Well, hello there Readers! You look GREAT! Lost weight? New haircut? Seriously, you are all totally fabulous and so smart and pretty and I really, really mean that. Marry me?

(Too much?)

I suck at sucking up.

OK, I’ll level with you. I want something.

Here’s the deal: Over the years in therapy I have noticed that even though I am totally a big fat show off one-on-one or in small groups, (I’m picturing lots of heads vigorously nodding in agreement here) I often have a hard time kind of putting myself out there on a large scale. Go figure. I sometimes get inexplicably intimidated, or uncharacteristically shy. Like for instance, BlogHer (hello, I ate lunch in my room, remember?!) Or say… the internet. I’m just not very good at self-promotion; self-deprecation is more my style, it’s easier on the ego! But let’s face it, sometimes you just have to get over yourself and go after what you want, right?

(This is the part of the pep talk where you guys all yell out, “RIGHT!!!)

So… I was recently made aware of the fact that a Very Important Blogger (that I am just crazy about) casually mentioned on her website that she nominated me (among many, many others) for a “Bloggie Award” for ‘Best New Weblog’! I was totally surprised and embarrassingly thrilled. And after noticing that a lot of bloggers were blatantly asking their readers to vote for them, I decided that, hey, I could do that too!  This is the only year I’ll ever qualify as a New Blog and though it may be true that I’m not very good at shameless hucksterism, that doesn’t mean I can’t learn.

Now you are probably asking yourself, “What can I possibly do to help Tori achieve the first step in her quest for total blog world domination this modest honor?” Well, I’ll tell you! You can go to the Bloggie Award website and scroll to the right until you come upon the ‘Best New Weblog‘ category. Then you can type in ‘Babybloomer and this address: http://babybloomr.com/. How easy is that?

You also have to vote in at least three other categories for your vote to count, so though FAR BE IT FROM ME to try to sway your vote, I could offer a few suggestions for very worthy blogs that would fit nicely in categories such as “Best humorous weblog” or “”Best writing of a weblog”…  For example, BusyMom, Suburban Turmoil, and of courseJoy Unexpected.

Well, that’s it. Come on people, even though who am I kidding, there’s no way in the world this could work let’s make this happen! It’s time for Change We Can Believe In and Reform, Prosperity and Peace and… a whole lot of other stuff! Now let’s get out there and vote! Go Team Babybloomr!

(I’m also not above offering bribes. I’m just sayin’. There could be a lot of money in this for you. Also candy, lots and lots of candy. And possibly a trip to Europe.)

Here, I’ll give you a little taste:

How about some… KITTENS!!!!!!

Yep, that oughta do it.

**Stunt kittens Owen and Rhys courtesy of Daniel The Computer Genius Nephew.


33 Responses

  1. Phyllis R

    You got it girl..on my way there now…well as soon as I finish talking/tying to you. hehehe Of course we can make this happen. We are woman, hear us roar? David encouraged himself in the Lord, you are doing good at your peptalk to yourself too…RIGHT, you can ask us anything girl! :)

  2. Phyllis R

    Ok, I just already did it for ya. Crossing my fingers, toes, legs, hair and eyes for ya. Keep us posted. When you win we will dance in the streets of our cities. :)

  3. morgitta

    I hope I did this right = Nominated three different blogs and put yours in two categories (best new blog and best written), thought that was allowed.
    Ha, little fun like this makes the world turn.

  4. LindaB

    I went, I voted, I hope you win.

    (F.Y.I., my favorite candy is Heath Bar, and I’m free to go to Europe the second week in May.)

  5. tori

    THANKS, you guys!
    (I’ll get back with you on those dates, Linda… heh heh)

  6. Chubs

    OK I am going to vote. I will say three things before I do. I too love to blog on my facebook account. Ok they are called notes. Number two, I have always been a fan of you and Russ. I have followed Russ since he sang with the Imperials. I tore up the flier that announced his leaving I was so upset. Ok I was like 7 then. Number three, Hard one for me, but I was at Russ’s The Way Home concert in Wheeling Illinois. I was in highschool then. That CD got me through some very challenging times in my life. However, I was also the idiot teenager sitting two rows in front of you, who commented on how hot the back-up singer was. I know you heard every word. For that I am sorry. I LOVE your blog and how real/honest you are. OK one more. I love the songs you and Russ have written, my favorite, The Eagle Song. OK off to voting.

  7. tori

    OK, forget everything I said, I’m voting for Chubs!
    (So who was the hot back-up singer, anyway? I don’t remember any hot back-up singers on our bus… Just a lot of sweaty musicians.)

  8. Chubs

    Uhm don’t recall. I was 17 at the time. Need I say more? The concert was awesome. Audio Adrenaline(sp) opened up for him. I remember one thing that Russ said sarcastically, he joked about starting a new ministry called “Build Russ a nice house ministry”. I thought that was halarious. I think that was during all the televised evangilist scandal days as well.

