Edited to add UPDATE::: Apparently Pip Has A Chip On His Tiny Little Shoulder And Carries A Big Grudge. To Mix Metaphors.

**** OK, the little guy is home and totally stoned out of his mind! I think he is hurting, but I can’t give him any pain medicine until later– he is so tiny, it would be too easy to give him too much. The surgery went well, he did fine, they said. They sent the stone off to be analyzed so they can figure out if we can prevent another one from forming. The other dogs are kinda freaked out, they keep sniffing him and then looking up at me like, “Seriously, WHERE HAS HE BEEN????” Hopefully he will have a good night, I’ll be checking in on him…
Thank you guys for caring about the little sucker. He definitely is part of the family, and I am very relieved they were able to help him.

I tried, I really tried.

His bladder stone surgery is tomorrow morning.

That weird white thing on my hand is a piece of cottage cheese. He’s on a bland diet, you know.

Also? He may or may not still have been stoned from the pain meds when we shot this, but that still doesn’t excuse his eye rolling.

Pip 2 from Babybloomr on Vimeo.

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  1. swerchon


    Non-dog lovers say that animals are stupid but Pip looked like he understood everything you were saying, and when he looked away from you, well….you couldn’t have “scripted” that any better.

    Seriously, I had at one time 4 pets; 2 cats and 2 dogs. In a period of one year I lost three of them. The last to go was my favourite cat (MUSCHI – German name) she went at age 22 and it broke my heart, I even had the vet cry when we had to do “it”. I’m not saying that will be the case with PIP, it is just that seeing your video put me back to that place.

    I am praying that Pips’ surgery tomorrow will be a SUCCESS and he will be back to normal.


  2. swerchon

    p.s. – the type of pets I had were;
    American Eskimo (Mai)- BEAUTIFUL white dog (who’s bottom hair required my attention every now and then) she sweetest disposition EVER.
    Mutt (April) – part German shepherd and part lab (she had webbed feet and a good swimmer) The two dogs LOVED each other

    MUSCHI – Black and white and the smartest cat EVER – I used to read and study with her for school and when I was working, rehearsed my work presentations to her. Don’t know why AT&T never hired her (oh well).
    The other cat was a silver persian and his name fit him – CEASAR he was the King of the house.

    I miss not having a pet and reading your blogs and tweets about your dogs tugs at my heart, but I don’t think I can take the pain of loosing them.

    Happy Labour day all..

  3. bettyrwoodward

    I had a cat for 22 years, Smokey. He even managed to get into my wedding photos. When I left home he was really old and pined for me and eventually gave up the ghost! My mother couldn’t bring herself to tell me so sent an In Sympathy card to tell me!

  4. jonny

    Sweet story about the card, betty!

  5. GRITSinNC

    Tori, I’ve been torn between hysterical giggling-out-loud and feeling so sorry for poor Pip. Love the video, just hope his lethargy is from pain pills & not pain. He wants you to please leave him alone & let him sleep. :o) So adorable. What time is his appointment tomorrow? Praying for him…and for you.

    swerchon, how did you survive losing 3 in one year? I was a basket case losing one. Non-dog lovers who say animals are stupid are stupid themselves…animals are very intelligent…well, most of them are.

  6. tori

    swerchon– Oh honey, that is a LOT of loss in one year! We’ve had our share too, and it is so hard– but that’s the price of loving, isn’t it?

    bettyrwoodward– Wow, 22 years! (I just pictured Smokey wearing a tux and holding a glass of champagne in your wedding photos…)

    jonny– Yeah, the card is a nice touch!

    GRITSinNC– No, he wasn’t in any great pain, he was just tired. Also? He was totally OVER IT as far as dealing with me was concerned!

  7. DonnaMariePatterson

    You crack me up! Thanks for making my day! BTW, I will say a prayer for Pip to have a successful surgery tomorrow. Have a fun-filled Labor Day and stay away from Pip’s hiney!

  8. jonny

    By the way, since when did those who do not have the same affection for animals as some, dogs included, suddenly get put into the “think they were stupid” category?? I may not be found of sharks, but I in no way think they are stupid. I’m no “lover” of dogs, but I’ve met some very clever dogs, some not so clever, and some I would say that were too clever for there own good. Cats are another story altogether. I’m definately not a cat person, and acts are not jonny persons. Didn’t mind then growing up, but something definately happened, changed direction, did an about face (that’s all for the benefit of delighted) when I hit my thirties = /

  9. LindaB

    At the risk of grossing everyone out, though I don’t know how I can top poop-eating and butt-hair trimming, but……as a non-dog loving person (though I am coming around with the addition of Tatum, Alanna’s doggie…..and my age) why on earth is it necessary to trim a dog’s butt thingie????? Don’t animals, in the wild, get along just fine without it? Do those gangs of roving dogs that sometime form and become violent because they “need a trim”??? Does every dog owner have to do that? I think I’d be taking my dog to the electrologist! I couldn’t do that! It’s just too…….too…….disgusting! And private! I bet my granddaughter does that and doesn’t tell me ’cause she knows I would gag!

    Hey! I just remembered that my razor is missing!!!! Dang!

  10. jonny

    It’s moments like these that make me appreciate you even more, Mrs. LindaB = )

  11. tori

    OK, it’s not like you have to shave their little heinies, it’s more like trim the long hair right around the business end so that there won’t be any…. *scratches head, drums fingers, stares off into space trying to think of another word for ‘dingleberries’*
    …dooky balls?

  12. rachelbaker

    ‘trailingtoffees’ or ‘swingingsmells’. We have the same problem with Hannah’s rabbit. He’s lovely, and not half as expensive as a dog, but I would recommend staying away from long haired rabbits if ‘tail-end trimming’ is not something you can contemplate without feeling nauseaous!

  13. delightedabroad

    Tori, I hope you feel a bit appeased with all your family’s/ friend’s prayers :-/ I recently bought a card showing a nearly-asleep cat and it (the card) says “Keep 30 minutes free for your sorrows every day – and use them to take a nap”. I admit I have difficulties in putting that into practice…

    jonny, thanks for caring for my vocabulary !! :-) Would you please tell me why you write ‘definately’ instead of ‘definitely’ ??

    LindaB, I love your type of humor !!

  14. jonny

    Do you mean the left over dried dangley pooppy bits??

  15. tori

    jonny– Bingo.

  16. jonny

    Because spelling has never been my fortey, had a really tough time with it in school, and my phone’s “dictionary,” aka a spell check of sorts, let’s me get away with it = / I’ll try to remember that there is no “a” in definitlely in the future!! Thanks = )

    Oh, an here’s another way of expressing an earlier sentense, with yet another spelling correction, “I may not be fond of sharks, but I in no way underestimate their intelligence, among other things!” Peace!

