Oh hai! I’m the only one not sick around here!

Either all that Zumba has kicked my immune system into high gear or my number just hasn’t come up yet, but I am the only one in this whole dang family that is not dragging around the house looking like the Crypt Keeper and complaining about how bad I feel!  I have no idea why, but I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I’m just way more awesome than they are.

Charlotte has a very weird rash spread all over her torso that she selfishly refused to let me take pictures of for my blog– something about personal space and privacy blah blah blah, these kids today are so sensitive. OK, I’m kidding of course, but her rash is something to see– it’s all sandpapery with little raised bumps interspersed with some red, hive-y looking patches. When I took her to the pediatrician yesterday, the doctor took one look at Charlotte’s tummy and deadpanned, “Very impressive.” She tested negative for strep and mono, but according to her blood work she has some kind of virus, so we’re just treating the symptoms until she gets better. Madi has missed two days of school, keeps running fever off and on and is achy and miserable. I can tell this because she is uncharacteristically cuddly with me (which is such a giant bonus– teen girls don’t let their moms hug on them and rub their backs that often, I’m taking full advantage of this!) and also? Every time she walks into a room she moans, ” I feel like CRAAAAAAAAP!”

Poor Russ holds the family record. He has been sick for a whopping 16 days now– it’s the flu that just keeps on giving! However, I have to tell you that for a guy who usually turns into the World’s Biggest Titty-Baby when he is sick, he has been an absolute prince. Seriously, I haven’t been tempted to smother him in his sleep even once. He has not been irritable or whiny or grouchy… he does kind of give me a play by play of every single symptom he has, but hey, he’s a guy, right? He has also rented approximately 300 frillion videos because sitting in a chair watching movies is about all he’s felt like doing, so we may have to sell a kidney to pay off our Blockbuster bill, but it’s been totally worth it. He had to leave today to go sing this weekend, but he’s been doing a little better the last couple of days so he thinks the worst is over, bless his sweet heart.

So, for the next three days the girls and I are just gonna hole up in our cozy house (it is stinkin’ 7 degrees out there tonight, I am not even kidding) and rest. I’ve got 3 different kinds of fresh-squeezed juice in the fridge, plus lots of fruit and chicken soup. Hopefully we will all sleep in good and late tomorrow morning (Do you hear that dogs? NO BARKING!) and lay around all weekend and get strong.

Here’s hoping you are all warm and well and have a great weekend ahead of you.

Oh– and don’t forget to wash your hands! A LOT!

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  1. asmed415

    Tell everyone I love them and hope they feel better soon!!

  2. Pearl

    I can so totally relate. It’s been since mid-December and I’m still only at about 95%- but, hey, I did finally get the tree down today! Yeah!!! Beloved is the only one in our house who escaped and yes, it IS because he is way more awesome than the rest of us. :)
    Charlotte must be really special, though, because I’ve heard of a LOT of folks getting this Nastiness That Never Ends but I haven’t heard of ANYBODY else getting the cool rash. Have you tried connecting the dots? Maybe there’s a message there. :D
    Praying for a swift and full recovery for all your sweethearts.

  3. gracelynn

    OMG Tori….WOW! My heart is just bleeding for you, sister. Hey, if anyone knows what it is like to be sick constantly, you are chatting with her. I have had to fight off multiple ear infections, flu, cold, acute bronchitis….you name it – and that is just in the last two months alone. If one of those kids so much as sneezes near me, the germs somehow find their way into my weakened immune system and take over immediately. I’m still fighting this dadgum ear infection right now. So I sympathize with all of you.

    And poor Russ…wow! My heart goes out to him big time. I admire him for EVEN trying to go on to the singings this weekend. I am praying hard for all of you. Hang in there and please take care of yourselves. And stay inside – it’s 12 degrees here tonight. And it feels like it is below that in this house at the present.

  4. grfdave

    “World’s Biggest Titty-Baby”

    I am quite sure that if you asked my wife Russ would have some pretty tough competition! And how would you have any idea what was wrong with us if we didn’t explain it in great detail?!

