole thing wouldn’t have happened. LOL

    Sunny, I left out one thing in my chainsaw incident—–it involved me, a chainsaw, a tree with a branch that needed trimming, and A LADDER! I was reaching way out to get the branch when the ladder tipped and I started to fall with the chainsaw in my hand! I didn’t want to land on the chainsaw—–an unintended amputation is not good. So…..I threw it. And I fell a few feet from it. Luckily, the chainsaw cuts off when you let go of it. Someone was thinking!

  84. LindaB

    Okay, I’m gonna go call the dentist. I think I need a root canal. I’ve only had one in my lifetime. The oral surgeon said for a sixty year old woman, that is rare. Apparently, I have good teeth for a woman my age. Just wanted you to know that, Jonny.

  85. jonny

    It’s your liver I’m more concerned about, love. By the way, say a doctor this morning cuz of the back. Prescribed some double whammy meds. The pharmisest had a tiny light pink ribbon pinned to her uniform front. I let her know about the breast cancer sponsorship, donation thingy. She thought she knew the web site, but wasn’t aware of the click-a-day deal. I also talked about the gene thing I read their after I clicked. I’m all for women keeping their, well, their upper parts men don’t have, and living an as long as possible life, cancer free.

  86. MostlySunny

    A LADDER TOO????!!!!! You’re killing me here!

    Are you sure you’re teeth aren’t hurting from the fall (the most recent one last night)?

    Oh, LindaB dear, I can’t believe you’ve made it to 60. I hope you make it to 61! No wonder you’re husband had a heart attack!


    I NEVER REGRET HEARING FROM YOU,LINDAB. BLESS YOUR HEART! Talk about a rough time! And, sorry about, like, LAUGHING SOO OUT LOUD!!!

    ok – whatza buckeye? OMG – I am on a butternut squash binge! – just met them, & love ‘em! i have learned to nuke mine, then fill the dip w/ honey, sprinkle w/ nutmeg – great dessert!
    And, we used to have lots of skunks running around in rural Forsythe County! Never saw em, but sure knew when one was around!
    I can real;ly invision you out there in that garden, looks like a cartoon sketch – but seriously glad you’re OK!

    jonny i was wondering where you were – shoulda known LINDAB could pull you out! but, ya got me thinkin! you might be right! maybe LINDAB is making her own “tomato” juice?

    Sunnny – i agree – from the way she talks, it is totally amazin she has made it this far!

  88. jonny

    Hold up! If you’re 60 that means you ARE NOT eligible for a free pair of shopping pajamas as a result of delighted hitting the 200 mark!! I can’t turn my back on you for a second, can I??


    jonny =- ya lost me………….not really difficult to do, but..
    hey, do you remember us talking about wearing masks & gloves when making the pepper jelly? well, now i know why……
    i made another batch this afternoon, w/ a little more pepper, and when it started steaming it made me cough, i guess the stuff in the peppers, kinda took my breath.
    so, whats up w/ the pjs?

  90. jonny

    LindaB knows what I’m talking about *giving LindaB the ‘I’m on to you woman’ look while talking to D*

  91. LindaB

    Uhhhhh, Jonny. Sorry, but I have no idea what you’re talking about! And I haven’t been drinking either!!! LOL

    Delivered, a buckeye is a candy bon bon type of thing—–about the size of a walnut, it’s peanut butter, powdered sugar, and graham cracker crumb centers that are rolled in melted chocolate. My mother makes hundreds of them every year and gives them away at Christmas time. So, if you’re in the neighborhood………

    Oh and my grandmother in W.Va. had one of those “old antique kitchen cabinets in the kitchen corner – the ones that have the flour sifter in it and the flour comes down into another drawer”! OMGOSH, I LOVED THAT THING! When they sold the farm, I wanted that so badly, but didn’t have the nerve to ask for it. I remember baking with my grandmother when I was a young girl (yes, I always loved to cook) and using that sifter! That was a cool thing!

    Swerchon, I love the one of your leg in mid air!!! ROFLOL Be careful though—–that’s how I ended up lying face down in the tomato patch! And I LOVE Nicolette! How cute is that!