  17. delightedabroad

    Oh, I thought it had to do with different dialects. At school we sometimes wonder about the various ways of spelling (American/British English) and of course about a few strange expressions we come across. However I can tell you it’s a whole lot more fun to train my English with you than with texts from ‘The Economist’ …

  18. jonny

    That’s what I’m here for!! To help you learn from my mistakes = ) = ) = )

  19. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Poor Pip….have you heard that a kidney stone is worse than child birth? Would you have liked Russ in the Labor Room, begging you to forgive him…to just look him in the eye at a moment when you were taking a breather…wanting you to knuckle him? Oh, and trying to coax you to eat just as another contraction was cming on. Gracious, Tori, I was kinda expecting you at any moment to break out in sng,”Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold ‘You’ Down,” in your effort to minister to the little fella.

  20. LindaB

    Ewwwwwwww! Dingleberries????? Poopy doops…..or whatever! Okay, let me just ask this question, in an effort to understand the dog lovers of the world——-so, you want the afore mentioned hair to not get “stuff” on it so the little sweethearts can come inside your house and wipe it off on your carpet or chair or sofa….OR YOUR LAP????? And I’m sure a lot of other “non-dog lovers” would like to know the answer to that question too! In the interest of education and understanding…….and tolerance, of course! This blog is all about understanding and communication and learning, isn’t it?

  21. LindaB

    I may not be a bonified dog lover, but I would never say a dog is stupid! I think he’s pretty smart to get grown up human beings to take them into their homes, feed him every day, shower him with affection, and even shave their behinds so they won’t have to use toilet paper. That’s not stupid! That’s pretty dang smart!

  22. LindaB

    Barb, okay now I REALLY REALLY feel sorry for Pip! And hope I never get a kidney stone!

  23. tori

    Ok, I feel compelled to point out that Pip is not CURRENTLY in any pain from his big honkin’ bladder stone- we discovered that kinda by accident, but that’s not why we took him in the first place. He did indeed have some kind of gastrointestinal thing going on (he horked twice and wasn’t eating), so he was definitely not up to his usual perky self, but he wasn’t truly suffering… However sooner or later that thing would start moving or block his urethera and then it would be excruciating. That’s why we immediately scheduled the surgery.

    He just copped an attitude towards me ever since the vet and I figured out that his south of the border ouchie was the direct result of my glaring lack of scissor skills.

    And of course, truth be told, who can blame him?

  24. justThelma

    Very entertaining video. Especially liked the part where Pip deliberately turned his head away from you. Poor little guy.

    Linda, I laughed out loud at the thought of what your missing razor might be being used for right at this very minute…

    Tori, I call those uh, clumps, “willnots”, because they “will not” come off. Ergo, the need for the occasional clipping.

    Barbara, I imagine there have been MANY men in the delivery room begging for forgiveness, as their wives promise them a painful death for putting them in their current painful situation.

    I also have to add, I’m not exactly a dog-lover, but my enjoyment of them increases as their size decreases. So Pip’s pretty much a “10” in my books. However, so far as intelligence goes, trying to shut you out by turning his head is child’s play. Believe me, you’ve never been TRULY ignored until you’ve been ignored by a cat!

  25. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Somehow, this seems the appropriate time for me to offer an adorable little 8 week old kitten to anyone with a loving home. My friend has raised the kitten since birth, when its momma outright desserted it. In desperation, my friend says “we” will deliver. (I was tempted to send this notice outside the united states)

    Sorry Pip, for edging in on some of your sympathy time. Everyone will be anxious to receive a medical report on Pip after surgery in the morning.

  26. rockin robyn

    How cute is that Pip has a big ‘ol chip… [on his shoulder]

    Na! Tori I can’t help but wonder if your precious heart is throwing unfair “guilt” signals to your brain. Pip isn’t feeling well and your blaming yourself —- thinkin that Pip is angry with you for snipping his butt. Whose to say that perhaps this is a story playing out – Pip’s ‘lil sore butt helped get him to the vets didn’t it… encouraged by him getting sick and not eating…

    I’m not saying you were meant to “miss” at trimming back there but I’m just saying —- you know what I mean.

    You meant well and Pip sure-nuff knows where the lovin comes from! He knows your heart.

  27. LOpitz

    Poor Pipper. I understand trimming the butt hairs (as we call them), though. Emma’s are long and fluffy and when she doesnt squat just right, she gets poop in them, which makes for nasty stringy, poopy, butt hairs, that must be cut. Though, Craig cut them last time and now they look jagged and butchered…

  28. LindaB

    Jagged and butchered???? Those are not two words a dog wants to hear in connection with his booty cut! Poor doggie! LOL

  29. LOpitz

    Haha I know. I did not consent for him to cut them, as he usually makes her look terrible when he tries to cut any hair on her. She’s a Golden Retriever so tons of hair, so much of the time when you cut something, you can’t tell, but I’m not sure what he did this time. Poor thing must be embarrassed. I need to fix it but she’s never exactly thrilled when you are messing in her booty area and she’s about the size of me so it’s never an easy task.

  30. LindaB

    BTW, Tori, I love your video! Pip deserves an Oscar for “Best Performance Using Only the Eyes”! (And you get one for “Best SHORT SUBJECT Documentary”.) ;)

  31. trishARKANSAS

    Poor, poor, poor Pip! He may not be feeling any physical pain but he’s definitely feeling the heavy emotional type. Pip darlin’ we’ll be praying for you today.

    I am a dog lubbber and a cat lubbber too! We have a short haired chihuahua named PACO and his adopted sister(who he teases mercilessly)Tiger. We don’t do the whole dingle-berry, butt-trimming thing. Ewwww!Gross!

  32. trishARKANSAS

    We do give our little Paco baths pretty often. To make it fair we also give Tiger a bath. Poor kitty.

  33. trishARKANSAS

    I can just see a little word balloon over Pip’s head. Inside it reads “Forgiven but not forgotten”


    AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only am I laughing my head off – I even started flapping my arms in the air w/ this one! I didn’t even try to snicker quietly! That video was TOO FUNNY! (at least to us, not Pip, obviously!) So, my Spots can call your Pip, and they can dog us out over their inhumane treatment, see which one can tell the most pitiful story! (after they both recover from their surgery!) Pip is really indignant, huh? Guess I would be, too, and then to tell it all over blogsville! Hey, the haircut is GREAT! Watch out, Jonas! Tried to send the vimeo to my mother, who also takes in rescue animals, but couldn’t get it right, ya know, w/ all my mad computer skills an all!
    LindaB – might as well forget about the razor! You are still a riot!

