A Veritable Hodge-Podge of Miscellania… AND a Caption Contest!

SO many useless nuggets of information, so little time…

There’s no real way to craft all of the things I want to show you guys into one seamless post, so I won’t even try. So in no particular order, here’s what the last few days have been like all up in here, as well as some completely useless flotsam and jetsam I just thought you’d enjoy!

*** Let’s see, where to start… OK, got it.

Madi, being a teenage girl, woke up one day this week and decided she wanted to get her hair cut. Immediately. Like, YESTERDAY. She saw a cute cut on our pastor’s oldest daughter and thought she could totally rock that look. She asked me to find out where Melody got her hair did (it’s a Southern thing), so I FaceBooked the lovely girl and asked her; she gave me three different references. I phoned the one she said was her favorite of the three, and left a message. The rest of the day consisted of Madi Rose calling me (from upstairs) or literally following me around asking, “Have you heard anything yet? Has she called?” Exasperated, I finally said, “It’s almost closing time, we probably won’t hear anything today. If you remind me, I’ll try again in the morning and call the other two as well. BUT REMIND ME, because you know my brain. Leave me a note.” The next morning, scattered around the house on every surface you could imagine– my nightstand, my bathroom sink, the coffeemaker, next to the TV, on my computer– was a series of notes:

I hope you can read them. My personal favorites are, “If my hair could talk… it would say save me” and “Please be a responsible adult. Help my nasty hair.” This is just a small example of why I actually ENJOY living with a 17 year old girl– as long as she’s Madi. (BTW, her appointment is for Wednesday. Photos to follow.)


**And next… Well, it’s been an interesting week for the Taff automobiles. Yesterday morning after a rather pedestrian, ho-hum little rainstorm this is what I saw when I happened to glance out of the window:

That’s the Russ-mobile under that Bradford pear tree limb! It actually looks a lot worse than it was– nothing was broken, just a couple of small scratches on the roof of the car. Russ could care less, that car has been through a lot worse, like the time that big ol’ deer literally jumped right into the side of the car and crumpled his entire left fender… (The deer was fine. The fender? Not so much.)

And in related news, two days ago after picking Charlotte and Madi up from school a large plastic garbage can literally jumped right into the side of MY car and cleanly knocked my right side mirror right out of its holder–BAM! It sounded like a shotgun blast and the girls and I all screamed like, well… girls. The mirror is toast, but I think everything else in the actual mirror holder thingy is OK, so Monday morning I’ll call the dealership and see if they can get me another one. Which will probably take like two weeks to order and cost a ridiculous amount of money (she says optimistically!)


**Appropo of nothing: This totally cracked me up– it’s from that LOL Cats website.



**Speaking of pets… The other day Pip The Elderly Yorkie did something disgusting that I won’t spell out but suffice to say it had something to do with eating. And poop. Do the math. In a fit of pique, I happened to immediately start whining casually mention this fact on Twitter, which then proceeded to set off a flurry of tweets and responses that went on ALL DAY! Here’s a small sample:

This went on for pages and pages, apparently, I hit a nerve– a big, totally gross, every-dog-owner’s-nightmare nerve! So now my claim to fame on the intrawebs may just be that I sparked a day-long Twitter discussion about dogs that eat their own poop. Which was not the kind of renown I was looking for, but hey, whatever. I’m sure if my 93 year old parents were on Twitter, they would just be so proud.


**I’m doing this without her permission (I hope this is OK, Betty..? If not, let me know and I’ll remove it immediately), but it was so fabulous I couldn’t resist! Here is a photo of Our Favorite Themema and her gorgeous granddaughter Sarah during formal night on the Alaskan Homecoming Cruise:


** Hmmm, what else? OK, I think I’ll post a couple of stray Alaskan photos I’ borrowed’ from some other cruisers. And by ‘borrowed’, I mean totally stole off of FaceBook. And then I’ll leave you with.. A CONTEST!!!!

**Big honkin’ glacier (that might not be it’s official name.)

**Here is a shot of Russ and I taken by Mark Lowry while we were shooting B-roll at a fish and chips place in Juneau. We started to do a big ol’ kissing shot, but then decided to restrain ourselves and do a more family-friendly version.

