Around The Kitchen Table

The title of this post describes what this blog is turning into– and I could not be more delighted! Do you guys have any idea how much fun it is to get the kind of response you have been giving me lately?

Because here’s what the process of posting actually looks like: I come up with an idea, think about it a while (sometimes making notes or Google-ing more information on the subject), sit down at the computer and try to put it into exactly the words that adequately convey what I’m trying to say (whether serious or ridiculous), relentlessly edit and re-edit myself until it looks and feels right to me (here’s a dirty little secret: how many of you are aware of the fact that sometimes I continue to edit waaay after I’ve even already posted it?! I actually sneak back to my first draft and change things, sometimes even a day or two later!), try to find something visual to go with it, then hit “Publish”, then sit back and see how you respond.

And here’s the REALLY incredible part– you all actually show up, read what I’ve written, write the most insightful, funny, encouraging, challenging responses, and then start talking among yourselves! Completely independent of me, you are developing a (here’s that cliched, over-used term again…) community here. You are learning about each other and becoming friends. You are praying for each other and checking in to see how you are all doing. It’s just truly the most amazing thing to witness. It’s like I’m having a dinner party with all of these different kinds of people, and I’m looking around and realizing that yeah, this is totally working– everybody has now drifted into the kitchen where I’m cooking the food and you’re all sitting around the table or perching up on the countertop with your coffee or glass of wine (yes, I’m looking at YOU, jonny! OK, and me too…) and while I putter around, you guys are engaging in these lively discussions and laughing your heads off and generally having a great time. That’s what the ‘bloomr feels like these days, the perfect dinner party! So today, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for coming, and continuing to come week after week. I promise I’ll try my best to do my part and keep coming up with wonderful new menus that will keep you coming back!

And as long as I am beating this analogy to death on the subject of food…

Yesterday when I was at the grocery store grabbing something to make for dinner before I picked up the girls from school, I turned the corner by the pasta aisle and saw a lovely  display of something I haven’t bought in a while… Hostess Twinkies. Now for my international readers, I will explain exactly what I am talking about. A Twinkie is a yummy little junk snack food item made of  ‘golden sponge cake with a creamy filling.’ Here’s a visual:



They aren’t exactly the healthiest thing you’ll ever eat –with a shelf life of about, oh, a decade or so, I would guess they have more than their fair share of preservatives, etc. They’ve been around for about 75 years, so if you grew up in the U.S. chances are they were definitely a part of your childhood. My mom used to send me to school with all kinds of incredible home-baked treats in my ‘Man From U.N.C.L.E .’ lunch box– from her perfect chocolate chip cookies to her tart, flaky apricot turnovers– but of course being a kid I would stare longingly at my friends whose moms had stuck a cheap, prefabricated, plastic-wrapped, fake-cream-filled, artery-clogging Hostess Twinkie in their lunch and attempt to negotiate a trade.  (Mom also used to optimistically send us all to school with carefully cut-up carrot and celery sticks with their own little package of salt to dip them in, which we of course would systematically throw away unopened every single day, but that’s another story.)

Now that I’m a card-carrying adult with a God-given right to purchase my own snack items, every once in a while I’ll remember the delicious golden goodness that is personified in the body of a Twinkie and buy myself a box. Yesterday was one of those days, but sadly, at some point in their childhood I thoughtlessly introduced them to the girls as well, so now I have to share. I don’t buy them often, but when I do, dang, they hit the spot! Hostess also makes a slew of other unhealthily delicious things– don’t even get me started on the glorious chocolate waxiness of the  Ding Dong– but being a traditionalist, I do have a tendency to return to the Twinkie.

When we were in London, Madi and I discovered an unbelievable  little British snack item called a “Mini-Pud”– a name derived, I think, from the fact that they are mini versions of a larger dessert which the English call a ‘pudding’, but which to my American eyes is not anything like the little plastic cups of  Jello pudding that we have, and is in reality, more like a cake. At any rate, may I just say… FAB-U-LOUS!!! They are made of a dense, dark, rich, very expensive-tasting chocolate and when you heat them for precisely 12 seconds in the microwave (trust me, Madi and I ate so many of these that we got it down to a science) they come out with a molten lava-like interior that oozes onto your plate when you cut into it with your spoon. I would pair them with some perfect little English strawberries and a dollop of real whipped cream… heaven. Madi was more hard-core, she ate them straight from the refrigerator, unadorned and creamy cold. Here’s a picture, for the purpose of international snack comparison:



Clearly, as in most things, the British have the edge in the ‘elegance’ category, but I do have to stand up for the good ol’ U S of A and say that though our Twinkies are not as gorgeously decadent as the mini puds, they do have the edge in the ‘ridiculously addictive’ category. If you eat more than two mini puds at one sitting you will definitely feel a little queasy and over-sated, whereas most people I know can blow through about four Twinkies before they even realize it. Or maybe that’s just me.

At any rate, I’d like to hear from all of you: What is your favorite not-that-good-for-you-but-hard-to-resist snack item of choice? As always, in the interest of diversity and world peace, I am not placing any strict guidelines on the discussion. My heart and mind are open to all manner of classifications– your sweet, your salty, your savory, WHATEVER.

Let the snacking discourse begin.

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  1. grfdave

    Our family favorite is popcorn. Not the microwave variety but the kind you actually have to pop in a pot over the stove. Movie nights can result in several batches made and either devoured or scattered all over the floor.

  2. rachelbaker

    Haribo sweets (or anything else like that). They are of course pure sugar and full of all things bad, plus they are deliberately made for and marketed at children – but although my palate has certainly developed as I have grown older (I even eat olives now for goodness sake), I still can’t get enough of these sweets. You would not believe the speed with which I can get through a ‘family size’ bag.

    For purely selfish reasons (so I could eat them all myself) I persauded my oldest daughter that she didn’t like sweets (she’s a fussy eater, and its not hard to persaude her not to eat something). Sadly, when she was nearly four, someone decided to give her some when I wasn’t around, and most uncharacteristically, she tried one, and now she – and by default her little sister – are as dangerously addicted as me. So now, for their sakes I have to ration myself as well as them.

    Oh … I almost forgot chocolate … don’t get me started on chocolate!!

  3. bettyrwoodward

    As I don’t like chocolate cake or deserts the mini puds are not a favourite. I know what Rachel means about the Haribo sweets I only get one if I’m with her ‘cos she eats the rest! How does she stay so slim? (probably running around after 3 little ones).
    Give me a cream doughnut any day. Soft doughnut with lashings of real double cream with strawberry sauce on top and maybe even a real strawberry. Strawberries and cream and icecream would come a close second I think.

  4. MostlySunny

    Growing up we liked “Moon Pies”.

    Had an Annie Oakly lunch box (I’m from the west!)

    Nowadays, I’m a Hershy’s Special Dark Chocolate fan; Cookies ‘N Cream ice cream on a small waffle cone makes for a perfect summer day.

    The Mini-Puds look delicious! I like what the box says – “Gu” (as in goooo?)

    And, I’ve been known to bake chocolate chip cookies and freeze for later. Then, just take one of those frozen puppies out and throw it in the microwave for, yes, exactly 10 second, and it comes out like you just baked it! Yummm. I’m getting hungry…

  5. MostlySunny

    And, yes grfdave – “real” popcorn is the best!!!

  6. rachelbaker

    …oh, and by the way, Mum and I will be joining you and jonny with that glass of wine, I like it red, and she likes it white. Not that we are in any way as attached to our wine as we are our haribo/cream doughuts!

