The Perfect and the Broken Hallelujahs*

I love it when life feels full of possibilities! You know that hopeful feeling, when it seems as if you’re poised on the brink of something good, maybe a new job or a new friendship or a new season in your life? Actually now that I think about it, things have sort of felt that way around here, lately. It’s like a honeymoon, that brief giddy period before reality sets in. Yeah, I love that.

So it stands to reason that my least favorite feeling, what I hate the most, is when all of those promising dreams have been dashed and I’m left standing in the smoking ruins of disillusionment– angry at myself for daring to hope or believe in whatever it was that has now let me down, and angry at God for letting it happen.

I’ve spent a lot of my life somewhere in between those two places. Not wildly careening back and forth (I’m not really a “careening” kinda girl), more like cautiously basking in the ‘full of possibilities’ days and doggedly struggling to survive the disillusioning ones. Optimistic by nature, I’ve never lingered in the Land of the Hopeless long enough to really set down a taproot, but I have definitely spent more time than I would like to admit wandering around in the State of Numbness– detached, listless, emotionally muted. It’s like drawing a big ol’ self-protective cloak around myself, except that of course, it never works. It doesn’t actually protect me from anything, it just serves to delay the feelings that I am trying so hard to avoid. And then when I do inevitably have to face my grief and sadness, it’s as though they’ve gathered strength in the meantime like one of those tropical storms that hover out over the ocean and develop into a Category 5 hurricane before they return to land and flatten everything in sight. Sadly, the numbness never really seems to last long enough to soften the blow. At best, it just buys me a little time between initial shock and grudging acceptance.

You’d probably think that someone who hates disappointment as much (and as melodramatically) as I do would be very leery about daring to hope again, wouldn’t you? Well, you’d be wrong. For better or worse, before I know it, something or someone will show up on my metaphoric doorstep and I will sense that stirring in my heart, that lightening of my spirit, that feeling that once again, life is full of possibilities. And I will happily allow myself to be seduced by it– because honestly, who wants to live in a world without hope? Not this middle-aged blonde.

I need to believe that the horrible, shot-thru-the-heart moments in life are survivable. Not only that, but I need to believe if we allow God to work that alchemy that only He can do, the devastation those experiences leave in their wake can be born again as wisdom, compassion and yes, *she says in spite of herself*, even victory. I need to know that I am not left alone in my sorrow, that Someone is there even when I can’t feel Him, rooting for me, waiting for me, empowering me. And I need to know that the universe, for all of it’s mystical inscrutability, does still contain some absolutes, some things that have proven to be true again and again– and the most important one is that God does indeed love me, beyond all reason. He can’t help it, it’s who He is. After all, the primary message of the gospel is redemption, it’s what God does best. He takes something that has died and breathes life back into it. My job is to simply believe that even when I don’t understand and wholeheartedly HATE what is happening to me, there is a power greater than myself at work. If I allow myself to surrender to that power, the anguish and despair will eventually fade and what remains will be a hard-won faith that I can call my own. Because even though grace is free, sometimes faith has a price.

I’m so grateful for each of those crystalline, rose-colored, gloriously expectant moments in my life. And reluctantly, I’m also grateful for each of the shatteringly sad, desperate and disenchanted moments, too. I’ve learned to recognize and accept them both as the ultimately redemptive gifts they are– the perfect and the broken.


(*I borrowed my title from my favorite Leonard Cohen song. Here’s a bunch of Norwegian guys performing the best version I’ve ever heard:)

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  2. MostlySunny

    I just posted this on the previous entry, then saw this. Thought it might be appropriate to add it here, too.

    I teach an adult Sunday school class in my church. We’re just finishing up studying the Hebrew names of the God in the Old Testament (Kay Arthur book “LORD, I Want to Know You”). Theses names of God reveal His character and His ways. Here’s what I know for sure: He is…

    *Jehovah/YHWH/YAH – The Self-Existent One
    *El – Strong and Mighty
    *Elohim – Creator of everything seen and unseen
    *El Elyon – God Most High
    *El Roi – He sees me right where I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m going
    *El Shaddai – All-Sufficient and Almighty
    *Adonai – He is to be my Lord and Master – the authority of everything in my life;
    *Jehovah-jireh – He provides exactly what I need, when I need it;
    *Jehovah-rapha – He is the One who heals – physically, mentally, spiritually – body, soul and spirit;
    *Jehovah-nissi – the LORD my banner; it is under His Name that we live and breathe and can do anything at all
    *Jehovah-mikoddiskem – the One who sanctifies me – makes and declares us holy
    *Jehovah-shalom – in Him alone is peace
    *Jehovah-sabaoth – He is the LORD of hosts – armies of heaven, angels, heavenly hosts – sun, moon, stars, LORD of the host of all creation.
    *Jehovah-raah – He is the Good Shepherd, who cares and protects us, His flock; the One who oversees and has our good in mind always
    *Jehovah-tsidkenu – our righteousness – we can’t be or become righteous on our own
    *Jehovah-shammah – the LORD is there…always!
    *El Olam – The Everlasting God, eternal
    *Immanuel – God with us…indeed!

    I hope one of these truths about Who God IS helps someone get through the next hour, day, week or year…until He returns

  3. MostlySunny

    I listened to that song with my hands lifted high!

    Thank you for that!

  4. Phyllis R

    WOW! I am at a loss for words. Both Tori and MostlySunny’s post touched me deeply. I love that song!

  5. jonny

    Well, we didn’t make the 200 mark in time on the last one, but let’s see how it goes this time ’round. Yea, Tori, I got the source of the title the moment I read it. Appreciated what followed. Thanks. What I don’t get with my phone is the link to your fave version of the song. Mind letting me know so I could try and YouTube it? I’m supposed to sing it at as a prelude to one rather large Lutheran mass for young adults in a couple weeks. I believe it’s going out live on radio as well. Jeff Buckley’s recorded Grace version is still the one that works for me best. I believe Leonard Cohen has stated it’s the ultimate version of the song he wrote. And speaking of wonderful songs Mr. Cohen wrote, I recently discovered he wrote a song for the late, and amazingly great vocalist Carl Anderson. Absolutely gorgeous song for a wonderful man, brother. For those not familiar with Carl Anderson, he played Judas in the 1970’s film version of Jesus Christ Superstar. And speaking of that mass I’m supposed to be singing at, and JCS, at the beginning of communion I hope to sing my version of Could We Start Again Please. Musically the same, lyrics changed to more suit someone who find’s themselves not were they thought they were, or should be, so to speak. It would then be followed by Undercover’s Come Away With Me.