Courtesy of  Mark Alan Lowry

**You know how those cabin stewards sometimes create little animals out of your fresh towels and leave them on your bed? No? Well, some of them do, I think they learn it in Cabin Steward School or something. (Ours rarely make us any towel art because I think they usually hate us because there are usually 4 of us in our suite and we totally trash the joint.) Anyway, apparently the steward in Ladye Love and Reggie’s cabin LOVED them (or their gorgeous son Brett) and he made them THIS:

Actually, maybe he was trying to scare them into leaving him a tip. Now that I look at it closely this could be interpreted as vaguely threatening, even with that little pink flower tucked behind it’s towel ear. At any rate, he did a nice job of it, don’tcha think?

Courtesy of Ladye Love Long Smith

** This is a great shot of the breathtaking scenery that was gliding by on either side of the ship while we were shooting the video. Doesn’t it look like a movie set?!

Courtesy of Lisa Davis Hildreth

**Here I am squeezing the heck out of Lily Isaacs. Love her.

Courtesy of Lisa Davis Hildreth


And FINALLY– I thought it might be funny if you guys came up with captions for this photo that Lady Love took of Russ and I on the plane! {Edited to add: Actually, Auburn60 told me in an email that this picture was just begging for a caption contest!}  AND THERE WILL BE A PRIZE (though I don’t know what it will be yet.) SOMETHING GOOD, THOUGH!!! Not like, new car good. But maybe a dvd or something…? Copy of my “Top 100 Christian Songs” book? Topless picture of Bill Gaither? Something…

Anyway, here’s the picture, knock yourself out:

129 Responses

  1. auburn60

    A caption contest. What a great idea! :)

  2. sharalee

    “hmmmm…Amazing! I never thought he’d look QUITE like this. Good thing for Russ I signed up for better AND for worse!”

  3. tori

    auburn– TOTALLY YOUR IDEA!!!!!

    sharalee– That’s what I’m talking about!

  4. auburn60

    Oh, I’m just glad you’re doing it. That pic just screams a need for commentary. Something about the cut of the eyes…

  5. MostlySunny

    Love the hodge-podge. That’s life!

    Let see, caption…

    Over Tori’s head…
    “I don’t really think he’s asleep. I’ll just tap him with my toe and see if he moves.”


    “I really thought the plane engines would drown out his snoring!’

  6. auburn60

    And isn’t that book you’re reading about someone’s descent in to mental illness? Just sayin’.

  7. tori

    auburn60– Thank you for making that connection…

    MostlySunny– OK, there is truth in both of your captions!

  8. delightedabroad

    Did I get that right ? You want us to find a title/subtitle for the last picture ? How about “…For the Lord provides for those he loves while they are asleep…” ? Or “charging my battery” ?

  9. tori

    delightedabroad: Our first Scripture reference–nice!

  10. jonny

    OK, anything for a topless shot of Bill, especially if caught mid sentence again!! Alright, here goes… warning: It may end up going a little PG-13 at some point!!

    “Seriously, Russel (insert middle initial here) Taff! Not only did I handle all arrangements so the girls would not have to be with us this time ’round, not only did I handle all flight arrangements, making sure we’d be alone here in the back, and not only did I fix you your absolutely most favorite meal before leaving, but I also washed, pressed and put on my newest, hottest pair of jeans, the ones YOU said made your mouth water when I wore them!! AND, when we do, finally, get a moment to ourselves…”

    Is it any wonder Tori is only shaking hands with poor Russ in that one shot Mike Lowry took??

    I guess MostlySunny’s comments could follow this one…

  11. jonny

    Uh-oh, didn’t notice delighted whipping out some scripture just before my previous “Say it!.” I would’ve probably left out the word “hottest” and the “mouth watering” part if I had known = /

  12. Silver Hair Fans

    OK Tori..Here’s my Caption for the picture!!

    OK…Gotta be done right…One quick boot with the foot, then close my eyes like I’m sleeping BEFORE he hits the floor!! Will tell him it was a “Air Pocket!! Muwahahahaha…what a “Whoop-ass Trick!!”

