Per your request, because I’m putty in your hands.

GOT to get to bed, but I wanted to quickly post a couple of photos to show you that Russ and I are indeed on THE SAME VACATION! I will do a proper post tomorrow, but right now it’s almost 11 here and Madi walked my dang legs off all over Kensington Palace so I need to go collapse. Tomorrow is our last day, and I’m feeling verrrrry sad about that…

**OK, here ya go: R & T checking out the real estate at Hampton Court Palace–

**…and in our sweet little flat.

7 Responses

  1. GRITSinNC

    Thanks for humoring us. :o) The pictures are great! You look beautiful & Russ looks handsome, you both look happy and so wonderful together. Thanks for sharing. Glad you’ve had such a wonderful experience with the girls.

  2. auburn60

    Ohhhh…getting kind of cozy there,huh?
    Just think, if you had accepted my ‘nanny’ offer the girls and I could have been running all over London and you’d have had a ROMANTIC getaway! :)

  3. themema

    Well dang, if you aren’t both there…. at least “were”.

    Auburn60, no kids going to Alaska, but Russ will be too busy for a romantic getaway. Very hectic schedule.

  4. gracelynn

    Thanks for the fabulous pictures Tori. What a precious couple! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile – been away for over a week and returned not feeling too well. So glad you are enjoying an incredible vacation and I know how it is to have to return from one.

  5. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, your pictures are getting better all of the time. Just one time, I wish you had handed the camera to a London-er and asked him/her to take all four of you together.

    If today is your last day…what in the heck are you doing reading this post?

    I’m ready for y’all to get back home in the nest now…..but I’m glad you had such a nice vacation.

  6. LindaB

    Great pics! Love ‘em!

    Did any Londoners recognize you on the street (or in the pub) and say, “Hey! Aren’t you Russ and Tori Taff?” I just wanted to know………I don’t know why…….I’m weird that way.


    Tori – get my comments off of the previous LindaB interview. I put it on the wrong spot!
    Sorry! Anyway, are you back, yet?

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