  7. Silver Hair Fans

    Oh My Tori…I Love, Love, Love this subject…Twinkies rank right up there…Like the comedian Thor Ramsey says…Just being “Aliens” in this world…Our REAL home is in Heaven….Why try to stay here at the expense of “Good Comfort Food!!” Have some Twinkies for Jesus!! LOL

    But I have to admit my all time favorite is the “Chocolate Hostess Cupcake!!” When I was young that was a real treat….In fact my cousin and I, we were the same age, would always look forward to Sunday night suppers……chipped ham sandwiches…ice cream, potato chips, & Hostess cupcakes!! A real “Junk Food Delight!!”

    When we were visiting my cousin at the beach in CA last October…it just happened to be my birthday…they all surprised me with a “Hostess Cupcake Birthday Cake! A 4 layer one…What a treat, and it was a Sunday night to boot!!

    Ahhhh…Thanks For The Memories!! :-)

  8. trishARKANSAS

    Where’s the coffee? If we are going to have sweets we must have coffee. My children are so spoiled with the home baked stuff that they don’t like store bought sweets. I bake whats called a “Marshmellow Cake” You take a yellow cake mix and mix it together using the box directions but instead of using 3 eggs use 2. Then you take a greased cake pan, put a layer of mini marshmellows, pour cake mix over it, then you spoon out you favorite fruity pie filling over that. As it bake marshmellows rise to the top and the fruity stuff goes to the bottom. And it taste good warm or room temperature cool.


    Yeah, it really is like all of us around the kitchen table, wandering in & out of another room, stopping for a few to get in the conversation, then wandering off again for a few minutes. I love it, & it feels like home,too! Tori, I had to admit, though, when I saw the new blog entry, & had not yet read it, I held my breath & scrolled down to see if purple toes popped up somewhere. Whew! You can explain if ya want to, I am now tired of it, & am dreaming of those kinda new Oreo Cakesters. They come in chocolate, vanilla & peanut butter. Rich! I love them, but have to stay completely away, try not to even think about them until you started the Twinkie thing. Also, one of my MOST favorite desserts is definitely a southern thang, one my grandmother used to make very often in the fall – Persimmon Pudding – which not many people at all know about b/c the trees do not grow in many places. In fact, I have just found one in this area after living here 23 years off and on! Growing up outside Winston-Salem/High Point, the trees were common out in the rural areas, in the woods, & when playing I would know the locations of these on our property & get a quick snack. But, my grandmother would sqeeze the pulp out, mix it w/ egg, sugar & flour, & bake it. It becomes an almost gooey cake-like consistency, on which while warm you eat w/ a huge dollop of cook whip on top. The edges are a little hard, while the rest is smooth. I have never eaten any anywhere else, and no one here even knows what a persimmon is! But, after spying that tree the other day, stopping right in the folks’ (that I didn’t know)yard, & helping myself to a few that fallen to the ground, (thats where the ripe ones are), I began my search for a recipe, since my gandmother has been long dead. Does anyone out there know what I’m talkng about? It is scrumptous!

    Lunch box? my mother bought one of those aluminum ones similiar to ones construction crews carry – had to decorate it myself. I messed it up, was totally embarassed of it the whole year. No sweets were ever in it – peanut butter/jelly or crackers. She was strict. Ugliest box EVER! Tried to “forget my lunch” so that she would bring me $, nope – went hungry. She didn’t fall for it. Started taking the food out of the box & putting it in my pocketbook!
    Rachel – better get a bottle of White Zin for me, OK?

  10. meb

    Silver Hair Fans – you must be from somewhere around western PA. Outside of PGH I haven’t heard anyone else talk about chipped ham sandwiches.

    As for snacks – Hostess Ho Ho’s were always something I tried to trade for since my mother never bought the packaged snacks either. Of course I was always the kid with the “unusual” lunch. Marmite sandwiches, leftover Indonesian food, sambal and peanut butter sandwiches… Every once in a great while I’ll get them at the store. And then feel sick to my stomach after eating too many in one sitting. :-)

  11. Silver Hair Fans

    meb….Actually from Ohio, but chipped ham sandwiches were a favorite here too!! Also spent many summers in Reading, PA…eating Penna Dutch Food & chipped ham sandwiches!! Can you say…Shoo Fly Pie & Whoopie Pies! :-)

  12. ShowMeStGirl

    Okay Twinkies are the bomb! My sister has one of those “mock” recipes and yummm… Like I said on FB fried are awesome with whipped cream and chocolate. Frozen but the best is straight out of the package salavating like Pavlov’s dog as you take the first bite.
    The mini pud looks like one of those lava cakes from Applebees. humm..
    When I got married, I thought about having a “prank” wedding cake with Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Suzy-Q’s. Okay so I decided to wait until I had children.
    I like that thought.. “Around the Kitchen Table”. You learn so much and the things you learn about each other is amazing.
    Now wishing I had a smaller figure and could indulge in a Twinkie right now. I will settle for my weight loss because Skinny feels better than a Twinkie tastes!

  13. ShowMeStGirl

    Oh my new best dessert.. is ~ The Peanut Butter Company’s Dark Chocolate Dream Peanut Butter…. on an apple.. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

  14. swerchon

    (Rolling up my sleeves)
    Where do I begin, I LOVE SNACKS LOVE LOVE ‘em – sweets more than the salty ones for sure.

    Hostess chocolate cupcakes with cream filling, Mr Christies cookies (best chocolate chip cookies), Oreos (double stuff) and I love anything chocolaty from the KEEBLER Elves YUMMY. I definately have a sweet tooth. Not sure if anyone else does this….I used to put SUGAR (a lot of it) on top of my pancakes instead of syrup YUM (I would tell folks “it is just dehydrated syrup”

    “MY NAME IS SUSAN AND I’M A SUGAR & CHOCOHOLIC” I am proud to say that I have been chocolate-free/sober for 7 years.

    Since it is 99 days until…. (Yes, I’m going to say it…. until CHRISTMAS) every year I look forward to the seasonal Christmas Yules logs that VACHON makes, not sure if you get this brand in the US? I would buy these Yule log by the handful/mouthful (ahem – used to buy them).

    I too love the “TWINKIES” they definately ROCK… and anything CHOCOLATE – those MINI PUDS actually made me drool…..

    Great topic Tori, I had to dip my toe in all this gooey-ocity – thinking of chocolate truffles now…….thanks a lot :-(

  15. jonny

    Sorry, Tori, you may have to do yet another post post-edit. Towards the beginning of your second paragraph looks like you may have missed a little two letter word.

    OK, I’m a bit lost. Why, exactly, are you talking to ME?? I seriously have a hard time reading between the lines. Born that way. I guess I’m the one perched up on a counter?? By the way, I’ve been a percher probably since the age four or five when I first discovered Johnny Weismuller Tarzan movies on TV. But, am I also the one who’s supposedly brought some wine to this shin-dig? Or is this a subtle womanly way of suggesting I’ve spiked the punch?? I don’t do alcohol, so if someone spiked the punch it was more than likely LindaB = / Or did you spike your own punch?? You point me out as a counter percher, possible punch spiker, and then refer to yourself as well almost in the same breath! I thought you were taking care of the food, or something else in the kitchen?? Have Barbara, Themema, betty, Mama Lloyd, or some of the others given you a break and have taken over some of your responsibilities for you in that area, and now you’ve decided to become a percher too for awhile?? Oh, and by the way, we all know where LindaB is at this point by now, which is NOT in the kitchen!! Especially if you’ve invited Candy!!! After sipping, I’m mean ‘testing,’ some of the punch she more than likely spiked, she probably made a mad dash off to the bathroom shouting something about what a good thing it was to have brought an extra tooth brush with her!