  13. delightedabroad

    Oh, I could also imagine that Tori’s thoughts were like “should I better enjoy the calm before he’s awake again or have fun and tease him a little…?”

  14. tori

    jonny– HA! Actually those aren’t even my hottest jeans… (And don’t worry, Silver Hair Fans already busted out the a-word!!)

    Silver Hair Fans– I love you. See above.

    delightedabroad– I do seem to be contemplating something, don’t I..?

  15. trishARKANSAS

    The caption above Tori’s head “That noise was way off key!”

  16. traceyhud2

    He always thinks his head should be on a pedestel, but this is ridiculous! :)

  17. trishARKANSAS

    Or how about a caption saying “Should I tell him that his fly is open?”

  18. Silver Hair Fans

    Ha Ha..Thanks Tori…Love You and Your Blogs too!! Posted on the “DP Board” that I was hoping if didn’t get “Beeped!!” LOL One of our members posted your contest earlier…We love “Caption This” games over there too!! :-)

    Hope to meet you in the future…my Hubby & I are working DP’s Product Table at several Gaither events this fall!!

  19. LindaB

    I’d listen to the “Trumpet of Jesus” too…..IF I COULD HEAR IT ABOVE YOUR SNORING!!!!

  20. LindaB

    Well, at least I have Madi and Char.

  21. LindaB

    I wonder if I could open that emergency door and ……….?

  22. jonny

    OK, concerning the fly being open, “I wonder… would it be possible to slip off a shoe and zip it up with my toes without waking him… hmm…”

  23. LindaB

    I wish he’d put that floatation device in his mouth!

  24. LindaB

    Fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen—–Russ has fallen asleep, and the turbulence has begun.

  25. LindaB

    This is your captain speaking…..who’s making all that racket back there?

  26. MeaganW

    31+ years of marriage and this is just how comfortable with each other…do I really think that we’ll make 20 more?

    Love your blogs more and more every time, Tori! :)

  27. MeaganW

    That is what I get for typing so fast. This is the correct version of my caption suggestion.

    30+ years of marriage and this is just how comfortable we are with each other…..do I really think we’ll make 20 more?

  28. delightedabroad

    I’m curious to know how you, Tori, will decide on which one is the best caption …?!

  29. LindaB

    I wonder if I could stuff him into the overhead compartment—–or is that illegal?

  30. LindaB

    So……..THIS is my carry on?

  31. delightedabroad

    Very good LindaB, he already knows how to travel in the luggage compartment :)

  32. LindaB

    Who knew “til death us do part” would be this long???

    (I’m kidding, of course, Russ! I loves ya.)

  33. LindaB

    ROFLOL Delighted!!!! That’s funny!

  34. LindaB

    Now I know why Bill made him ride in the luggage compartment under the bus!

    (Thanks, Delighted! lol)

  35. LindaB

    “Coffee, tea, or a cork?”

  36. LindaB

    “Ladies and gentlemen, we are now approaching a cruising speed of 300 knots, an altitude of 3500 feet, and a snoring level of 140 decibels. The stewardess will be distributing earplugs momentarily.”

  37. LindaB

    Why didn’t I listen to my mother?

  38. LindaB

    And THIS is why they won’t let us in first class!!!

  39. LindaB

    “I love my husband! I love my husband! I love my husband!”

  40. jonny

    OK, LindaB, you got me on the “til death do us part” Say it!! You, unexpectedly, out did yourself on that one!!

  41. mariajhmom

    “If he snores one more time, I’m gonna’ put that pillow over his face!

  42. trishARKANSAS

    LindaB concerning one of your comments….last night a couple in my church decided to renew their vows. It was a very thoughtful occasion. My pastor pronounced them husband and wife. Then he walked upon the stage and began to sing “when the battles over we shall wear a crown”

    How about this caption above Tori’s head…”I should be taping this for America’s Funniest Videos.”

  43. auburn60

    All of my potential captions involve life insurance policies…and I’m not going there.

  44. JLarsonRN

    “WOW! I can smell his breath all the way over here.”

  45. LindaB

    Tori, what WERE you thinking at that moment?

  46. karen48

    “Wonder if he will notice we are back in the UK when he wakes up.”