    By the way, I think Russ would do a pretty amazing vocal take on the Halleluja piece as well. FWIW. OK, enough rambling for now. Someone else’s turn…

  6. tori

    jonny, look up “Hallelujah” posted by Highinder69.

    On another version of the same video (posted on youtube as “Hallelujah shrek song” by senjalady) they are identified as “Espen Lind(on guitar), Askil Holm, Alejandro Fuentes, Kurt Nilsen(World Idol) 4 norwegian great singers.” You might be familiar with them!

    I’ve heard the song done by all kinds of different singers as well, and this one absolutely kills me, especially that last baby-faced, gap-toothed blonde guy with the unexpectedly incredibly soulful voice.

  7. Phyllis R

    Oh man, if I might something here…(I kind of feel like I am eavesdropping on you and Jonny’s conversation)…when that baby faced blonde guy hit that one note…I came up out of my chair…!

  8. tori

    Phyllis R– ME TOO! Then I got all teary and did the ugly cry for a minute! Then I made both girls come down here and listen to it, too!

  9. Phyllis R

    They liked, huh?

  10. Phyllis R

    Sometimes the ugly cry thingy feels pretty good. :)

  11. tori

    Yep, it does.

    MostlySunny–Loved the list of God’s names. So powerful, thank you.

  12. jonny

    OK, not familiar with any of them. Have to say though, not my date version altogether. If it wasn’t for Kurt Nilsen coming up to bat with the bases loaded at the end, I really don’t believe it would’ve been anything special. BUT, Kurt’s voice SERIOUSLY worked for me! And yes, the moment he jumped up and attacked that one note left me tingling all over for a moment or two, after a quick shot of “the chills” quickened down my spine, and then shot back up to my brain! That probably sounded really gay, but can’t think of a better way to describe it at the moment.

  13. jonny

    Sorry, “not my fave version altogether”

  14. rockin robyn

    Wow Tori! That was beautiful and couldn’t be better timed.

    As my walk with Christ has lengthened over the years (in my spiritual maturity growth) I have taught myself to look for the story. When something doesn’t go my way or I finally buck up to the fact that it is totally out of my control, not only do I just wait on Him but I picture it as a puzzle and I just wait for the pieces to start fitting together. I’m not perfect so I do get impatient at times but it is truly “learned” behavior and I’m proud of myself everytime I witness the calming in myself – at events I can’t change or wasn’t meant to change.

    “…I will sense that stirring in my heart, that lightening of my spirit, that feeling that once again, life is full of possibilities” You’ve discribed it so perfectly – as we all know you can. So thanks!

    That video was truly a stirring performance.

  15. nancy

    WOW! So powerful! It’s like you’ve been inside my mind and I didn’t know it! I have been trying to find hope again after being so disappointed with life….on my good days I’m just irriated about the situation but on my bad days I’m angry with the Lord and hate to even admit that in writing but its the truth. Thanks for the encouragement today – its exactly what I needed to put things in perspective again!

    Signed……Hopeful in Iowa :)

    P.S. I’m not an animal lover exactly but its been worth wading through the butt hair stories for gems like this! And your animal stories are very entertaining I must say!

  16. jonny

    Hey nancy, thanks for the Say it!, keeping it real, being honest before the one noone can deceive and taking your anger out at the source, not on someone, or something, that truly has no control over things. It can be a true mystery why he allows all that he does = /

  17. auburn60

    Hey–Leonard Cohen is gonna be in Nashville on Nov. 5th…

  18. LindaB

    How moving! How soul stirring. I’m so stirred, I had to write another verse to Mr. Cohen’s song. Please just indulge me…..I’m old.

    I throw my windows open wide,
    And love and hope rush right inside,
    My soul, for a moment, let’s it warm me.
    But life has never been too kind,
    And soon, I’ll feel like Pip’s behind,
    And I’ll wonder why you folks didn’t warn me.
    Hallelujah, ……..

    Okay, I’m done. Sorry. Too much coffee. I need help. Can’t sleep.

    Excellent thoughts about life and disappointment, Tori! (They’re synomynous, aren’t they? I hate it too.) Too much disappointment takes the shine off the few truly golden moments in life. I especially appreciated “Because even though grace is free, sometimes faith has a price.”

    I like k.d.lang’s version of this song too.
    ( )

    (Hey, if anyone has a good idea of what these lyrics mean, please enlighten me. I’ve heard many explanations, but none that satisfies.)

  19. jonny

    Loved your added verse. Opens up so many new and wonderful layers to the song, doesn’t it.

    What that in the Psalms about a broken and contrite heart being pleasing to the Lord?? Especially when broken in love, by Love?? Has to be the purest, most precious of fragrances pleasing to our Lord.

    KD Lang is good! I also like the Crying duet with her and Roy Orbison. Unfortunately, one of the best live versions of Hallelujah I’ve experienced was not recorded. Maybe good so. It was just for our Lord and those he allowed to be there that night to witness it.

  20. jonny

    Actually, I’m going to use LindaB’s throwing up her lyrics like that to do something I’ve had in mind two or three weeks now. I hope Tori doesn’t mind me using her blog this way. My band has started working on an old song again that’s never been completely ready. Musically lots of new and wonderful ideas keep coming and going since we started dusting it off. Lyrically, I’ve never been overly thrilled about it, even though I started writing them around eighteen years ago. Anyway, since we seem to have a few writers on board here, I thought I could throw up what I have so far, and those who would like could throw in their two dollar bill’s worth.


    I plunged in the water and felt like new
    Stepped on the grass, the frozen/evening/chilling dew
    Yea, my problems they might be the same
    But I lift up my face, embrace gentle rain

    Cuz I’ve seen things of another world and I’ve seen things through a different light
    I’ve heard things whispered in me and I’m gonna make it through the night

    Woke up this morning knew it couldn’t last
    No matter how I tried never changed the past
    But something (…) happened, no it’s not the same
    I stripped off this weight, embraced the rain again

    Cuz I’ve seen things of another world and I’ve seen things through a different light
    I’ve heard things whispered in me and I’m gonna make it through the night

    OK, that’s it. So far. The “no matter…” and “But something…” lines bug me the most. Some ideas have been:

    “No matter how I lied, never chained the past”

    “No matter how I tried never shook the past”

    “But something strange happened, no it’s not the same”

    Or just leave it: “But something happened, no…”

    The end of that verse has also been: “stripped off this weight, kissed the rain again”

  21. tori

    Hey, we DO have some good writers here on board! Thanks for the challenge, jonny– come on guys, give it a shot!