  35. LindaB

    LOpitz, have you considered hair extensions? ;0)

  36. trishARKANSAS

    Hair extesions on a bottom! Who’da thunk it?

  37. trishARKANSAS

    Ooops sorry for making the typo in what Pip seems to be saying. It should read “Forgiven butt not forgotten”

  38. LindaB

    ROFLOL trishArkansas!!!! Good one! I like that!

  39. delightedabroad

    LOL Agree with LindaB ! It certainly is a very sensitive area…

  40. jonny

    Uh-oh, delighted is catching on! The rest of us will DEFINITELY be in some serious trouble soon! Apua!!

  41. delightedabroad

    jonny, don’t worry I’m totally harmless !

  42. jonny

    What’s that about never underestimating a woman.:)

  43. trishARKANSAS

    My daughter has a t-shirt that reads ” A smart man once said,’I don’t know ask a girl’.

  44. jonny

    … or was it, “never turn your back on a woman”…

  45. jonny

    …or was it, “never trust your poochie’s booty hair trimmin’ to Tori” ??

  46. trishARKANSAS

    Oh!!Come on now jonny. Surely women are not that bad. Maybe you need to find you a wife. The Bible says that a man who finds a wife finds a GOOD THING!!

  47. trishARKANSAS

    And Tori luvs her little pip squeak sooo much that she is willing to trim his booty hair.

  48. GRITSinNC

    Delivered, I’m so glad I wasn’t in a library when I watched the video cause I sure did some loud giggling. It’s one of the cutest, sweetest things I’ve ever seen and I’ve watched it several times.

    I’m very anxious to learn how the surgery has gone. Or is going? Praying for poor little Pip.

    My little deceased baby was a long-haired dachshund/Chihuahua mix and yes, her hair had to be trimmed in that area. She would be so glad to get it out, she was a real good girl about it. She was a wuss though…she’d yelp like something got her when she’d feel a piece of pine straw caught in her long-haired tail. It’s been over two years and I still miss her so.

    Barbara, I was about to take you up on the kitten but then I remembered that I plan to rescue an adult cat this time…one that’s over climbing curtains, etc.

  49. trishARKANSAS

    On the serious side. I have got a friend who desperately needs prayer. God has delivered her from so much in her past and now the pull to go back is very strong. When you all pray please remember her. Gail is her name.

  50. jonny

    Was that before or after the fall?? Sorry, I’m not talking this seriously right now, and I’m laughing so hard I can barely breath!!

    OK, I’ve calmed down a bit now. I guess there are good and bad examples of both sexes, otherwise the many “battle of the sexes” jokes would probably never have surfaced, and both good and bad in each of us individually. Scripture also states that after THE fruit eating incident, that man’s desire would be to dominate his wife, and the woman’s to control her husband. I’m so sick right now I don’t have the strength to fight my own natural tendencies of domination, or to deal with anyone trying to control, or “help” me out right now = ) My brother has been concerned about me being so sick and having no woman in my life to help me out at the moment. I then took the time to explane to him how it’s actually much less stressful me doing things at my own pace, my own way, than have someone around now trying to help me. I even had to banne one female friend from ever entering my place again = / Nothing against her personally, her trying to be helpful was just too stressful, and stress makes my condition considerably worse! Anyway, my brother has not brought up the subject again ever since = ) The Bible also has in it, basically, that there is no greater hell on earth for a man than having attached himself to a bad wife. One should be careful with these things! Actually, on the seeking a mate thing, I really trust in Paul’s advise about those being single not to worry about it. Seek first His kingdom, trust not in your own understanding, persue love so one can actually live, discover Life, and leave the rest to Christ. “Even though you slay me, yet will I trust you.” Also to treat your sisters in the faith as if they were your own flesh and blood sisters. Fortunately, I don’t tease all of you ladies here half as bad as I did my own sister growing up = )


  51. jonny

    Oh, of course I’ll be praying for Gail!! Thanks for the head’s up = )

    And thanks for sharing about your girl, GRITS! She definitely sounds like one to be missed. A special treasure, for sure = )

  52. trishARKANSAS

    Jonny-you’re poor sister.

  53. trishARKANSAS

    Jonny-Hey I’m a good wife. Just ask my husband.He’s a pretty smart man. He agrees with me.

  54. jonny

    Oh, and sorry trish, couldn’t tell whether you were serious or not with the “GOOD THING” Say it!. Looks as if you weren’t, or only half serious. I guess I got all long-winded again for nothing = /

  55. trishARKANSAS

    I don’t know all the hows and whys but when we treat our husbands as the Bible asks us to it works.

  56. trishARKANSAS

    Jonny -only been serious about Gail today. I was just giving you a good ribbing.

  57. jonny

    Well… He at least sounds like a good husband… = )

    And about my sister, you are sooo right!! Fortunately she’s a believer now and all is good. Forgiven AND forgotten!! (hopefully)

  58. jonny

    As was I!! Fortunately, I believe I’ve now laughed all my booty hair off and won’t be requiring any special assistence from Tori in that regard! (Wipes perspiration from brow) Whew!!

  59. delightedabroad

    Yeah, things CAN change…

  60. jonny

    By the way, delighted, as a concerned brother to his sister in the faith, shouldn’t you be asleep by now?? Or doing your homework?? Or giving your HUSBAND a hard time??

  61. delightedabroad

    Dear brother in the faith may I remind you that I still enjoy my long vacation ? Ok, it’s just one more week but anyway. And my dearest husband of all is as keen on reading books as I am… above all I would never give anyone a hard time ’cause I’m dear and good – while asleep. (BTW it’s 9:45 pm here, absolutely no time for going to bed.) Wow – do you mean I gave YOU a hard time ???
    Ahm, if you want to take your brother-duty seriously you could pray that I indeed find restorative sleep…later.

  62. jonny

    I shall, my dear sweet, wonderful, precious sister in the faith, especially when asleep. I shall pray for you in this regard!

    By the way, I have no idea why “this regard” keeps popping up!?! Don’t believe I’ve used it before today = /

  63. delightedabroad

    That’s so great ! I would be thrilled being able to tell you how it feels like waking up restored and refreshed. That’s more than 8 years ago I have experienced it.
    Perhaps your illness brings new abilities to light… in fact ‘this regard’ is a phrase we often use at school.

  64. trishARKANSAS

    My precious, dear brother and sister who both desperately need restorative sleep. One b/c he’s sick in body and the other b/c she hasn’t experienced it for almost a decade I will pray that you both get the BEST SLEEP EVER.

