So… how many awards? Ok, now I’M confused!

In the comments section of the last post, we all kind of got off on a tangent concerning my Highly Celebrated Husband’s Many Awards. (My tongue is so far in my cheek right now it’s threatening to poke out of the side of my face.) I explained that there was a difference in the number of awards he won and the amount of actual statuary hardware we had in our possession. The gist of it is that where the Grammys are concerned, whether he won them with the Imperials or as a solo act, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences would then send him the classic gramophone award. But when you are part of a compilation or special event or soundtrack album that wins an award, only the producer is awarded the statuette and the artists that appear on the recording are sent a lovely official framed document that says they won a Grammy for _____ (name of project). SO, Russ has won 6, but since one of them was a movie soundtrack (“The Apostle”), he only has five actual little metal Grammy Awards in his hot little hands. Now the Dove Awards are way cheaper set up differently, they only give awards to solo artists– if you win one as a member of a group, they only send ONE actual (heavy and pointy) award to the whole group, not the individual singers. So none of the Dove Awards he won as the lead singer for the Imperials are on his shelf, they went home with Armond Morales and Jim Murray, who co-owned the group. To tell you the truth, I don’t even remember how many he won with them… Anyway, he has 9 solo ones here.

Confused (or bored with this) yet?! Well, never fear, I broke out my handy dandy little Flip camera and decided to give you a guided tour of Russ’ AWARD CASE, better known as, um, a bookshelf in the den. And now for your viewing enjoyment….

OH WAIT!!!! I almost forgot!!! You guys need to help me decide how to decide the winner of the contest! I got such a kick out of each and every one of them that honestly, it’s almost impossible to decide based on their chuckle value alone…

To recap, here are some options:

1) Write down names of every entrant, put them in a hat, have Russ/Madi/Charlotte/one of the dogs blindly pick one

2) Have Russ and the rest of the fam take a vote

3) Download one of those fancy-shmancy bloggy things that scientifically pick one at random (BIG bloggers like dooce use those!)

4) Have YOU GUYS vote.

Weigh in here, folks. *I’m kinda leaning towards number one!*

OH, and one more thing: You guys are KILLING me with the comments! I am now officially spoiled rotten with the amount of Say Its you are coming up with– I feel like a Real Live Blogger!! Seriously? Thank you. I am having such fun checking in whenever I get a minute during the day and watching the numbers climb!

And now at long last, here’s the instructional video. Feel free to take notes,

Bookshelf from Babybloomr on Vimeo.

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  1. MostlySunny

    Thank you for the tour. But, you know what I liked most about it? You wouldn’t know what they were if you weren’t looking for them. Maybe it’s just me, though. In the full-view mode, they do look just like book ends and bookshelf stuff (I was buggin’ in on the woven basket and the carved Indian – very cool!)

    I don’t mean to diminish Russ’ awards – I’d never seen any of those things up close before – but it’s nice to know that they’re just “over there on the book shelf” as opposed to…well, in front of the picture window in a display that says to the world “famous-award-winning-gospel-singer-lives-right-here-with-the-wife-and-kids-and-dog-and-fish”.

    Oh, and I think you need to add to the bookshelf the picture of Russ sleeping on the plane…right next to those megaphone thingys and the heavy, pointy birds!

    I guess what I’m trying to say is…you guys seem pretty normal to me (gospel-singer-mansion and all) *tongue in cheek* *wink-wink*

  2. MostlySunny

    Oh, and I’m for #1 on the caption contest “voting.”

  3. rachelbaker

    Wow,a little insight into Taff-dom, how fascinating!!

    I reckon getting a dog to pick out a name would work well – you could even video that too – we’d love to see how its done!

    And .. what we all want to know – what time is the big hair appointment? Madi is so pretty she’d look good with nearly any style.

  4. tori

    Yeah, you couldn’t see our fleet of servants, personal chef and butler, they were just out of camera range. And the FAMOUS AWARD WINNING GOSPEL SINGER LIVES HERE blinking neon sign is actually very tastefully placed on the sweeping front lawn, right next to the life-size Russ statue and the massive security detail. For crowd control purposes, don’tcha know..:)

  5. rachelbaker

    But Tori, when you have Momma Lloyd, surely you don’t need much security? She wouldn’t let any fans be more ‘fanatical’ than she is!

  6. PAJoseph

    Okay, I didn’t know they made the Grammys bigger. I want a new one.
    And yeah, Elvis kept all the Doves. But I do have a lovely certificate suitable for framing.
    By the way, I saw the neon sign last time I flew over Nashville. VERY nice.

  7. LindaB

    I LOVE THE BOOKSHELF TOUR!!!! I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say “you seem pretty normal”, but you do have a fair number of awards sitting on a pretty normal bookshelf! I like it that the kid’s awards are right next to the Grammys and Doves! That says a lot about you folks.

    Now, when you win the “Bloggy” award for the best, most entertaining blog in cyberspace, you will need another bookshelf to “showcase” it……..make a little shrine to yourself. Why not?