  22. tori

    Linda– Here is an excerpt from an interview Leonard Cohen did last December for the UK Telegraph. In his own words:

    On the meaning of Hallelujah

    “Finally there’s no conflict between things, finally everything is reconciled but not where we live. This world is full of conflicts and full of things that cannot be reconciled, but there are moments when we can transcend the dualistic system and reconcile and embrace the whole mess and that’s what I mean by ‘Hallelujah’. That regardless of what the impossibility of the situation is, there is a moment when you open your mouth and you throw open your arms and you embrace the thing and you just say ‘Hallelujah! Blessed is the name.’ And you can’t reconcile it in any other way except in that position of total surrender, total affirmation.”

  23. jonny

    Wow. Thanks so much, Tori!

  24. rachelbaker

    The blog was encouraging and inspiring enough – now all the comments are just adding to it.

    The list of the names of God is great. All of that remains true eternally, whether or not we are full of hope or despair, whether our dreams are shattered or coming true, and whether we feel it emotionally or not. Leonard Cohen expresses it so well (as does Tori Taff)!

    jonny – I love the concept of the song. I’m pondering it and will let you know if I come up with anything. I think there are much better writers than me here though!

  25. jonny

    Actually, a key word or two could help pull the rest together. One does not necessarily have to be a good writer to be the one used for that word, or phrase.


  26. Barbara M. Lloyd

    My goodness, Tori, you never cease to amaze me in the way you so beautifully express yourself….and I absolutely loved the song as sung by those fellas. Now, sweet pea, the good thing about to happen is that your hubby is coming home. Put on your lipstick, make a cobbler, and stand out on the front stoup, waving a huge, white, Goodman-like hankie.

  27. delightedabroad

    Totally agree with you, Barbara M. Lloyd ! I’m sorry, what did YOU mean with ‘cobbler’ ? The dictionary gives definitions from ‘shoemaker’ to ‘pie’…I guess it’s not the shoe-involving part…

    Tori, do you mean those moments when you MUST believe that God will do something good out of that situation because otherwise you would risk to run crazy/go under ? But my imagination usually is to weak to give me a hint how this could look like. In retrospective I often see how God used it to help me mature.

  28. trishARKANSAS

    This has been really good. It reminds me of Hannah Hurnard’s book “Hinds Feet on High Places”. The Chief Shepard tells “Much Afraid” that he was going to give her two helpers to help get her to the High Places. Those two helpers were named “Sorrow” and “Suffering”.

  29. trishARKANSAS

    I’ve just been thinking for a few minutes about the deep subject matter on this blog.

    Two years ago, come October 31st I held my dreams in my hands. I really felt that they were God given dreams.(still feel they were) Dreams of ministry. Oh I wanted to preach and teach to those who have never heard the gospel. I wanted to see people delivered and set free. And I held that dream in my hand for a few minutes. And then it was gone. In such a way that it is still very painful for me to share this. BUT, I know that God has kept me. Body, soul, and spirit. He has kept me.

  30. trishARKANSAS

    Was I mad at God? Oh yes. And I really had a lot of questions. Still do. But God’s Spirit is soooo gentle and comforting.

    I really hope this helps someone.

  31. delightedabroad

    Thanks, trishARKANSAS, I guess I have to hear that over and over again.

  32. jonny

    Actually, trish, you may have help with a line in one verse…

    2nd A:

    Woke up this morning knew it couldn’t/wouldn’t last
    No matter what’s been suffered, never changed the past
    But something (…) happened, no, it’s not the same
    Stripped off this weight, loved/ran towards the rain again

  33. LindaB

    Oh, thank you, Tori, for that explanation of the “Hallelujah” lyrics! I’ve heard everything but the writer’s own explanation and his makes sense! Duh!

    Jonny, I love your song! And thanks for giving us a chance to contribute! I LOVE this sort of thing! I’ll be thinking about your song and maybe I can think up a worthy suggestion. But right now, I have a kitchen to clean and laundry to finish. Can I work on it later?

  34. jonny

    Of course. Have fun!! But, maybe, leave poor B.N. Pip out of it this time??

  35. LindaB

    Okay. No jokin’ around…..but it’ll be hard. But I can do it.

  36. LindaB

    Okay, laundry is almost done and kitchen is clean. Here’s my “version” of your song, Jonny.

    I plunged in the water and felt like new
    Stepped out on the grass, and it did too
    Yeah, my problems they might still be the same
    But now I am different, I smile at the rain.
    (or…But now I am different, I celebrate rain.)

    ‘Cause I’ve stepped into another world
    And I’ve seen things in a different light
    I’ve heard whisperings deep in me
    I’m gonna make it, I’ll be alright.

    Woke up this morning, could this really last
    Could good intentions change the past
    But something happened, I’m not the same
    It’s a different me, and I smile at the rain.

    ‘Cause I’ve stepped into another world
    And I’ve seen things in a different light
    I’ve heard whisperings deep in me
    I’m gonna make it, I’ll be alright.

    I’m not a songwriter, but I know what I like in a song. I took a lot of liberties with it and I hope you don’t mind. Of course, you are of a younger generation and my ideas and wordings might date me, but I’m trying! If you don’t like it, just say so—-you won’t hurt my feelings! (I’ve had teenagers—-three of them! You CAN’T hurt my feelings!) It’s just some ideas I had. BTW, I think your original idea was excellent! I’d just change the line:

    “I’ve seen things through a different light” to
    “I’ve seen things in a different light”.

    I had a little trouble identifying what the central “message” or “theme” of the song would be. The single idea you want to leave folks with. Is it “I am different”, or “I can embrace the rain”, or “I can make it through the night”. What do you think? And how can you present that “message” in a different way than other writers have done……..can you find a little “twist” to it that will make it memorable when folks hear it?

    THIS IS FUN!!!!

  37. LindaB

    Now, I’m thinking you don’t need the “rain” thing. That’s like a whole different subject—-celebrating the rain???? You’re talking about being different…..a changed life, forsaking the past. Right?

    This is real fun!