    Well, since I don’t do alcohol, and should stay away from coffee, I guess I’ve brought the root beer then. The good stuff! Definately not Mug(g)!! My apologies in advance to any Mug(g) root beer affectionadoes. Or other similar, generic tasting brands.

    Oh, and at dinner parties I’m the guy who usually perches himself REALLY close to the tortilla chips and dip! Popcorn as well. Maybe even sliced carrots and dip. Other than tortilla chips, my other indulgences are pizza slices and fast food hamburgers. Had my fave tonight. From the golden arches. Over here it’s called the “double, giant-sized, cheese burger.” I’ll let you other Americans see if you figure out what the original title for it is.

    Oh, and rarely do sweet junk food type things. Don’t think I’ve ever been into twinkies. Probably the chocolate ones with the sea captain on the box. Ho-hos?? I used to ditch my lunch on the way to school for awhile, tell the kids who had something I was interested in that my mom forgot to make me a lunch. Got away with it for quite some time. One day outside after lunch a lovely white haired teacher, a good Roman Catholic, came to me and asked if my mom made of a lunch that day? I said no. She told me God punished liers. I still said “no” looking her straight in the eyes. She let me know she talked to my mom. She may have even produced the bag I ditched that day that my mom probably found following my path to school. Or it could have been waiting for me at home. Anyway, I simply started waiting for God punish me, or to see how he was going to do it. I believe that’s when I started to openly rebel, push the envelope to the extreme, thoroughly test many things, shortly after that waiting for God’s punishment period.

  16. rockin robyn

    Ooooh! Silver Hair Fans, you stole my thunder… Shoe Fly pie for sure and from down around Lebanon County – the “real” wet-bottom kind.

    And you twinky “junkies” we have a piece of history right here in ole PA. Ladyfingers is one of the oldest and most delicate of sponge cakes. Dating back from the House of Savoy in the eleventh century France. Very few Ladyfingers are produced today and Specialty Bakers Incorporated, a small, highly efficient bakery company on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Marysville, Pennsylvania, is known as The Ladyfinger Specialist. Virtually all the commercially available Ladyfingers in this country have been baked by Specialty Bakers since 1901. I’m only 10 minutes away and I’ll be taking orders. (***personally I don’t like them – they’re too sweet)

    Nothing can compare to that want, that need of some Oreo cookies and a tall glass of milk (with one ice cube in the milk glass please)… It’s fair season time around these parts and you have to track down some homemade fudge – preferably peanut butter. And finally — excuse me ***she reaches across the table to accept a hot cup of tea from Tori*** Thankyou! —ya can’t forget Krispy Kreme donuts!

  17. MostlySunny


  18. LindaB

    I’ve had a bad day. I’d tell you about it, but the list is too long.

    Okay, I’ll tell you about just one thing. My granddaughter, who lives with us, LOVES Chris Daughtry. Her dream is to see him in concert. He’s coming to Saginaw next month and she managed to get a ticket in the third row, front and center. She went to a friend’s house today and left me in charge of her dog, Tatum. I put him in his crate when I couldn’t watch him ’cause I had some things I had to do. Well, Tatum is Houdini reincarnated. He escaped the crate and found the Daughtry ticket on her dresser——and chewed it to bits!!!! FIFTY-EIGHT BUCKS WORTH OF CHEW TOY!!! When she came home and found it, she fell apart, literally, on the floor. She tried to find all the little pieces so she could glue them back together, in vain. She cried hysterically sitting there on the floor…. and I started crying too. After about thirty minutes of this melodrama, we got up and noticed something that looked like the ticket under the couch. We soon found that the ticket the dog chewed up was that “fake” ticket on top of the real ticket that has your name and stuff on it. Her real ticket was okay. It had some tooth marks on it, but it will work. She was all happy then……but I, being past 60 years old, don’t recover that quickly from the verge of a complete nervous breakdown! I’m still shaking!

    Well, anyway, that’s pretty much how the rest of the day went too, and on my way home tonight, I stopped and bought myself a double scoop of my favorite ice cream in the world—–White Russian by Ashby’s. It’s food for the gods! You should have to pay an extra luxury tax when you buy it. It’s that good. I came home, sat myself down with my quart of ice cream and began to inhale the wonderful stuff as I reached for the laptop to see if Tori had written some more on her blog for our entertainment, and she had! And I thought to myself (’cause no one else was around), “Gee, I hope Tori has written something new and uplifting, and comforting, and funny……and will make me laugh until this ice cream comes out my nose. I hope it isn’t something that will make me feel guilty or inadequate—–like her Zumba class, or how she can’t understand what happened to her size 2 waist… I sit there inhaling my ice cream and “celebrating” my 2x waist——-WHEN LOW AND BEHOLD, TORI TAFF CONFESSES HER LOVE FOR TWINKIES!!! VOILA!!! TOUCHE!!! BINGO!!! That’s where I live!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!! I’m with ya, Girl!!! You’re talkin’ my language now!!! TWINKIES ROCK!!

    But I gotta tell ya this…..a couple months ago I decided to buy one of those little golden sponge treasures to eat in the car while I wait for my granddaughter outside the doctor’s office. I hadn’t had one in at least ten years—–since I started that diet I’ve been on ever since and have lost the same ten pounds over and over again. That day I was feeling kind of low, and thought why have I denied myself Twinkies………has it helped me lose a respectable amount of weight over the years. NO!!! And I’m sure it will make me feel a whole lot better. Why not…….since I don’t have any wine anyway!! I need SOMETHING! So I bought just one package of them. HID THEM UNDERNEATH MY SEAT. (That’s the sad part.) And while A. was in the doctor’s office, I ate BOTH OF THEM!!! And ya know what? I was disappointed!!! They didn’t taste fabulously good like I remembered them. It wasn’t exciting or uplifting at all!! I’m tellin’ ya Tori, I could have set down and written that Hallelujah song, with all that angst and disappointment all over the place!!! Then I was really depressed! If you can’t count on a Twinkie to lift you out of the abyss, what can you count on…….that’s legal? I’m glad you still have a taste for Twinkies, Tori. I wonder if when you get older, if your taste buds wear out on ya too?

    Okay, that’s my Twinkie story. Sad, isn’t it? I’m gonna go put the rest of this ice cream in the freezer and go to bed. I’ll check back later.

    This is a wonderful little community and I like it. Thanks Tori.

  19. jonny

    Love you, LindaB!! Serious! But, you know that brother in Christ, dear friend line of love, not that Candy Christmas superficial child like puppy love fleeting crush like kinda thing. You are such a VITAL part of what makes this community wonderful to me! Hope the White Russian, ice cream, helped some.

    And really sorry I had to spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag, the dog out of it’s crate, and let Tori know you were the one who probablty spiked the punch. Really bad timing on that = / I really should’ve waited a day or while I still try and figure out why Tori’s looking at ME!! To be honest, it’s starting to make me feel a little uncomfortable = / And I KNOW she’s readin’ this because she’s already slipped that little two letter word in she forgot to put in earlier!!

  20. delightedabroad

    That is absolutely enlightening !!! What a pity that I don’t know half of the delicacies you talked about (it’s an optimistic estimate, though). At times my monitor was at risk of being spotted with pieces of insalivated, half-eaten cookies ! The ones which are dipped in dark chocolate…these and Twix bars are my favourites at present. Replenished with a big cup of coffee… In summer I prefer a glass of cold coffee with vanilla ice cream in it; or – the more ‘healthy’ alternative – strawberries, natural finish. Ok, sometimes it’s also nice with a bit of cream…

    LindaB, I hope you recovered from the dramatic events ?? And I hope too that the dog didn’t find/eat the new hamster…

    jonny, I found a proverb – though rather antiquated in language – that could be fitting: Methinks thou dost protest too much. :-)

  21. jonny

    Do-est thou now! Do I protesteth too mucheth, or posteth the Sayings of It! too oft??