  47. trishARKANSAS

    “All righty then let’s compare him with the hero in this novel.”

  48. trishARKANSAS

    “Aw man! We forgot the Breathe Right Strips.”

  49. trishARKANSAS

    “I should be taping this.”

  50. trishARKANSAS

    “Does he know he’s drooling?”

  51. jonny

    So far Karen48 gets my vote!!

  52. auburn60

    Title on book:
    ‘Gospel Singers’ “Stepford Wives” Plan Exposed! Bill Gaither Breaks Down and Tells All!’

  53. jonny

    Actually, I have a confession to make. Before being involved with this blog I thought this Gaither thing was “Las Vegas” for gospel singers = /

  54. trishARKANSAS

    “Did he just say something about salmon while he was sleeping?”

  55. trishARKANSAS

    Hey we are halfway to the triple digits. Yeah!

  56. jonny

    LOL!! on the salmon one!!

  57. LindaB

    Dang! We remembered the neck pillow, but forgot the bib!

  58. LindaB

    He’s really excited about this trip, isn’t he?

  59. delightedabroad

    Tori, one serious question in between: Does Russ have German relatives ??? You need not answer if that is too private (but otherwise your talking about family life anyway so I dared to ask)

  60. jonny

    Oh, now I get it! So, Tori, you’re sayin’ that if you WERE wearing your hottest pair of jeans he wouldn’t have been sleeping on the plane then and there, dreaming about salmon…

  61. LindaB

    Is this the glamourous life he promised me??

  62. Silver Hair Fans

    Another Thought Tori…..

    Awww Man…Where is a “Good Ventriloquist” when you need one…Just think of the “stuff” I could convince them he talks about in his sleep!!!

  63. LindaB

    I hope the cruise ship has a fog horn that works that well!

  64. LindaB

    If the Grammy Committee could hear him NOW!

  65. LindaB

    I shaved my legs for THIS???

    (Is that too crude? Forgive me!)

  66. LindaB

    There must be an easier way to get frequent flyer miles!


    Tori – I am responding to these as I scroll back up – so hold on the backflow of flotsam/jetsame of emotions/questions coming right back atcha!
    I saw the last pic as I was signing on – I JUST LOVE YALL! That is just sooo TOO sweet – both of you. I just sat here w/ this goofy smile on my face for a few minutes, until I caught someone looking at me stangely…..ok..here goes:
    doncha just love it when they call you from inside the house? I guess I told mine not to scream in the house, so.. ok…AAAAAAHHHHH, the notes are wild! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!(its already eviction time at the library, & that’s only as far as I have gotten! oh no..)That is just hilarious! Can’t you just see her smirking while doing that?
    OK – & on the deer tip – we have them like mad around here – no damage usually done to the deer, but they can easily total a car, or severly damage a crop. That’s why when a hunter brings me a small doe, I don’t have a REAL BIG problem eating it after getting it cleaned. My daughter thought for many years that she was eating stewed beef w/ potatotes, onions & carrots. Yeah, right! One day she had the nerve to tell me that she doesn’t eat veison. Had to burst that bubble! ok….
    How about the look on that cat’s face? AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH……( I’m a screamer!) ok…
    Yeah, I caught a little of the poop episode, scrolled thru & just decided to wait on you here! uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh….eeeewww? ok..
    Themema! Awesome shot! WOW!
    What’s B roll? You’re beautiful, Tori!
    The towels -AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, again! What’s up w/ that? ok..
    Keep the topless pic of Bill, just bought a new car, just come to Myrtle Beach, OK? Pretty please? And, another black shirt? Easy to buy for him, huh? He still has not answered my email……hummmmmm..
    This was the best part of my day…..thanks, Tori. Love, Johnnie

    oh wait – Jonny – AAAAAHHHHHH – I vote for your caption!!!!!!Too much! R u coming on the Tori, now? uhoh!

  68. Phyllis S

    You have done it again, first, ” youmightbeagospelmuscian”, now this. Keep it up gang, this is good and oh so funny.

  69. LindaB

    Okay, seriously, I LOVE that picture of you and your beloved on the cruise that Mark took! Good lookin’ couple, I’d say!