  65. jonny


  66. jonny

    … on…

  67. jonny

    … it,

  68. jonny

    … delighted!!

  69. jonny

    There! How’s that for letting you know your prayer request is being taken care of, plus squeezing out as many Say it!s as possible for our local blog queen! Say… I just got an idea. Just a moment…

  70. jonny

    … It goes along the same idea as a Walk-A-Thon, but instead of collecting money for miles, or kilometers, we all get donations for every Say it! we post within a certain time frame! For example…

  71. jonny

    … one could get someone to sponsor then one US dollar for every Say it! posted during the time allotted, and no Say it!s posted if one does not have any sponsorship for this special time allotted for this purpose!! Then all proceeds, oh, excuse me, just another moment here…

  72. delightedabroad

    My grin goes from ear to ear – without my ears it would be an all-around-grin !

  73. delightedabroad

    What kind of medication did you get ????

  74. jonny

    … Where was I?? Oh, yes, then all proceeds could go to help pay for darling Pip’s doctor bills! This should definately but him in good with Tori again! Oh no, I just thought of something…

  75. trishARKANSAS

    delighted-I don’t know what type of meds he’s using but I think I need some.

  76. jonny

    … If Pip is a male dog, it must make it even more humiliating having to explane to all the other male dogs, that that little nip on his rump, none’s used rump yet in this thread have they??, was indeed NOT from fighting cats, but a slip of the scissors from his FEMALE owner! “Why would your female owner be doing with THOSE things back there??” they would naturally ask. He’d then have to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak! Poor little guy probably has to wait months before he can allow himself to be seen in public again. I truly feel for the poor guy now = /

  77. jonny

    Oh, in doggie English they often confuse “what” with “why.”


  78. trishARKANSAS

    The money could go to help him find a good doggy phsyciatrist.

  79. trishARKANSAS

    I wonder how Pip is doing???????

  80. jonny

    Me, too = /

  81. delightedabroad

    And me!

  82. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Me, too…..keep checking here, hoping to hear something.

  83. LindaB

    Me too! Do we need to call the doggie hospital to get an update?

  84. GRITSinNC

    So glad little Pip is okay. Went over to Twitter to check and there was report & by the time I got back here, the report was here. I’ll be glad when he can have a pain pill. Hope you and he get some sleep tonight. You read animals and their thoughts so well…I’m sure that’s what the other two were thinking. :o)

    I had to put my little one on a prescription dog food for life to keep her from making stones. It worked for that but I think it created to her getting overweight.

    Kiss little Pip and the other two for me. I’m serious. :o)

  85. GRITSinNC

    Sorry about the Smileys. I have a bad habit. Don’t know why the apostrophe appears separately.

  86. jonny

    Thanks so much for the up-date! Really good to read all went well for the little guy!! I do believe poor little poop eatin’, butt nipped Pip has become a part of this blog family as well! Even for some of us non-doggie lovers = /

  87. BrownEyedGirl

    Fell better soon, Little Pip !

  88. bettyrwoodward

    Glad all went well. Sleep well Pip and feel better in the morning!

  89. delightedabroad

    What a relief to hear those good news ! I’ll keep on praying for the whole family that you can return to all-day routine soon.

  90. delightedabroad

    Helloooo ??? Anyone at home ? Did you all use up your words yesterday ?

  91. Barbara M. Lloyd

    So happy to hear that Pip and Mommy are doing well.

  92. MostlySunny

    OK, I have a question that has absolutely nothing to do with what’s been said on this blog so far, but it has to do with this blog….

    So, Tori – How-What-Who at Google (if indeed it is Google) determines the “Ads by Google” that come up on your blog space? Some of them are very funny; sometimes they leave me scratching my head in puzzlement.

    Like today:

    *Dog Diarrhea Treatments
    *Other stuff for doggie digestive tracts
    *Pup-sup cultures

    One day it was “how to meet Asian gays”

    Just wondering…

  93. MostlySunny

    A few other previous ads:

    Become a Police Officer
    How to make Electricity
    Become a Clergyman online
    That Pee Stink is gone

    See what I mean?

  94. tori

    MostlySunny– It’s crazy, isn’t it?! Google Ads does some kind of automated random word sampling from my posts (and maybe comments too, not sure) and then ‘matches’ those words with some of their advertisers whose ads contain those words, too. So.. if I talk about Pip peeing in my laundry room? Voila– “The Pee Stink Is Gone!”

    The so-called matches can get really funny– the very first post I wrote for this blog was about taking Madi to try on swimsuits, and ads for “Hot Sexy See-Thru Swimwear” were popping up, and then it moved on to “Meet Sexy Matur SIngle Women”… Yeah. Classy!





  97. MostlySunny

    Thank you for the explanation re: the ads. I figured it was something like that. I guess you (we) need to be careful what we write…poop, dingleberries, butt hair, booty cut. No wonder these doggie stuff ads keep popping up!

    I guess I’m a marketing guru’s dream. I acutally notice those ads, raise an eyebrow and go *hmmmm*, then move on to the comments!

    Let’s see what DELIVEREDJEPARKER63’s “baby-making kitty” and “size 10″ brings us today!

  98. rachelbaker

    So glad Pip is doing OK. I too was wondering about those google ads so thanks for the answer – they can be fairly interesting!

    Now, I was also wondering, since we’ve all been so good at ‘saying it’ and the comments just keep building up, whether new blogs are now not composed until the previous one has reached a century. Are blogs like children, and do they get their feelings hurt if they do not receive the same attention as their siblings. And are you, Tori, as their mother, equally protetive of them?

  99. tori

    rachelbaker– HA! Yeah, I have all these fabulous blog posts just poised and waiting to be unleashed once we hit 100 comments… I WISH! Actually, I am checking the comment section all during the day, shaking my head in wonder as the numbers mount! I love it, you guys have just EXPLODED lately! I am currently applying for a new ad company to take me on– BlogHer ads– and the increased comment traffic drives my stats up, which is a really good thing and makes this blog more attractive to marketers. So, you guys are doing a great thing for the ‘bloomr by taking the time to stop by and comment during the day, and I am very grateful!

    The truth is, I very rarely write blog posts ahead of time and store them up. I wish I could do that more often, but as you guys know, I’m flying by the seat of my pants around here (and flying solo a lot of the time), so there are any number of things that unexpectedly come up in the course of a day that can derail my writing time. My personal goal is to try to average 3 new posts a week– sometimes I do it, sometimes… not so much!

  100. delightedabroad

    Tori, if 3 in a week or less: you’re doing a great job anyway !