    Rachel, your bottle collection is impressive! Do you have to dust them all regularly. (That’s what I think of first when acquiring anything!) And your jade tea set is lovely! Is that a picture of Sir Walter Raleigh in the background??? If so, how elegantly British of you!

    Delighted, your little hamster is so cute! And tiny! I have a hamster story for you, but I’m too tired to write it out tonight. Maybe I can find in somewhere in the “bowels” of my computer and I’ll post it for you—–for entertainment purposes and a hamster safety lesson too!

  92. jonny

    Last post I stated that if we ever make 200 Say it!s in one thread/post I’d be so excited I’d probably buy everyone over sixty-five a pair of shopping pajamas. It was a LindaB inspired idea. Well shortly after we hit 200 Say it!s, LindaB caughed up her size and prefered pj color, which she had no right to do because, as she has now confessed, she is NOT 65! And the drinking thing was just some fun banter left over from our ‘counter hopping’ Say it!s. My bad!

  93. delightedabroad

    We’re heading for the three-digit line. So I’ll contribute to that: The excitement is steadily rising in me for I’m going to attend the Gaither concert in Wetzlar next weekend !

  94. delightedabroad

    Oh, LindaB, I’m curiously waiting for your hamster story ! Does the ‘hamster safety lesson’ include instructions for hamsters who love to take a header ??

  95. jonny

    Although I’m not at all suprised LindaB was/is impressed with rachel’s collection of empties = /


    LINDAB – omg! THEY SOUND HEAVENLY! My grandmother used to make all sorts of cakes, cookies, etc – they made choc. covered peanutbutter balls – they were great, too. Would love some of those, wish your neigborhood was near mine!

    Russ is so close to my area this weekend – it is 4 hours to Myrtle Beach, and about 4 hours to Indian Land, his performance site after MB. Am so tempted to go to Indian Land, but not is Tori is not going. Have never heard him in person, & would get to meet some of yall. The time is coming,though…………


    Jonny – OK – leave Lindab alone – old things have passed away, behold all things are become new – including the nature of our humor towards each other. No offense, just saying………….
    still love you, tho……
    did I poop the party, guys?

  98. LindaB

    Delivered, DRIVE TO INDIAN LAND AND SEE RUSS!!! You will not regret it! Take some folks with ya! He puts everything he’s got in a solo concert, no matter if it’s a crowd of 25 or 25,000! I saw him do it!!! And if you’re lucky, he’ll sing “The Lord Came Through”!!!!! (One of my favorites!) In fact, why don’t you ask him to sing that one!

  99. jonny

    No worries, the past IS the past. My sincerist apologies! Peace!

  100. LindaB

    Jonny, no need for an apology! Remember who you’re apologizing to—–ME! I tease folks all the time! You’re not bothering me!

    Delivered, you are so sweet to defend me! But really, I have a very thick skin, as well as wrinkled! LOL I know Jonny is just kiddin’ around. I think he feels pretty bold talkin’ to us from a few thousand miles away, doesn’t he!!! LOL Everyone who knows me knows that I am not a drinker—–that would be scary! If I had any less inhibitions, I would be in prison! BUT, I would have a glass of wine with Tori or any of you folks—-to celebrate our friendship!

    Oh, and Jonny, I’m really 62, but sometimes I just say “60” in a generic sort of way. I’m just designating the century. (Oh my, that is depressing!) But now I realize there’s no need for me to check the mailbox every day ’cause there’s no PJ’s coming to me!!! I hope I make it to 65 so I can collect on your offer!

  101. delightedabroad

    Oh my, you’re cheering me up ! There’s no reason for it but I have a day of sulkiness (or whatever the common word is :-/); I even baked a cake !



  103. LindaB

    Delivered, you certainly can get close enough to ask him stuff!!! And he’s just as down to earth and friendly as Tori! In fact, I think she taught him all he knows! LOL When you get to meet him, tell him Linda B said for him to tell you a joke! He’s got a million of ‘em!

    I wish I could go!!! And if I did, I’d bring you some buckeyes! (I just noticed that the last three letters of “buckeyes” spell “YES”!!!)

    We made it to over a hundred replies!!!!! Let’s face it—-we’re dang good! And extremely chatty!! I’m packing right now—-going away for the weekend with hubby. I’ll be sure to check in when I get back Sunday. Delivered, what is the date of that Indian Land concert? Be sure to tell us all about it!