    I vote for method number 2 for chosing the contest winner……mostly because I can’t wait to see if you can get your family to sit still for it! Or if you can keep Russ AWAKE for it! LOL

  8. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I may be breaking the rules here by being serious in the midst of all the laughter, but I have to say something about that fella who won all of those awards. He is a man I admire, not only for all of his achievements with his beautiful and distinctive voice…but because of the whole man. I love that he is a humble man….one who sings to glorify the Name of our Lord. He never fails to mention the importance of Tori in his life and as an equal partner in his ministry…and his devotion to his two lovely and very-loved daughters. Watching him on-stage, one would never know that he is a genuine introvert. Even so, his solo concerts are a mixture of songs, sermons and rolocking wit. He’s a pretty amazing fella….even before you get to those trophies.

  9. rachelbaker

    I couldn’t agree with you more Momma Lloyd. And he’s married to a pretty amazing woman.

  10. SUSIE Q

    Tori, you shudda asked Momma Lloyd to pick…after all she is his #1 FAN!!!!
    Congrats Russ on an amazing career spreading the Gospel in song and for marrying an amazing lady who loves Jesus, you and your girls!!! (Oh, and Momma too) LOL

  11. trishARKANSAS

    I’m with Momma Lloyd. I’ve been listening to Russ since I was a teenager. Great voice, humble spirit, awesome songs, and some equally awesome books by some great writers.

    When I was a teenager me and my cousin did a imitation of Russ and Tori singing “We Will Stand”. Thank goodness as far as I know it was never put on video. But seriously y’alls music has been a big part of my life. A VERY BIG HEARTFELT “THANKS”!

    About the contest I choose option 2.

  12. jonny

    “Now the Dove Awards are way cheaper set up differently.” What a suprise!! (No, wait. I’ll put my tongue painfully in my other cheek instead) Hmmmm… I wonder which one of the two award ceremonies is set up by Christians… ?? After all those involved with the Dove Awards finish their big gathering of getting the whole event organized, they all go out to a local Denny’s, pat each other on the backs for a job well done, then order big, seriously big! Then, convenientlty forget to tip all those going the extra mile serving them!! Sorry, Christians “saving a buck” is a personal pet peave (sp?) of mine = /

    Well, not able to view video on phone. It’ll have to wait.

    I seriously think we could skip the whole contest part. Maybe just have people share the ones that worked for them the best, as we’ve been doing. Maybe read them to your dogs, I’m assuming it’s easier for you to read to them than it is for them to read them themselves, and make note of which ones keep their interest best. I guess your family members could share their personal faves as well, if they are interested enough = /

  13. auburn60

    Ok–all this reminds me of a story–(and what situation doesn’t?).

    I heard years ago that when Michael J. Fox returned to Canada to visit his family, he casually left his newly won Emmy on a table in the living room. When the whole fam got up the next morning various other awards had appeared beside it–his brothers bowling and hockey trophies and sisters music and cheerleading awards. Sort of their way of saying “Yeah, you may be a famous actor but you still have to take your turn with the dishes.” –or something like that.
    Love that the camp plaques and the cheerleading trophies can live slam up against the Doves and Grammys.But you can always move things around for the blog awards.

  14. bettyrwoodward

    Just lovely to see the video and hear your voice again. I agree with all you say Momma Lloyd, the whole family are amazing. It was such a joy to meet you all. For once I agree with my daughter and a video of the dog choosing the caption would be good.

  15. jonny

    Or… how about a video of Tori attempting to read the various captions to the dogs, doing her best to illicit some sort of response?? Works for me on so many levels!! Maybe Char could film, then edit it?? Madi could try and help keep the dogs in place??

  16. Phyllis S

    Ok, I whole heartly agree with Mommalloyd, but I really think she talked with Betty M. about the “genuine introvert”. If anyone really wants to know their personality just talk with Dr. Betty M..(hehe).

    Tori, thanks so much for the video and the insight into the Taff trophy case, the narration was great.

    About the contest, I too like #2, if you decide to do this one, would you do a video of the process, would like to hear the thoughts of your family about the picture and the caption. This could start a whole new blog.

  17. delightedabroad

    First of all I would also prefer #2 plus videotaping that…
    then of course a big THANK YOU; TORI !

  18. JLarsonRN

    My vote is for Russ/Madi/Charlotte/family pick their top 5 and we get to vote on which one of those 5 is the best.

  19. trishARKANSAS

    It looks like #2 is taking the lead.

  20. jonny

    What about the poor poop eatin’ dogs?? = /

  21. delightedabroad

    Jonny, you can’t expect these dogs to decide as long as they are …let’s say intoxicated. This habit must have an influence on their little brains…

  22. jonny

    Obviously! Good point.

  23. trishARKANSAS

    Sorry jonny. Dogs are an important part of the family. But for an important and monumental decision like this the human part of the family needs to be consulted.

  24. trishARKANSAS

    And I have to agree with deightedabroad that’s an awful habit. The poor little creatures might be having a mental breakdown.

  25. tori

    HEY! Only ONE of them eats their, well, you know. And he is a rescue, so I’m sure it’s some kind of post-traumatic poop disorder…

  26. trishARKANSAS

    I knew it was a mental thing.

  27. trishARKANSAS

    Poor puppy.

  28. delightedabroad

    I feel so sorry ! Both for the post-traumatic poop disorder and for the misconception. Oh, is this disorder limited to dogs or can dwarf hamster be affected as well ????