    By the way, really liked the use of ‘insalivated.’ That’s a new one for me. And yes, let’s us hope that that master escape artist of a dog has not indeed found the new hamster!! = /

    And I truly don’t mean to protesteth too oft. I seriously, meaning NOT in a joking manner, do not get what the looking at me is in reference to! I don’t know how many times I’ve read it now, but I still don’t get it = / Is it because I’ve posted so much to help push the triple digits? Was it because of something I’ve posted?? Was it because I stop by here so often to catch the latest? I’ve often wondered if Tori is able to tell how often we stop by here and see if anything new is happening. Or, have I crossed some line or two and sat up on the counter?? For example, did I do it when it wasn’t appropriate?? Or, jumped up on the wrong counter?? These things would not be a first for me. Anyway, trying to let it go now.

    Really hope the woman who got my hopes up, only to let them plummet shortly after and mash to a thoroughly messy pulp on the rocks of reality below, only to then learn, discover all sorts of new things about what is is to love another, no matter what they’ve done to you, is doing MUCH better today!!

  22. karen48

    Growing up, Moon Pies were a real treat. As were Twinkies. We had very little money so when mom brought stuff like that home, we were in heaven. Twinkies are great with strawberries and cool whip. HoHos and Ding Dongs are good.

    I rarely buy that stuff. So why am I still ummmm….shall we say *fluffy*. I imagine I buy more than my mind lets me remember. Right now I have a box of Cashew Sandies by my computer at home. And they are actually lasting longer than a day or 2. What’s up with that? lol

  23. jonny

    Ding Dongs!! That’s IT!!! Thanks karen48!! = ) That’s what I ate of the three as a kid! A rather large family across the street often had loads of sugared junk food at their place. Had to go over there to eat any of this type of food because our family, nor any of the other families who’s homes I could hang out at, had this kind of junk food!! And it was Ding Dongs they had a lot of!! Weren’t they, or aren’t they wrapped in foil?? Or is that Ho-Hos??

    Oh, and delighted, I could keep praying for your sleep situation, and would do so gladly but maybe you could help out a little by NOT drinking COFFEE!! Hot, or cold. ???

  24. meb

    rockin robyn – I love lady fingers!!! My grandmother & my dad used to make a phenomenal dessert with lady fingers – it’s an ice box cake, dark chocolate, lady fingers, real whipped cream; that is so rich and decadent and delicious. My husband and I actually had one as our wedding cake. Thankfully I still have the recipe and make it every once in a while, but the prepackaged lady fingers just aren’t the same as what I used to be able to get fresh from a bakery in Pgh. I wonder if those are what I find in the store here in Ga.

  25. jonny

    OK, this post just became sooo much cooler than originally expected! I wasn’t sure what Moonpies were, exactly. I did remember I didn’t care for them as a kid. Anyway, I googled them. Mercy!! Can we get any more American than this when it comes to junk, snack, lunch box food!?! Next time I’m in the states I’m doing what I can get get a few bottles of RC Cola and some Moonpies, bring them back, then when in that Americana mood, slip in a Green Hornet radio show, pop open a bottle of RC Cola, un-wrap a Moonpie and see what happens!! By the way, they have Moonpie Tic-Tac-Toe on their web page. Winner gets bragging rights. Well, I’m usin’ em now!! = )

    If interested, please go to their web said and check out its history. Pretty fascinating, IMO.

  26. karen48

    Cracker Barrel is really good about carrying some of the older types of *junk* food. They have Moonpies now. They also have a lot of the candies from the different decades. Resistance is futile lol


    I love chipped beef on toast! I have a jar of it in my cabinet right now, waiting to make that white gravy & eat it over toast! YUM!
    Also, growing up in Winston-Salem, where alot of Moravians settled in the early years, we had alot of moravian cookies this time of year – and they were scrumptuous – my grandmother also made those buy hand & cut them out in different shapes. For those that don’t – its a very thin molasses-type cookie, made mainly around Christmas.
    Wonder where I can find that White Russian ice cream around here!

  28. auburn60

    I don’t have a favorite junk food but I had to laugh when Moon Pies got into the discussion. My husband came home from Sam’s last week with a big ol’ honkin’ box of BANANA Moon Pies, because I had said I ate banana Moon Pies and banana Popsicles when I was a kid. My son wasn’t pleased because he likes chocolate Moon Pies, but my husband told him I was allowed to be indulged once in a while.
    All that made me think of my piano teacher who was a local eccentric. She was about 4 feet tall and had flaming red hair (from a bottle,as we used to say.)Her philosophy of teaching piano was that her students would be happier while learning if they were eating. So she always scheduled at least 2 students at the same time–one to take a lesson and one to go to the store across the street. She would hand the second child a twenty-dollar bill with instructions to buy Dr. Pepper,circus peanuts, moon pies and ‘anything else you want’. She would actually stuff candy in your mouth while you played the piano.Oh the crumbs that fell on those piano keys! No wonder I can’t play piano to this day.

  29. jonny

    Yep, that should’ve been, ‘please go to their web page and check out its history.’ That Cracker Barrel sounds like my kinda place! In Placerville, where all my family has moved to at the momenti, their is a wonderful little Americana type candy shop with a few cool extras. Run by a church going Christian couple, interestingly enough. Also, their’s been a place in Old Scato for YEARS now that has a bunch of candies in barrels one buys by the weight. Wonder if it’s a Cracker Barrel?? Last time there I loaded up on cinnamon bears, root beer barrels and some candy my friend who brought me their said was one of the first, or the first, American hard candies.

  30. delightedabroad

    I’ll comment later, leaving for school now…

  31. LindaB

    Delivered, you need to find some place that sells Ashby brand ice cream first, then harass them until they stock White Russian. It is simply a white vanilla type ice cream with swirls of a dark dark Kahlua flavored chocolate yumminess!! Just three miles from my home there is a gas station/junk food conglomerate that features hand dipped Ashby’s ice cream. They have about twenty flavors available. I haven’t seen White Russion there in quite a while, probably years….until last week! I check everytime I get gas! I was thrilled last week when I saw it there again. I bought a double scoop that day—–which is about a quart. I was so happy and fulfilled…….and in a good mood! Such a good mood that my hubby came home from work the next day and brought another double scoop for me! Then I got that third double scoop last night. I hope they run out soon! Their ice cream comes to them in fifteen gallon containers. My hubby has offered to buy me one of those containers, (he even priced it out–$25), but I know that would not be a “healthy” choice. I just had my morning egg and toast……..and then ate the last of last night’s double scoop. I should make this my final White Russian fling. Delivered, if you find this wonderful ice cream, preceed with caution—-it is habit forming….and waist ruining!

