It’s National De-lurking Day!!

And no, I did NOT just make that up!

Today is the day that all of us who read blogs are supposed to go to the ones we regularly visit but never comment on and leave a comment– just to say hello, I read you, blah blah blah. Now I have mentioned before in this forum that I am a big ol’ Comment Whore, and love nothing better than making a blog post and then virtually sitting there tapping my foot waiting for someone to comment. I know that is a pathetic mind-picture, but seriously? I swear I DO have a life, it’s just that writing can sometimes feel like a very one-sided conversation and it’s ever so much more fun when somebody talks back! Also, you guys are dang entertaining!

So for all of you regular commenters: I love you more than chocolate, and thank you from the bottom of my bloggy heart for coming here to read AND write. And for all of you that have somehow ended up here, but for whatever reason haven’t ever said anything? I would so love to hear from you– come on, it’s YOUR national holiday! You don’t have to be funny or clever and I won’t correct grammar and neatness doesn’t count– just say something!

(That kinda sounded a lot more demanding and foot-stomp-y, than I intended… Hey, I’m thrilled enough that you even read this crazy thing, you’re not REQUIRED BY INTERNET LAW to comment! There are a bunch of blogs that I read all the time that I have never commented on before… but I will today!)

And also, as long as I am being so dang naggy– the nomination voting for the Bloggie Awards closes TONIGHT at 9:00 p.m. CST. So if you’re so inclined, now’s the time!

Ok, that’s all, I swear. I won’t ever ask anything of you again. Until like, next year.

But you know I love you, right? And I’m wracking my brain right now to come up with some wonderful new blogging posts just for you? And I always liked you best– yes, YOU, right there, that one, I’m talking to YOU!

**bats eyelashes**

Ok, I’m starting to make myself sick, I’m stopping now.

OH, WAIT!! I have a lovely new, non-kitten-related  bribe present for you!

Here, watch this, you will LOVE this: (they show a commercial first, sorry, but it came from CBS, so whaddya gonna do? It’s worth the wait, though.)

Watch CBS Videos Online

40 Responses

  1. Phyllis S

    Ok Tori,

    I am here and as I am typing I am listening to Russ sing “Praise The Lord” on You Tube from 1983….OH HOW I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Ps. I love his long hair and mustache … Cute to a grandmother like me….

  2. misagracie

    I promise I’m not a devil-spammer-troll-commenter and I do believe there is an internet law about commenting.

    Love the Tara/Bella story!

  3. gracelynn

    I’m here too Tori – de-lurking from my day of teaching. LOL

    Phyllis, you are going to force me to go and get my Walls of Glass CD from the car. LOL Now that I’ve got half the songs playing in my head, I guess I’d better go and do it. I’d play my Best of Russ DVD but my dad is up here working right now so I have to respect his solitude.

  4. tori

    Hey everybody!
    **passes around drinks and snacks**
    Welcome! Misagracie, you’re looking especially lovely today…

  5. LindaB

    I’m not exactly “de-lurking”——never missed a chance to say something before! But I want to comment on that video——seeing that picture of the elephant lumbering along as the dog ran along beside it, easily keeping up with it and even running circles around it………..well, it made me think of something. That’s probably what WE looked like walking down the streets of Gatlinburg going to lunch last May, Tori! Can you see it? (I know, I’m pathetic. But I’m working on it. I’m sticking to my diet today!)

    Okay, now I’m gonna go “lurk” in the refrigerator and find a low calorie snack. Right? Right! And I hope you win that contest, Tori!

  6. twotwenties

    Hi Tori!! I am here:-) I stop by at least once a day in between real work:-) I love checking in on what you have to say although I have to admit that I am not good about commenting!!

  7. tori

    (LindaB– So… I’m the little spastic, yippy dog in this scenario, right?!)

    Hey twotwenties!!! YAY! You de-lurked!!!

  8. LindaB

    Right! You have something against spastic, yippy little dogs? I don’t think so! I think you love ‘em! You do have a lot of energy, and you walk fast! I can see the analogy. You don’t “yip” though.

  9. teegees

    Okay, I de-lurked quite a while ago, however, I am dropping you a post to let you know I voted for you!



  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Could never be a lurker, ’cause I can’t resist the urge to comment.

