Quick check-in (but more later, I SWEAR!)

We’re in London now, but just wanted to post these photos from the Faroes. You’ll see now why we all fell head over heels in love with this place, and especially with the friends we made there.

**An incredible boat ride– here’s Russ with his girls (I can’t tell you how much I love these two photos!):

**Russ and the band at G Festival

** The boy rocked the house! (That’s our wonderful friend and host Jakup playing guitar back there.)

**This historic church is in a gorgeous setting next to another house where we had a private dinner with Jakup and several of the band members. We had a wonderful evening together, here are a few pictures from that night:

**I’ll leave you with these scenes from walking around downtown Tórshavn with the family…

More to come!!!

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  1. Lindis

    Great pix! :D glad you enjoyed the Faroes. Wish I could have been there to listen. But I left for Norway early Sunday morning. Have fun in London :D

  2. Phyllis R

    Man, Oh MAN, that is some pretty place. I can’t decide if my favorite picture is the one of the white house or the house by the stoney cliff….well, excluding the pictures of Russ and the girls. :) Glad you are having a good time!

  3. jd2008

    O MY GOSH. London!??!?! Uh, Mrs. Taff can you adopt me? I’ve always wanted to go to England, France and Scotland…and Ireland. And all those pictures from the trips you guys go on makes it look so much fun! I miss Charlotte. I just realized I’m not going to see Charlotte next year. Makes a person really reminisce. Tell Charlotte, Madi, and Mr. Taff hello. (And I wish you a safe and happy trip in London.)

  4. jd2008

    By the way, if you forgot, its Jess…

  5. LindaB

    Tori, is that you singing back up in that third picture from the top? The blonde on the far left?

    Gorgeous pictures! That is an unusual flower in the ninth picture down. Very pretty. Is it cold there—-the girls have on sweaters and Russ has on what appears to be a heavy jacket?

    Thanks for the update. We look forward to more!

  6. tori

    Lindis– I wish you could have been there, too! Maybe bext time… (Oh yes, there WILL be a next time!

    Phyllis R– Don’t make up your mind yet, there are more pictures to come.

    jd2008– Honey, I’d adopt you any day of the week– except that I know your sweet ‘rents would track me down and kill me dead! Charlotte is already talking about how much she is going to miss you and Bethany, too… thankfully, we still live close enough to keep you guys in touch.

    LindaB– I would say “Me singing? H*LL TO THE NO!!!” to your question, but that might offend my readers, so I will just sweetly smile and say, “Oh Linda, I haven’t gone out on stage with Russ and jumped around like a fool since the 80’s…” (Actually that singer’s name is Linda, and she is so great–loved her and all of the band!) The heavy jackets were for the boat trip which was very windy– otherwise, the weather was a tiny bit chilly at times, but sunny and pretty.

  7. auburn60

    Hey LindaB–I thought that person on stage looked like Tori,too.
    Looks like a beautiful place. I found a webcam on the Faroes several months ago and sent the link to Madi. It looks like a great place to soak up local culture.
    Hey, Tori–if you get a chance–let us know if you are hearing info. from your family about your dad and how his treatments are going. We are still keeping him in our thoughts and prayers.

  8. tori

    auburn– So far, so good. Daddy is still healing, the skin grafts look good, radiation will be starting shortly. Thanks so much for asking, and especially for the prayers.


    Well, this was my actual first day meeting clients, so I come in from a completely h**ll-A-cious day, & under attack by my personal demons, & then what? …..I decide to check in to see what’s up w/ tha trip…
    and all I can say is AAAAAAaaaaaaaawwwwwww………
    Tori – those pics picked me right back up, (but I fell all over again in love w/ Russ, OK? It’s Ok, I have come to love you more!) but, seriously – they put my day back into the proper perspective, and now I have at least half a smile on my face! (the other half will come during the long soak!)
    Carry on, Taffs! Ya’ll sure are a photogenic bunch, ( thank goodness!).

  10. tori

    YAY for you, DELIVERED! Your first day!
    So glad you liked the pics…

  11. baldwin

    The pics are great and that video of Charlottes’ is something els! I love it. Hope you enjoy your time over here in London.

    I loved meeting Russ and hearing him sing in Basildon, just wish y’all could have been there. However I’m logged in under my maiden name here, don’t know why really, I just did.

    I read a lot Tori and enjoy what I read on here but don’t often post, but I’m so ful of admiration for Charlotte’s blog that I had to.

  12. baldwin

    BTW forgot to say It’s Maureen from the group page

  13. jonny

    Man, those demons can be a pain, ESPECIALLY the personal ones!! Just hang tight, D. Thank God at least He knows what He’s doing = ) Much love, and prayer support!! jonny

  14. belinda

    I love the pictures! Makes me want to pack up and head that way, gorgeous pictures! Keep having fun and we will keep checking in for updates. I wonder what you guys are doing now?

  15. belinda

    Troy said we should have gone for the concerts, I agree :)

  16. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I enjoyed all of the pictures…but especially those of daddy with his “little” girls. I just love those. And, I would like one of mommy and her “little” girls, too. Or, what the heck…of my whole little Taff family. Might as well shoot for gold.

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