Just enjoy.

No big political statement here.

No Bush-bashing, or Obama-worshipping here.

Whatever your political affiliations are, today is the first day of a new administration and change is in the air.

So as we return to life-as-usual today, with all of the challenges and frustrations and realities that come with it, I just thought I’d put up an image from last night that kind of put a lump in my throat. It is a picture of two people who have found themselves poised on the brink of history, embracing each other and dancing. It was a sweet, human moment at the end of a long, often-divisive campaign and it just felt kinda hopeful and… I don’t know, I just wanted to share it with you guys!


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  1. nashbabe

    Have always loved that song.

  2. auburn60

    My kid does a wicked cover of that song.

    This scene last night made me think of a wedding reception. At one of the balls the crowd was even yelling ‘Kiss,kiss’ to the First Couple.

    I read about the Tennessee Ball this morning. They served Bar-b-q, drank Jack Daniels and danced to ‘Rocky Top’. Yee-Haw. ( The Pres. did not attend that one.) Tori, our invites must have gotten lost in the mail.

  3. karen48

    I absolutely loved that. It was one of the highlights of the day. I also enjoyed watching the Biden’s dance. I love that mushy stuff. lol

  4. tori

    *doing the De-lurking Happy Dance*

    ooh, I do love it when you guys speak up…

  5. LindaB

    I did enjoy that moment too! When anyone works so hard to realize a dream, and shares the moment of it’s realization with his lover, friend, and wife, I am moved.

    And something else moved me about this video: music is such am important element of our national life. Where else but American does the newly elected leader dance with his wife to a sweet song like “At Last” in front of the world? Politics, issues of the day, national financial problems will wait while the leader of the free world dances with Michele! I like it that our country doesn’t take itself so seriously and is not above enjoying their president in a romantic dance to an American classic love song with his wife and helpmate! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!

    And I love her dress! I’ve come to the conclusion that I would be a knock out if I was just taller! LOL Mrs. Obama was lookin’ good!

  6. LindaB

    Alyson! They danced to Rocky Top???? I’d love to see that!

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    You captured a beautiful moment there, Tori, and I enjoyed it once again.

    Yesterday, from start to finish, was not about politics….it was about the American way, and all Americans could be proud.

  8. auburn60

    Oh yeah, Linda. Since I have lived in TN I have heard ‘Rocky Top’ at weddings, funerals, and of course–at Family Fest. Odd, since it is a song about moonshine.

  9. Chubs

    I sat my five year old son who is african american (adopted) and explained to him just how significant yesterday was. And no matter the color of our skin, anything can be accomplished. With that I received a big hug. He is only five, but said he had never scene a person his color. That is not true, he has. But I truly hope he stays color blind and looks are a person from the inside out. I do want him to be proud of his heritage and where he came from. I told him he could do anything he wanted and yesterday was proof of it.

    So for those people who think their skin color, red yellow, black, and white is the reason they are being held down, not succesful or otherwsie, they are WRONG. You are what you make of yourself. If you want to be somebody, then be somebody. Want to make a difference? Than be a difference maker. Want to change the world? Than follow President Obama’s example and change the world.

  10. tori

    OK, dang it, you are all coming dangerously close to making me feel all patriotic again, and trust me, that’s not my usual style. I love America, but with a generous side of snark, usually.

    And now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to put on a prom dress, grab a sparkler and go stand at the end of my driveway to see if I can talk anyone in the neighborhood into a spontaneous Day After The Inauguration Parade.

  11. meb

    Tori if I lived closer I would come join you in the parade. It was amazing to me to watch the country come together yesterday, regardless of whether you voted or who you voted for. It is now our responsibility to pray for our new president and leaders and come together as a nation united, not divided.

  12. auburn60

    I’m going to send everyone I know in Nashville by your house to look at you. (She said snarkily.)

    Is ‘snarkily’ a word?

    Oh,well–I’m amused at the mental image.

  13. LindaB

    You do that, Tori, and folks are gonna recommend a 12 step program for you!!!!

  14. gracelynn

    Chubs, that is so precious about your son. I truly hope he will stay “color blind” too. So many of the kids I teach are not that way and it’s sad. They are at the age now where their parents’ views are starting to impact them as well. I’m always proud to see one that is willing to look beyond the outer packaging and see the true heart and soul of a person.

    And you are right meb…it was good to see the nation come together again. It’s like your’s and Russ’s song says, Tori – As long as there is love, we will stand!

  15. LindaB

    You were okay, Tori, with the prom dress and standing at the end of your driveway. But when you added the sparkler, you went from “patriot” to “patient”!

    Was I “snarky”, Alyson?

  16. rockin robyn

    Thank you Tori! That was much needed. What beautiful insight.

  17. auburn60

    Pretty good, Linda!

    What is a ‘snark’ exactly? Can one have an inner and an outer snark?


    Ready for


    Can you tell I’m bored?

  18. gracelynn

    Very creative auburn! Wanna come teach my class for me tomorrow? LOLOL You did give me an idea though for a first day activity that I have in a file somewhere in my classroom. Just got to find it…hmmmm

  19. karen48

    Just checking in to see how the parade went.

  20. tori

    Apparently no one else got the memo…
    Anybody need sparklers? I got ‘em.

  21. LindaB

    I heard also that the Obama girls got a surprise when they got “home” to the White House the evening of the inauguration——the Jonas Brothers were there to entertain them while their parents made the rounds at the various balls!!! They are fans of the Jonas Brothers and were quite thrilled, I heard!!! How cool is that! And Grandma was there to be watch over them.

    I feel like I, being a babysitting grandma, have a representative in the White House!!! GO GRANDMA!!!!

  22. trishARKANSAS

    Tori I am sooo sorry that I was late reading your website and I didn’t get the news about the patriotic parade at the Taff house. I would have been there with my prom dress on too.(Does this count as being a snark?)

  23. chillybean

    Tori, I would have joined the parade, too. But sadly, my prom dresses were all donated to charity the day I realized what once fit around my bust, no longer even fit around my thigh…

  24. trishARKANSAS

    Chilly Bean, I know what you mean…I flop where I used to pop.

  25. trishARKANSAS

    But seriously I really would have gone out and bought an oversize prom dress just so I could have joined the parade.

  26. CarolynR

    I suppose it’s quite difficult to snark effectively when you’re wearing a prom dress, especially one that only fits where it touches ;)

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