    And the picture of Betty (themema) and Sarah is incredibly beautiful! Two lovely peas in a pod! Thanks for posting it here!

    And about that picture of your car and the tree limbs——aren’t you taking Obama’s recommendation to “go green” a bit too far? And don’t you have a GARAGE in that “gospel castle”? Or were you trying to beat the “Cash for Clunkers” deadline? LOL

    I think we ARE going to reach the triple digits, and we’re not even breaking a sweat yet!

  70. jonny

    No, I tend to leave the married ones alone. Although, when checking out this Gaither stuff on YouTube, after coming across this blog, there was one brunette who kept popping up in the videos that was EXCEPTIONALLY, genuinely sweet, and oh so attractive, like in the extreme adorable decibles levels of attractive. I should-a knowed right then and there I didn’t stand a chance!! Well, did what I could to find who she was, and if I guessed accurately, not only is she seriously taken, and by a man whom I’ve come to greatly respect from what I’ve been reading, but she goes by the last name of “Christmas!!” Sorry, that’s just a little too weird for me, and probably not good for my “rock star” image = / Oh well, I’m sure Christ has someone else out there to burden me on = D

  71. jonny

    Uh, that last Say it! was in response to D!

  72. LindaB

    Jonny, that could be Tori’s next contest—-who can find Jonny a suitable mate first! Someone worthy of a rock star! Seein’ that Ms. Christmas and I are taken and all!

  73. jonny

    Laughing so hard I’m crying!! Yes, LindaB, I’m afraid it all looks downhill after YOU and Candy!! Maybe I should see my doctor tomorrow about getting some “happy” pills, or somethin’. It’s not looking good at the moment, that’s for sure. By the why, thanks for the reminder! Very considerate of you = /

  74. LindaB

    Hey! After Candy Christmas, I’m WAY WAY downhill!!! In fact, it’s more like six foot under!

  75. LindaB

    Hey Tori, you look about twenty-five years old in that picture of you two on the cruise! And Russ looks……..well……..awake!

    (Sorry Russ. But I owe you one!)

  76. Phyllis S

    How about a side-by-side view of the B-roll picture with the last one…


    Hey Tori! Johnny is right – those jeans are hot! They make you look super skinny! How long was the flight?
    And, yep, we’re getting good at raising the roof on this blog!.

  78. delightedabroad

    “Did they run out of coffee on board ????”
    This will presumably be my last suggestion, I think I leave you here for today hoping that I get some sleep myself (I’m 7 hours ahead, you remember?)…

  79. GRITSinNC

    Thrilled to find a new Tori blog today! Giggled along as usual. But had to struggle with that password thing before I could SayIt. Why can’t WordPress remember my password when I don’t post here for a few days, cause I sure can’t remember it.

    Love all the photos but especially seeing one of themema and her lovely granddaughter. I had seen the one of you giving Russ the evil eye elsewhere and sure wondered what you were thinking. I’m not very creative so don’t have a good idea for a caption but I sure hope you love him more than that look indicates. LOL It’s really cute and whoever said it called for a caption was so right. If I get a brainstorm, I’ll be back but if I win, I already have the book. :o)

  80. tori

    YAY!!! LindaB’s awake! I was waiting for that!

    OK, I’m still working on how to pick one… This is gonna be tougher than I thought! Several options– 1) write down names of every entrant, put them in a hat, have Madi blindly pick one 2) Have Russ and/or the rest of the fam take a vote 3) Use one of those fancy-shmancy bloggy things that scientifically pick one at random (BIG bloggers like dooce use those!)
    4) Have YOU GUYS vote…

    HELP ME OUT HERE– GUYS– what do you think?

  81. phelpsphan

    My caption for the picture: “I should’ve thrown him overboard while I had the chance……now listen to him!” ha ha

  82. phelpsphan

    Just pick mine, Tori……..that’s the easiest way!! ha ha Plus, I have never won anything in my life…..so it would thrill me to win something….whatever it is you decide to give away! hahah ahh a

  83. phelpsphan

    BTW Tori, I loved your kitty “what’s been seen……can’t be unseen” picture……that is totally funny!