    Well, I never did see that little spastic dog…because, somehow, I ended up looking at a Victoria Secret video and it was entertaining, to say the least. Gosh, those girls are beautiful…but does anyone really wear what they were parading? (This is sure to bring forth a mini-message from Linda)

    I wouldn’t know how to find any other blog except our Tori’s. So, since it’s Lurking Day, I wish I had lurked a little while before commenting. I think I like May Pole Day better. Or is it May Day? No, that’s a cry for help. Well, that’s probably the right one long about now.

  11. asmed415

    Hi Aunt Tori! Love you!! xoxoxoxoxo

  12. JnnfrSr

    I’ve never been one to write comments, but in honor of today, and enjoyment of your column, here is one for you!

  13. itsmejen74

    Ok only because its National De-lurking Day I will post and tell you that I truly do enjoy reading your blogs they always well almost always make me laugh and start my day off better-I guess I should confess that true laziness is my reason for being a lurker-always too lazy to go register to leave a comment :) But since its a national holiday and I am one all about the holidays *I will have to ask walmart tomorrow if we get double time for de lurking day-its amazing how many national days they don’t recognize at paytime* I broke down-took the 40 seconds to register and voila! here I am to comment on your blog! Does this mean now that I have registered I must comment more? hmmmmm where does the madness stop?

  14. tori

    teegees– You can never de-lurk often enough for me, baby girl!

    Momma Lloyd– I can’t ever resist the urge to comment either! I couldn’t think of anybody to de-lurk!

    Hey Amy! Love you too!

    JnnfrSr– Way to go! Thank you, I appreciate it! (See it’s not so bad, right?!)

  15. SoonerCraig

    Hi Tori,

    Well, since it is my national holiday I will leave a comment.

    I’m SoonerCraig from good old Sapulpa, Oklahoma! I check in quite often to see what is happening in the Taff world. (it’s kinda like watching reality television) I really enjoy your quirkiness, it’s a breath of fresh air.

    And yes of course your husband is my all time favorite singer…period. (I had to throw that in there)

    Anywho…God Bless you Tori! Keep up the great blogging!

  16. tori

    **staggers backward, clutching her heart**


    itsmejen and SoonerCraig– Thank you so much, this is such fun!
    (and yes, the madness never ends, you have to comment every 5 minutes now!)

  17. Susan

    Hi Tori,
    I don’t remember how I found you but I’ve been visiting regularly for several weeks. I LOVED your “random observations” post from the other day. Reminded me of myself:)

  18. tori

    Susan! Another one! Yay!

  19. tammy961

    Loved the video!! what I would really like to know is how in the world did Momma Lloyd end up with a Victoria Secret’s video??
    It was almost a Kleenex moment tho, when they started telling about the puppy having a spianl injury—doesn’t take much like that to be a Kleenex moment for me—Thanks for the sweet video…

  20. Adelekruger

    Hi Tori, thanx for commenting on my blog… so here I am, enjoying every word you have to say… type, I mean…..

    You are very funny! I must admit, I was suprised the first time I read your blog…. I kinda had a picture in my mind about what a gospel singer’s wife “should” be like (ok, I grew up in a penticostal church….. enough said). So…. I went way back and read all your blogs…. took me a while…….and I like what I see – you are REAL!!! I like that!!! We need more people like that in the world!!!

    Be blessed!!!

  21. themema

    Happy Day After National De-Lurking Day, Everyone. I didn’t make it ‘yesterday’, tho it is still ‘yesterday to me if I haven’t gone to bed.

    I, two too, also wonder how Momma Lloyd got a story about Victoria’s Secret. Anyway, I saw the elephant and the dog, and I loved every second of it. My little Hector the Terrier Terror enjoyed it also. He sits on my lap while I am on the computer and watches the monitor closely. He sure would love to roam that compound.

  22. karen48

    Hi Tori
    I really enjoyed the video. I love stories like that.

    I’m delurking to say I read your posts all the time. I read all the comments back to you and think “I wish I could write like that”. But I guess even a little comment is better than none. So I promise to participate more in your blogs.

  23. CarolynR

    I haven’t exactly been lurking, more sort of jumping up and down at the back trying to get a looksee and desperately clutching at my dogeared copy of Dictionary of Colloquial American ! In future (if it’s ok with you) could you do a glossary of terms for bewildered Brits? However, even though I was rubber necking with a glazed expression (quite difficult to do) I was going with the spirit in my own sweet, reserved, unemotional, deadpan, not-quite-getting-the-joke, British way.

    Oh and because I live in your future, I think I’ve missed the deadline for nominating :< Does this mean I will have to remain in the outer mongolia of Lurkdom for the forseeable?

  24. tori

    Tammy– I know, right? I just love that clip!

