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Just how much fun IS a family allowed to have, anyway? Because we may be over the legal limit…

This is the first time I have been online since we left the good ol’ US of A, so picture me in a long passionate embrace with my laptop and you’ll have an idea of just how happy I am to be typing to you again! ( BTW, I am saving a description of FINALLY getting to meet Stuart and Betty Woodward and promptly falling in love with both of them on the spot until I have more time– pictures will follow!)

So, now we are in the Faroe Islands which are apparently some of God’s best work– seriously, it is jaw-droppingly beautiful everywhere you look. Charlotte had barely exited the airplane and she was already making plans to move here “the year before I go to college.” (And I’m kinda hoping she does!) We are being treated like family/royalty by Russ’ good friend Jakup, his beautiful wife Sanna and their three kids. I am trying my best to keep this short, so I’ll restrain myself from going into paroxysms of rapture about how incredible everything has been. Here’s just a sample: Yesterday? We had tea with the Minister of Finance (I KNOW!), a wonderful lunch after we walked around the quaintly gorgeous capital city (village) of Torshavn, then an unforgettable boat ride all around the coastline where I actually saw PUFFINS and also lost my little plastic helmet when it flew right off my head during a big wave and THEN… a massage in the afternoon!!!  Come on. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Tonight Russ is playing at a huge festival here, called the G! Festival– check it out. We are getting ready to head there in about 5 minutes, so I am going to end this by trying to quickly post a photo– more soon!

Love you guys.

**I wasn’t kidding, was I?

We’re off!

(In every sense of the word.  Ya’ll think the Mother Country is ready for a Taff invasion?!)

Our flight leaves tonight. Tomorrow the girls and I land at Heathrow, and get our hands on Russ who has been gone WAY too long and has been sorely missed. We plan on triple-teaming him right in the middle of the airport, wrestling him to the ground and possibly tickling him. We’ll play it by ear.

THEN, on Thursday we head to the Faroe Islands…

…then on Monday we fly back to London for the next 11 days where we will be staying in our own little rented flat in the heart of Belgravia, where we will shop for groceries and walk around the neighborhood and pretend that we are native Londoners. Until we open our mouths and give it away.

If I was any more excited I would have to be put in restraints. This is something that Russ and I have literally talked about and dreamed about for years. Waaaaaay back in the 80’s on our very first trip to London, light-years before our girls were even a gleam in our respective eyes, Russ and I looked at each other all sappy and lovesick and caught up in the beauty of that city and said, “Someday we’ll bring our children here.” And now we have those aforementioned children, who somehow turned out much nicer than we had any right to expect, and we are getting ready to see that dream come true. So yes, I am not remotely all sophisticated and blase about this trip– I am obnoxiously happy. Seriously, if you were here right now you’d probably want to slap me silly and tell me to shut up already and finish packing, sheesh. OK, maybe YOU wouldn’t actually say the “sheesh” part, but you get the idea. HAPPY. That’s me.

Please say a prayer for travel mercies for our little merry band of travelers. I will, OF COURSE, be taking the trusty laptop, and our flat has wi-fi (not sure about the Faroe Islands) so I will be able to blog from across the pond, which should be fun.

Love you guys– type to you soon!

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