Update: Body count at the Taff house


**Char still has her award-winning rash, doesn’t feel great, got a call into the pediatrician to find out if continuing presence of rash is par for the course or if she has some kind of crazy tropical disease like beri-beri or something.

**Madi still not feeling up to par, very tired, parked herself in the new chair I scored at an estate sale over the weekend (So yeah, it was TOTALLY worth punching that lady out) and basically hasn’t moved. Sleeping a lot.

**Russ is on his way home as we speak from a weekend of concerts which he barely made it through, however he has now thrown up 4 times in the last 12 hours so it appears he has moved on to a whole NEW virus!  Woo-stinking-hoo! I think I will pick him up at the airport in a haz-mat suit.

** Me? Still awesome, still not sick (knocks side of head), but looking over my shoulder for any errant virus germ that is lurking around the corner trying to ambush me in this House O’ Sickness…

Other than that? Had a pretty good weekend, how about you guys?

(And trust me– I am as sick of writing about viruses as you are of reading about them! If things don’t perk up around here soon, I’m gonna just start making some interesting stuff up. Promise.)

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  1. auburn60

    So sorry to hear everyone is still down for the count. A lot of people I know here (east of you) have had that flu thing then been hit with the stomach bug. Doctor’s don’t seem to be too clear on whether it’s 2 viruses or one very opportunistic one.
    We’ve had snow all day–of course on a day that was already a holiday.
    The dogs are freaking out for some reason, every time thay look out the back door.
    I just made a cajun chicken soup that smells divine.
    Remind me not to tell you if I ever have a garage sale.

  2. auburn60

    ‘ every time “they” look out the back door’.

  3. belinda

    Sorry Char still has that rash. Hopefully they can find something to get that cleared up real soon. Poor thing! (((((Char)))))

    Glad you punched that lady out so Madi could have a nice new comfy chair to hang out in for the weekend. Bless her heart, hope she is feeling better real soon. (((((Madi)))))

    Poor Russ, that has to be so tough being out there all weekend and not feeling good and only to come home feeling worse again. ((((Russ))))

    (((((Tori))))) Keep that immune system up so you don’t get sick too. Hang in there and hopefully they will ALL get better real soon!

  4. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Bless your hearts….but I’m not gonna hug anybody because I don’t want to catch it. (Belinda is a gonner)

    I know this means nothing to any of you, but I am so excited. We just may get one to three inches of snow here, starting at midnight. We have been advised to stay off the roads. I know this sounds weird to all of you northerners….but our little southern town doesn’t even have one plow because we go for years without seeing even a flake of snow.

    Just so you will know how exciting it is for the Lloyd family, both Mark and Donna are home with the throwing up virus and they will go out in the snow carrying their buckets.

    I’m praying for my little Taff family: for three to get well and one to stay well. I love y’all.

  5. Chubs

    OK sounds like a wonderful time in the Taff house.

    Meanwhile at the Chubs house (see note below) My wife came up sick this morning. I had to scramble to get someone to watch the kids this morning. I have to think the virus has two parts, kind of like a two part episode on TV. One is the aches and flu like stuff, and two the actual puking towards the end.

    Barbara, move to Illinois and you can have all the snow you want. I would glady trade it for warmer weather.

    Note below – Chubs is not my actual name. Chubs is a nick name that I got before I lost some weight.

    Feel better Taff’s!! Tori they will take care of you IF you get sick I am sure. BTW – Tell Russ, I will fill in for him next time. Who doesn’t want to hear a guy name CHUBS sing? OK dumb quesiton… :)

  6. LindaB

    That Russ is a REAL PRO!!! I can’t imagine traveling and singing while some virus is trying to kill me!!! What a guy!

    I’m still sick. In my weakened condition, I am barely able to get out of bed in the morning. I can’t vacuum, or cook, or clean, or polish, or do dishes, or laundry, or nothin’! I feel really bad about that. And I guess my sense of honesty has been compromised too.
    I’m so pathetic. But I’m lookin’ on the bright side of it——I don’t have to sing, and I don’t have a rash!

    What the heck is that rash, anyway? A side effect of a virus? Poor Char! Get well, Char!!!!