    Well hey, Adele. Yeah, I get a lot of that. The surprise part, I mean. Russ grew up in a Pentecostal church too, so imagine how surprised HE must be to be married to me!

    themema– Tell hector he’s welcome!

    karen48–YAY! Welcome– see, it really isn’t scary is it? And it does make reading more fun!

    Hey sweet CarolynR, our favorite Brit! I don’t believe for a minute you ‘don’t quite get the joke’… And you will never be relegated to outer Mongolia around here!

  25. Adelekruger

    You’re sweet though….. I like that about you…. And Russ, I think he has great taste……

  26. Chubs

    Happy DE-LURKING day!! I hope you day is full of comments from us who faithfully check your blog every single day. No pressure of course. I am sure you ALWAYS have something to say.

    Is Russ as talkative as you?

  27. tori

    Chubs– oh dear lord NO!

  28. meb

    Missed the holiday yesterday, so I’m here today, even though I’m not de-lurking. I do love reading what you have to say, what Russ has to sing, and what all the commenters have to say too.

  29. chillybean

    Hi Tori,

    After several months of lurking, I have decided to take the risk and de-lurk. So sorry for being a day late, it is FREEZING here up north and it has taken a while for my fragile fingers to thaw. (It is -6 F, -20 F windchill. According to the “old” way of calculating windchill it should be -50! Brrr…)

    So you know who I am, we met at Christmas in AR. (Where it was 70!!) Finally, after all that spying on your life via babybloomr, I was able to see your face. (It was quite lovely!) My kids had fun hanging with your girls during the holidays. My daughter really loved the dogs, too. She still talks about Phoebe. I informed her that she was almost named Phoebe. She still laughs and says she was almost named after a dog. Funny little girl she is.

    Happy belated de-lurking day!

  30. tori

    Colleen! I am so glad you spoke up!

    Hey everybody– this is my oldest nephew Nathan’s Serious Girlfriend! (And II’m talking might-be-my-niece-in-law-some-day serious!!)

    She is absolutely delightful and has two gorgeous children that I thoroughly enjoyed playing with at Christmas.

    Colleen– this is everybody!

  31. gracelynn

    Welcome Colleen – glad you de-lurked and joined the gang. Please keep the cold up there! LOL They say it will be in the teens here tomorrow night and I am NOT looking forward to it at all. Of course the kids I teach are hollering snow day please so they can get out of their end of grade tests on Thursday LOL. They are too young to realize they still have to take them regardless. ;)

  32. auburn60

    I haven’t had a computer for a couple of days and I come back to all this de-lurking.
    Seriously–didn’t you guys think it was ominously quiet from my area?
    When have I been this silent?
    But hey–glad to see all the ‘new’ people.
    I’m BAAA-ACKK!!!

  33. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Well, Girlfriend, I missed you. I didn’t see you lurking anywhere around here and it just didn’t seem right. Did you miss us?

  34. belinda

    Wow, I missed nationl de-lurking day. Oh well…..I’m lurking now. I usually check your blog daily but guess I missed a couple. YIKES! I will have to do better.

    Welcome Colleen

  35. auburn60

    Oh yes–I missed you all, Momma Lloyd.
    I’ve been going crazy. I even got some housewok done and practically
    took over my son’s Science project. And I haven’t been able to order anything on-line. (For which my husband is grateful.)

  36. h2omamma

    I’m late, I’m late!! Stopping by to leave a comment and then couldn’t get logged in, so sorry. I love reading your blog, but am guilty of not commenting (I guess never since I couldn’t log in). Oh well, I’m here now, so “HI”.

  37. tori

    h2omamma! Welcome! It’s NEVER too late to de-lurk around here!
    Thank you so much for logging in and speaking up– I really appreciate it.

  38. teegees

    Ok, I know this is dorky, but I’m WAY excited! I went out to the bloggies and voted, just like you asked — and LO and BEHOLD, they randomly picked ME to be on the panel that selects the finalists. Wow, all this AND a new season of American Idol in one week!

  39. tori

    THAT IS SO COOL!!!! I’m counting on you to stuff the ballot box…
    No seriously, that is great fun!


    Yep, I’m 3 months late on this response, it took longer than that just to figure out how to log in! OK, sue me! You’ll thank me later when I compensate for my delinquency! But, as for the elephant and the dog pals……
    Aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww…..just how sweet is that?!? Tori, you jerked tears out of me 3 months after this blog! You really get your money’s worth!

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