  101. MostlySunny

    “My personal goal is to try to average 3 new posts a week– sometimes I do it, sometimes… not so much!” Ah, but when you do do it, it get the chatter going and who knows where it will take us…even if you’re off the continent for a while!

  102. jonny

    OK, I’ve been preparing for a major event tonight that has taken approximately six year, more off than on, to pull off. In the 2nd most respected rock venue in Helsinki I’ve, with God’s help and direction, have pulled together, without question, the top soul and jazz artists to do all songs from Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On!! Not an easy task! Most are not Christians, but the songs are VERY faith based. Deeply spiritual, actually. At sound-check ALL have a hundred and ten percent! It was simply profound, amazing. Anyway, prayers for the actual performance would be appreciated. Especially fort my band! We’re in a bit over our heads tonight = )

    And, your welcome Tori! A pleasure helping out anyway I can!!

    Oh, and I’ve been up since 05.30 this morning working on things for tonight. It’s now around 21.00!! Show starts in about an hour.


  103. bettyrwoodward

    3 blogs a week is just fine by me. Thanks Tori!

  104. trishARKANSAS

    jonny-sure I will pray. Break a leg!

  105. tori


    Praying you will rock the house! Can’t wait for a report.

    May the force of the ‘bloomr go with you… :)

  106. LindaB

    Wow, Jonny! I wish I could hear that concert! I love Marvin!

    I was babysitting all day for my grandson while his mother goes to her first class—-graphic design 101. She’s so excited about going back to school. She has an artisitc talent that I am glad to see her using and developing. Even when she was a kid, she would draw and paint fantastic pictures. It’s sort of overwhelming when you see your offspring doing something well that you could only dream of doing yourself. It’s a cool thing!

    Good luck tonight (or whenever it is)!

  107. delightedabroad

    jonny we’ll back you with prayers !

    Excuse me, Tori, I meant ‘wether’ not ‘if’…(12:51) :-/
    and did you notice the 3-digit-limit is again exceeded ?





    Jonny – i gotcha out there being prayed for from PA – FL – CA. So, folks that don’t even read this blog, (though I personally think everyone should get in on this!) are lifting you and the band up in prayer.
    Later, Dude!

  110. LindaB

    I’m praying too, Jonny! Ya know, you may be over your head a bit, but God NEVER is! And if He’s leading your band, you will be fine!

    ROCK ON!!!

  111. GRITSinNC

    Good luck, jonny. Break a leg! Bless their socks off! Can you feel the prayers from around the world??? Worked for Pip.

    How is the little Pipster feeling today, Tori? Hope he recovers quickly. I just have such a strong desire to hold and cuddle him.

    Delivered,you’re about as much fun as Tori, LindaB, Rachel, jonny, and others. Wish I had a personality. Oops, almost used a frowny face…trying to keep from leaving those yellow things around. Anyhow, hope your kitty is recovering well too.

    Look forward to a report from jonny when I check in in the morning.

  112. jonny

    Thanks so much for the interest, and prayers!! It was, how shall I put this, well, in short, A MASSIVE SUCCESS!!!!! God was, without question, and without a shadow of a doubt, in the house tonight! Jesus’ name was severely honored in one song by someone who doesn’t have a faith in him, yet, and afterwards she knew that what had just transpired was something far beyond anything she could have accomplished without outside help, and lifted up her right hand up, towards God and acknowledged him for a moment. One of the Christian artists, who had her first ever gig at this club that MANY are hoping to have a gig at some day, said after my band’s performance that we brought the reality of man’s need for God good in a way that made it clear to her that it was God’s doing. Something like that anyway Also, I am NOT a trained vocalist, but many pros came up to me, touched by what had transpired, and hugged me, and/or thanked me and told me few are able to do, accomplish what I do with my voice, performance! PREEETTY humbling!! Anyway, everyone loved being a part of it, so now some would like to see if we could do it in other cities as well. That’s tricky because it would be challenging getting everyone together again at the same time, also the costs of taking this outside of Helsinki would be more than a handful. But, I guess we’ll discuss it awhile then go from there. Oh, and I also have a meeting with one person around 12.00 today to discuss recording an album for the band. Seems like God may be opening even more doors now with the work he has me doing! Again, thanks so much for the prayers and interest = )

  113. tori

    jonny, jonny, our resident rockstar– WAY to STINKIN’ GO, man!
    We are all so proud of you, and I love hearing what happened tonight. May it be just the beginning of a season of great blessings for you!

  114. jonny

    Yeah, well Amy Grant has still never asked for my number = / And seriously, how could any blessing top stumbling across this blog!?! I ask ya’!! OK, it would be a little awkward for Amy having to explane to her husband her having my phone number, should he ever find out. That and the fact that SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW I EXIST!!! Oh, and there was a lot of humor and just really fun moments tonight as well. Soooo many wonderful things that word’s can not describe. That’s art for you, I guess. I could not have shared my faith and belief in Christ any more effectively than how God used, put everything tonight, in my understanding of things.


  115. LindaB

    We’re all proud of you, Jonny! You did good!

  116. delightedabroad

    Sounds great, jonny. I was quite sure it would be good but I’m happy it’s sooo bodacious !

  117. rachelbaker

    So pleased it went well jonny!

    And Grits, you have plenty of personality, what are you talking about?!

  118. bettyrwoodward

    So glad it went well jonny.

  119. jonny

    “bodacious,” I don’t think I’ve heard, or read that most excellent word in around twenty years!! Thanks = )

    And rach, our guitarist used one of my guitars, which is similar to the guitar your brother used when playing for, with Russ. If your brother is the one I think he is from the photos. It was a Danelectro convertible pro, dark blue metal flake. NOT an obvious choice in using a guitar for a Marvin Gaye song from the WGO release.


    GRTIS – What r u talkin ’bout? You got mega personality! Mega heart, too!

    Jonny – what did we do b4 this blog site? Is this really addicting, or am I just really glad to have found friends?

    Rachelbajker – your bro used to play w/ Russ? WOW.

    My cat is great after being spade, How is Pip?

  121. trishARKANSAS

    Jonny-WOW!!!Way to rock the place for JESUS!!!

  122. trishARKANSAS

    What did I do b-4 discovering this blog? I’ll tell you what I didn’t do. I didn’t laugh near this much. I didn’t pray near this much. And I didn’t know what I was missing out on. I get to talk To a REAL LIVE ROCKSTAR and delightedabroad. I’ve learned how to make some awesome recipes. And I’ve gotten a little peep at the wisdom of LindaB, Tori and several of the others. Come to think of it What did I do before all this fellowship in the community of Tori’s Blog?