    Jonny, I’m afraid it is my fault that Tori designated you as a possible wine drinking partner—–I’m the one who first labeled you as a “rock star”! And if anyone is thinking about finding a wine drinking buddy, who do you think represents the best prospect—-a Gaither music fan or a rock star???? See what I mean? I’m sorry, buddy. It’s a stereo type that you’ll just have to live with……on this blog, anyway. Enjoy it! ;)

    Tori, I’m so jealous that you can go back in and edit your posts—-a privilege we don’t seem to share. We have to live with our mistakes…….but that’s a whole other blog subject! LOL

    Karen, I love to peruse the Cracker Barrel isles of old fashioned treats I remember from childhood! It makes me feel so old though—-I hear other people there saying things like, “What is this stuff? Never heard of it!” And they’re forty years old!

    meb, is there still bakeries in your area? We’ve noticed here in our area that all the bakeries are gone! Out of business!! Finished! I guess it’s the new health consciousness out there that trumped those white flour and sugared, deep fried heart stoppers that we loved so much! So sad. Remember “creme horns”? Oh my!

    Robyn, you said the magic words—-Krispy Kremes!!! We got a new Krispy Kreme Donuts in Flint for the first time about four years ago. I’d never had them before, but since the place was right next to WalMart, I was bound to find them and check ‘em out sooner or later. And I LOVED THEM!! I would breeze through their drive thru whenever I went to WalMart, which was often. And I’d always joke around with the African American guy that worked the drive thru. Well, one day my hubby went with me to WalMart and he said, “Why don’t we go inside that new donut place and see ‘em make donuts?” And I said, “Oh, okay, but you know I’m trying to diet so lets don’t actually buy any.” He agreed and we went inside. It was cool. Then he said, “Let’s just buy a box and take ‘em home to the kids, okay?” And I said, “Oh, okay, but I don’t want one myself.” We went up to the counter and guess who was there to wait on us? Yes, the African American guy! He kept looking at me and finally said, “Hey! I know YOU! You’re that lady that goes through the drive thru all the time and always gets two donuts—-New York Cheesecake and Chocolate covered plain! Right?” BUSTED! The jig was up!

    And of course, I love this blog subject of junk food obsessions!

  32. jonny

    Your husband sounds like the devil in Flip Wilson’s ‘The Devil Made Me Buy That Blue Dress.’ = /

  33. GRITSinNC

    Hi Tori & other friends! Been missing you. I’ve been tied up in a difficult, time-consuming project recently and haven’t even read the previous blog nor added my SayIt yet, but at least I get in on this one.

    It’s a funny thing about aging…someone who never cared about sweets or snacks in the past now can’t get enough. I eat more snacks than I do real food (partly because there’s so much in the way of good food I can’t eat because of chronic illnesses). Anyhow…I have no idea what my favorite is. I actually usually prefer salty/savory over sweets but gotta have that sweet at least once a day. I like Twinkies okay…not my fav though. I really don’t know what is. I LOVE popcorn but haven’t been able to eat it for years because of a digestive problem…crave it SO bad. Just remembered…how could I forget…my favorite sweet snack is Krispy Kreme donuts. Forever & always. Someone mentioned Moravian cookies…yep, love them too. Usually have my daughter bring some at Christmas since she lives over that way (High Point). Also I keep a box of Little Debbie’s of some flavor or other in the house.

    Since I can’t think clearly right now, and since I can’t include popcorn, I guess my favorite salty is just plain old potato chips and Ranch dip. I can eat Ranch dip right out of the bottle. :o)

    Oh…and with the Moon Pies from the past, don’t forget to add the RC Cola. :o)

    I may have something more interesting to say later.

  34. GRITSinNC

    I did it again…added smilies. Maybe I’ll get over that habit eventually. Sorry.

  35. LindaB

    Grits, I keep a box of Little Debbie Oatmeal Cremes on hand all the time! They have oatmeal…..hello! They lower cholesterol, don’t ya know!

  36. auburn60

    Never could warm up to RC cola. I always liked stuff other kids didn’t like–like Fresca. I still like grapefruit to this day. Of course I’m talking a time period when you could only get drinks in bottles from a machine or–even better–a big old ice chest you had to reach down in to. That was another funny thing about my piano teacher–she only drank Diet Rite while putting away candy and moon pies and circus peanuts. Guess it negated the calories or something.

  37. LindaB

    LOVE YOUR PIANO TEACHER, Alyson!!! I bet your mother didn’t have to drag you to piano lessons!

    Tori, I’ll have a glass of wine with you! What wine do you suggest goes with donuts and ice cream???

  38. Sheena

    Reading this made me so hungry that I went and got a snack before replying. I think it’s impossible for me to pick a favourite snack, depends what I’m in the mood for. I’m rather well known with a couple of friends though, for being able to sit down to watch a film and just devour an entire bowl of popcorn. Yum!

  39. karen48

    Linda, I forgot the part about oatmeal lowering cholesterol. May have to get me a box of the Little Debbies. lol

    I forgot to add in my other posts. Sometimes it’s a sweet, salt, sweet, salt marathon. Eat one, want the other…and on and on and on.

  40. auburn60

    Linda,the best part about piano lessons was that we had the run of the whole local Baptist Church after we got through with the lesson. There were always lots of other kids there, either waiting to be picked up or waiting for their lesson. Our teacher (Miss Nancy) never had any control of us–she didn’t have a clue what we were up to if we weren’t right in front of her. So we played in that empty church. We ‘preached’ from the pulpit, sat in the choir loft, wrote funny messages on the blackboards in the Sun. school rooms (we thought they were funny,they probably were stupid) peeked in the offices…ever had the run of a huge church when no one else is there? It feels kind of spooky–like God Himself is gonna reach down and grab you by the scruff of your neck and say ‘Whoa, there…what do you think you’re doing?’… It was trippy. Weird to remember that. I must be getting old. As my kids would say, ‘Good story, Grandma’ as they roll their eyes.

  41. JnnfrSr

    For sweet snacks, my absolute favorite guilty pleasure are Little Debbie swiss rolls and zebra cakes. I am not ashamed to say I hide them from my children AND my husband when I buy them.

    For salty, there is nothing that beats Meijer brand cheese puffs and cheese balls. I’ve tried several other brands, including Utz cheese puffs and Cheetos, but none melt in your mouth and leave your fingers as orange as the Meijer brand cheese puffs!

  42. delightedabroad

    Home again…and full with French words. Let’s see – want did I want to comment ??
    OK, first of all, jonny, I keep to decaffeinated coffee and it’s not that I couldn’t sleep at all or couldn’t fall asleep. Coffee doesn’t change a bit of the situation, I’ve tested that.
    Agree with you, Karen48, on some days I can hardly stop that marathon and afterwards I feel sick.

  43. trishARKANSAS

    I have got Star Bucks right down the road. My favorite is the Caramel Iced Coffee. I think my favorite snack cake would be Sno Balls with all the coconut and the cream center.


    GRITS – I knew you’d know about Moravian cookies, I figured you were over that way somewhere. I grew up in W.S./High Point area. That’s where the Moravians settled, up by Kernersville, where we had our land & horses. My mother & stepfather live in Wallburg now, suburb of W.S. And, keep on smiling! They took that feature off this computer!

    OK – another one of my MOST FAVORITE THINGS/SNACKS, -but have also had to stay away from is Baked Brie w/ slivered almonds. LOVE IT!!!! Got some in the fridge, was gonna save it & bake it when my dau comes in from college this weekend – but……..ummmmmm…….

    I just love cheeses, hors doeuvres (?), little finger food snacks. LOVE quiche. Love flaming plum pudding like my mother made once or twice at Christmas, FOR COMPANY, NOT US! She also made this blissfully delicious coconut cake made of sour cream, w/ the icing also made of sour cream! Her favorite cake/snack is orange slice cake.(mix between spice cake & fruit cake – delicious!).
    Also, love homemade chess pies.

  45. jonny

    SNOW BALLS!!! ROCK!!!!! Man, totally forgot them… til now!!