  84. rockin robyn

    I’m sorry I just have to comment first – that picture is just the bomb pic…. It just tells the story of some people I just love from afar. Tori: this writer, this queen of grammer and my favorite blogger and she is coming down the final stretch and closing the last chapters of a another book that will fill her head with more knowledge and wisdom. And Russ: my pastor through music and seeing him at rest. Well it lightens my heart with a peace. The traveling they do (and their families), it’s because of me and all you out there that they do this and the stress concerns me sometimes. Any ways!!! I digress! Awesome pic!

    But that look on Tori’s face is either – “He’ll kill me if I wake him but I really gotta go” or “Russ (*she whispers*) Russ everyone hears you and it’s not a joyful noise”

  85. LindaB

    Here’s another caption……”Hey! Will you look at me when I’m talkin’ to ya!”

    (I’m just makin’ ‘em up now to entertain myself—–there’s nothin’ good on TV tonight.)

  86. Lowell

    I just LOVE my little pillow !

  87. LindaB

    Tori, speaking for myself, you don’t need to bother with picking a winner and a awarding a prize and all that—-we’re happy just to contribute to the fun and maybe make you smile a little. Really. We’re all over that bein’ all humble and selfless like that. (Shut up!) We’re happy just to be part of your wonderful little blog-osphere!

    Hey! Am I starting to sound like YOU?

  88. jonny

    phelpsphan – Why mess with a good thing??


    (Uh-oh, I think my evil, competitive side is starting to rear its “ruma” little head!)

    And Tori, why bring family into this?? It could get real “ruma,” real fast!

    LindaB – keep going sister!! For some reason they seem to be getting better as you go along. Maybe keeping yourself entertained is a good standard to work with?? I for one an grateful there’s nothing good on TV tonight!! Of course I don’t own a TV, so I guess I’m good at keeping myself entertained also = /

    Oh, and I threw a Finnish word in this Say it! not only to entertain myself, but too help keep you encouraged as well!! By the way, one friend of mine has seen the film you recommended. She recommends it also = )

  89. LindaB

    Jonny, is the Finnish word you threw in “ruma”?? Isn’t that the name of Tori’s exercise class? I’m getting all confused now. I thought her exercise class was in Nashville……..but it’s in Finland? Or do they just speak Finnish at the Nashville class?

    I’m goin’ to bed now. I hope the fog clears by morning.

  90. jonny

    Interesting that the name of Tori’s exercise class could also be the same word for “ugly” in Finnish… … …

    Actually, I’m with LindaB regarding dropping the competition part this post. Sorry, phelpsphan, but I just don’t like what it’s already bringing out in me, us as a community = / This used to be such a fun, loveling supportive on-line family before, … well … BEFORE all this blasted competition stuff was just THROWN at US!!! Sorry, lost composure there for a moment. No, no, I’ll be fine. Really. It was just a little more than I could handle for a second or two. Thanks for your concern, though = ) No, really, I’ll be OK. (See!!)

  91. tammy961

    Ok–so poor Russ has been dogged in most of the captions so I am gonna go WAy out on a limb and do this one–posted above Russ’ head–“maybe, just maybe if I pretend to be sleeping I won’t hear anything about returning home to Pip’s poop or a month’s load of laundry.

    And to be fair–above Tori’s head–“WOW!! my man is so talented. Not only can he SING Trumpet of Jesus, but when he sleeps, he actually sounds just like the trumpet!”

    Love ya Tori!!

  92. themema

    Oh, my goodness. Are you trying to scare everyone away from your blog with that picture of Sarah and me?

    Lke all of your blogs, this is fun, the way a blog should be.

    Our room steward went to the same towel folding school as yours. Actually, they were pretty clever.

    Ok, I’ll give the contest a try.

    “If I could reach that CPAP, I know just where I would plug it.”

    “Rats! I hope that pillow looks better on me.”

    “Heck no, I’m not going to give up my second seat for him to be more comfortable.”

    “So much for meaningful conversation.”

    “Remind me: Why did I come?”

    “I guess everyone eventually feels like a plugger.”

    “If his fans could see him now.”

    “5 grammies, 9 Doves, Christian Hall of Fame, the single most electrifying voice in Christian music.” yeah, right!