  7. gracelynn

    Tori, I am so sorry that everyone is still down for the count. I could tell last night when I spoke with Russ at the church that he was not feeling well. My heart was going out to him as he sang but man did he ever give us all a wonderful talk between songs. So inspiring and encouraging! Please tell him I said to GO TO THE DOCTOR! (Of course I’ve gone to my ENT HOW MANY TIMES IN THE LAST YEAR? And I still have this ear infection so…..LOL)

    I sure hope that they can figure out what is causing that rash on Char. And poor Madi…at least she has that wonderful comfortable chair now to rest and relax in while she is recooperating. ;) I’m sure she thanks her mom! (Better be sure you get some Lysol and spray it down good once this passes! Kill those germs!)

    They are talking about snow here and I am ready to scream NO!!!!! Tomorrow is a teacher workday and if I cannot go in, I have to take a day without pay. Unless my principal has mercy on me and says that we can make it up somehow (another Saturday Academy maybe – I’ll teach Algebra! LOL)

    And like I told Russ, I’m still sick so I’ll take my chances:
    and for the super wife and mom-

  8. CarolynR

    Oh you poor things! *Moves back from monitor!* S’all I can say is hang in there, it seems like eternity but, trust me on this, eternity is longer!! These things come to pass – I seem to have wandered into King James territory, but you get my drift I hope x 8-}

  9. gracelynn

    Linda – you get well too honey! I have enough to worry me with the Taffs, the possibility of snow, and the chance I may not get paid for a day’s pay.


  10. CarolynR

    Meant to say, I have no idea what Lysol is but I’m probably the only Brit who carries a bottle of disinfectant gel in her bag (purse to you)around everywhere!

  11. themema

    Just in case there is anyone here that does not know what a consumate professional Russ is,…. I was at the concert…saw Gracelyn, too…. Russ finished last night with his long edition of Ain’t no Grave. Then he walked down the aisle, out the door, and said, “I think I’m going to throw up, I’m going to my room.”

    I asked him why, as bad as he felt he sang Ain’t no Grave and he said “because they wanted to hear it.” Not many artists would have found that to be a reason enough to expend themselves like he did as sick as he was. Tori, give that puppy some chicken soup and be kind to him tonight.

    Yep, as Gracelyn said, he was terrific… I doubt there were more than 1/2 dozen people who knew how sick he was all weekend…. even when he announced to all that it was going to be a short first half cause he needed to go to the “potty”. lol.

    During the second half, he sang a couple of numbers with the men’s quartet. The bass who had been hosting Russ around was so sick, Russ said he was white backstage, but Jeff said he was NOT going to miss singing with Russ. He sang, and quickly also disappeared, not to be seen again last night.

    Hope all the Taff family is on the mend pretty soon, and you don’t get it Tori…. at least not until everyone else is back on their feet and can take care of YOU.

  12. gracelynn

    You are so right, themema. Like she says, get some soup in him if you can Tori. I was praying so hard for him.

    Sorry I didn’t tell you bye themema – I wasn’t trying to ignore you by any means. My cousin had called while I was in the singing and left me a message that I had a family member with this mess so I was trying to see if I could go and help them out in any manner. She was so upset that I had to get her calmed down. This flu is really attacking the people I love left and right. We think my dad may be coming down with it now. My mom just sent my brother to Wal-Mart to get some Nyquil and other meds for him.

  13. BrownEyedGirl

    I sure hope everyone gets well soon… This had to be one of the longest weekends of Russ’s life….Bless his heart…

    Stay healthy, Tori!

  14. MostlySunny


  15. MostlySunny

    OK, I’m calm now! My son had the same rash; went to the dr and they gave him some kind of steroid shot…gone!!!! (the rash, that is!). Now for the weather…we here in STEELER NATION (yes, we are very, very, very, extremely, absolutely, positively beside-our-selves excited that we are going to the SUPER BOWL. Thank you for asking.)…oh, yes, the weather…We’re luvin’ it that it was 8 degrees this morning!!! It was -10 last week and warmed up to 2 by noon. Sizzzling heat wave here in Pittsburgh at 23 today! But the snow is still around and is gorgeous. Inside, cozy, warm fire, ‘jammies, wool socks, chicken soup – sounds good! Hangeth thou in there, Tori!

  16. belinda

    Praying for all to get so much better!