  46. trishARKANSAS

    Well, this will be the last day I get to sit around Tori’s table for a while. I am being laid off. No problem. This will give me more time to eat Sno Balls and drink coffee!

    It has really been a GREAT PLEASURE getting to know all of you and your pets!!!

  47. trishARKANSAS

    Speaking of pets… How is Pip’s hiney? He might need a Twinkie just to help heal his wounded backside and his pride.

  48. LindaB

    Oh Trish, I’m so sorry to hear you’re being laid off! That’s tough! We will sure miss you, but come back soon—–there’s always a place saved at the “table” for you, Dear!!! We loves ya!

  49. LindaB

    Oh, and we’ll be prayin’ for ya, Trish, that God will provide all you need, and that He will draw close to you and walk along side of you, bearing your burdens and surprising you with joy at every turn!

  50. trishARKANSAS

    LindaB-I’ve become so busy with work that I have been neglecting other things. Such as family, my devotional time, and even the children’s church. Maybe I can catch up again. I loves ya too. Save my place at the table. I will be back soon.

  51. LindaB

    We’re countin’ on it, Trish!


    LindaB – you are just the sweetest! Ya know, I was once in a program called Teen Challenge, directed/founded by David Wilkerson, (Cross & the Switchblade), and the director of the home up in Garrison, NY was named Mrs. Benton. We all called her Ma B. You remind me so much of her. She was witty, street smart, but the most caring,loving person I had ever met, especially not to ever had met us b4 we got off the streets. You are just as sweet as she is.


    OK, Tori – who is Edie, & what am I missing?

  54. LindaB

    Delivered, YOU are very kind………..and you don’t know me very well! LOL I appreciate your compliment, and thank you. But I’m just another sinner saved by grace, and trying my best to know my place! (See, I’m a poet too……sort of.) Bless you!

  55. Steve Weber

    All this talk is making me… Darn, I ate the last of the Entenmanns’ cookies. Original recipe, you know. There might be some Entenmanns’ chocolate donuts left. The But I’d say that my favorite is Black Forest cake. The authentic (German) kind. My friends mom is a retired baker and she makes the best. Actually the best of everything. Just thinking about it makes me happy.

  56. jonny

    Well, trish, sorry you won’t be with us for awhile, but looks like Christ is about to do some new, wonderful things with you now! He’s all about new. And change, of course = )

    Sorry delighted, I was not aware there was decaf in the Fatherland!! My bad. Please forgive!

    And speaking of all this American and British ‘snack’ food, who’s willing to send a few care packages to delighted so that she is able to more properly judge these things for herself, see if she really is missing out on anything special!?!

  57. LindaB

    No problem, Jonny! I’ll just wrap up a half gallon of White Russian ice cream and put it in the mail!

  58. jonny

    I knew it!! I was going to mention in the previous Say it!, “… except for the ice cream, unless sent packed in dry had, or however one is able to send it.” Then I figured, ‘naw, surely these good people, even if sinners, can figure that one out for themselves.” I obviously forgot to take into account one person, though = /

  59. LindaB

    Yep, I used to be blonde! Don’t overestimate me.

  60. jonny

    Oh, and still can’t figure out whether Tori looking at ME is a good thing or not = /

  61. jonny

    I’ll try not to!! And really sorry to make you blow your ‘Gaither’ cover! Looks like a few other wine drinkers, aka ‘punch spikers,’ aka white russian ‘ice cream’ lovers, have started coming clean as well! I guess once that first domino’s been pushed… But, confession is good for the soul! Or so I’ve been told.

  62. Silver Hair Fans

    Oh My…All this talk about Shoo Fly Pie (wet bottom made with the special dark molasses Grandma’s brother would bring from Reading PA) Whoopie Pies, & PA Lady Fingers has set my mind to spinning!! I dug out my Grandmother’s Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book of Fine Old Recipes…dated 1934 and started going through the recipes! Oh the memories…I guess I had forgotten just how much she cooked & baked from “taste and feel” There is still one recipe I have never been able to master…her “Dutch Apies Cake!!” No matter how I tried it just didn’t have the “Heavenly Taste Of hers!!” She somehow knew when it needed just a little more of this and a little more of that!!
    I will always remember how she used to come stay with my Hubby and I after we were first married…she was in her 80’s but we had trouble keeping up with her…I would say…”Hmmmm Not sure what we’ll have for supper tonight” and she would laugh and say let me look in the kitchen and before you knew it she had found a leftover piece of beef roast and some broth and had the best pan of “Beef & Rivel Soup you ever tasted!! She would find some apples in the crisper and soon had a skillet full of fried apples with brown sugar & maple syrup, and had baked up the “lightest and fluffiest” homemade biscuits to go with them!! Oh how I miss those meals!! We would tell her how delicious it was and she would laugh and say…”Well when you grew up like I did, one of 13 kids in Reading PA, you learned to improvise!! Improvise…now that’s a word that isn’t heard much today!! :-(
    You know…I’m putting Grandma’s Cook Book up on my pull down recipe holder in my kitchen…with Autumn coming soon and the Holidays following close behind I think I will try and copy some of “Grandma’s Improvising!!” Who know what aromas and baked delights will show up in my kitchen this year!! :-)
    Thanks Tori for this Blog that has cleared some of the cobwebs from my memories!! Why Heck…I may just attempt “Grosmutter’s Pound Cake” this Christmas!!

  63. LindaB

    Silver Hair Fan, (may I call you “Silver” for short?), I found an article in Woman’s Day once and it was a collection of recipes from who was proported to be the best cook in some Pennsylvania Dutch county. And they were terrific! I still have some of them! One was for whoopie pies and I’ve made them regularly every Christmas season! My kids would kill for them!

    Jonny, didn’t someone say here already that after you ruin your reputation, you can truly live free!!! LOL

  64. jonny

    Man, I deeply, truly miss two of my grandmothers right now! A great grandmother from my mom’s side, and my dad’s mom. I believe my brother has both their recipe boxes. Oh, and D, I’ll check with my brother about your persimmon pudding. When I was home last time if did a lot with them. Did a nice bread, actually.

  65. jonny

    OK, LindaB, maybe I’m just in denial myself. Trying to maintain an already shot to that place that ends two ‘L’s reputation, but am just man enough to accept it yet = /

  66. jonny

    No wonder this Tori looking at me all the time is constantly eating at my conscious!!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist = /

  67. meb

    Lindab – we have one independent bakery in town. The rest are either Wal mart, K mart, or the grocery stores. Growing up in Pittsburgh we had all sorts of different bakeries – all different nationalities too. Oh how I miss those; apricot Danishes from one of Jewish bakeries, Italian wedding cookies and cannolis from the Italian bakeries, and oh so many more.

  68. GRITSinNC

    Delivered, I’m actually a Raleigh native but moved about 30 miles west to get away from what Raleigh had become, to a little country town about 16 miles south of Chapel Hill so I’m still actually too close to too many “outsiders”, but also closer to all my doctors at UNC, another reason for the move. LOL Love it here…except non-existent shopping close by. Daughter lived in Kernersville for several years but is now in High Point. High Point, Kernersville, Winston-Salem, & Greensboro all meld together IMO anyhow. Back on topic…I’d give anything to have some Moravian cookies right now.

    Chess pies! Forgot to mention them, you reminded me. An absolute favorite and my specialty when I need to take a covered dish somewhere, a habit which I got from my grandmother. I’ve learned not to eat a slice at bedtime though…those things are so full of sugar that you get a sugar high and can’t sleep.

    Trish, sorry about the job, but if you don’t have a computer at home, you can still stay in touch by using computers at the library. Best wishes & God’s blessings on you.