  29. LindaB

    Post traumatic poop disorder???? I think I have that!

  30. trishARKANSAS

    I think it could affect both. Just don’t make any loud noises or a meltdown could occur.

  31. trishARKANSAS

    LindaB-Do loud noises set your’s off too?

  32. GRITSinNC

    Loved your video. Nice to hear your voice as well as see that some celebrities (Christian well-adjusted ones)live basically like us commoners, though maybe on a grander scale. Love the family awards all together(though we do need to do something about a special one for you) as well the collection of wonderful old study books. Thanks, Tori, for a peek into the Taff home.

    My poor furbaby is deceased so I’d be glad to take one off your hands but, for the record, that “disorder” is common. I googled it during the Tweets and found a reason but won’t take the space or time here to recap. Actually, my baby was more interested in the cat’s poop than her own so I had to keep the litter box in the bathroom closet with the door propped only wide enough for the cat to get in. I loved my doggie more than myself EXCEPT for that disgusting craving of hers and I still miss her terribly. No longer have cat either. Okay, now I’ve gone & got myself depressed…must read Tori posts & comments again to get back on the happy side….

    I agree with #2 above…on videotape.

  33. GRITSinNC

    One more doggie comment…thanks for doing a rescue! Love you even more for that.

  34. delightedabroad

    We planned to get a dwarf hamster from an animal shelter but with this ‘disorder-thing’ …better reconsider that. It’s a life-changing decision you know: it’s the first own pet in my life !

  35. tori

    We had a dwarf hamster and his eyes exploded.
    True story.
    Got kinda bulgy and then one morning they were flat, closed slits and he was blind. Also? CRANKY.
    But don’t worry, deightedabroad, maybe that’s just an American dwarf hamster thing.

  36. tori

    P. S. The hamster NEVER once ate his own poop. At least that I could tell… their poop is pretty small.

  37. trishARKANSAS

    My sister had a dwarf hamster named “Peanut”. He was a great pet. His eyes never exploded though. He would squeek and hold up his little paws to let her know he wanted out of his cage.

  38. delightedabroad

    Glad to hear that ! I already heard that dwarf hamsters are prone to eye diseases but exploding eyes – that’s new.

  39. trishARKANSAS

    And “Peanut” the dwarf hamster never ate his poop.

  40. delightedabroad

    Besides of organizing a cage and stuff my husband cheers me up with tuneful names for the dwarf hamster – like “Godzilla”. But I#d like to wait until we have EYE-CONTACT…

  41. tori

    Yeah, you don’t want to get eye to eye with a dwarf hamster that you have pre-named only to find out you were terribly, terribly wrong. Nobody needs that.

  42. themema

    Loved seeing this. Half way thru I figured out their was sound…. dah!

    Now, Tori, Russ has one more “tropy that is an award from a fan that says so much about Russ and what he has meant to people over the years. Show the native American carving from William Hernandez, and tell the story about it.

  43. delightedabroad

    Well, at least the ‘dwarf hamster to come’ and I have something in common: being blind as a bat. Ahhh, ok, I have a tiny benefit – I’ve never seen glasses for those pets…

  44. gracelynn

    OK Tori – yes I’m still alive….barely but I’m alive. Kids haven’t killed me yet – after all, it’s only the 7th day of school. Don’t think they ain’t trying though! ;) Loved watching your tutorial! I needed that after a day with middle school children. I have a trophy just like Char somewhere in this house of insanity that I got for my 4 years in HS chorus and show choir. My mother probably has it hidden away in a closet. Love the carved indian – that is VERY neat! I was trying to see some of the book titles on there. LOL I think we should make you a blog trophy – I mean everyone has one but you. Come on — you deserve one too! OK I had a battle with a mouse in my bedroom last night and didn’t sleep too well so my eyes are closing on me fast right now. Teaching teenagers is a tiring job – trust me folks! I’ll try not to take so long before I check back in again.

  45. LindaB

    Betty, she did show the carved Indian head—-it was right there on the shelf! You should send Rev. Hernandez a link to Tori’s video so he can see that it is proudly displayed right along side the Grammys and Doves!

  46. rockin robyn

    Tori, that was wonderful, sharing that video with us. Thank you soooo much for doing that. Way kewl!!!

    To my understanding Lyle Lovett probably didn’t break “his” Grammy. I believe those are “stunt” awards and the original was given to him after it was properly engraved after the award show. I had the honor of having the great Al Schlesinger as an instructor of one of my Music Business courses years back and we had some great conversation.

    I too vote for #2.



  48. delightedabroad

    I apologize for writing nonsense… ok, more nonsense as usual. Next time I will be a BIT more thoughtful after taking a pill. I will definitely try it.
    I join DELIVEREDJEPARKER63 concerning the haircut. Is Madi pleased with it ???

  49. jonny

    “more nonsense than usual.”

    Sorry to be a party pooper here, but the haircut, and anything involving Tori’s family, is really none of business. I’m grateful she shares so much, that her family allows her to, but I believe we do need to respect their privacy and space at the same time. Maybe that’s just me, though.

  50. delightedabroad

    To avoid further misunderstandings: I was referring to my last comment ! Of course there’s no nonsense in what Tori shows us.

