Charlotte’s Filmmaking Debut!

OK, I came back to the flat yesterday and little Charlo had been working for over 2 hours putting together this masterpiece– it was a complete surprise and I couldn’t wait to show it to you guys!

She wants you all to know that this is still a little rough and that she hasn’t finished the credits page yet, but I got so excited about putting it on the blog that she let me go ahead and do it. She also told me that she was more interested in matching the music with the pictures than she was in keeping everything in a consecutive order, so things might jump around a little bit. Artistic license, don’t you know.

By way of explanation: These are mostly images of our trip to the Faroes, (with a few British airport shots and a a couple of random Harrod’s photos thrown in for good measure!) There are scenes from Russ’ concert at the G! Festival and some shots of our lovely friends, Jakup and Sanna and their fabulous children– also some scattered festival shots of Jakup’s youngest brother’s rockin’ band called appropriately enough, ‘Boys In A Band’ who were so much fun to watch! And more shots of our dinner and rehearsals and lots of other stuff. There are so many faces on here that we just met but already miss so much…

Charlotte found the music on iTunes– she said that she wanted to use one of Russ’ songs but she knows he doesn’t really like listening to himself a lot so she thought the perfect solution would be to find one of his songs done by someone else! And she found this lovely version of “Ain’t No Grave,” which I think works perfectly.

I just love this kid.

So with no further ado, here is a 100% Charlotte Taff presentation for your viewing pleasure! I will pass on all of your comments to her…

(P.S. Click on the word ‘Vimeo’ on the bottom of the video when you start it, and it will give you a slightly larger screen– OR, you can double-click on the middle of the picture and get a whole screen version, which is a little fuzzy around the edges, but really fun to watch!)

Charlotte’s Faroe Islands Video from Babybloomr on Vimeo.

17 Responses

  1. auburn60

    Way to go Charlo!
    I think you should do this more often. A back-stage video from FF,a cruise video, family birthday videos…
    BTW,Taffs, I’ll be in Nashville this weekend. Figures you’re on the other side of the world!

  2. themema

    Wow!!!!!! I am impressed! Char, you could have a career future ahead of you!

  3. Pearl

    Totally awesome!! And VERY creative! It’s absolutely delightful, Charlotte. Thanks for allowing your mom to share it with us.

  4. LindaB

    Char……HOW’D YOU DO THAT???? That’s so cool! And so much fun for us to watch!!! Thanks, Honey!!! Good job!

    If I ever get married again, will you do the video??

  5. GRITSinNC

    Whew! Finally got in. What does it keep doing with my passwords? LOL

    Char, I should be in bed but had to stay up to watch your video and send you a compliment. I love, love, love it and though I don’t know you, I love you, your mom & dad, and sister. You’re so blessed to have such a family and to be so beautiful & talented.

    Your dad really looks good in those glasses!

    God bless you and continue to enjoy your trip, and have a safe trip home. Share more videos with us, okay?

  6. Phyllis S


    Tori, Thanks so much for sharing Char’s impressive work. In later years, when we see her name on a film credit, we can say, ” I saw one of her first works”.

    Char, Splendid work and keep them coming. What a thrill to watch. Beautiful photography.

    Linda B. I expect an invitation to your next marriage, they might have to roll me in, but would not miss it for the world. (smiles).

  7. LindaB

    ROFLOL Phyllis! I have the feeling the person most happy (complete with singing and dancing) at my second wedding will be my FIRST HUSBAND!!! LOL

  8. jonny

    LindaB!! You never told me you were actively seeking a mate!!! Mercy!! If I’d-a known that I’d-a a been all over you like a fly to molasses! Goodness!! Oh. Sorry. This is about Charlotte. Not us. My bad.

    Well, I haven’t been able to get at a computer that can handle the video yet. I’m quite eager to see it, though. Not only did I receive my 1st film awards when I was 16, including one for editing… (CUTTT!! Charlotte. This is about Charlotte. Charlotte! OK. Let’s try this again. Ready… and… ACTION!!) …I’ve also helped various kids over the years with film making as well. So, truly looking forward to seeing what the girl’s done! Hopefully tomorrow = )

    Oh, and I should probably talk to LindaB’s 1st before I get out the ol’ fly suit…

  9. rachelbaker

    That is seriously good. You have so much creative talent in your family you really should be sharing it around.