  38. LindaB

    I hope I’m not the only presumptuous one that thinks I could help you with your song, Jonny!!

  39. Barbara M. Lloyd

    All of a sudden “that” song is a mystery to me….and Linda B has just told me why: I am old.

    I actually “get” Linda B’s post. I’m in trouble.

  40. LindaB

    Yes, you are dear! ;)

  41. jonny

    Wow!! Way to go woman!! OK, don’t worry about a central message. I’m really not into “message” lyrics. Often too one or two two dimensional. It all relates an evening and morning when Christ drops a VERY big penny, but does it in His usual quiet, gentle manner. The rain, the water, is Christ. I also tied in a couple moments when I was at this one boarding school of sorts for troubled teens, or teens who had been in trouble in Grass Valley, California. They had a tiny man made lake there. Sometimes at night we’d go swimming there. One morning, or evening, I went outside barefoot and the moisture, or dew, on the grass was frozen. It was one of the coolest, most unque, wonderful, slightly painful cuz of being so cold, experiences I’d had at that point.

    “Plunged in the water and I felt like new” represents a baptism of sorts.

    “Stepped on the grass, the frozen dew” coming out from that “baptism,” from death to life moment, one starts walking on frozen bits of things that were part of the dead existance before this new moment of stepping out in Life for the first time. Could be for example, old, dead beliefs about one’s self. Could also represent a frozen outer laying of the heart. One Christ has allowed. Or beliefs about Christ, Life that have started to freeze up.

    “Yea, my problems they might be the same” This person is not naive, understands there are still some things that will have to be worked on, developed, amended; that various short comings, habits will probably bite him or her on the booty from time to time. It’s a journey they are about to undertake.

    “But I lift up my face, embrace gentle rain” It’s started raining a little, and he/she recalize this is in connection with the water, new life, he/she has just plunged into. It is also removing the tiny bits of ice clinging to the grass. The grass could also represent growth from seeds earlier planted. He/she then just wants to embrace with arms wife open, yield to, this new-ish wonderful rain.

    “Cuz I’ve seen things of another world” A world that has no connection to how things have been understood, accepted previously.

    “And I’ve seen things thru a different light” At this moment seeing “things” “stuff” through a light not of the flesh, or an angel of light. Lyrically, could also be a “clearer” or “truer” light.

    “I’ve heard things whispered in me” Christ dropping that pretty big penny of understanding again. Making some things clear in that simple, natural way he does.

    “And I’m gonna make it thru the night” It’s all good. Not going to contemplate giving up anymore. It’s not hopeless. Not going to give into things that only bring death, are apart of the dead existence that he/she was attached to before the “plunging” moment. Is not dwelling in all that darkness this night, or not taking his/her own physical life.

    Reality check… “Woke up this morning knew it couldn’t last. No matter what’s been tried, never shook the past”

    But… “But something (…) happened, no, it not the same”

    “Stripped off this weight” Got out from under the funk that started burdening, building up on his/her shoulders, grabbed the monkey on his back by the tail and flung it back into the abyss.

    “Embraced/Kissed/Danced in the rain again” Decided to hold onto, turn to, run to, embrace Christ fully again, to all this wonderful new stuff going on, to the best of their ability, now that he/she is actually free to do so.

    Reasons being… “Cuz I’ve seen things…”

  42. jonny

    Oh, and during the second verse it still happens to be physically raining outside.

  43. delightedabroad

    That’s in fact deep, moving !

  44. jonny

    Deceptively so, IMO.

  45. bettyrwoodward

    jonny. Just how long did it take you to write all that on you’re phone. You’re amazing.

  46. jonny

    Awhile. But it was good. It’s the first time I’ve had to explane any of that, or put it into writing. Seems to have been quite helpful, useful. It has also sparked a few other layers, meanings, symbolisms I’m still going over in my head. Let’s see where this all leads = )

  47. LindaB

    Wow, Jonny! What an incredible testimony. That’s a lot of “stuff”! Do you think it will all “fit” into one song? And do you think the imagery of baptism in a river, walking on frozen dew, and gentle rains can all exist together in one unified composition? I am a simple girl, Jonny. And I am A.D.D. and have to really really work at focusing on a goal. I ramble enough as it is, as probably evident when I comment on this blog. Maybe I’ve taken that mindset into this songwriting project! I would have to have a goal or mission if I wrote a song, or I would feel like I was just throwing metaphors and images all over the place and accomplishing nothing. But that might just be me! LOL Does that makes me a proponent of “message” lyrics? I don’t even know for sure what that means.

    What do you want to accoomplish with this song, Jonny? Do you want to simply relate your own experiences? Do you want to provoke a response in the listener? Do you want to recommend a belief? Do you want to edify and teach? To testify? Or entertain? It would be important to me to have a purpose. But then, you are obviously very successful in your music career and don’t really need anyone’s suggestions. And I thank you for letting us see your new project you’re working on, and inviting suggestions. That was so much FUN!!

    I’m sure the music scene in your part of the world is unique and quite different from what I am used to living in my part of the world. So I wouldn’t take my suggestions too seriously, if that was a possibility! LOL It might end your career!

    I clicked on your name and it took me to a site that I had trouble with. I couldn’t find an example of your music. Do you or the Love Grapes have an official website where I can hear you? Do you write many songs? Are you on YouTube? What group that I am familiar with is most like your group? Who do you like to listen to, besides Candy C.? ;) What CD is on your CD player right now? Do you think I ask too many questions? LOL (Don’t answer that!)

    I’m waiting now for others to offer their ideas!

    Oh, and were you familiar with the group singing “Hallelujah” that Tori posted?

    And Norway, Finland, and Sweden are so close together. Do they “share” a culture?

  48. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious sakes, Linda B, I have decided that the song was beautiful in sound…but I didn’t understand a thing that was expected of me. In fact, sweet pea, neither are you and Johnny thinking in simple terms….I suspect I need to go back to school. But, is this what they are teaching today? Or, is this an extension of the more liberal mind? I’m kinda stuck back in the old days…I guess. By now, I’m not even sure of that. My goodness, I once had to adjust to rock ‘n roll as bedtime music. I can do anything…as long as it is spelled out.