  51. jonny

    Sorry delighted, to separate issues. I first corrected your English in the opening line, then spaced myself, and went to a completely different subject with the following paragraph. My bad, should have made that more clear! The “nonsense” thing had nothing to do with the anti-gossip part!!


  52. jonny

    Oh, and D, if you’re using the library computer they may have the sound “disconnected.” You may want to check that. I believe some libraries have headphones one may use with a computer where sound is required. You may want to check that also.

  53. delightedabroad

    Thanks for the enlightenment. And you’re again right, I should have known the ‘than/as’ thing…seeems not to be my best day today – perhaps better confine myself to reading.

  54. delightedabroad

    I have to correct myself – I know it’s not a good day because it already started with a migraine. But don’t worry I’m used to handle that, I’m just a bit oversensitive on such a day. Didn’t want to bother anyone, I’m sorry if I did !

  55. jonny

    Well, I’ve just been doing some reading on the net concerning dwarf hamsters!! I always thought a hamster was a hamster. Why are they now called “dwarf hamsters?” Well, dwarf hamsters have only been sold as pets since 1995!! I’ve been reading all sorts of other interesting facts about them. Did you know that one is able to control, to a large degree, the sex of the babies the mother will have?? Or why they tend to bite more than the hamsters that have been with us longer?? And, pretty much for the same reason, why they should be handled more than the other breed of hamster?? I could spend hours at this one site!!

  56. jonny

    Really sorry to read about the migraine = / Hope you’re up to speed again soon!!

  57. delightedabroad

    Jonny, which site did you find ? The sites I visited were German ones (what else?) What do you mean with ‘should be handled more’ ?

    Obviously I’m not very succesful with keeping my mouth shut…or keeping my fingers from the keyboard.

  58. jonny

    Go to the USA google site and type in “dwarf hamster.” I think it was in the top two. The site has an orange and yellow motif, with a star up on the left hand side. She’s also studying English, by the way!


    Jonny – I think we’re a little too late on being not so personal & into Tori’s life – WAAAAAAAY too late for that! And, Thanks, Tori, for the tour! The best part was putting an actual voice to my friend now. And, YEAH, YA NEED A HONKING, SUPERCALIFRAGILICIOUS- EXPIALIDOCIOUS SPOT FOR THE HONKING BLOG AWARD!

  60. delightedabroad

    Ok, found it. You can see from the varying information about dwarf hamsters that there’s not as much experience/proof as for ‘usual’ hamsters. I learned that ALL hamsters are better held separate e.g.

  61. trishARKANSAS

    delighted- Have you come up with a name for the little guy/gal that you are getting?

  62. delightedabroad

    Well, there are several options. Serious ones and fun ones… but I’m convinced that I will nearly instantly know which one suits best when I see him/her (or it?).
    Have you noticed ? This hamster topic distracted our attention away from Madi’s haircut and so on !

  63. jonny

    Uh-oh, I think they’re wise to me!! I’ll have to even more subtle in the future = )

  64. trishARKANSAS

    Jonny, there were three men. They each got a wish. The first one wished to be the richest man in the world. POOF! He got his wish. He was wealthy beyond compare. The second man wished that beautiful women would find him attractive. POOF! He got his wish The most beautiful women in the world began to surround him. The third man thought for a moment and then he wished that he could be the wisest person in the world. POOF! He became a woman!

  65. jonny

    I’ve been telling that one for years now to help keep the peace. It hasn’t always been easy surviving one of the top three most feminist countries in the world = /

  66. trishARKANSAS

    I am glad to be a woman in this country. I thank God for the freedom here. I’ve had a rather extensive stay in India some time ago and although I was treated with respect and dignity I saw a lot of wives that were afraid to even speak to their husbands.

  67. tori

    WOW, this is why I love you all so much! I step away from the party and miss the whole handling dwarf hamsters/privacy issues/migraines/pro-women jokes PART-TAY!!!

    Jonny, bless your heart for your concern. I’ll tell you though, I made clear decisions when I first started blogging for the Tennessean newspaper about exactly what areas I would draw the ‘privacy curtain’ around concerning my family and personal life. I discussed my boundaries with Russ and the girls to make sure we were all on the same page, so anything I put on here is definitely with their knowledge and approval. I heard a popular blogger once say that her blog represents about 10% of her life– she doesn’t write about the other 90% because it would either be too boring or too personal! I’d say that’s pretty accurate with me as well. So you guys can be very sure that what I write on here is always the truth, but it is not my whole story… I’m saving that for the movie! HA!

  68. trishARKANSAS

    Q: What do you call a cow that just had a calf?

    A: Decaffeinated

  69. trishARKANSAS

    Just wanted to pass on some Arkansas wisdom to ya’ll.

  70. tori

    P.S. I will TOTALLY show you a Madi haircut picture as soon as I can snap one!

    And rockin’ robyn you are so right– they hand you a Grammy when you win, and then after your teary acceptance speech and press photos they whisk it right out of your hands! About 3 weeks later you get a box, and there carefully packed in styrofoam is your Grammy with your name engraved on the plaque. It’s in two pieces, and you actually screw the little horn part into the base– which is when I might or might not have once screwed it so tight I broke it…

  71. delightedabroad

    I was quite sure that you, Tori, carefully decided about what to talk/write about or show. After all you’re not only used to publicity of some sort but you’re also a wife/mother ! You know, I heard that especially mothers can turn into lions when their family is threatened.