  123. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Johnny, if y’all come near me, I will happily pay for a ticket to be there. What a night to remember, as you described! You can’t stop now, sweet pea.

  124. jonny

    Well, that not stopping now is something that’s in the air at the moment. This is truly a full time job that I do not get paid for. As a result I have not been able to make ends meet for many years now. I’m not concerned about. I trust, thoroughly, and clearly believe these are the doors Christ has been opening and where he keeps leading. I trust him with all this. But, if it looks like I’m about to get to the point where I will not be able to pay rent every month, if it gets to that point, then I may have to stop.

    Many Christians are now aware of who I am and what Christ is accomplishing through, with me. Some in “power” positions, so to speak. They are also aware of my financial situation. It may be this is what Christ would desire me to do for many years now. But, it may also require some brothers and sisters stepping out in faith and financially supporting this to some degree, one way or another. And, since it is Christ, Love, that may be requiring this support from the body for the “mission” or calling to continue, it involves choice. They then are very much free to say “no,” and that would end, settle that. Anyway, for those interested, prayer would be appreciated.

    Also, I really, truly don’t have an “H” my name. Parents left it out. My dad has an “H” in his name, though! He is also the one with the capital “J” at the beginning of his name = )


  125. delightedabroad

    Wow, you even sound somewhat different ! As if you would run on (heavenly) adrenalin…

  126. GRITSinNC

    jonny, that is such wonderful news. I’ve wondering what you’re doing in Finland and now I know…the Lord sent you there to soften cold hearts and introduce them to Jesus.

    Trish, I didn’t laugh nearly as much before I found this blog either, and they say laughter adds years to a life, so I really needed it. It’s also great to pray for each other and see the results, even if it’s four-legged. I’ve cyberly met some funny wonderful people here, one just down the same highway I live near….hi Delivered. I’m SO glad I stumbled on Tori’s blog…she keeps my spirits lifted…and I’m ready for more right now.

    Keep up the good work, jonny. So proud of you. Oh, and RachelBaker, to quote DELIVERED “your bro used to play with Russ? Wow!”


    Jonny – I’ve even got an “h” in my name, & I’m a girl! Had wondered about the spelling of your name, but had never addressed it. Hang in there, Bud!
    Grits – r u getting any of this rain? It has become a daily thang, but, of course – it IS hurricane season. Some years ago we were all under water right about this time. It was one of the most phenomenal things I have ever witnessed, & survived! Hurricane Floyd was a looloo. We all hold our breaths around here during this month, & pray no more dams are breached. I think you are more in Durham/Greensboro direction from me, huh?

    Its drizzly here, breezy, cool – a great day for one of my favorites -tomato soup w/ goldfish crackers floating around in it, a fuzzy faced companion and a good book. (Jonny – I’m talkin bout one of my cats!)
    Outta here, guys! Oh, have I told y’all that I love ya? Well, I do! I love this place! Thanks, Tori!

  128. trishARKANSAS

    jonny-You do sound different today. I’m so glad that God is working in your life. Looking forward to hearing the new alblum. I will be praying for you.

    Oh yeah. My little 17 yr old angel is going for her first rehearsal in an all girl high school rock band. She’s going to play the bass.

  129. jonny

    If I “sound” different it’s probably cuz I’m wiped out. I had to do all of yesterday’s stuff, and today’s follow-up responsibilities, while still being very much sick/ill. But it’s all good. Seriously! Lots of love for everyone on my end as well!

  130. jonny

    By the way, how’s butt nipped Pip holding up??

  131. trishARKANSAS

    Aw!! Come on. Hasn’t Pip suffered enough without being eternally remembered as the “butt nipped Pip”? After all the embarassment of having it posted in cyberspace shouldn’t he now be able to have some dignity and self respect?

  132. jonny

    I figured by now it was at least a term of endearment for the little squeaker!!

  133. delightedabroad

    In German there is a proverb saying ‘once your reputation is ruined you can live freely’…(freely translated)

  134. trishARKANSAS

    It probably could be a term of endearment. I hope he can live freely butt I think that the video showed that it may take some time to get used to that newfound freedom and endearment.

  135. jonny

    And, to be honest, I don’t think the posting on cyber space comes any where near close to having the poor guy have to fuss up as to why, and how, he recieved that ill fated “nip.” At this point the only thing left for him to do is buck up and have a good sense of humor/humour about it, AND with that very same attitude, own the name!! Make it his on as many levels as possible!! Oh the respect he would soon farm from others!! Once he’s done what no other doggie pal, mate, buddy, has ever had the courage to do before, this owning up to something potentially permanently reputation scaring, image when someone, or some cat for example, would come in and want to make good with all the other dogs in Pip’s neighborhood/neighbourhood by attempting to make the little squeaker an escape goat, the fall guy, the butt of that cruel cat’s getting in good with the others’ jokes! The moment that fool cat makes a feeble move at bringing up the ol’ butt nipped incident, it would surely backfire on that in need of some Christ centered character cat right then and there! All those dogs would suddenly go silent from all the previous laughter goings on, then just sort of catch each other in the eye, and then, one by one, leave that lone cat stuck, standing a bit more than knee deep in his, or her, own humiliation!!

    And yes, I’ve rested up! Some.

  136. jonny

    “Oh the respect he would soon earn from others!!”

    “…this owning up to something potentially permanently reputation scaring. Imagine when…”

    Yep, now I’ve rested up a bit more = )

  137. jonny

    Oh, and I still haven’t seen the last two videos posted!!

    And LindaB, who turned you on to Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On?? I thought you were all lost in that country and western type stuff!?!

  138. bettyrwoodward

    Perhaps I should set the record straight. Dave, who is my son and Rachel’s brother opened for Russ when he was in the UK last time and did actually play the piano for him in the morning service as well. It was one of the greatest moments of his life. Russ was sooooooo kind as well.

    It really was a privilege to have him with us and to meet the family.

  139. jonny

    ooohh… So, who pulled together the crew the played with Russ while he was there??

  140. bettyrwoodward

    No-one. It was just a solo concert with backing tapes. We are a fairly small church on US sizes! He met Dave while he was here and asked him to play. He did seem quite impressed! You can hear his music on davidwmusic.com. I think it was God working that got him here and to us it seemed like a dream!! An unforgettable time. God really blessed us as a family and many others through Russ’s ministry.

