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Hey everyone,

I just want to take a quick break from the usual Babybloomr frivolity and ask you all to help me comfort a friend. The regular readers here and on Gaither Community will recognize the name Belinda– she and her husband Troy are long-time fans of Russ who have evolved into full-time friends of the entire Taff family. They are a dear, dear couple and have hearts as big as all outdoors. Their young nephew, Keith, was killed in a tragic car accident and they buried him today. They are grieving, and I would love for all of us to wrap our arms around them and offer them our prayers and support. Belinda’s email address is:


Let’s flood her inbox with assurances that we are thinking of them during this horrible, horrible ordeal.

Thanks so much, you guys.

(We’ll return to our regularly scheduled wackiness tomorrow.)

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  1. jonny

    Well, I tried sending an e-mail a couple times but they were rejected. Reason being mailbox could not be found. Was anyone else successful at sending one??

  2. yondajean

    I just sent an email and it went through okay.

  3. jonny

    Thanks! I just tried again and it seems to have gone through this time.

  4. themema

    Mine was rejected the first time, but I tried again and it went thru. The first time, I had the period at the end. Once I deleted the period it went thru.

  5. jonny

    Nope. Anyway, my condolences. Prayers being proffered for all those involved in the young man’s life at this time.

  6. jonny

    Sorry, themema, I didn’t see your post before the last Say it!. I put the address in myself, I didn’t copy and paste. Put it in three different times, at least triple checking the address each time.

  7. LindaB

    Belinda, we are so sorry to hear that you and your family are suffering the loss of such a young and dearly loved family member. Just remember that we love you and our hearts are grieving with you. We ask God to renew your faith in the blessed hope that this life is not all there is……..that you will see this young man again…..and this is just a temporary goodby for a brief season. You surely will see him again in Paradise—–hold on tight to that truth. (((((Belinda and Troy)))))

  8. tori

    Thanks so much, you guys– I fixed Belinda’s address so it will be easier to cut and paste.


    Consider it done! Will try the email message as soon as I get off this blog. Tori – you know I’ll get my guys on this one ASAP.
    Love, the Pepper Jelly Queen!


    my stuff went thru.
    How are ya doing, Jonny? How’s the folks these days after the tragedy? Luv ya!

  11. GRITSinNC

    So sorry for the tragic loss. E-mail sent.

  12. jonny

    I’m not really in contact with anyone directly involved with her life. Her oldest should be allowed in the home soon to collect her things. Police should be finished there by now. All I know is that it hit my cousin’s mom, grandmother of the two boys as well, the extremely hard. For better, or worse, loss is a constant in our existence here. Some of it quite tragic indeed. Peace!


    Jonny – OK, just wanted to let you know that I had not forgotten. Sometimes, w/ other stuff happening, (like, I don’t know, maybe LIFE?)- it lessens the priorities, or maybe should I say attention and/or intensity of someone else’s issues. Had not forgotten you, still keeping your family in prayer. Just wanted you to know.

    Now, I feel since I conquered the pepper jelly, tonight is pickled okra night! Woohoo!!! What has brought me to this canning state of mond after 46 years? Weird. I really thought I had a life!

  14. Barbara M. Lloyd

    This is so nice, Tori. It hasn’t been that long ago we were praying for this boy’s younger brother…who is doing well now, I believe, thankfully. And just before that, they lost Troy’s mother…and they were very close. As you have said, Troy and Belinda are a precious couple. I am glad to be able to join with others in praying for them during these difficult days.

    And that Troy can do the best little Russ Taff shuffle.

  15. swerchon

    I sent my email and my prayers are with Belinda and the family. My deepest sympathy…


    Hi! My pastor requested that we lift him up in prayer – he has been diagnosed w/ rhuematoid arthritis. The enemy is really mad at him – he is doing great damage against his hold on folks in this area. So, there you have it. Thanks. I usually have another forum for this type of thing, but this is personal to me, REALLY PERSONAL, I am very protective of him, so I am pulling out all the stops~!

    Oh, BTW, my pickled okra turned out spectacular! I am having a ball!
    Love y’all! Johnnie ps _ boiled 10 lbs of peanuts last night, too!


    HEY PEOPLE!!!!

  18. delightedabroad

    Delivered, I was there too but only ‘mentally’. No question I included Belinda & Co in my prayer ! But since I don’t really know them I was too unsure to express my condolences this way. (Besides I didn’t feel well the last few days and that’s not the best start to comfort someone else)

  19. LindaB

    Johnnie, you’re just hopped up on pickled okra and boiled peanuts!!! LOL Maybe I need some of that ’cause I’m draggin’ today!

    I’ve never eaten boiled peanuts until last year at Myrtle Beach. They are ……..well…….different. It must be a southern thing. I’m originally from W.Va. and I don’t remember having them there either. The staple of the W.Va. diet is half runner green beans cooked to death with a piece of fat back, fried potatoes in bacon grease, (notice a theme here), and corn bread made with buttermilk and bacon drippings. Mmmmmmmm, good! But deadly on the arteries. Then for a late night snack, we’d crumble up some cornbread into a glass of cold buttermilk from the cellar, and add some salt and pepper. Lots of pepper. We had to move up to Michigan to let our arteries clear out! LOL

  20. rachelbaker

    Sorry Johnnie, you would not believe how busy a 5th birthday can make a person! I have been reading and praying, just not typing! I’ll try to be better. I am praying for your pastor, as well as the tragic situation that Tori told us about, ‘He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world’ – I am praying against the devil’s attacks knowing for certain that he will ultimately fail!


    Awwwwwww – maybe I just needed all that attention! LindaB – that diet sounded exactly like the kinda eatin that goes on around here. I have quit buying bacon, fatback (one of my passions). Any meat I eat comes off my foreman grill right now. Doesn’t seem to be helping, though! And, thanks, guys, for your prayers for my pastor. He is feeling much better, and was awesome Sat. and Sunday.
    Love y’all – Johnnie
    delighted – will be praying for you, too!
    grits – howya doin? Im ready for it to cool off a little! drizzly here today.


    What’s a half runner, LindaB? I definitely know what green beans are , & my behind is evidence of knowing what fatback is!

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