  72. LindaB

    DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME YOU’RE ONLY TELLING US 10% OF YOUR LIFE????? HOLY HECK—–I AM TOTALLY STANDING STILL!!! I could tell you 90% of my life and you’d be bored silly! Your 10% is incredibly more exciting than my 90%!

    Oh, and does that mean you really have 90% more doggies in that house?

  73. jonny

    No, just that the one rescue eats 90% more pooh than she’s letting on!

  74. auburn60

    Linda–I’m the one with 90% dogs in the house–remember the St. Bernard?
    I think we should pursue making our boring 90% more exciting. Got any ideas?


    LindaB & Jonny – y’all are really just too funny, especially doing your back and forth routine! And, Tori – I’m w/ LindaB – my heart nearly stopped when you said that this is only about 10% – WHAT? I cannot even try to imagine!

  76. rachelbaker

    Now I reckon thats something for us to aspire to – to have a life of which 10% could be deemed blog-worthy. Yes the vast majority will be too mundane or personal to share – but we could make a 10th of it exciting/poignant/witty/Tori-esque!

    Maybe all we have to do is look for those blog-worthy moments that are already there but which usually pass us by. Finding the humour in the day-to-day routine might make the ordinary far more extra-ordinary!

    Sorry, just rambling …

  77. tori


    Hello– the 10% I write about IS the interesting part! The other 90% is totally mundane! Nobody wants to read a blog about the laundry I just did, or the fact that I made a pork roast last night or had coffee with my friend this morning…

    Although guess what? Amy Grant was at the coffee place too, and we hugged and caught up with each other and she put my cell phone # into her phone and she wants the 4 of us to get together… OMG! You are all totally right! My life is a glamorous whirlwind! I’m like, a movie star!! Why am I even talking to you, I should be busily trying to arrange a movie date with Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman… LATER!

  78. jonny

    Keep rambling sister, truer words are seldom spoken! Or, something like that = / And good to read your mom’s starting to come round to your side of things! You got her to agree with you once, here’s hopin’ it happens at least twice ; )

    And yes, D, I’ve believed LindaB and I would make a great team for sometime now. A shame about living half-way across the world from each other, her being old enough to be my grandmother, or was it mother? Oh yes, and that marriage thing she already has goin’ on! But, at least we get to cover each other’s backs over at Tori’s place, I mean this blog!!

  79. jonny

    Amy Grant… Why that’s a name I haven’t heard in about 20 YEARS!! Well. Good to know she’s still with us. I guess. I don’t know. Taking Tori’s number, suddenly wanting to have her and her’s hook up with Russ and his’. I just don’t know. Smells kinda, well, how do I say this in love… I guess I can’t. It smells of being DESPERATE!!! When will that Amy start getting a life of her own and leave our poor Tori and her shoe collecting man ALONE!?!?!

    Man, I almost couldn’t finish all that from laughmg so hard!! Hopefully it’s not just funny to me = / LindaB, got my back in case this one backfires??

  80. rachelbaker

    Tori – you have to get Russ to tell Vince all about my hyper-talented, very lovely big brother who is a country-styled Christian singer-songwriter who just had the misfortune to be born in England where that kinda music is sooo unappreciated! If Vince Gill even heard the name ‘Dave Woodward’ then my big bro would be deliriously, irritatingly happy – almost as happy as he is that he ‘opened for Russ Taff’!

    See Jonny – our family is great – My Mum agreed with me (even if only once – although I’ve discovered that providing the grandchildren is helpful for that sort of thing) – and I like to give my brother’s career a plug even in the most unlikely of places!

  81. LindaB

    AMY GRANT AND VINCE GILL WANT TO GET TOGETHER WITH YOU AND RUSS???? (If I was more computer savvy, I would make that font bigger!) OH MY GOSH!!!! AMY GRANT PUT YOUR CELLPHONE NUMBER IN HERS???? OH MY GOOD GOSH AGAIN AND AGAIN!! Butter my butt and call me a biscuit!!! You ARE a glamourous woman living the lifestyle of the rich and famous!!! I cannot even imagine having dinner and visiting with the Gills!!!

    So……what are you doing talking to US????

  82. rachelbaker

    Oh you know Linda, these big stars, they like to keep the little people happy!

  83. LindaB

    Jonny, I KNOW you are kidding because Amy Grant and Vince Gill are so hot, they are smokin’!!!! Or else, you’ve lost touch with the American country music scene livin’ there in Finland and all. Nah………you’re just foolin’ around! You ole joker you!

    I went to a Vince Gill concert a couple years ago and it was fabulous! And I’ve been a fan of Amy’s for years and years! If Tori and her hubby get together with them, I am going to flip out……but carefully because of my age and all.

  84. rachelbaker

    … and i bet all the other people in the cafe were wondering ‘who’s thay lady hugging Tori Taff’? and wishing they were her!