  93. jonny

    OK, above Tori’s head, thought balloon style, “hmm… I wonder how many disgusting little things I could stick in his mouth, ears and nostrals before if wakes up??”

  94. jonny

    Or… “I’ve always wanted to test that warm water theory…”

    OK, my last two Say it!s were for the girls’ benefit, in case Tori does decide to bring family in on this!

  95. jonny

    OK, clearing up a couple things. First off, the reason I was laughing so hard at LindaB putting herself in with Candy is because I thought that was sooo wonderfully charming, and it took me completely by surprise! I seriously hope my reaction did not come across as mean in any way!!

    And the caption above the above one should’ve read at the end, “… before he wakes up??” That’s what I get for attempting this at half past four in the morning!!


  96. bettyrwoodward

    ‘Typical! Doesn’t he know the pillow is meant to be the other way round!’

  97. delightedabroad

    You guys really cheer me up ! I recommend going to the bathroom before reading…! Is it possible to insert pictures here ? I have one that would absolutely fit in.

  98. jonny

    themema, shame on you! Isn’t it seven grammies??


    Jonny – U haven’t seen a pic of me, yet! And, I truly think that Candy C is one of the most beautiful women on TV – and her VOICE! WOW! I’m crazy about her, too! LindaB – y’all can can me one, too!
    Robyn – WOW! That said it all! I feel the same way!
    Jonny – no tv?

  100. jonny

    Yep, no TV. Actually, Candy’s style of singing just doesn’t work for me. That’s no comment on her voice, though, or her singing abilities. I’m afraid I’m just not into the country-n-western style of singing. So far the only one I can listen to for any length of time from the Gaither crowd is Russ, but it also depends on which song he’s singing. Just discovered Russ singing to one of his daughters on YouTube. Just over 100 views so it should be a recent post. I forgot to check the date. I think the song is called Big News. And speaking of 100…

  101. delightedabroad

    It’s such a pity that I can’t show you this special picture; it shows a little kitten fallen asleep in the feeding dish (is that the right word ?) – so we can all be happy that Russ only fell asleep in his seat…

  102. jonny

    Oh!! That would’ve been too funny!! Yes, I guess Russ should truly be counting his blessings at that!! = )

  103. rachelbaker

    Either – Tori – “hmmm, all his weight is resting on his right hand, if I just stretched out this leg, I could knock it sideways and he’d roll right into the aisle”

    Or Russ – “7 days away with my wife and she reads 5 books, conversation obviously is not going to happen so what’s the point?”

    By the way i looove all Madi’s notes and am totally freaked out by the towel art. Seriously, if they did that in my cabin I’d be grabbing my babies, stealing one of the life rafts and heading to safety!

  104. themema

    Quoted from Russ’ bio:
    “Russ Taff’s music has won him not only a wide audience and critical acclaim, but a total of five Grammy awards and nine Gospel Music Association Dove awards. He has been hailed by Billboard Magazine as “the single most electrifying voice in Christian music.” But he never forgot where he came from, or the sounds that first stirred his soul.

    I thought it was 6, or maybe 7 grammies, and 11 Doves, but that number must include nominations….. or Russ doesn’t know who many he has. Tori probably has to dust them. Maybe she knows for sure.

  105. Barbara M. Lloyd

    “Listen to this, Honey…we’ve been written up as ‘Most Energetic Couple on Cruise.’ Rory Rigdon and his wife are runners-up.”

  106. rachelbaker

    OK, i think Momma Lloyd’s is the best so far!

  107. tori

    OK– He has actually won 6, but only has 5 actual gramaphone Grammy statues. The 6th one was for the soundtrack for the movie “The Apostle”– Russ had a song on that and it won a Grammy that year. Because there were multiple artists on the soundtrack, they only awarded the actual statue to the producer of the project, and the artists were all sent a plaque that said they had won a Grammy for Best Soundtrack. So the record books say 6, but the shelf count is 5. Doves? I think the same thing. He was on a couple of compilation projects that won Doves over the years, so again, the record books say 11 but the shelf count is 9. AND THEY ARE VERY POINTY AND HEAVY!! (I’ve dropped them on several occasions.)