    Auburn, I never got into RC Cola either.I’m not crazy about Moon Pies either…I just mentioned RC & Moon Pies together because that seems to be an old Southern “thang”.

    I grew up playing in a huge Baptist church too, but it was because my grandfather was the building custodian and I went with him to work. I was a good little girl though & didn’t do naughty things. Have learned that my children did some not-so-nice things in the same church building when they were growing up, though it was during or between services,usually on Wednesday grandfather had moved on to another job by then.

    SilverHairFans, hang onto that recipe book of your grandmother’s…what a treasure. I’ve just finished making a Favorite Family Recipe book and was fortunate to have many of my grandmother’s recipes in her writing to include, including the aforementioned chess pie recipe.

    LindaB, I am so not a fan of Chris Daughtry. Anybody can scream. Guess it’s an age thing. LOL I also question his style as a good Christian example for the young though he’s supposedly a Christian, and was a worship leader. Again, guess I’m just showing my age.

    I’ve rambled on way too much so it’s time to hush and quit taking up space. Hugs to all.

  69. LindaB

    Ah!!!! Chess pies!!!!I make those at Christmas time too!!!! Love ‘em!

  70. Silver Hair Fans

    LindaB…You sure can…I bet there are some great recipes in that collection you have. Years ago our son always wanted either Sugar Cookies or Whoopie Pies when he had to take treats to grade school. Do you remember if there was a recipe for Moravian Hickory Nut Cake in that collection! Talk about a cake to die for…especially with Brown Sugar Icing!! OH I’m really getting hungry here! :-)

  71. LindaB

    No, Silver, there wasn’t a recipe for a Moravian Hickory Nut Cake. Wish there was—-it sounds delicious! Have you tried Googling it? I”ve found lots of wonderful recipes online. I even make my own homemade ranch dressing now. It’s so simple and a lot less expensive than buying those little envelopes…..especially the way my family goes through ranch dressing! They even put it on pizza!

  72. LindaB

    Hey! I can’t call you “Silver” anymore!! It just dawned on me that that was the name of the Lone Ranger’s horse!!! Can I call you S.H.? OR, if you prefer, I could call you by your given name—–unless you’re incognito!

  73. Silver Hair Fans

    Ha Ha…LindaB I’ve been called worse….We could try Silver Bullet but I think JoAnne, my real name, will be just fine. LOL My Grandmother’s Cook Book has the Moravian Hickory Nut Cake recipe in it…I was just wondering if the Woman’s Day Collection had it also. I could post it here if you like.

    Grits…Don’t worry I keep good care of Grandma’s Cook Book…It is so old that is is becoming brittle & yellowing so I keep it in a large zip lock bag. Our son is getting married in 7 weeks so I plan on copying some of the recipes into a booklet for our future daughter-in-law.

  74. LindaB

    When my nephew got married in the spring, his cute little wife loved to cook! So I copied all our family recipes and told a little about who’s recipe it was and how I came to get it. She absolutely loved it! I put them all in plastic page covers and then in a notebook. Then I bought them a big soup pot like mine ’cause so many of the recipes made a lot!

  75. jonny

    Love the Lone Ranger, Tonto, their horses!! Gave my brother some of the radio shows on CD and turned him onto them. A recent 75th anniversary DVD set of the TV show has been receiving rave reviews!! Oh, and LR is the great uncle of Britt Reed, aka the Green Hornet!

    OK, Grits, I thought taking up space here is what this blog is all about!! She, or he, who takes up the most space wins?? And remember Tori: No triple digits, Tori ends up needing profession help.

    OK, D, lots of different persimmon pudding recipes out there!! As suspected, my brother has made some. He suggested checking out the book Old Fashioned Persimmon Recipes from Bear Wallow Books. He has the book and says there are different recipes for it in it. They also have a web page:

    And sorry if my name shortening without permission was out of place, bothered or offended anyone. Just made it a little easier on the thumb. If anyone would like me to go back to their full user name, or some other name, please, just let me know!


  76. jonny

    OK, two ‘WOW’s!! First, I mentioned LR’s 75th anniversary in that last Say it!, and it happened to also be the the 75th post on this thread!! I wasn’t aware of that at the time! Second, when I suggested the web page all I wrote was www(dot)…(dot)com. This smart little blog of Tori’s did the rest!! It added the ‘http’ stuff at the beginning and set up the link at the blink of an eye!! Oh, and appreciated your conversation JoAnne and LindaB!!

    Something relating to an earlier thread, just recieved a bit of good news out of the tragic thing that happened to my father’s side of the family. Thanks so much for the prayers!!


  77. rachelbaker

    It seems I have been sleeping during most of the table talk! I certainly hope Trish can come back and chin-wag with us again soon.

    I’m pleased something good has come out of the tragedy jonny.

    Could one of my american friends please let me know what chess pie is? I am now enlightened to all things twinkie, but is seems I need to learn more about the home cooked sweet delights!

  78. delightedabroad

    You’re right rachelbaker; well, in fact I was asleep somehow…but still don’t know what chess pie is e.g. As I read jonny’s idea of sending me samples I thought ‘and what’s with LindaB’s ice cream?’ Thank you so much, LindaB. It’s something new for me: not yet being really awake but already laughing out loud !
    And jonny, I’m sipping my TEA…

  79. jonny

    Caffeine free, I hope = ) I remember drinking some black tea in Germany that have my heart a serious workout!!

  80. delightedabroad

    jonny, that depends on how long you let it brew – under 3 min. it’s stimulating, more than 3 min. rather soothing. And yes, in the morning it IS black tea/first option but during the day I change to herbal tea or water (sometimes with flavour…:-) )
    Man, I missed Flitzi’s morning routine…

  81. jonny

    Actually, it depends where the tea is from, from my understanding of things. The tea I had that made coffee as harmless as mother’s milk was from Ost ‘freeze’ land, in the north.

  82. delightedabroad

    I didn’t get a recipe book from my mother-in-law; instead we used to cook together on one day/week for a while. Each of us brought a recipe (the other didn’t know) by turns. I liked that kind of working together because both of us learned new things. And as Tori already described that’s the perfect situation for deep/funny/private talks.

  83. jonny

    Oh, and GRITZ, not everyone can do the ‘screaming,’ or scream/sing thing. It is an art and technique unto itself. I know nothing of the vocalist you are writing about, but some ‘screamers’ just blow me away with what they are to get away with, and how they do it!! Russ is one of them, or was. Don’t know if he still does it. I was reminded of this, or discovered it anew, when listen to the video the boys did in the eighties that Tori posted.

  84. delightedabroad

    I’m not 100% sure, jonny; I learned that the theine in black tea reacts as I described before no matter what sort it is. In any case I keep my fingers off that kind of tea after the first cup in the morning :-)

  85. jonny

    I wonder if this will be the record amount of time in which we reach the triple digits level in, and Tori gets THE sponsorship deal of a lifetime?? She really hit the mark with this last topic, especially with our brothers and sisters abroad!!

  86. delightedabroad

    What do you mean ???? Brothers and sisters abroad ????

  87. jonny

    In America, not over here on the European continent.

  88. delightedabroad

    OK, got it ! :-/

  89. GRITSinNC

    Okay, here’s the chess pie recipe. May sound weird but I guarantee it’s delicious. Start with an unbaked pie crust. I use frozen ones cause I hate to make pie crusts, but if you like the mess of making your own, go for it. I suggest deep dish though…the recipe seems to overfill a regular crust. BTW, my grandmother could roll out the thinnest crusts you ever saw…don’t know how she even picked it up to put it in the pie plate.