  49. delightedabroad

    LindaB, do you know the A.D.D. website of Sari Solden ? It’s When she spoke in Germany I had the honor to interpret her (or ‘for her’ ?).
    Barbara M. Lloyd, you’re so right ! I thought it is due to my still improvable vocabulary/understanding of your language that I don’t quite get it … :-)

  50. jonny

    Yes, it does fit because it’s all true to, part of the same moment, situation. Do I think the moment of joy of in discovering all this newness, lightness can be experessed through a plunge in a cool/cold lake at night, waking on frozen dew while exiting said lake and have it start to rain gently at the same time?? Yes, I do, because it does. It all represents a moment when Christ starts taking over an individuals life, the moment they start discovering life again, or for the first time ever. It all paints part of the same picture.

    I guess it’s important to have some sort of thread to work around, but often I may not understand that thread for sometime when working on a piece. My goals in writing lyrics is to bring out something in a way I’ve not seen or heard expressed before, or expressed a certain way before, but that is a part of, or can be a part of life, the human experience. It also has to be true unto itself, the moment, the situation, the struggle, the discovery, the pain, the joy, etc. It also must have at least three things going on at the same time. Must be expressed in a way that respects the intelligence of others, and respect those who may have, or may be experiencing, dealing with what I’m writing or singing about. The leading newspaper in Finland once reviewed some lyrics I did for some friends. The reviewer stated, “Exceptionally good lyrics with a simple, but intelligent melancholy.” I was told the reviewer rarely, if ever before that, comments on lyrics. Also others have been impressed with how accurately I’m able to get to the heart of the matter, subject or piece I’m working on. Most are able relate to it one way or another.

    I’m seriously glad you are enjoying yourself with all this, LindaB!!

    We, LoveGrapes, do not have anything recorded that’s out publicly. We get lots of gigs and haven’t bothered with it yet. Until now. We may record four songs soon-ish. We don’t have a web page anymore. Used to have one, but couldn’t afford keeping it up, so moved over to MySpace. Hope to add some more visual goodies to the MySpace page soon.

    I don’t think it’s just that the countries we live in are different, the music scene I’m involved with is very alternative. Which is more than likely why I had never heard of those guys from Norway before. Also, I don’t listen to the radio, so I have no idea if their version of Hallelujah was ever popular here. I doubt it, though. All three countries are pretty much worlds unto themselves. There may be a special day or two they all sort of celebrate the same way. I’m really not the one to ask about those things, though.

    Candy C. is more an eye Candy for me = / Actually, I was impressed by her through what she said, and how she said it in some interviews with her on YouTube.

    In my CD player right now is a demo some friends gave me last night. I listened to it once then, that was enough. I hear them live often, give them gigs from time to time, so hear the songs often enough as it is. The studio versions they gave me sound just like the live versions anyway.

    At home I rarely listen to music. I do enjoy old Green Hornet radio shows, as well as The Lone Ranger and a few others. Not big on The Shadow, though.

    Vocally I’ve been compared to Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop, Robert Plant. I can also imitate quite accurately many vocalists. For example Roy Orbison, David Bowie, Lou Reed, and Robert Plant and Marvin Gaye now, to a degree.

    The band gets compared to a lot of things, basically because we seem to have a lot going on. The Doors, some Motown, MC5, Jimmy Hendrix, but mostly we’re told how original we are. Our goal is to be the most original rock band in Finland, with a lot of Americana thrown in. As a result we seem to have a lot of late sixties, early seventies American rock and soul in us.

    OK, I have to take a break now. Hope that satisfies for awhile, LindaB.

  51. jonny

    Sorry Barbara, I’m not very good at spelling out = / Try to get to the truth of things, the heart of the matter in a similar way I understand Christ does.

  52. jonny

    I guess Bill Gaither and those who work with him have a real gift for, ministy with helping spell things out.

  53. LindaB

    “My goals in writing lyrics is to bring out something in a way I’ve not seen or heard expressed before, or expressed a certain way before,….” — Jonny

    I wholeheartedly agree! Excellent! And cudos for the newspaper critic’s review of your lyrics! That’s impressive! I would really like to hear your group! Be sure to notify us if and when you get some downloadable music online somewhere. That would be fun too! And I can’t wait to hear your final version of the above song! You have a very moving testimony and interesting life, Jonny! How cool that you can preserve it in your music for many to hear and enjoy and learn from! Good job! And God bless ya!

  54. LindaB

    Delighted, no, I’ve never heard of Sari Solden, but I’m gonna look her up online! Thanks!

  55. LindaB

    “Vocally I’ve been compared to Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop, Robert Plant. I can also imitate quite accurately many vocalists. For example Roy Orbison, David Bowie, Lou Reed, and Robert Plant and Marvin Gaye now, to a degree.” — Jonny


  56. jonny

    Thanks LindaB, and thanks to all who’ve responded so kindly and encouragingly to this. Oh, and those lyrics are not a personal testimony. Just different things from one place in my life that I tried to use to express what I’m writing about. That’s probably why this is so hard for me. I’m trying to make real concepts I understand, but have not in this way actually experienced. Not in this way, anyway, even if I understand them to be true, or have experienced in other ways.

  57. jonny

    Actually, I did a Roy Orbison tribute evening some years back. Met our keyboardist through that. Similar to the Marvin Gaye evening, it was a first here in Finland. I gave a heads up to the Roy Orbison estate and they generously sent over lots of t-shirts and plastic Roy Orbison sunglasses. The label for Roy over here also caughed up lots of his latest CD just being released at the time to be used for various purposes.

    By the way, I taught myself to sing by trying to sing like Roy. Also Sim Wilson of Undercover. Later trying to add elements of Jeff Buckley and Marvin Gaye. Somehow Jim Morrison resulted from some of that = / Thanks for your interest, LindaB.

  58. jonny

    Oh, I think Jim results from my attempting all this with a significant lack of professional training and technique.

  59. delightedabroad

    jonny, how can you teach yourself singing ?? I heard about things called ‘voice training’/ ‘breathing technique’ … that seem to be essential for a professional singer. Can you learn that by yourself too ?

  60. delightedabroad

    Sorry, didn’t see your comment before pressing the sayit! button :-/

  61. jonny

    Actually, I had some training, and a lot of experience using my voice professionally as a stage actor. And, I’d always been good at using it different ways, mimicking other people growing up. When I got into singing I tried applying what I knew to carrying a tune. Took some years. First to develope an ear for the key, then the pitch. I’ve come a long way and I think that’s what blows away some of the amazing well trained vocalists who experience me live for the first time. Yes my pitch can still be wobbly in places, at times, and yes, I could make some things a lot easier on myself if I’m ever able to afford good singing lessons, but apparently I’m able to do things with my voice, use it in ways that others are not. I didn’t start all this singing stuff, seriously, until I was thirty-three. I’m now at a place were I’m starting to feel comfortable with it, more confident and I’m forty-five now.