  108. jonny

    Thanks for clearing that up! I believe two other web sites that keep record of these things pointed out seven!! Maybe there’s one he’s not so proud of = / Or, that’s the internet for you!

    Oh, and I decided to give Candy a second chance. Yeah, right, as if she needed me to! Anyway, came across her doing, Oh My, Glory Glory Glory on YouTube. That woman can seriously rock when called upon to do so! Also, a wonderful little song, IMO, although they did a “big” version of it! I think Russ would do a decent job on that one as well!

  109. jonny

    “He’s not fifty anymore, that’s for sure.”

    OK, I’m probably flogging a dead horse here, again, but I went back to one site that claimed Russ has won a total of seven grammies, and got me into all this trouble in the first place! Anyway, yes, they state Russ has won a whopping total of seven grammies, BUT, when I counted the total grammies won from their list below of all awards Russ has been nominated for and has indeed won, the grammy count was SIX!!! My bad. I should’ve done the count before coming over here and giving poor themema a hard time = / At least I could’ve done so accurately! Interestingly enough, nobody on-line that I’ve come across has messed up the dove aware count = / OK, on with getting a life again!

  110. trishARKANSAS

    jonny-Don’t you ever sleep? What time is it over in Finland anyway?

  111. Barbara M. Lloyd

    :”Hey Honey, if it’s okay with you, snore once.”

  112. jonny

    21.12, and yes, I had a somewhat restful eight hours last night! Plus I slept an extra hour or two after that. Just been stuck in bed all day again. The result, lots of time on the net! OK, another caption… “OK, if I could just slip my shoe off without my new hot, but not my hottest, jeans making any squeaky noises on the pseudo leather seat… carefully lift my foot up, hmmm, I wonder, could I remove his glasses with my toes, and not wake him!?!”

  113. delightedabroad

    Hmpf, little by little I perceive a nasty feeling of jealousy rising inside of me when I listen to all that ‘sleep-talking’.

  114. Phyllis S

    Do you think Lady Love knew what she would start when she took this picture. Let’s hope that she sees this blog….

  115. jonny

    “Oh my, he did have a bean burrito before boarding the plane didn’t he…”

  116. Barbara M. Lloyd

    “Hey Sweetheart, we won an award for couple always with most charm and grace.”

    Hurt me to type that ’cause I luvs ya big time.

  117. jonny

    Yeah, I feel kinda bad I stooped down to “bean burrito” level type humor. Poor guy probably doesn’t deserve all the abuse some of us are throwing at him = /

  118. LindaB

    Yes he does.

  119. auburn60

    Aawwww! Poor Russ. Just trying to catch a nap. He’ll be wide-awake on every flight he takes from now on.

  120. GRITSinNC

    I thought of one! I thought of one!

    “How can you sleep at a time like this?”

  121. jonny

    And a good one at that, GRITS!! = )

  122. themema

    Ok, Tori. Now that you have cleared up the grammy and dove thingy, how about pictures of all of them?

  123. Phyllis S

    Oh, I vote for the “bean burrito”, all you have to do is look at Tori’s face…

  124. Phyllis S

    OH Tori,
    I”m with Betty M., we need pics of the thingys…

  125. jonny

    Oh, don’t forget Madi Rose’s hair appointment today!! H-A-I-R-R-R A-P-P-O-I-N-T-M-E-N-T-!-!-!

  126. delightedabroad

    Yes, I know, but don’t worry: you will at least recognize her voice ! – If you could hear her …

  127. Ballewmusicman

    Here’s a caption for the photo of Russ sleeping Tori…

    hmmmmm.. I wonder what Armond is doing right now?

  128. jonny

    Hmmmmm.. I think that one may be a liiitle too “inside,” but that could just be me = /

  129. Leisa Hammett

    Oh, you are such a trip. “Topless picture of Bill Gaither.” What a hoot! So irreverant! TSK! You should be committed to sing 100 verses of a praise song or something. Now my take on the already over contest, I’m sure. O.M.G. I already spent ?? days cooped up in a tiny cruise cabin with this man. And now I’ve got to go home with him? What would happen if I kicked…REALLY hard? Tori, I cain’t keep up with you! Last I knew you were in jolly old England! Oh, such a jet setter.

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