Holiday Weekend Edition

OK, so after all of my poop-eating Pip stories…? The little guy is sick!

(And no, it’s not the poop, that happened days ago and besides if that was gonna hurt him, he would have been sick YEARS ago.)

He’s been acting a little weird, very low-key and very little appetite. He is not moving around a whole lot, though still walking fine and going outside, but his face looks kind of, well, pleading. (If you are not a dog person, that sentence just sounded ridiculous– if you are a dog person, you just thought, ‘Yeah, I get that.’) He is quite elderly– not sure exactly how old, because he is a rescue– but we have had him about 10 years and he was no spring chicken when we got him.

I knew last night when he was refusing to eat hand-fed ‘people food’ that we had turned a corner. He threw up a couple of times and I had also noticed a small bloody sore spot on his tiny little bum, so first thing this morning I called the vet and I took him in at 11:00.  Madi went with me for moral support. Pip was huddled in a towel trying to bury his head in my armpit, and after a brief examination they took him into another room to draw blood and do a more intensive exam. After going over his blood work, urine specimen and stool sample (This is already sounding expensive, right? Same thing I was thinking at this point), everyone was puzzled because they were having trouble matching up his symptoms with anything conclusive. None of it added up, and they also couldn’t figure out what that abrasion on his rear end was all about. Finally they decided to do an x-ray to check his stomach and bowels for any obstructions and when the vet came out with those results she was shaking her head and looking very surprised. “OK, Pip has a REALLY large stone in his bladder– it’s just like a kidney stone, but in his bladder, and there’s no way in the world he would ever be able to pass it. The weird thing is that none of his symptoms indicate he is having any problems with that at all right now, and if we hadn’t x-rayed him we never would have found it!”

The bad news is that we are totally looking at surgery to remove it, which will take place on Tuesday, after we get him a little stronger and he recovers from what we now think is just some kind of gastrointestinal thing, probably not serious (though we are watching it and putting him on a bland diet.) The worse news is that we’re looking at waaaay more money than I ever wanted to spend on medical issues that don’t involve a husband, a blood relative, someone I gave birth to or myself. *sigh* But all of his other tests said that he is really a pretty healthy old dog with all of his other organs working just fine, and if we hadn’t found the stone on the x-ray, by the time it DID act up– and it would have– he could have gotten very, very sick very, very quickly. So even Russ who is not what you would call an animal-lover (I KNOW! Go figure) is all in favor of having the surgery. His life will be saved, which makes us all very happy.

There is some other good news. Kinda. We finally figured out what that mysterious red abrasion was on his bottom! The vet said, “It’s not an abscess, it’s very shallow, almost like a scrape or a cut… Does he scoot around on his rear end at all?” (No.) “Would he have gotten in a fight with one of the other dogs?” (No.) “Did you trim around that area at all recently?” OK, oops. I had indeed done a little uh, clean-up trim job last night and Pip had indeed yipped, but then he always does that, the little wussy. Well, this time he wasn’t kidding, I totally gave him a little, um, slice.  Apparently if you are a pet in need of some booty-hair-trimming, I am not your girl. I apologized profusely to Pip, and I think we’re OK, but he’s not making any eye contact with me so I might have to buy him some jewelry or a car or something.

Anyway, hold a thought for Pip the Squeak next Tuesday as he goes under the knife. I’ll keep you updated of course– after all what’s a blog for if not to give a blow-by-blow breathless account of the inner workings of a Yorkie’s bladder surgery, right? Right!

Here is a face to put with your fervent prayers:


And speaking of trimming hair–how’s that for a segue?– here are a couple of pictures of Madi’s glamorous new ‘do. I would say I love it unconditionally because it is so darling, but there is one problem with it– it makes her look, like, college-age or something. Usually, because she’s so dang tiny, when she’s bouncing around here with her long hair flying it’s very easy to just think of her as just a 8th or 9th grader, with y e a r s ahead of her before we have to start thinking about things like graduating and going away and not having her around all the time. Now my denial is a little harder to maintain, because when she comes around a corner and I look up… there’s suddenly a more sophisticated version of Madi looking back at me. Yikes.

Anyway, here she is, rocking the new hair:



And here’s an artsy version of what the two of us looked like in the salon right before she got it cut– if you happen to be on some kind of hallucinogenic drugs, of course:


Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! I’ll be figuring out the contest and springing that on you VERY SOON!