    Momma Lloyd, I can’t believe you missed out on Taff hugs. I know it is not a sniff and a hug, but it’s still a hug and after ALL they have been through they deserve the hugs :) (pssss it’s ciber space, you won’t catch anything, go ahead, you will feel so much better and so will they :) )

    ((((((Russ, Tori, Madi, Charlotte))))))))))))))
    ((((((Linda, gracelynn, Chubs family & anybody else out there not feeling well)))))))))))

    I was not at the concert this weekend, wish I had been, I know it was great! I have never been to a RT concert where he does not put everything into his concert. I have seen him not feeling well, but most people never know it. He is #1 in our books! Praying that he will feel much better real soon along with Madi & Charlotte.

    Hope everyone will have a wonderful day!

  17. LindaB

    Okay, I just noticed something funny! After Google listened to all our whining and crying about how sick we and everyone else around us is, they chose this ad to post along side this column:

    Crying Baby
    Learn Why Your Baby May Cry And Tips to Help Their Crying Stop.

    Are they trying to tell us something? LOL Leave us alone, Google!!!

  18. gracelynn

    LOL Actually my Google ads are for Vicks Symptom Solutions and the Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan. Go figure, right?

  19. Barbara M. Lloyd

    ((((Russ, Tori, Madi, Char)))) You convinced me, Belinda. And it felt good. I’m praying for a speedy recovery for the sick and a healthy resolute for the weary one.

    And, I’m hoping all the rest of the “ailers” on here will get well real soon, too.

  20. morgitta

    So sorry to read this. Flue and stomach virus are raging here too. Maybe I shouldn’t add that I’m still well, as to not tempt whatever.
    Chapeau Russ ! Prayers going up for all of you.

  21. bereccah

    Hi – just dropping by from your comment on Suburban Turmoil and you totally cracked me up with your description of the sick house. Doesn’t it make you feel like you need a hose of bleach so that you can spray down your entire house? Sorry you guys have been under the weather…

  22. tori

    bereccah– WELCOME! So glad you stopped by and commented! And yes, a big honkin’ bleach hose sounds great right about now.

    Everybody– Thank you so much for all of your prayers and good wishes. Russ is reeeeeally not feeling well at all, too sick to go to the Dr., even. He is planning on going tomorrow, though. Char went back to school, but tomorrow is iffy, she barely made it through today. Madi is better, back at school, but not 100% yet. I am still not sick (*praises God and knocks wood simultaneously to cover all bases*). From what you guys are saying, there sure is a lot of this stuff going around… even across the pond!

  23. gracelynn

    I’m so sorry about Russ and I pray the doctor can help him! He sang his heart out this weekend when he really should have been resting and trying to get well, bless his heart.

    Glad to know that Madi is getting better and that you are NOT sick. Let’s keep it that way too! Poor Char, I hope this rash will go on and heal up. Hang in there, Tori!

  24. rockin robyn

    Man… I’ve just been hangin out afraid to come into this sick room. Is this what they mean by computer virus??

    _ ( _ ) _ Knock on wood… I’m not seeing that
    / \/`—–‘\/ \ brutal sickness around these parts – yet!
    __\ ( ( ) ) /__ May God bless the Taff’s for a speedy
    ) /\ \._./ /\ ( recovery – and to keep Tori well!
    )_/ /|\ /|\ \_(

    I had the day off Monday and did some furniture shopping of my own yesterday. I found a chair and ottoman I’ve been looking for (to match my leather couch) for a year now!! Best part is I walk in the store and they gave me a $50 off coupon if the item costs $100 or more. Yep! I used that bad boy!!!

    Everybody – “(((Get Well)))”!!

  25. rockin robyn

    Ahhhh! I tried to make a frog for you all and it shifted it all to the right!!! Oh well!!!

  26. rockin robyn

    long day!!! left left!!!

  27. tori

    rockin’ robyn– I can see the frog!
    Way to go on the chair! **knuckle bump**

  28. belinda

    We will keep those prayers coming. Sorry Russ is feeling so bad, bless his heart. ((((((((Russ))))))) Glad Madi & Charlotte are feelling a little better. Will keep everyone in our prayers. Hang in there Tori!

  29. jd2008

    Aww…Sad day….Call the Germ Police!!!

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