  62. delightedabroad

    Thanks for all the information, jonny ! Your voice is the medium God wants to use I assume. Well, I’m ‘on the other side’ so to say – I can hear if someone hits the note or not but my own singing talent is rather marginal.

  63. jonny

    Well, it’s been a desire of mine ever since Christ used Sim Wilson’s voice for His good purposes in my life, almost twenty-five years now, to have my voiced be used this way also. Christ graciously using many wonderful things in all our lives for his good purposes, most we may not even be aware of, but I am grateful for this desire, understanding he’s given me, allowed, along with various opportunities to do something about, with it.

  64. delightedabroad

    Just as I read your comment I asked myself what I would desire to do in God’s mission because a good friend once said that what you like/desire most is probably God’s talent in you.

  65. delightedabroad

    I know it doesn’t really fit in this rather serious, profound blog. I’m happily bouncing on my chair because we can pick up our new little dwarf hamster lady on tuesday evening !!! We just fixed the date.

  66. jonny

    Excellent!! Please let us know the name you end up giving her!! = )

  67. delightedabroad

    In fact she already has a name because her ‘foster mother’ has chosen one: Flitzi – in English you would call her Speedy or Whizzy. She and around 70 other dwarf hamsters were rescued.

  68. LindaB

    Well well! That is exciting, Delighted!!!! And how kind of you to rescue the little creature! Have fun!

  69. LindaB

    Does anyone know what this means?

    […] This post was Twitted by Babybloomr […]

    Is someone calling our Tori a “twit”???? LOL

  70. delightedabroad

    No, don’t know. But I thought I was the foreigner…:-)

  71. delightedabroad

    sorry, “I am the foreigner” – apparently it’s bedtime for me, my thoughts are more and more confused.

  72. jonny

    Get some sleep then, girl!! And, no. But I’ve also been wondering about that as well my A.D.D. friend! = )

  73. bettyrwoodward

    LindaB – It just means that Tori put it on twitter as well!


    OK – all I can say right now is “WHOA” & “WOW!”.
    Haven’t even read the responses, yet.
    Just, wooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………………………

  75. jonny

    OK, had a physio-therapy appointment today for my right knee that hasn’t been functioning properly for some months now. I learned something new, possibly interesting. Last time I saw a physio-therapist was sixteen years ago. At that time the emphasis was building strong lower back muscles, and not just concentrating on building up the stomach muscles, to help keep one’s body in a fit position. Not sure how else to explane it. Well, things have apparently changed! The emphasis now is to make people aware of their “deep stomach” muscle. It’s of course deep down below the other stomach muscles, starts up at the upper most top of the stomach area, and actually wraps around the lower back. An important muscle to keep strong, healthy, developed for many reasons. And the reason I’m sharing this here is because there is apparantly only one REALLY good exercise for it. Laughter!! Especially laughing out loud! Was anyone else aware that this blog provided an important and much needed exercise for some of us?? It was a new one to me!

  76. delightedabroad

    Well, jonny, that’s one important point why I joined :-)
    And yes, I had several weeks of physio-therapy last year because I had a surgery done on my shoulder. The Therapist forced me to even train my feet/lower leg ! She also emphasized this special stomach muscle…:-)

  77. jonny

    Kewl!! Well, I guess we all owe it to each other to help keep each other fit then! = )


    Jonny – I think I just saw your pic – short brown, sorta curly hair? I thought you had blonde hair.

  79. delightedabroad

    Funnily enough I often make people laugh though I don’t know WHY they laugh. I find that especially strange since people around me usually say I’m a very serious/earnest person.

  80. jonny

    Maybe an old pic, D. Long-sh, curly dark brown with a beard. Quite a bit of white coming in now, though.

    Well, delighted, let’s see what sort of personality changes occur after life with Flitzi!! = )

  81. jonny

    Maybe an old pic, D. Long-sh, curly dark brown with a beard. Quite a bit of white coming in now, though. If I’m singing with an “Elvis” mic, it’s more than likely me.

    Well, delighted, let’s see what sort of personality changes occur after life with Flitzi!! = )

  82. jonny

    Wow! I double posted!! Not an easy thing to do on this blog!! Seriously, I had no idea that first one went through. Well, hopefully it helps Tori with the new sponsorship deal = )

  83. delightedabroad

    What a bummer ! Tried so hard not to think about tomorrow evening when picking up the little one; I’m afraid I’m giving everyone around a hard time…
    Please forgive me for using this blog as way of distracting myself !

  84. delightedabroad

    Oh, that will be hard tomorrow at school – for the others !

  85. jonny

    Nothing to forgive, from my understanding of things. That’s probably one of the many reasons it’s here; just so delighted could distract herself whenever she’s in the mood to do so. Convenient that = )

  86. delightedabroad

    I think you shoud just be happy that you can’t see me. Stupidly grinning and the child inside of me is still bouncing…

  87. delightedabroad

    What a pity that you guys get the full broadside of my newly discovered goofiness; perhaps I should apportion that more fairly :) But you know, ‘once your reputation (if you HAD one!) is ruined you can live freely’ as I said before.

  88. delightedabroad

    And we’re approaching again the three digits !

  89. LindaB

    Oh my, Delighted! Go ahead and “bounce” away! It’s probably good for that stomach muscle! What did you decide to name your new pet? Maybe we should give you some suggestions for names? What color is it? Is it a “he” or a “she”?

    Jonny, that’s very interesting about the mysterious stomach muscle that gets a workout when you laugh out loud!!! I laugh all the time, ask my family! And my stomach isn’t exactly flat or anything like it! What’s up with that?

  90. delightedabroad

    Your stomach muscle might just hide behind the other stuff :)

  91. LindaB

    LOL I’m afraid you might be right, Delighted!!! LOL

    So…..did you name your hamster?

  92. jonny

    Well, LindaB, it’s deeeep inside. Down in there you’re probably as trim and fit as a teenage female track star!!

  93. jonny

    Uh-oh, delighted beat me to the punch!

  94. delightedabroad

    No, but the young lady that works as volunteer for the “Hamsterhilfe” did, she named the hamster lady “Flitzi” because she is always running. If you can look up on “” there are pictures of her. Just click on “Dsungaren und Hybriden” and you’ll find it.