    Now, can’t wait to see the one Charlotte makes of the London trip!

  10. rockin robyn

    To Charlotte:

    There is a family I adore, the dad can sing and preach.
    the mom delivers gifts from words, and tells ya what she thinks.

    there are two girls, true gifts from Heaven
    each different in their ways
    they’re Madi Rose & Charlotte
    give God all the praise

    But Charlotte, she’s the special one
    she created a gift for keeps
    she shared with us her England trip
    one that many of us will never see

    what talent does she hold inside
    the world will never know.
    Good job dear Charlotte good job indeed
    I pray that talent grows.

    Awesome job!!!

  11. Leisa Hammett

    That’s WONDERFUL!

  12. belinda

    Way to go Char!!!! That was great! Keep them coming girl, you did great! Thanks for sharing it with us. Love your song choice by the way.

    It looks like you guys are haveing a wonderful time!

  13. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Char, I couldn’t get it to work for me. Next person who comes by with eyes will work it for me…and I can hardly wait. I was able to see a few of your pictures and they are terrific. From the comments, it sounds as if you have a specific future ahead of you, sweetheart. Love you.


    T-H-A-T W-A-S G-R-E-A-T!!!!!!!!!!! Tori, she’s gonna give you competition later on!
    And, no, I for one am not in the least tired of nosing in on your trip, and living vicariously through your snapshots! Don’t you
    DARE stop! Keep em coming – or I promise to haunt your email day & night! Am ready for you to be back on our piece of land, though!
    Love, Johnnie

  15. jonny

    Well, finally got to view it! OK, here goes… 1st off, some of those shots are just breath taking. My friend who was viewing it with me literally stop breathing a few times, but fortunatelty came up for air again before passing out! ; )

    Being in a band myself I was quite interested in the band shots, how they were used in the slide show. I had to back up & pause to check to see if one of the guitarists, the one with the face of Jesus tattooed on his forearm, was in truth using a Danelectro guitar. He was!! Then a few shots later he was kicking some serious gospel back-side with it!! Me & Danelectro have a bit of history. My 3 favorite guitars I have are Danos. Most guitarists I know don’t care for them so much. They prefer higher end guitars, or more classic, famous blues, rock guitars. Sorry I missed hearing how he used it. Anyway, in regards to the band stuff in the slide show, I really liked how Charlotte introduced the live stuff, then took us to the practise for it, then to some even more raw shots of the show, etc.

    It was also clear Charlotte had a distinct thread, concept, vision she was working with. It was really fresh experiencing the touches & layers she worked in & around that. She also seems to have a really good sense, understanding of pacing. Not only do I believe that version of the song she chose was an excellent choice for various reasons, but I thought the song & energy, vibe, pace of the slide show merged well together.

    There did seem to be 1 or 2 awkward, tricky transitions of shots compared to the rest. I was wondering if she might want to play around with dissolving, or morphing the transition between some shots. Looks like she may have used some sort of Power Point program. Not sure if it would have a decent dissolve in it, or just a more digital, sort of cheap looking, mood breaking pixel re-arranging going from one shot to the next. Anyway, I would encourage her to keep playing around, experimenting with whatever tools the program she uses offers & see what her wonderful mind could keep coming up with as a result. In the end she may just stick to, be satisfied with what she’s using already, but the journey may be an interesting experience. Peace!

  16. jonny

    Sorry, I believe I should clear a couple definitions up. I really should learn not to Say it! when tired. Problem is I is most of the time = /

    Awkward: difficult, challenging, hard to get just what one is going for, hoping to achieve or communicate.

    Cheap: rough, not subtle or smooth. Not up to the same higher standard, points of integrity, one is working towards and has established elsewhere.

    Anyway, still a wonderful view that I don’t get tired of going over, enjoying, again and again! Thanks so much for allowing your mum to share it with us = )



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