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  1. jonny

    Wow, looking at Pips face like that, all up close and personal like with that close up, I would never have taken him for an “eater.” Now Madi on the other hand… Looks can be so deceiving though, can’t they. And speaking of deceiving looks (there’s my segueway for ya’) yes, that new hear cut does mature her a few years. In appearance anyway. I trust she’ll soon be acting the same once the novelty of the new hair cut, which looks really good IMO, wears off! Here’s hoping any way = /

  2. GRITSinNC

    Poor Pip! The poor little thing is hurting; hence, the pleading look. Yes, I’ve experienced the canine pleading look many times and totally understand. (And it does not always mean pain. LOL) Have also experienced the “trying to hide head in armpit” thing. Doesn’t it just break you heart when they’re so afraid. Did the vet give you anything for pain while waiting for Tuesday? Maybe the pain is what’s making him sick on his tummy? Hope not. (Celia, tend to your own business.) He is so adorable. Will sure be praying for him, especially on Tuesday.

    I’m a little disappointed that Russ is not an animal person. I guess he really enjoys it when the 3 little yappers get to yapping at one time. LOL I actually love animals more than I do most people. Does that make me weird or uncivilized or what? I think it’s just that most people are uncivilized these days. Not those I know, tweet and blog with of course.

    Madi looks adorable! She’d probably still look adorable with a crew cut, but the current style is perfect! Does she love it?

    Wish I could be a fly on the wall when you & Russ, Marcie & Michael get together for dinner. Unimaginable fun I’m sure. I just love the way most of the Christian artists love & respect each other so much.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Tori & family & everyone here.

  3. rachelbaker

    I’m feeling for little Pip, and for your finances. Ouch all round.

    Madi’s hair looks great, she is beautiful.

    It was our holiday weekend last weekend and its ‘back to school’ here tomorrow. My five year old is so excited … I wonder how many years that will last? I can never remember looking forward to the end of the holidays!

  4. bettyrwoodward

    What’s this me following my daughter on here. Sorry Rach’. Pip looks so sweet. Hope just maybe there was a ‘pet insurance’ around, if not very sorry for the finances. Love Madi’s hair to. Thinking of you all while Russ is away.

  5. delightedabroad

    Feel really sorry ! Of course I will think of you and Pip next week. And I hope that you, Tori, will find the striking peace offering …

  6. delightedabroad

    Oh, I can imagine why Madi is so satisfied with her new look…:-)

  7. jonny

    Oh, and really liked the pic and, appreciated the Warhol treatment, of the two of you before the major hair surgery took place. The one the transformed the girl into a young woman coming of age! In appearance anyway = / Peace!

  8. Sheena

    Aww, poor Pip! Glad you figured out the problem though and hope the surgery goes well.
    Madi’s hair looks great!

  9. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh dear, I just want to snuggle with little Pip. Having had kidney stones several times, I believe I know his pain. It has to be horrible for that little thing, not being able to communicate. Thank goodness, he has a monny who is tuned into little ones….two feet and four feet. Believe me, Pip needs those prayers to start now ’cause he isn’t having any picnic.

    Madi looks adorable in her new haircut. I have to admit that I am rather partial to her beautiful long hair…but I understand the desire to change things every now and then. Gracious, Madi couldn’t have a cut where she would not look positively precious.

  10. delightedabroad

    Tori, you used the word ‘segueway’ – I searched every dictionary I have access to but couldn’t find it ! Does it mean ‘connecting different kinds of content’ ? That’s beyond my capability concerning English language; I’m sorry.

  11. jonny

    I’m not sure it’s spelled write, I’ll check my dictionary in a few!

  12. jonny

    OK, can’t find it. I use the word A LOT, but rarely have to spell it. I just copied Tori’s spelling, even though it looked odd. I think it has to do with the word Sequî. My little “hat” over the last letter in the word is probably wrong. Should be more of a straight little line over the “i.” Basically means, “To follow.” I believe it’s a type of transition of things, i.e. thought, subject, sequence, etc. Anyone else case to take a shot??

  13. tori


    It’s actually spelled “segue”, pronounced “seg-way”, and yes, it means: ‘to move easily and without interruption from one piece of music, part of a story, subject or situation to another.’
    Apparently the way I spelled it is correct only if you are translating it from French or something (which I didn’t know at the time– I just plain spelled it wrong!)

    See how informative this blog is?! We are learning something new every day here at the ‘bloomr!

    I just went back in and fixed it.