  5. LindaB

    I’ve got that bug/virus/plague thing too, but everybody in this house is too crazy with joy to notice because———-the chinchilla is CURED! Yep, he is fine and dandy now! Bright eyed and bushy tailed……….and a mighty expensive bushy tail, I might add! Hey, maybe I should try some of that flax seed and electrolyte drink! It couldn’t hurt, could it?

    My new drink of choice is now Nyquil! I kinda hate to see the flu end——I’m gonna miss that stuff!

  6. gracelynn

    Linda, you poor thing! Well at least the chinchilla is cured. I’ll add you to the prayer list. And you never know, that flax seed drink just might work. ;) I’ve heard of worse cures. Good luck with the Nyquil!

  7. CarolynR

    There’s a lot of it about! Hope yours are better soon and that your own awesome DNA is strong enough to repel all borders!

  8. auburn60

    We very wisely and thriftily used our end-of-the-year medical account money to outfit both girls and ourselves with the basics for winter illnesses: Tylenol,Pepto,Immodium,Band-Aids,Neosporin,etc. Merrily sent both girls back to school with their first aid kits. Megan had not been back in Boston 24 hours before she was calling home with the news that she had a 102 degree fever and thought it was the flu.She thought Theraflu was the only med. that would work, which of course we had not purchased. None of her roomies felt inclined to go out in sub-zero weather to purchase items for her. (Insert booing, hissing noises HERE for selfish roomies.They were too busy playing video games.)I offered to over-night her a large box complete with Gatorade,soup,and Theraflu. She eventually went out the next day and got what she needed.In the snow. And when she got ready to make soup, found that roomies had left her pots and pans ON THE DECK in the snow.
    (A little al fresco dining in 0 degree weather?)
    So,anyway,so far,everybody else is well.
    Linda–Nyquil is the only benefit to the flu.
    Hope all the Taff’s get rid of the bug this weekend. It was 10 degrees when I got up today.

  9. tori

    Thanks, asmed, I will! Love back from all of us.

    Pearl– Yes, even Charlotte has a morbid interest in waiting to see what her rash is going to do next! (It has actually stabilized, and isn’t red or angry looking– but still all over her trunk.)

    gracelynn– Honey if anybody knows how miserable this is, YOU do!

    grfdave– You literally made me lol!

    LindaB– BOO! I am so sorry you’re sick. Did that dang chinchilla pass it on? And don’t worry about that Nyquil thing– there are wonderful 12 step groups for that!

    CarolynR– Yikes– the flu that crossed the ocean! Do the Brits have those pop-up Lysol wipes? Because I’m swabbing down every doorknob and TV clicker in the house, and I’m washing my hands so often I look like I have OCD!

    aurburn60– OK, it may be time for Mama Bear to head to Boston and show those dang roomates what a good old-fashioned Tennessee butt-kicking looks like! Video games instead of mercy errands for your precious?! Fie!

  10. gracelynn

    Tori, you had me LOL about the 12 step groups!

    Linda, don’t feel bad about the Nyquil. About 11 years ago, I literally had to take Pepto Bismol before I’d take the medication that my neurologist had me on because the medicine was so horrible on my stomach. So I lived on “Pepto shooters” (as my dad finally called them) for almost 2 years. Then I became allergic to the medicine (thankfully! LOL I hated that mess with a passion) and had to get off of it. Got one of those weird rashes too from that so I know how Char feels. Thankfully, my stomach didn’t protest when I quit taking the Pepto daily too. ;) And my parents could relax in knowing I wasn’t going to turn pink from drinking the stuff.