  141. LindaB

    Jonny I am not solely interested in country/western “stuff” at all. Actually, I love all kinds of music styles, including gospel, contemporary Christian, country, classical, jazz, soul, pop, and whatever is really good! I especially love listening to Motown with my 20 year old granddaughter! It’s our “thing” together! We have several CD’s of it and sing along with the Motown greats at the top of our lungs when we’re driving along in the car. Our favorite is the Temptations!! “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”, “Can’t Get Next To You”, and “The Way You Do the Things You Do”! Good stuff!!!! Cheers ya right up! And I’ve always liked Marvin Gaye! What a shame his life was cut short and we never got to hear how his music would have developed.

  142. jonny

    Thanks Betty!! Somehow I thought you, your family, were involved in that festival Char had pictures of in that wonderful slide-show of her’s. I’m slippin’!

    LindaB!! Why, WHY do you already have to be taken, and I so much younger than you!! Life can be so extremely harsh at times = /

    I was talking to one guy about this yesterday. I believe coke, Marvin’s addiction to being sexually involved with many women, got the better of him, his music, lyrically anyway, before his physical life was taken. A real shame. OK, he probably wasn’t at the same, even more mind blowingly amazing level as Sly Stone, but was without question Motown’s most gifted artist.

    I saw a version of The Temptations, as well as The Supremes, around mine years ago in the city of Kuopio, about four hours drive out of Helsinki. Wonderful night! I think I’m more into the Drifters, though. One of their lead vocalists still blows me away with what he was able to get out of that voice of his!

  143. bettyrwoodward

    jonny – the concerts you saw were in the Faroe Islands.

  144. jonny

    OK, I knew it was at Faroe Islands, but somehow connected your son in with that event, even though I was aware you and your family were not from there. Confusing, I know. Thanks for taking the time to clear that all up!

  145. jonny

    Well, let’s see about getting this to 145 before Tori slips another post up! Life after blog… let’s see… have not had this much communication with other Americans, especially women, for some years now… have also not laughed so much, or been challenged this much in some time… have had many undeserved opportunities to share much, and be able to use my humor/humour and wit so often and in was probably not possible before… have learned, discovered much “stuff” concerning Gaither and his entourage, and have been stretched/blessed in ways and areas more than likely not possible without have “stumbled” on to this place. Oh, and I probably would not have had to re-adjust my “woman-of-my-life” priorities if I had not come across LindaB and Candy!!

  146. delightedabroad

    Obviously I have a great lack of knowledge concerning the music branch…
    There is a recurrent theme when talking about life before/after blog: hearty laughter ! That’s true for me too. My husbands getting used to me sitting in front of the computer bursting into laughter – which he anyway is NOT yet used to connecting with me. And I perceive a degree of goofiness in me I never would have admitted to have. (Is it understandable what I’m writing ???)

  147. delightedabroad

    And it’s a way of getting to know people in a relaxed environment. It still amazes me how the Spirit of God unites you with brothers and sisters in such a gentle manner.

  148. trishARKANSAS

    jonny and delighted-Amen!Amen!Amen! God is soo good.

  149. trishARKANSAS

    I found a tremendous way to take this blog up to 200 Say It’s. When I was a lot younger than I am now. We used to have “old-fashioned” testimony services. People would stand up and tell how good God has been to them. Anybody game?

  150. delightedabroad

    Who asks begins ?

  151. LindaB

    Yes, Delighted, I can understand what you’re saying perfectly! You are doing great! I’m so in awe of someone learning another language! I don’t think I have enough brain cells left to do that! I studied French for fours years in high school and two in college, and I can’t remember any of it…………except for one phrase–Je suis une jeune fille”, which means I am a young girl, which isn’t even true anymore. Dang it!

    That reminds me of something Tori’s Charlotte said and Tori reported it on her blog: She asked her mother if pig latin was the official language of what country. When Tori told her it’s not an offical language of any country, Char replied, “Well, there goes my plan to study in Germany someday!” Now, THAT’S HILARIOUS! Someday Charlotte will be writing a blog somewhere in cyberspace and have folks cracking up like her mom does now!

    I agree with you all that this blog is such a fun place! I like to check back in throughout the day to see what’s going on—-I look forward to it! It brightens up my day, for sure! And Tori is SO FUNNY! Not at all what I thought a prominent gospel music artist of Grammy quality’s wife and accomplished songwriter and book author would be! (I hope that sentence didn’t give you any trouble, Delighted! I am trying to be careful of my English so as not to confuse you!)

    And Jonny, YOU ARE A HOOT!!! (Delighted, “hoot” means funny…….in case you didn’t know that. It’s not someone who works at “Hooters”! :) If you ever get to these United States for a concert, I just have to go see and hear you! (If Candy’s coming, maybe I won’t. LOL ) I’m still amazed that you can type all you do on your cell phone!!!! That’s incredible! Hope you are feeling better today.

    Now, I have to go mow our lawn. Later!

  152. LindaB

    Trish, I will stand up in cyberspace and say God has been very very good to me and my family…..probably better than we deserve!

    It’s such a good feeling to give God praise and glory for everything good in our lives, don’t ya wonder how atheists feel when things are going great and they have no one to thank for it but themselves and some kind of random “luck”? Having someone to thank for the good things you enjoy gives you a sort of stability, where without it, you would feel kind of like you’re alone in a random universe with no hope or identity. I wouldn’t like it.

  153. trishARKANSAS

    I guess I will start with a testimony I don’t share as often as I should. Five years ago the church I attended was having some difficulties. It was like a funeral had taken place. I began to fast, pray and seek God on behalf of the church. I was getting pretty desperate. One day I went down to the Arkansas River to pray and meditate on God’s Word. I was reading the Word and a scripture just seemed to leap off the page to me. It was Psalms 118:17 “I will not die, but I will live and proclaim what the Lord has done.” A few days later I was diagnosed with a fast growing tumor. The doctors just knew it was cancer. About a month after I was diagnosed, I went in for surgery. It was a 10 hour surgery b/c the tumor involved the muscles and nerves in my face. The doctor later came to my room. He was shaking his head. He told me that he didn’t understand what was happening. The tumor was taken out and he was sure it was cancer. It looked like cancer. It acted like cancer. But when he sent it in for a biopsy it showed to be normal tissue. GOD HAS BEEN SO GOOD TO ME!

  154. jonny

    Thanks LindaB. I’m quite proud of a few of my accomplishments on the blog here, hoot wise. Especially the Say it! on why Butt Nip Pip needs to be the man and own up on the name! If that did not get a few “hoots” out of some of you I’m retiring!! Still not sure if the ending should have been “…standing a bit over knee deep in a pile of his, or her, own humiliation” though = /

  155. jonny

    How’s the use of the face now, trish?? And, of course thanks for sharing! And this idea of how to help us reach 200 and make Tori blog history!!