  95. jonny

    Wow, she looks really sweet!! And I take it she’s already hand tamed. All the best with the new addition to the family tomorrow evening = )

  96. jonny

    And… to go back to the title of this post, I believe the broken hallelujahs just may be the truly, more perfect ones.

  97. delightedabroad

    Yes, in retrospective !

  98. delightedabroad

    And in the way that you can apreciate the perfect ones only with the broken ones to compare with.

  99. rachelbaker

    jonny I was thinking the exact same thing today. Those broken hallelujahs are eternally the more perfect ones, because of, not despite of the pain.

    Both types are wonderful though!

  100. jonny

    By the way, how’re doing with the lyrics rach?? = )

  101. rachelbaker

    Ok jonny – you can ignore everything I have to say, because as I say I like the lyrics and the concept(s) a lot. (I also like LindaB’s reworking of the lyrics – she has made it into more of a country song – something which I am inclined to do when writing my own lyrics – but this is your song, so I’ll just throw in my thoughts)!

    The dew I would be stepping on would be morning (or even sunrise) dew. It just ties in more with the ‘new’ in my mind – but then I can see that this creates a conflict of interests with the second verse.

    If you used the morning in the first verse you would probably need to change the start of the second. (‘another day breaking/starting’). Irrespective of that I would change the word ‘knew’ to ‘sure’ or ‘thought’.

    ‘No matter how I tried never changed the past’ seems great to me. I would have worded it ‘however hard I tried …’ but that’s probably just my Englishness.

    ‘But something …. happened’ – I agree, needs an extra word, but I don’t think it is ‘strange’. I’m thinking you need something that emphasises the permanence of the new situation. Struggling to think what it could be though – ummm – still thinking.

    I like the ‘embracing’ of the rain a lot, I also like the ‘running toward’ the rain you mentioned later on. I definitely prefer those to the ‘kissing’ and ‘loving’ – that imagery doesn’t work in my head !

    So there you go. Not earth shattering and please ignore me if you wish!!

  102. jonny

    Well, it is interesting your comment about the dew. I believe technically, if the word ‘dew’ is used it should be morning. I may get shot down for this, but if I was writing this for a woman, I probably would put ‘morning dew.’ I help a lot of women out with lyrics and their handling, or dealing of concepts of darkness and pain is sooo much different from most men! Anyway, since starting this thing here, I’ve decided to take it from the point of one who’s been connected to Christ at some point, but is now out on their own. They still may be connected to their beliefs, understanding of scripture, their church, but not Christ for various reasons. As a result of that, and some of the attempted explanation of the lyrics earlier, I prefer ‘frozen dew.’ What at one point was apart of all that is fresh and alive and full of potential as a new day, and should be nourishing to the grass, has now become frozen, hard, in/with the darkness of the cold, isolated, desolate night.

    In the second verse I’ve also gone with, “No matter what’s been tried, never shook the past.” I like the running away aspect of it, and/or testing many things before coming back to the one that should have been gone to first. Anyway, here’s what I have so far…

    Plunged in the water, an’ felt like new
    Stepped out on the grass, the frozen dew
    Yeah, my problems they might be the same
    But I lift up my face, embrace gentle rain

    Cuz I’ve seen things of another world and I’ve seen things through a different light
    I’ve heard things whispered in me and I’m gonna make it through the night.

    Woke up this morning, knew it couldn’t/shouldn’t last
    No matter what’s been tried, never shook/changed the past
    Still/Yet I know that it happened, and it’s not the same
    Stripped off this weight an’ sought the rain again

    I’m gonna make it thru the nite x3

  103. rachelbaker

    ooo. I really like the new ending of the second verse, especially ‘sought the rain again’. Also the penultimate line is much better at emphasising the difference of what has happened.

  104. jonny

    Well, “woke up this morning” and couldn’t let this thing go! Thanks again LindaB and rachel for your interest and input. There are two options. One is like before, verse/chorus/verse/chorus. The other is verse/verse/chorus/instrumental interlude/verse/chorus. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, here goes…

    Plunged in the water, and felt like new
    Stepped out on the grass, the frosted dew
    Yeah, my problems they might be the same
    But I lift up my face, embrace gentle rain.

    (Cuz I’ve seen things of another world and I’ve seen things through a different light,
    I’ve heard things whispered in me, and I’m gonna make it through the night)

    Now/But just before the dawn, thought how could it last
    No matter what’s been tried, never changed the past
    Still/But, I know that it happened, and it’s/I’m not the same
    Stripped off this weight, embraced the sun again.

    Cuz I’ve seen things of another world
    And I’ve seen things through a different light
    I’ve heard things whispered in me
    And I’m gonna make it through the night

    (instrumental jamming part)

    I plunged in the water, and felt like new
    Yeah, I plunged in the water, and felt like new
    All my problems they might be the same
    But I lift up my face, embrace the sun again!

    Cuz… I’m gonna make it thru the nite x3

  105. jonny

    Sorry rach!! I posted the above before reading your last post. Glad you liked it! Please let me know what you think of the latest compared to the previous version. Peace!

  106. bettyrwoodward

    I like it Jonny! Great!

  107. jonny

    Thanks, betty!

  108. delightedabroad

    Now Iwould like to hear it too ! :-)

  109. rachelbaker

    jonny – I love the ‘frosted dew’!!

    I also think the new format with the instrumental is good.

    I have to say I was taken surprise by the introduction of the sun, but on thinking about it I REALLY like it, my only problem is the use of ‘again’ the first time – because the sun hasn’t been introduced yet – but that could just be because I have read the earlier versions, or it could just be the trapped literature graduate in me finding a way out!!

    Embracing the sun sounds so good, I think I’m just going to do it!!

  110. jonny

    “Again” has more to do with the history of the situation, what’s gone on before this moment. At one point in their life they often embraced the sun, but then got lost in the night. Just as before embracing the sun, again, is tempted to slip back into the night, so to speak.

    I think I’ll do the same now! In out and get some sun.

  111. jonny

    Sorry, shouldn’t be an ‘as’ in there! Should’ve read, “Just before embracing the sun, again…”

  112. jonny

    Oh, not sure if you got it, but in this latest version it all takes place in the same moment of time, the coldest part of the night, that time just before the dawn breaks. The first verse doesn’t take place in the evening any more. That is also why the dew is now ‘frosted.’ It’s supposed to be a morning thing = /

  113. rachelbaker

    I like it!