  11. belinda

    I am the only one not sick at our house too, of course there are only 2 of us so one down and one trying my best not to get what Troy has. He has only been sick for 7 days, nothing like Russ and Madi, and hopefully he is on the up hill climb? He is past the achy feeling but still has a nasty cough. My best friends right now when I come home from work are the Clorox Wipes. I wipe down everything he might have touched all day to make sure all germs are gone? Well so far it is working. I have been sleeping on the couch and letting him have the bed since he feels so yucky. Is that a good wife or what? He has not been as good as Russ, he has been a big fat whiny titty baby!!!! I do get the play by play also. Hey he’s a man, what more can I say? He called the doctor yesterday and they said the cough is haning around for a long time, Oh goody!!!! I know he is tired of it and ready to get over it. Coughing can literally wear you out.

    Will keep Russ, Madi, Charlotte in my prayers and you too. We can do this Tori and not get sick with the rest of them!!!!! Praying for Russ this weekend, it is tough singing when you don’t feel good. Praying for you and the girls that you will have a good weekend and everybody will feel better real soon.

    Linda – I love Nyquil – anytime I feel like I am coming down with something I take it a couple of nights and it knocks it. That stuff is good!

    It was in the single digits a couple of nights around here and then not even in the 20’s for a couple of days. I am soooooooooo ready for summer. To be outside and have that nice warm sunshine beating down on me, there is nothing better and the sunshine just makes you feel better! Come on summer!!!!!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and feels better real soon!

  12. auburn60

    Fie indeed, Tori!
    Didn’t think anyone else used that EXPRESSIVE expression!

    You just have to be ready to send Madi off to school in a few years with curatives for everything from mosquito bites to dengue fever. And doctor’s phone numbers. And an emergency dentist number. And AAA.
    Mace. Extra batteries. And a refrigerator,microwave,dust-buster,
    vacuum,iron,…heck, just hand her the credit cards now. Want me to start making a list?

    Don’t think just because I didn’t hop a plane to Boston to display a little Southern justice that I won’t ‘have my say’ at some point. And those kids won’t even know what hit them. :)

  13. LindaB

    You go Alyson!!!!! I’d love to come with ya to Boston and see this confrontation! Isn’t there an appropriate civil war battle ground near Boston? Use it! Those girls are mean!

  14. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Alyson, I’ll ride shotgun….’cause I’m coming with you, too. We’ll “learn” them girls.

    Now that is some rash Char has…we are always relieved when the pediatrician gives her analysis. Thank God for pediatricians.

    And poor ‘lil ‘ole cuddling Madi…I don’t believe you are ever too old to want your mom when you are sick.

    My poor Russ. Why didn’t the do-do-bird go to the doctor? That’s another thing about men: they complain with a hangnail but they won’t go to the doctor. God love ‘em.

    Then we come down to healthy, awsome Tori. Hate to bring you down by telling you that that’s normal mom stuff. You can’t get sick because the house would fall down around your ears…while you drag your poor body around the house doing all of the things the family keeps pleading for from you.

    Guess I’m gonna have to step up my prayers for my little Taff family. And maybe I’ll add on those endangered girls.

  15. BrownEyedGirl

    Wow! I hope everyone gets better soon and that you stay healthy , Tori! Okay, I have to plug the local Library for free movies to save on that blockbuster bill. ( as an employee , I feel it’s my duty! Do I get a raise???) :o)

    Russ is quite a trooper to keep a singing engagement when he feels like crap.

  16. itsmejen74

    Well I am hoping that your gang recoups quickly. If Tn weather is like ours up here in Ky its enough to make anybody sick. I have been lucky well Blessed I guess-although I am sure God often wonders what color the sun is in my world-I went to work today with wet hair and it was a whoppin 8 degrees-but on my behalf it was a heat wave we have been negative numbers for a couple days-I so wanted to break out my shorts when we warmed up that much but was afraid I would garner some stares,so I am sure I give him a chuckle lol and a challenge but I have made it through the coldest week in 35 years without so much as a sniffle-but I can definitely tell I am getting older-my bones were creaky today :) Hope Russ and the girls feel better-and here’s to your mighty immune system!!!!

  17. Chubs

    Tori, I TOTALLY hear ya. This week, both my sons had pink eye. My daughter had the flu AND my wife has not been feeling well. Good luck to you guys!! Been a fun week in the Chubs house hold.

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