    Melt 1 cup margarine, add to 1-1/2 cup sugar to which 1 tablespoon cornmeal has been mixed in, 3 beaten eggs, 1-1/2 teaspoon vinegar, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Mix till smooth and pour into unbaked pie shell. Bake at 325 for about 45 minutes.

    Southern white fine stone ground cornmeal is best for everything…not sure how it’ll turn out with the gritty yellow cornmeal. Anyone know?

  90. GRITSinNC

    jonny, Russ used to scream? I’ve never heard Russ sing anything any way close to what I call screaming, but then I haven’t been familiar with him for a very long time.

    The screamers I’m talking about are the hard rockers…it’s not even music IMO. I’m an old fogey.

  91. jonny

    Yeah, there are a lot of different types of ‘screams.’ Russ did more of a scream/shout/sing thing. A very loud, rough sounding style of singing. I’m not sure how else to describe it. I’m not big on that heavy metal high pitched, falsetto yell thing, but I do love a good ol’ bustin’ out from the depths of one’s diaphragm and ripping past the vocal chores, old black gospel, soul shout/scream thing. I let one rip last week, a long one, and half way through it many of the much-better-than-me-technically vocalists and other musicians started yelling loudly in delight and encouragement. Not to brag, but just to show how respected certain types of screams/yells are among the well trained. I remember a clip from the old Tom Jones TV show where he and Donny Osmond were singing together. Tom let a truly rockin’ soul type scream slip out. Donny then tried to let one rip as well and HURT himself! His voice box I mean. He quickly cut the attempt short, and when it wasn’t his turn to sing for awhile, or was it after the song, he just looked over, up at Tom massaging his throat a bit. Some types of screams just aren’t that easy, even for some of the pros is all I’m sayin.’

  92. jonny

    Oh, and thanks for the recipe, GRITS! Funny thing is I thought it was a ‘cheese’ pie! Went through the recipe a couple times wondering why there was no cheese in the ingredients… Then looked back up at the name again. Guess I’ll have to go out an’ buy another egg to replace the one I just waisted on my face ; )

  93. delightedabroad

    Who’s able to read has an advantage…:)
    Am I the only one with problems logging out ?

  94. jonny

    I don’t know. I never log out = / I just “exit” and hope I don’t have to log in the next time I go on line!! I also figured, for those that have their own computers and are not using a public one, that they could save their ‘challenging to remember’ pass word on some sort of Word or Note Pad program and then just copy and paste when one has to log in again = ) Maybe save it to desk top??

  95. GRITSinNC

    I never log out either. I just close out with the little “x” in the upper right corner. Sometimes though my cookies somehow get deleted, then I have to go through that getting a new password log-in thing.

    jonny, I’ll try to talk about the screaming “music” subject later…short of time right now. What you did at your recent gig sounds like a God thing! BTW, I’m a Donny Osmond and Tom Jones fan. :o) I’d love to go to Donny & Marie’s show in Las Vegas…it’s getting good reviews and attendance. Well, actually, I’d rather just have a DVD than go. :o)

  96. GRITSinNC

    On my,I did those silly smileys again that leave a dangling parenthesis. I leave dangling parentheses instead of dangling participles. vbg

  97. jonny

    Yeah, I thought you might ‘relate’ to the Donny and Tom Jones story = ) And I think I get what you mean concerning the screaming thing, I just wanted to publically clear up a few things on the subject, use it to make my peace, so to speak. And you have every right NOT to like something!! And yes, a DVD of that show does sound interesting…

    And I also wonder why your ‘smiley’ faces have that extra bit hanging from them… and others don’t! A puzzle for sure = /

  98. themema

    Hi, bloomr fans. I have not been around much recently, but I could not resist jumping in here. I am amazed that no one has mentioned cow pies. One of the ladies in the local Mennonite Church still makes them for the annual bake sale, and they sell out FAST!

    And back to the question about Chess pies. My favorite chess pie is lemon chess. Just add freshly squeezed lemon to the batter. Experiment a little to see how much you like. We use right much lemon because we like it to pucker our lips! Sweet and tart! I have never found a substitue for using fresh squeezed lemons. Nothing else is as good. Chocolate chess is pretty popular around these parts these days, also.

    My husband is the Twinkie Junkie. I wish I could remember what I loved as a child. It was a white cake, much like the sponge cake in Twinkies with a white cream filling, and a chocolate covering that was more wax than chocolate.

    As a teen, my absolute favorite snack was hot glazed Krispy Creme Donuts. After Sunday nite church, a group of us would drive 20 miles to the nearest city and buy several dozen hot donuts and eat them all before they got cold. I still have a hard time passing the HOT sign when it is flashing. Back then, I could easily eat 6. Now, 1 is usually my limit at one time.

  99. jonny

    Well, delighted, it looks lie our brothers and sisters abroad have up the ghost after just one day of being active. Except GRITS, of course! And, it has just become too frustrating for me to be only two Say it!s away from the triple digits for so long now!! Gotta do something about it. East! Never heard of many of these desserts, sweeties before! Shoo Fly Pie, Whoopie pies, chess pies or anything Moravian before!! I think I may have heard of any pies before, but may be confusing that with any paddies = /

    OK, just one more little Say it! now and we’re in the triple digit stratosphere once again = )

  100. rachelbaker

    Well it needs to be done jonny, so here I am! I have a baby with a tummy bug today, and the smell in my house is not good, I am not capable of thinking of snacks of any sort!

  101. jonny

    Hopefully you’re able to open a window or two = /

    Oh, and I forgot to thank themema stopping by and laying a big ol’ Say it! on us! Thanks themema!!

  102. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Feeling a bit like someone from Mars, my children were never drawn to Twinkies….we all just loved TastyCakes. But that was for school lunches, trips in the car, etc. Our real passion was for Krispy Kremes….usually the creme-filled ones….but we’d stop traffic to turn in when the H-O-T sign was in the window.


    jonny – now, i don’t know for sure, but i think that rock-n-roll is a little wilder than what i grew up w/. I had a group of beach music guys named the Chairmen of the Board, that basically raised me after i left home, taught me how to drive, read maps, set up sound, mikes, amps, monitors, amongst other things. we got into lots of trouble & did lots of things all over the east coast, but i think beach music has no comparison w/ good ole rock & roll, even in finland. many a time we had a weekend gig at the beach, but never even saw the water! glad i am delivered, you, too. they play in my area quite a bit, but they are still doin the same stuff, i am not. miss them, but after 30 years of crazy rides, days w/out sleep, town after town, song after song, i will do that music life trip vicariously through someone else! too crazy. how do you stay i that industry, in clubs, and stay spirtually healthy? i do not think i could do it.

  104. kidpyramid

    I had a sickening love for Suzy-Q’s which was just a cream sandwich with two slices of chocolate cake as the bread. Then, after years of not seeing them in any store, I came upon a Hostess outlet and bought a package. They weren’t quite revolting but I found that I can easily live without them.

    Now, I don’t know if this qualifies as not-so-good-for-me but I cannot pass up Boudin’s San Francisco sourdough bread. And it must be baked and purchased in “The City” or, better yet, right on Fisherman’s Wharf. I once bought some at one of their chain bakeries in Walnut Creek and it didn’t taste at all the same. Some say it has something to do with the air around San Francisco because all of their bakeries use the same starter from way back in 1849. Whatever the reason it just tastes better coming from The City and whenever I find myself passing within 80 miles of San Francisco I will plan my trip to include a stop at Boudin’s on Fisherman’s Wharf!

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