  104. LindaB

    Jonny, thanks for spreading the word about The Breast Cancer site! Once again, here is a link to the site where you can click on the pink box and help fund free mammograms for low income women:

    And in October, your “click” counts double!!! Thanks again!

    Sometimes the problems of this world seem too overwhelming for us to make a difference. I can’t come up with a cure for breast cancer, but I can do this one simple thing every day to help some woman out there to detect her breast cancer and get it treated early.

  105. rachelbaker

    LindaB – the bottle collection is displayed far too high for me to dust – and anyway I think a bit of dust adds to their charm!

    The picture behind the teapot is actually of John Donne the poet. I had to look at the photo to see – it is just a little picture at the bottom of the spine of a book on the bookcase. It shows how tiny the teaset is.

  106. LindaB

    Oh wow! I can see that it is indeed very tiny, now that I have a new prospective!

    Wasn’t it John Donne who said, “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

  107. rachelbaker

    Indeed it was – did you quote that by heart?! I studied Literature but still can’t quote lines like that. It’s where ‘no man is an island’ originated.

  108. LindaB

    I’ve always liked that quote and yes, I know it by heart. One of the very few things I know by heart! LOL Can’t remember my bank pin number, but I can remember that line! Old age, I guess.

  109. rachelbaker

    I’m very impressed. If you show off anymore talents like that jonny just might renew his obsession.

    Anyway, you’re not old – my Mum’s pretty much the same age as you, and she’s defintely nowhere near old!

  110. LindaB

    You’re very kind, Rachel!

    We’re on our way out the door now! Have a good weekend, all you babybloomr addicts!

  111. jonny

    Sorry rach, LindaB, and others that have to witness this, but I’m afraid it’s already too late. Not only is my re-kindled obsessive re-newed as a result of finding out LB is considerably younger than first believed, but quoting poets, especialy exceptionally good one’s, rocks my world EVERY time = /

    And, LB, I’m afraid I already got you the PJs. Let’s just hope you’re the same size three years from now!

    Oh, and I really did think LB would like the collection of rachel’s bottles. That wasn’t a drinking tease. Also, I’m fully aware LB doesn’t drink alcohol, that’s why I found it so amusing that I could gleam so much from what she wrote and re-work my own, totally off the mark, interpretation from it. Sort of having fun with some things that, for better or worse, some people often do in real life. But, sadly, not in love, or a fun, playful way.

    And just because I now have to hold back on the banter, a bit, I hope it doesn’t detour others from laying it on me as thick as possible!! We could probably get some more millige out of me being the bloomers’ ‘counter hoping rockstar’ that I’ve become, thanks to some of the wonderful readers at this blog = ) I’m definately counting my blessings!

    And D, even if it is only you and Jesus making the four hour trip together, I stick my vote in the Bloomer ballot box for you to go, also!



    jonny – oh, please dont hold back the banter! i am sooooo sorry. i was somehow under the impression that she used to drink waaaaay back. just overlook me, please. this place would not be the same w/out your personality, 100% strength, ok? my mistake and misconception. am i forgiven? want some pepper jelly?

    Lindab – have a great weekend. have been trying to get away for a long weekend for a while, haven’t done it yet. different when ya go alone, too. so, russ has jokes, huh? whad do ya do? just walk right up and intro yourself and ask for a joke?

    plus, i called angela primm at the office, left a message and what i needed as far as info for time, exact location, ticket purchase, have not heard from her yet. this might not be the one for me.
    later, gators!

  113. auburn60

    Delivered–you could walk up and ask for a joke. Or a hug. Or a sniff.
    (You know…of his cologne.) Russ kinda takes it all in stride. He just sort of throws his head back and laughs. I told him on one memorable occasion that he needed to change his shirt to go to lunch. Then I sort of went–‘Oh,did I say that out loud?’
    (That earned me a ‘look’.)

    {It was the shirt with ‘medals’ on it.}

    I always love that Russ just acts like he’s glad to see me, no matter where it is. I was never much of a hugger before but I’ve even been known to just grab Madi up and squeeze her. (She has to fix her hair after she’s been around me.)

