OK, tell the truth– are all of the “Whee! We’re in Europe!” posts and pictures starting to get on your last nerve? Are you OVER it already? Would you like me to just shut the heck up?

Seriously, I totally get that looking at someone else’s vacation pix is not everybody’s idea of a good time. (I just happen to be the kind of nosy naturally curious type that actually does enjoy that– but that doesn’t mean you have to!) So if you are ready for me to stop the travelogue for a while, feel free to tactfully mention that in the comments…

BUT UNTIL YOU DO: here’s some more!

**OK, several of you have mentioned that I haven’t posted any photos of myself and there’s a reason for that– a) I’m always the one taking them and b) I’m not that big a fan of looking pictures of myself. But anyway, here’s a couple.

First day in London? Double-decker bus tour of course! Windblown, but happy.

**Yes, we did take some classic tourist shots like this:

and this:

**BUT we also got some artsy-fartsy shots like these:

The London eye

Tour bus headphone speaker

Tower of London moatBloody Tower lamp

(Most of those are Madi’s!)

**Russ is hoping nobody recognizes the gospel singer in THE PUB!!!

**Although Charlotte didn’t seem to be worried about it… (Calm down, this is totally a staged shot!)

**Madi was sorely tempted to try to goose the guard, but decided against it.

**And I’ll leave you with this shot of Russ in a London cab.

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  1. Pearl

    Oh, I absolutely LOVE the moat shot! Someone has a really great eye. And as much as I’m glad that Madi got victory over temptation (and avoided a personal invitatin to have tea with the local magistrate) I would have loved to have seen the reaction to goosing the guard. Bet Lucy never thought of that one! LOL
    As for the trip info. Tori, it’s not like you’ve captured us and forced us to watch 16 hours of shot after shot of the same thing over adn over and over, you’re only giving us tidbits as it is. So I don’t think there’s much chance of us ODing on the travelogue. Remember some of us are living vicariouly through you. Because as for me, a)the likelihood that I’ll ever afford a trip like this is oh, nil and b) by the time I survived the packing, the flying and the jet lag I’d be too exhausted to enjoy anything more than room service. So keep sharing Europe and don’t forget to smile pretty for the camera!

  2. themema

    More pic-tures! more pic-tures! More pic-tures!

    So you don’t like to see yourself in pictures and Russ doesn’t like to hear himself sing. You guys make it hard on your fans!

    Obviously you and Russ did not go on the same vacation, because we have not seen a picture of the two of you together except for the one taken having lunch with Betty W.

    Enjoy your last bit of London vacation.

  3. tori

    Pearl– Actually, after packing and flying and jet lagging, I’ve been a little exhausted myself! Although I think my body clock is all sorted out now– just in time for reentry!

    themema– YAY! Thank you, I will post more pictures. And yes, we are actually on the same vacation it’s just that we’re the ones lugging the camera around– when we hand it over to Madi, she makes art instead of family portraits and Char cut our heads off of the last one, so… we’ll work on it, though!

  4. BrownEyedGirl

    I love the pictures!!

    Themema is right, we need of pic of you and Russ together!

  5. Leisa Hammett

    No. I’m fascinated by this little island grouping. I’ve carried the images around in my mind’s eye for days. And, I vicariously rode the double decker with you and relived my memories of London as a 13/y/o. You’re just sharing your world and the world with the world. Huh? I’m fascinated by you AND your family. Anyone who might say otherwise about viewing pictures I’d label a green-eyed scrooge. However if you sent me a Christmas card and every year listed Hilton Head as on of the top 10 things for which you are grateful and that everything in your life is picture perfect, (I did not make this up,)then, I’d be nauseated by you and wish to be off your list. But then, we do know you’re not perfect and you share so, which is another reason to love you. :-)

  6. sammifredenburg

    no tori, not at all ever tiring of hearing from you . . . . some of us live vicariously thru you rich and famous rock star types =p you’re living my dream, “sniff” . . . . . go ahead and continue to have a wonderful time, *wimper*, keep the pics and amazing adventures coming (sob, snort), and you’ll be home soon -ha! maybe.

    i’ve got wind that there is a Gaither Cruise to Alaska in a little over a week and the ads show yer man on it, out of seattle here the ship leaves, i was hoping to scream at you all from the fence like when the Beatles arrived on american soil in ’62 or whatever. go figure.

    have fun, it’s good of you to remember us here, that’s what matters. thanx for the pics and messages, i always enjoy them even if i don’t always chime in. love ya.

    stay close,

    sammi =)

  7. GRITSinNC

    Yeah, what they said. I love every word of what you say and every photo you share, and can hardly wait for more…and more of Mr. & Mrs. Taff together. Work on it girls. :o)

    (Cuddling comment on GC was so cute this morning.)

  8. jonny

    Beatles arrived on American soil in ’64, the week I was born = ) And, mo complaints about the posts from my end, FWIW = )

  9. LindaB

    Well, me too—-I love the pictures! Any pictures! I have been known to pull out any photo albums in sight in people’s homes in which we are visiting and look at their wedding pictures and family albums and such…….after I ask politely, of course. Pictures say so much. And yours say that you are having the time of your lives! And that’s great! But you seem to be sooooooo far away!

    May I ask some questions……….like, how are Americans accepted there? Are people friendly? How do the living expenses compare to here? Is eating out expensive there? How is the food? Do you watch much English TV? What’s that like? How does their humor compare to ours? Is the economic downturn we are experiencing here evident there in the British Isles? Do Europeans drive little cars like we hear that they do? Have you ridden in one? Have you seen any “English cottages” yet like the ones we see in movies and pictures—–surrounded by gorgeous flowers…….especially lavendar and heather? (Please please take pictures if you do!) Seen any English royalty? Has the Queen asked you to tea yet? Do you even like tea? What do you drink mostly while in London…..aside from the pub? LOL (Tell Russ, the GOSPEL singer, I won’t tell anyone about seeing him in a pub…….for a long time. Maybe a week. ;)) Oh, and my husband would like to know if you’ve seen any MGB’s? (He loves them! Makes him feel a little James Bondish, I think.)

    Okay, okay. I’ll shut up.

  10. trishARKANSAS

    Madi was tempted to goose the Royal Guard. That would have been hysterical.

  11. jonny

    LindaB, YOU’RE MARRIED!!! Oh well.

    And Leisa, stopped by your blog spot and came across the magic “A” word that kept me snooping around there for quite some time. Wonderful stuff. Really like, appreciate your perspective, and expression of, in what you write and share. Thanks!

  12. trishARKANSAS

    I mean it wouldn’t be hysterical for her to goose him. It would have been hysterical to see if he lost concentration.

  13. junebug

    Momma June: I finally figured out my password – your Arkansas family is loving the pictures. See a castle for me. love you all.

  14. MostlySunny

    Are you kidding? I’m loving this!! It’s my “Calgon, take me away” moment! (Does that phrase date me?)

  15. LindaB

    Oh, and one more question—–ask some Londoners on the street (or the pub) how they like their health care system, please, Tori. You can be our international reporter and photographer! Story at eleven.

    Jonny, you’re funny!!!

  16. jonny

    I seem to have my moments… Thanks for noticing = )



  18. Barbara M. Lloyd

    More pictures, please. I can always put them on the bed posts…..never mind, I’ll find a place.

    I am thoroughly enjoying your enjoying London!

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