  14. jonny

    OK, it’s spelled either segue, or segway. Please google both. I’m use to the “segue” spelling of it, but apparently “segway” is also acceptable. Maybe Tori added both endings to the word for fun. Maybe, God forbid, she just wanted to get a liiittle carried away on her own blog!! And, throwing another segueway at you, I too probably got a liiittle too carried away in my first Say it! No, beautiful, running, precious Madi Rose, (by the way, a wonderful word for her, that precious. Thanks Barbara!) does not in any ueway, shape or form resemble an “eater!” I had just woke, fever was up the night before, and when I saw the first pic of her, with her pointing to her hair, I thought it resembled someone pointing to their own head in a “I’m a little crazy” gesture. Having just seen the picture of our poor, suffering Pip of the Squeakness, I thought of earlier comments of how eating that which should not be eaten would understandably make one a little “loco.” Then I saw in that first pic of MR what appeared to me at first to be swollen lips!! It reminded me of one person I know who has a food allergy and she told a story of once when her lips swelled as one result of it. Well, bad went to worse in my in need of much help mind, and then the brief comment in that first Say it!! And yes, this has been bugging me all day, my time = /

  15. jonny

    You were too fast for me Tori! Also, the word “smooth” was in the transition description in one of the on-line dictionaries. Anyway, hope you have lots of fun with the word now, delighted!! Peace!

  16. jonny

    Man, I’m off today, the Madi Rose despistion should’ve read, “beautiful, STUNNING, precious…” Again, sorry MR!!

  17. LenaB

    Awwww…..poor little Pip. I will say a little prayer for him. Wonder if they make whoopie cushions for dogs. Just a thought…might help that little nip on his hiney feel a bit better!! LOL!

    Love Madi’s new do!! Adorable!!

  18. jonny

    Hold up!! Wait one a gosh darn tootin minute!!! Tori (insert middle name(s) here!) Taff!! How is it that YOU get to go back and EDIT something you’ve misspelled, but we have to become a Say it! hog and correct OUR little goofs by posting a WHOLE new Say it!!! >= p (insert appropriate “raspberry” noise here!) ; )

  19. auburn60

    Isn’t a ‘segway’ a motorized contraption in which people ride around the mall and grocery store, running into me at hip level and running over my toes? Capitalizing on the concept of ‘smoothly getting from one place to the other’ by its’ very name?
    Tori,I am so starting to D-R-E-A-D Madi’s graduation and moving from home if you have already started the countdown! I’m rehearsing my mantra even now:
    ‘She’ll be fine. She’s so ready.You’ll be fine.’
    I’m thinking now,though,that Russ will be in worse shape than you.

  20. tori

    jonny– because I’m a comments whore and want you to have to rack up those Say It’s!! (Actually, I have an edit button because I’m the blog administrator…)

    auburn60– I have visions of Russ clinging to Madi’s tiny ankles as she walks across campus…

  21. auburn60

    Gonna be hard to hold onto her ankles while at the same time keeping his gun trained on any potential male suitors. He better start practicing now…
    Sorry, Madi. Kinda the death knell for your social life right there.

  22. jonny

    Hold up, again. Doesn’t MR ALREADY have a boyfriend?? What happen to the sweet young man someone was going to take a shotgun to?? The one we all wished Happy Birthday to?? Oh, and “despistion” was supposed to be “description,” if you haven’t figured that out by yourself yet. See, told you it was an off day for me! OK, back to sleep again!!

  23. delightedabroad

    Wow, you guys keep the level high for someone like me ! Simply mispelling words! Anyway, thanks for the lesson. I’m glad I got the sense of it at least.

    jonny, hope your feeling better today.

    auburn60, that’s exactly what I thought about daughter-loving Russ…

  24. jonny

    I guess some of us have our “writer’s egos” to protect = )

    Seems like I’m finally recovering from whatever it is I’ve had. At the doctors now, waiting to find out what the next move is.

  25. delightedabroad

    I’m happy for you wether you know what you’ve had or not ! (I wish I could say the same for me) So you have time to look at new comments while waiting ? Or is the waiting time shorter in Finland ?

  26. jonny

    Yep, shorter, but I just finished writing the previous Say it! just as the nurse called me in! I had to leave her waiting a moment or two while I clicked the Say it! button, made sure it went through, then exited the web and locked my phone! She didn’t seem to care, though. Still no idea what’s wrong with me. I should go back to the Finnish course tomorrow. Let’s see what happens!

  27. LindaB

    Poor pitiful poop-eating Pip! I hope his surgery goes well, he gets well very soon, and the vet suddenly decides to give you folks a discount!

    And Madi’s haircut is so cute…..and definitely sophisticated. I like it. And shorter hair drying time is a plus. Saves energy. Very “green”.

    Jonny, hope you get well soon.

  28. Leisa Hammett

    Oh, gosh. I decided to not read any of my deeply contemplative blogs (Lovebombers) and came here. I’m taking a bit of my cereal and read the first line about eating poop. Bye, bye!

  29. Silver Hair Fans

    So glad Pip is doing good…Such a cutie!!

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