  114. GRITSinNC

    Hey ya’ll, I’m way behind and will catch up sometime tomorrow, but I read back far enough to see that Delivered is considering going to see Russ…alone! Delivered, if you don’t mind an old lady, I’ll go! A friend on Gaither Community took me to see Ivan last weekend and I wasn’t a drag on her. LOL We had a ball. Been wanting to find someone to go to see Russ myself. The only reason I haven’t checked into it further is that I got the idea it was not an actual concert, but just part of a program on INSP. Let’s get busy & find out definite information. I want to meet Russ & hear him sing in person so bad.

    I love all the pictures. Delivered, yours are awesome! How did you manage to have all that wonderful old stuff? I’ve downsized to a 1-bedroom apartment so I don’t have much to show but will show a bit tomorrow. I do still have a few pieces that were my grandmother’s that I grew up with that I treasure.

    Catch up with you folks tomorrow. Looks like you’ve been having lots of fun.

    Hi Tori!

  115. delightedabroad

    Hi everyone, how are you ?

  116. LindaB

    Here’s the hamster story:

    Our granddaughter has a dwarf hamster for a pet. His name is “Lucky”. He has one trick. She puts him in her shirt pocket and he climbs out and around to the back of her neck, holds onto her collar, and “rides” there with her wherever she goes. He IS a rodent though, and I don’t allow him in my kitchen. He is suppose to stay downstairs in her room. Nobody listens to me.

    One after church, I was trying to get dinner on the table quickly as we had company. I was frying potatoes in bacon fat (it’s a southern thing) and trying to assemble a chinese noodle salad at the same time. I thought the potatoes might burn, so I asked my granddaughter to please turn the potatoes for me. She picked up the spatula and began to turn the potatoes when Lucky, who had been hanging onto her collar unbeknownst to me, lost his grip for some reason, and slid down her slippery polyester shirt and into the potatoes and the frying pan!!!!! Quicker than lightning, she grabbed Lucky and put him in her pocket………and looked to see if I saw it!!! I did. I started screaming! She started loudly reprimanding Lucky! My husband came in and started yelling, “What happened, what happened”??
    Lucky had a near nervous breakdown!!! Chloe started crying—-she thought he was still “frying”! We all calmed down eventually, and hubby and I scooped out the potatoes on the side where Lucky landed and threw them away. It was traumatic for us all, but all ended well. Lucky just clings a little tighter now.

    If you have a hamster in your house, don’t cook with him on your shoulder. This is a sort of public service announcement.

    (No living creature was harmed in this incident. The potatoes hadn’t been turned and weren’t hot on top yet. Lucky is fine, he just smells like bacon, but I guess that’s okay for a hamster. We can’t let him loose in a room full of southerners though—–they’ll eat him with some cornbread!)

    I have a picture of Lucky taken after this incident. He was still showing signs of trauma. I wish I could post it here, but alas, I can’t. But if you’d really like to see it, you can e-mail me at and I will send it to you.

  117. delightedabroad

    Oh my, what a story ! In fact I’m not astonished anymore that dwarf hamsters climb straight up a shirt, our Flitzi does the same. But we limit her free running with good cause…
    Hope you had a nice weekend. I guess being around you can never be boring :-)

  118. LindaB

    Thanks, Delighted, I DID have a wonderful weekend. On the way home we stopped and had dinner at The Atrium, a quaint little restaurant in Bay City. It’s a renovated old train station. And right across the street is a huge candy store with a gazillion homemade candies. We bought $30 worth!!!! LOL

  119. delightedabroad

    Uhh, the email I send to you didn’t go through – could you perhaps verify what you’ve indicated ??

  120. jonny

    I thought you were all diabetic?? Well, we had the other type of hamster once who unfortunately wasn’t as lucky as Lucky clearly was. It didn’t fry, but something else happened to its insides that often happen to potatoes sometimes as well = /

  121. delightedabroad

    Maybe LindaB & Co bought candy for diabetics ?? :-/
    I don’t dare to ask what you mean… sounds disgusting.

  122. LindaB

    Oh my goodness! My mistake! It should be

  123. auburn60

    Linda, you don’t have to explain frying potatoes in bacon fat to me,but I can assure you that I would steer clear of Lucky–with or without cornbread. This Southerner does not do rodents in any form. I’d rather handle a snake.

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