  85. jonny

    The Gills?? Vince Gill?? Whoa-a!! Hold the bottom buttering for a moment here! What happened to the guy she married?? The one that helped launch her carrier?!? Sorry, can’t remember his name now, just that he was in a testy mood when he and Amy were on the Tonight Show, back in the day. Sort of an embassing moment for Amy I guess. I wonder if she dumped the poor guy because of that? And no, not into the country music scene. You have no idea how many times I’ve have to jump over to after a name or two’s been dropped here, or someone’s picture being posted that many start “oohing” and “aahing” over! Of course I never would’ve come across Candy if this never happened, so I shouldn’t complain too much = /

  86. rachelbaker

    Jonny – I had a feeling you might have been surprised by the changes the last 20 years have brought – enjoy your googling, because I don’t think there is anything that any of us could write in an educated way about it all, and gossip is not going to edify anyone!

  87. auburn60


  88. rachelbaker

    Your response was better than mine Auburn!

  89. jonny

    Oh, I wonder if Tori was wearing her hottest pair of jeans went she went out for that now famous cup of coffee?? Then Amy was like, “Gracious me, I jes gots to be seen with that woman! Like now!! I know. I’ll catch her off guard and figure out me some “womanly” trick to get her numbah!” Or however famous country folk, married to guys named “Vince,” would say it = /

  90. jonny

    Sorry, “…hottest pair of jeans when she went out…” Guess I was laughmg to hard at the time.

  91. auburn60

    Changing the subject–I’m going to see Gordon Mote tonight so I am going to start getting ready for thet event. And I will tell him all of you said ‘HI’.

  92. auburn60

    ‘THAT’ event. You all have me shook up now!

  93. jonny

    Oh, and yes, no gossip please. My question did not have to have an answer. I can sort of put two and two together. Just hadn’t heard about her and Vince. Or even Vince Gill for that matter. Sorry LindaB!!

    Are we anywhere near 100 Say it!s yet??

  94. rachelbaker

    I think you got it spot on Jonny – thats just how I imagine the meeting!

    Now I’m geting concerned that some of the ‘exciting’ 10% of my life might be reading this blog and the ‘say its’! I seriously need to figure out my own personal ‘blog-worthy’ 10%!

  95. rachelbaker

    and getting nearer 100 all the time – Tori must be feeling extra special today!

  96. trishARKANSAS

    So….what has happened to the contest? My vote is still with #2.

  97. jonny

    Well, I can’t thank everyone enough, from my end of things, for actively being a part of this blog this last week. Pretty much being stuck in bed a week now, this has definately been more than 10 wonderful percent for me. Thanks everyone for humoring/humouring me, and letting me humor/humour myself!!

  98. Phyllis S

    Just announced on twitter, “Vince Gill’s daughter, Jenny, has announced her engagement to drummer Josh Van Valkenburg.” So, Tori, do you have the inside scoop, were you invited to the wedding? Oh here we go again!

  99. tori

    Ok, not to burst anyone’s bubble, but the truth is we met Amy waaaay back in the day when she was like, 18. She and Gary weren’t even married yet, they were just dating.

    Nashville is actually a small town in a lot of ways, at least as far as the music business is concerned. Russ met Vince back in the mid 90’s when he made his Warner Bros. album. Vince and Amy are so well-loved in Nashville because they are so unbelievably charitable, and have used their time, money and influence to help so many good causes– including the Magdalene House that Russ and I have been so involved with over the years. The last time we were at their house was a couple of years ago when Bill Gaither was in town, as well as a minister that we all know and love named Dudley Hall. Amy and Vince invited some artists that used to go to Bill’s once a year artist retreats (he came down and held a private artist weekend at this state park right outside of Nashville for about 5 years during the 90’s) to come over and spend the evening with Dudley and his wife. Actually, we did Madi’s baby dedication at that little artist retreat, because the year before they had all had prayer for me because we were having trouble getting pregnant, and at the next year’s retreat I brought 2 month old Madi Rose to be christened and prayed over! Sweet, sweet memories…

    So yeah, it wasn’t my legendary charisma and my huge bloggy world domination that got her attention– we just go so far back that we can remember what we looked like with 80’s hair and pre-Mom bodies!

  100. trishARKANSAS

    This is such an awesome little blogger community. I have laughed my butterless bottom off today.

  101. jonny

    Oh, the “catch her off guard” part was the hug. Guess my laughing distracted me more than I realised! But you, being women and all, probably figured that out all by yourselves = )

  102. jonny

    Thanks for sharing all that, Tori! Now I feel a little bad, having so much fun at her expense. Always good to read good things about people. Really sorry if I got a little too carried away. Actually, I remembered on one recording Russ and Amy were both a part of. Doesn’t mean they were at the studio at the same time, though. I believe Russ was doing backing tracks for a song or two on the project. Can’t remember what Amy did. Sandy Patti may have been a part of it as well. So, I understood Amy and Russ probably had a professional connection at least. Wonderful to read of your history with the Gills!


  103. tori

    jonny– if ‘getting carried away’ on this blog was a crime, I’d now be doing life without parole!

  104. jonny

    Tori wrote… “… we met Amy waaaay back in the day when she was like, 18.”

    Like, when she had her “Father’s Eyes”??

    Sorry, just couldn’t resist = / And thanks Tori! Again, seriously, really good to read good things about her and Vince!! Not that it’s any of my business, but still appreciated!

