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Charlotte’s Filmmaking Debut!

OK, I came back to the flat yesterday and little Charlo had been working for over 2 hours putting together this masterpiece– it was a complete surprise and I couldn’t wait to show it to you guys!

She wants you all to know that this is still a little rough and that she hasn’t finished the credits page yet, but I got so excited about putting it on the blog that she let me go ahead and do it. She also told me that she was more interested in matching the music with the pictures than she was in keeping everything in a consecutive order, so things might jump around a little bit. Artistic license, don’t you know.

By way of explanation: These are mostly images of our trip to the Faroes, (with a few British airport shots and a a couple of random Harrod’s photos thrown in for good measure!) There are scenes from Russ’ concert at the G! Festival and some shots of our lovely friends, Jakup and Sanna and their fabulous children– also some scattered festival shots of Jakup’s youngest brother’s rockin’ band called appropriately enough, ‘Boys In A Band’ who were so much fun to watch! And more shots of our dinner and rehearsals and lots of other stuff. There are so many faces on here that we just met but already miss so much…

Charlotte found the music on iTunes– she said that she wanted to use one of Russ’ songs but she knows he doesn’t really like listening to himself a lot so she thought the perfect solution would be to find one of his songs done by someone else! And she found this lovely version of “Ain’t No Grave,” which I think works perfectly.

I just love this kid.

So with no further ado, here is a 100% Charlotte Taff presentation for your viewing pleasure! I will pass on all of your comments to her…

(P.S. Click on the word ‘Vimeo’ on the bottom of the video when you start it, and it will give you a slightly larger screen– OR, you can double-click on the middle of the picture and get a whole screen version, which is a little fuzzy around the edges, but really fun to watch!)

Charlotte’s Faroe Islands Video from Babybloomr on Vimeo.

Quick check-in (but more later, I SWEAR!)

We’re in London now, but just wanted to post these photos from the Faroes. You’ll see now why we all fell head over heels in love with this place, and especially with the friends we made there.

**An incredible boat ride– here’s Russ with his girls (I can’t tell you how much I love these two photos!):

**Russ and the band at G Festival

** The boy rocked the house! (That’s our wonderful friend and host Jakup playing guitar back there.)

**This historic church is in a gorgeous setting next to another house where we had a private dinner with Jakup and several of the band members. We had a wonderful evening together, here are a few pictures from that night:

**I’ll leave you with these scenes from walking around downtown Tórshavn with the family…

More to come!!!

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