  114. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Johnny, I certainly want to be among your encouragers, and I mean that sincerely. I do have a question and please forgive me if you have answered this along the way. Is your desire to make a living imitating other singers? I mean, as opposed to developing your own sound and style? Either one would be satisfactory, of course, but your writings seem to go along the line of individuality.

  115. jonny

    Actually, Barbara, good question. I don’t think it’s come up before, or has been made clear before. And thanks so much for your interest. Seriously! I do have my own style. Very much so, apparently. From my understanding of things, that’s what impresses many, truly excellant, trained pros. I then suprise some, who’ve not heard me do it before, when I suddenly start busting out an Orbison tune sounding just like him. I believe the comparessons I get, and that the band gets, is based on people trying to figure us out, or trying to get some sort of foundation to work from in placing us. If that makes sense. The band is very unique. We tried being more like other pop bands, but that seemed to work against us. It seems the more risks we take, the more “original” we become, the more people seem to be into what we’re doing, actually touched by it at times. My band mates just recieved a very high honor over here today. They all recieved VIP cards to THE leading live music venue in Finland, which happens to also be here in Helsinki. I think our part of the Marvin Gaye evening last week helped put the icing on the able for that one.

    OK, rach, been thinking more about the introduction of the sun.

    Starting with the second verse, which now comes in after a short musical break following the first verse, it could end this new way you’re about to read, but tie things together more at the end of the third verse. Something like this…

    …But, now, just before the dawn thought, “how could it last?”
    No matter what’s been tried, never changed the past
    Still, I know that it happened, yeah it’s not the same
    Stripped off this weight, and felt the sun again

    Cuz I’ve seen things of another world and I’ve seen things through a different light
    I’ve heard things whispered in me, and I’m gonna make it through the night

    (musical jamming part)

    I plunged in the water, and felt like new
    Yeah, I plunged in the water (¿and felt like new?)
    All my problems they might be the same
    But I lift up my face, embrace the sun again

    I’m gonna make it thru the night x3

  116. rachelbaker

    I like both versions jonny – I guess it comes down to what you are more comfortable with. I like the ‘felt the sun again’ because it is like a reawakening of something that has been buried … and then by the end it is ‘embracing’. However if you used ‘embrace’ all the way through there would be more lyrical continuity. As I say there are good things about both!


    I am just flabbergasted! I am waaaaaay out of my league – so far out that I have no comment, except woooooow~ yall are really exceptional! I used to write lots of poetry when much younger, as an outlet to feelings, etc. Yall are amazing!

  118. jonny

    “icing on the cake.” I wasn’t trying to be poetical, or clever, just forgot to check which word came out after punching the four keys with that fab right thumb of mine!

  119. LindaB

    Uuhhhhh, is’nt “embracing the sun” kind of HOT! Like third degree burns? LOL

    Just kidding, Jonny! You’re doin’ good! OR should I say, your right thumb is doing good? I am still amazed that you type all of that on your phone and that tiny keyboard!

    And Delivered, you are NOT out of your league! I don’t think there’s many here that can make pepper jelly and okra! And that’s something one can EAT! Can’t eat a song! You’re my kind of girl! LOL

    Speaking of food, Jonny, why’d you have to mention “icing on a cake”???? And I don’t have a sweet confection in the whole house! Man!!!

    Hey, kids, we’re up to 119 responses! I’m tellin’ ya, Tori—–we’re here for ya! Just ask!

  120. delightedabroad

    120 – who bids more ???
    That’s what I think, LindaB, God created diversity and He had a reason for that !!!!

  121. jonny

    OK woman, if you’re ever gonna get the rest of your tummy to look as good as your deep stomach muscles probably do, you’re inma have to seriously avoid the icing AND the cake. Along with a few other things as well, I’m sure.

    And why hasn’t hamster-girl given us the hamster low-down since bringing Flitzi good last night??

    Amazing. A pretty good word to use D, in my opinion. I’m pretty confident we’ve gone a way pleasing to Christ with the words. Investinhky enough, none of the “writers” I had in mind band to cat on this one, but still ‘amazing’ things resulted from it. I believe.

    OK rach, I’ve gone for a sonic connection with the first word/words of the last line of each verse. Even though the same word is not used anymore, it all sounds the same. I believe it also now adds an element of discipleship not there previously. Endings of each verse are now as follows…

    1) Embrace gentle rain

    2) An’ faced the sun again

    3) Embrace the sun again

  122. delightedabroad

    Lol, yes, jonny, we brought Flitzi home and all is well ! I can assure you she lives up to her name. Wow, that little one is fast…and curious and cute and tiny and activ and …you see I immediately lost my heart to her. Once she realized the running wheel she was satisfied. However she refuses her wooden house in favour of a den in the bedding below the wheel. At least up to now.

  123. delightedabroad

    Oh, and I think Flitzi used the silence of the night to discover the second ‘floor’ in her cage.

  124. rachelbaker

    Flitzi is such a cute name, I hope she settles in fast. I had three hamsters when I was growing up, one called Tini, and then after her demise, brothers named Tufty and Stripe. I remember one of them was exceedingly good at escaping the cage and surviving falls from great heights (by hamster standards anyway)!

    I definitely like the added element of discipleship jonny – you have written a great song – would love to hear the music someday!

  125. jonny

    If so, then only possible via some great help, and helpers! Thanks so much, rach, LindaB Barbara! And Tori for encouraging this, and anyone who may have been ‘silently’ helping. Oh, and thanks to those who may not have been so into us doing all this here, but put up with it anyway = )


  126. LindaB

    Guess what my granddaughter just brought home today, Delighted??? A HAMSTER! I’m not “delighted”, but she sure is! He’s kind of a golden brown color, and she named him/her Butterfinger, after my favorite candy bar! I guess she thinks that will make me like him more! Ha! Small world, isn’t it? Small blog world, I should say.

  127. delightedabroad

    That’s surely a big surprise ! But please don’t talk about candy bars – my nerves seem to long for them… our tiny ‘monster’ is running, cleaning her fur and leaving…stuff behind. So I guess she feels safe and well. A short while ago she nearly stepped with all four legs on my hand !

  128. Your Life, Your Blog: 9/14/09 : Real Life

    […] The Perfect and The Broken Hallelujahs […]

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