  105. LindaB

    Tori beat me to it—–I was gonna say HEY, if you can’t get carried away on this blog, where can you? I think of this blog like group therapy——-without the bill! (You’re not going to send us a bill, are ya, Tori? IF so, just send mine to Themema.)

  106. LindaB

    IF getting carried away was a crime, I’d be on death row….eating my last meal. And it’s five minutes past midnight. And the governor hasn’t called. (See, I’m getting carried away right now! Dang!)

    Alyson, I know you are going to really enjoy Gordon Mote tonight! He’s so incredible! Does he still play on Allison Krause’ CD’s? Ask him that for me, will ya? And what is the name of that old British rocker that she’s been recording with lately that won a bushel of awards??? I can’t think of his name now. I would Google it, but I’m afraid I’m gonna wear out my Google machine! It’s like a crutch for old people, like myself, who can’t remember crap! Pretty soon my brain is gonna just conk out and I’ll have to carry my laptop around with me everywhere!

  107. LindaB

    “Thanks everyone for humoring/humouring me, and letting me humor/humour myself!!” — Jonny

    We’re glad you joined us, Jonny! You’re a hoot and a half!

    And Trish, WHAT? Your “butterless bottom” is laughed off? I’m calling 911! Just stay calm and help will come.

  108. jonny

    That old British rocker = the legendary Robert Plant??

  109. jonny

    … famous for his membership with legendary rock band Led Zeppelin as lead singer and lyricist??

  110. auburn60

    Yes–Robert Plant. And who would have thought to put those 2 together but I loved their sound. Don’t know how we got from Russ’s awards to Robert Plant BUT I do know Linda, so I’m just hanging on to see what’s next.
    I would have asked Gordon how recently he’s played for Alison Krause but didn’t get your message before I left for the concert.Side note: Gordon calls me ‘Alyson with a Y’ to distinguish me from, you know, any other ‘Alison’–as if the 2 of us just might be confused by anyone. Right.

  111. delightedabroad

    Finally I got here. Don’t know what happened but my computer didn’t let me even read the comments let alone log in !
    trishARKANSAS, do you know the story about the man with the golden srew instead of his navel ? He also ‘lost’ his bottom… :)

  112. delightedabroad

    What’s going on ? Now I can’t log out !

  113. LindaB

    I couldn’t read the comments either….until now. Some kind of computer tic…..but it’s resolved now, I guess.

    ROBERT PLANT! THAT’S IT! Thanks, Jonny! Say, you know your rockers….or else you are a “Googler” too! I was never a fan of Mr.. Plant, but I like him and Allison together (that’s “Allison” with an “i”, as opposed to our Alyson with a “y”.).

  114. trishARKANSAS

    I’m here! I’m here! I never heard about the man with the golden screw. Tell us about him.

  115. delightedabroad

    Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, it’s a …weird story:
    There once was a man who had a golden srew where everyone else has a navel. During his whole lifetime he spent time thinking about this specialty. One day he decided he was ready to take action on this. So he took his srewdriver and began to unsrew the golden srew… and unsrew…and unsrew. He was so dearly fascinated that he forgot eating and drinking. Then, after a looooong period of time he happily held the golden srew in his hand … and in this very moment his bottom fell down.

  116. delightedabroad

    Sorry, forgot several times the ‘c’ in SCREW !!!

  117. trishARKANSAS

    That is hysterical!!

  118. trishARKANSAS

    I won’t go messing aroung with my belly button any time soon!!!

  119. delightedabroad

    So you like the story better where God created the navel ?

  120. LindaB

    Oh my goodness, Delighted! You scared me for a moment…..and I don’t scare easily!!!! ROFLOL!!!! Very funny!

  121. bettyrwoodward

    I think everyone had problems reading these comments today. I know even Tori couldn’t get in at one time (according to facebook). I can remember both Rachel and Dave singing along to Vince Gill when they were quite young in the days when we had Country Music Television in the UK. We really missed it when they took it off air.

  122. trishARKANSAS

    delighted-What is the story of where God created the navel?


    Now, THIS is better than TV! And, what else can be said?
    Its funny that I used to say – “OMG, an email from Tori Taf!”. Now,I say, “Oh, Tori emaild. WHAT? AMY GRANT?” Sorry, Tori, again. I’m glad that I see you as Tori, and not ‘TORI TAFF – RUSS’ WIFE”. Thanks for being our friend and a down-to-earth, strangely weird and personalable celebrity. I’ve always thought Amy Grant was absolutely gorgeous!

  124. delightedabroad

    Well, at the moment I still can’t log out; so I can tell you another story. This one is kind of nice.
    When God looked at his newly created children He was totally thrilled. He faced one after the other, He was all smiles and said ‘I love YOU’. And when saying ‘you’ He prodded one child’s belly after another with His finger. Thus He created the navel.
    (Hope this time the spelling is correct :-/ )

  125. trishARKANSAS

    That was realllly sweet. This is better than television. I hope Tori doesn’t start billing us for group therapy. Surely she wouldn’t do that to a fellow Arkansan.

  126. trishARKANSAS

    I was a Marine too! Maybe, if she charges for group therapy, I can get a military discount.

  127. delightedabroad

    Hmmm, if you probably get a military discount, do you think I could get a reduction for students ??