    I guess one testimony I could share is that the last few years I’m just blown away with the copious amounts of understanding Christ seems to keep laying on me. It’s like all my time up to about eight years ago was like putting lots of dots in place. Then about eight years ago he took a pen and started connecting all those dots! And since the constantly add a few more dots, connect them, add a few, connect, and as a result adding way more to the picture than I ever could have imagined possible! Have no idea how he’s using it all, but I continue continueing!

  156. trishARKANSAS

    The face is great! Don’t have any paralysis! God is so good!

  157. jonny

    Oh, and one of many possibly good reminders in that one trish is not to judge by appearances, or to fear or worry by what we think we understand.

  158. delightedabroad

    LindaB, you’re incredible, j’aime beaucoup ton humour ! In fact I’m indeed learning a lot more ‘on the funny side of life’ now that I know you all a little.

    Thanks for sharing, trishARKANSAS. Do you know the story about the ‘traces in the sand’ by Margret Fishback Powers ? She coud’ve written that for me: as you already know I have quite a lack of sleep. By now my heart, circulation, nerves etc. should show severe signs of overstrain. At least that. But the ‘side effects’ are really moderate though noticeable. I’m convinced that God is carrying me, giving me heavenly strength. Even at school they’re wondering how I can still have acceptable marks. (Just German-French translation is bad, really bad…)

  159. jonny

    I think it’s called “Footprints,” or something with that word in the title, in English. And by the way, why yes, I’ll be staying home tonight, my time, doing my part in seeing we get to the 200 marker!

  160. trishARKANSAS

    delighted-You remind me of the Apostle Paul who found God’s grace to be sufficient.

  161. delightedabroad

    Oh, and above all God seems to have further plans for me because I was able to cheat death three times in my life at least.

  162. trishARKANSAS

    delighted-could you tell us about it. If it’s not too peersonal.

  163. trishARKANSAS

    I mean ‘if it’s not to personal.’

  164. jonny

    “If it’s not too personal.” Trying to confuse the poor girl?? ; )

    jonny-the hawk!

  165. delightedabroad

    I think so. No, it’s not too personal. Oh, and what did you mean with ‘Apostle Paul’?
    The first time happened when I was a baby; someone tried to get me shut up with a pillow. My mother just wondered why I so quickly was quieted… and came having a look.
    The second time I had a severe enteritis (yeah, I had to look up) at age 5 or so. Back then the fever was so high I already started telling nonsens. And to top it all the docter first gave me the wrong medication which worsened the situation.
    Next time was at age 17; also being ill, first a really bad cold and immediately afterwards angina. One evening I fell asleep with my nose swollen – and a little later my throat got blocked with…ahh …what you usually get rid of by coughing. So I woke from the fact of being able to breathe anymore. Well, just for a few seconds I guess but veeeery long seconds.
    There were a few situations where it could have turned out to be really dangerous like last year when having a migraine. It was a hot day and I began vomiting around noon which didn’t stop until late in the night. This time my circulation was very near to collapse mostly due to dehydration. That’s about it I think.

  166. bettyrwoodward

    trish thank for sharing that. God is indeed good. We had a ministry time at church last night and God moved in amazing ways. There were many more at the front saying they wanted to give God everything than there were in their seats. God is good and God loves me. amazing isn’t it!

  167. trishARKANSAS

    delighted- God’s grace was sufficient to carry the apostle through. And it has been sufficient for you too.

    jonny-Sorry! Don’t have spell-check. But having jonny-check is the next best thing.

    betty-Don’t you just love those services? Hearts and lives being changed. I couldn’t think of anywhere else that I’d rather be than gathered with brothers and sisters while God’s Spirit is touching lives.

  168. trishARKANSAS

    There’s an old song that we used to sing at “Old Fashioned Brush Arbour” meetings. It said “Stand up. Stand up. Stand up and testify….”

  169. karen48

    I have enjoyed reading these messages. God has certainly been good to me. Though it seems at times I didn’t realize it. But coming to understand now though what all I’ve come thru.

    Probably 30 years ago or so I had a really bad rheumatoid arthritis flare. It was so bad I needed help getting out of a chair. And yes, that included the bathroom. Having that horrific pain makes a person wonder how the rest of their life will be. I just couldn’t imagine. But cortizone became my friend.

    I was on NSAIDs for a lot of years. Then a few years ago the dr’s told me my kidney levels were too high. Probable cause was the NSAIDs. So I’ve been off them now for a few years. And to my amazement, I very rarely need pain meds. Healing? :-)

    Jan 17th of 2001 I had quad bypass surgery. I came thru it with flying colors. Jan of 2009 my bypasses are still wide open.

    As I go into any surgery, I leave it all in God’s hands and to this day He has been faithful.

  170. MostlySunny

    I teach an adult Sunday school class in my church. We’re just finishing up studying the Hebrew names of the God in the Old Testament (Kay Arthur book “LORD, I Want to Know You”). Theses names of God reveal His character and His ways. Here’s what I know for sure: He is…

    *Jehovah/YHWH/YAH – The Self-Existent One
    *El – Strong and Mighty
    *Elohim – Creator of everything seen and unseen
    *El Elyon – God Most High
    *El Roi – He sees me right where I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m going
    *El Shaddai – All-Sufficient and Almighty
    *Adonai – He is to be my Lord and Master – the authority of everything in my life;
    *Jehovah-jireh – He provides exactly what I need, when I need it;
    *Jehovah-rapha – He is the One who heals – physically, mentally, spiritually – body, soul and spirit;
    *Jehovah-nissi – the LORD my banner; it is under His Name that we live and breathe and can do anything at all
    *Jehovah-mikoddiskem – the One who sanctifies me – makes and declares us holy
    *Jehovah-shalom – in Him alone is peace
    *Jehovah-sabaoth – He is the LORD of hosts – armies of heaven, angels, heavenly hosts – sun, moon, stars, LORD of the host of all creation.
    *Jehovah-raah – He is the Good Shepherd, who cares and protects us, His flock; the One who oversees and has our good in mind always
    *Jehovah-tsidkenu – our righteousness – we can’t be or become righteous on our own
    *Jehovah-shammah – the LORD is there…always!
    *El Olam – The Everlasting God, eternal
    *Immanuel – God with us…indeed!

    I hope one of these truths about Who God IS helps someone get through the next hour, day, week or year…until He returns

  171. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, even though I am a bit late to the party…I never want to miss an opportunity to thank God for all of the many blessings in my life…for there have been so many…and I am still reaping the benefits of most. Thank you, Lord.

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