  128. trishARKANSAS

    It’s a possibility. She might even give LindaB a “biscuit” discount.

  129. delightedabroad

    Strange situation today. Is anybody there ????

  130. LindaB

    I just got home, Delighted! Everybody must be busy today. I think I know what Tori’s doing——she’s following her kids and Russ around the house pleading with them—-“Come on now, just let me read these captions to ya and just pick one! It’s not that hard! PLEASE!!! Look at all I do for you guys!!!”

  131. delightedabroad

    LindaB, that’s great ! LOL. I just imagined how that would look like…let’s see what this day will bring us.


    AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! LindaB! You did it again! I am SSSOOOOO laughing at you! And, that is EXACTLY what Tori is doing! I can see it! And, she has a trail of little furry things running behind her! Too funny! I have the biggest, stupidest looking grin across my face now, thanks to that image! Gonna leave on that note! See y’all Monday!

  133. LindaB

    Yeah, those of us that have had teenagers know “the look”, don’t we! It’s Saturday, around noonish, and your surly teenager just fell out of bed. And you have a few chores for them to do…..and you just happen to mention that to them. And you’d think you just asked them to spit shine the Queen Mary!!! (Or listen to 100 captions for a picture of your mom and dad! Ewwwww!) And don’t get me started about husbands on Saturday! They wake up and this thought creeps into their minds——“I think my wife might have a honey-do list she’s gonna whip out on me today……on my sacred day off! The sun is out and it’s perfect golf weather (insert hubby’s favorite pastime here). I must avoid talking to her…..avoid eye contact…..find something immediately to get me out of the house before she hands me that list!” To tell the truth, I’d give ten bucks to see Russ’ face when Tori asks him to judge a caption contest from her blog! ROFLOL Make that TWENTY bucks!

    Actually, I think Russ is out singing somewhere for Jesus this weekend—-what a great excuse THAT IS! Poor Tori! I feel bad for her now.

  134. delightedabroad

    I’m so grateful to be among you – I really learn a lot :):)

  135. jonny

    Thanks for the delightful stories, delighted!!

    Yes, busy.

    Was massively interested in being a Marine when a teen. A friend of mine at the time was into the Army. I grew up around a lot of Air Force. Well, a few guys I knew ended up joining the Air Force, my friend and switched off, though. He ended up in the Marines, I went Army.

    Yes, I seem to be up on my rock vocalists, especially good ones, which I find hard to find in the Christian, or gospel music scene. Or ones that work for me anyway. Actually, only three. Unfortunately, one took his own life, one has not recorded anything in years and that then leaves Russ.

    Robert Plant wanted to get ahold of AK. Apparently in a bad way. He got her number and kept leaving messages on her phone. She FINALLY called back. They hooked up, she was interested, history has been made. This is all word of mouth, I haven’t checked anything on the net yet. Also, this is not such a far stretch for Mr. Plant. His band Led Zeppelin was very much Americana/roots/blues influenced.

    Oh, and LindaB, that is probably why I am still single. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my own “to do” list, let alone have to help someone out with their’s all the time. By the way, wasn’t the woman created to be man’s helpmate, not the other way around?? Man, the fall really messed a good thing up in a big way! = )

    Oh, and presently I envy any guy, or woman for that matter, who would have time enough on the weekend to go out somewhere for the day, or half the day. Oh heck, even a third or fourth of it!

    I hope everyone’s doing well!

    PS: LindaB, when your man sneaks off telling you he’s playing golf, or has been playing golf, in reality he’s probably off to some other place, or maybe the golf course, pretending he’s Roger Moore, AKA, James Bond!! I understand women play a somewhat different role in that world. They don’t seem to ever have chore lists for some reason = /

  136. jonny

    OK, my turn for a joke. Be warned, I’m gonna take my time with it = ) As many know, there are two entrances for men into heaven. One for men who have been hen-pecked all their lives, one for those who have not.

    After over two thousand years of getting up every morning to check peoples names in the book of Life who may be interested in heaven being where the spend eternity, St. Peter started to question God’s wisdom in constructing the 2nd entrance. That is until one day when he saw a lone man standing there as he got to work. St. Peter instantly tucked the book of Life under an arm, lifted up his robe a bit and excitedly dashed over to meet this man. When he got there something seemed a little to “all too familiar.” He couldn’t shake the feeling so he bluntly asked the man standing there if he knew where he was. “Of course” replied the hopeful newbie, “I’m standing at the entrance to heaven, waiting to have my name checked off in the book of Life.” He then added, “And you are probably Peter, the apostle, and that there book under your arm must be the book of Life!” Before the gentleman could spit out his name, St. Peter jumped in with another question. “You have noticed, haven’t you, that we have TWO entrances for men wanting into heaven??” “Why yes” the man wanting in stated, “the other is over there, the place where all the other guys are standing, waiting to get in.” St. Peter still couldn’t shake the fact that he just didn’t seem to have that which would set him apart from all the others, so he bluntly, in a very straight-forward manner, asked, “Are you SURE you are standing in the right line!?!” “Why of course!” the other boldly responded. “My wife told me to wait her.”

  137. jonny

    Sorry, forgot one thing. Amy Grant. Beautiful?? Yes.

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