    You and Russ have only gotten better with age!!

  9. Chubs

    OK one more thing. I would have loved to be on that bus (sweaty musicians or not). It would have been a priviledge to meet you guys. Your (The Taff’s) songs, sincerity, and spirit have touched my life more than you’ll ever know.

    Hmmmm… a new southern Gospel group called “The Taff’s”… Intersting… LOL :)

  10. auburn60

    Tori–you should tell Chubs about all the women who tell you to your face how hot your husband is!!! (You know who you are out there.) A few hot back-up singers seem kind of tame compared to that. But you probably tell Russ exactly what I tell my husband: ‘Of course I trust you, honey. After all, why would you go out for hamburger when you have steak at home!?!’ Yeah, he laughs,too.
    OK–I voted. And Linda,I think I’m free that week, too. If not that one,the week after. Not interested in candy–maybe a chick-a-dee mug?

  11. rockin robyn

    O.K. with my arm twisted behind my back I did the dirty deed… but if anyone asks me if I had any communication about putting you in office – I, I mean being forced to vote for you I will flattley deny it!!!

    Good luck Tori!

    Now I’m going to go put a chair in front of my window so I can look outside for the 6 inches of snow we are supposed to get going into tomorrow. This will be the most snow we’ve received all year. Historically we get our worst weather during “PA Farm Show” week!!! It just doesn’t know how to snow around here anymore – just freezing rain.

    Have a great week-end everyone!

  12. gracelynn

    OK Tori – I’ve got you covered my sister. I just submitted my votes but it was so hard not to put you in several categories. I mean, you fit into them so well. (best new blog, most humerous, and best designed are just a few) I put your friends into some too. ;)

    Chubs, I know how you feel. Their music is phenomenal and many of their songs have helped me over the years.

    (As far as the candy goes, I eat Reese’s and Almond Joy but I’ll settle for a huge hug from Russ next weekend. That would do me more good than anything right now anyhow!)

  13. tori

    Oh don’t think you can’t nominate me in SEVERAL categories… I think you just have to also nominate two OTHER weblogs in some other categories as well!
    (I kind of had my eye on “Best Asian Weblog” too…)

  14. Barbara M. Lloyd

    While I look around for someone to help me vote for my very favorite blogger, I would like to remind that one-and-same-blogger that there will be no putting my Russ on the block of persuasion. As his licensed No. One Fan, I feel it my duty to make this suggestion. Besides, I am too old for you to risk getting me too upset. In case anyone would wonder why Russ Taff’s No. One Fan would be an old lady….be assured it’s because I was the first in line, outrunning the youngsters When he first came on the scene.

    Okay, now I’m ready to go vote.

  15. tori

    Duly noted, Momma Lloyd. I do NOT want to get you upset, you might sic Lucy on me.

  16. themema

    Ok, I voted. I put Babybloomr in three categories, and then filled in two others, because it is required that you fill in three different bloggers.

    Might go back in tomorrow under one of my other email addresses, and do it again.

  17. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Betty, let’s keep this honest. Just get rid of your impulsive frustrations by helping me vote….and we will go by the rules.

  18. gracelynn

    Never fear Momma Lloyd…Tori did not have to persuade me in any fashion to vote for her. I love, respect and admire Tori as a writer and as a friend and would not do anything to hurt her or Russ in any way. I voted for her because of those reasons and nothing less.

  19. belinda

    Of course I voted for you and in more than one category.

    Thanks for all the great blogging and for sharing your family with us. We look forward to a lot more great reading and replying! You are the best and we know you will win a lot of Bloggie Awards.

    Chubs – welcome! Russ, Tori, Madi Rose & Charlotte hold a very special place in our hearts too. We have followed their mucic since the Imperial Days and know their songs are what got us through a lot of hard times. You will never find better and more loving people than the Taffs. They are #1!!!!!!

  20. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Hey, Belinda, I’ll vote for that!

  21. loveablemom

    Tori, just wanted to say you make me laugh everytime i read your blog!! i’ll vote for you.

  22. rockin robyn

    Geeeezzz Tori! Do you really think you need some bloggie award – sounds like you got all the recognition, love and support right here in this place… You’re #1 to us all! Don’t you wish you could wrap us all up and stick us on the mantle?

  23. tori

    YES!!! And carry you all around in my pocket!
    And if I am elected Best New Blog Of The Entire Universe (OK, I added that last part) I will somehow figure out how to make that happen. Perhaps a fancy shrinking machine of some sort. I will get my minions right on it. Once I have some, I mean.

  24. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Drum Roll…..I have voted!

  25. daniel

    Blah blah, voting, blah etc. How about them kittens? I mean, come on. You can’t compete with those eyes.

    There was a hilarious experience the other day when Rhys discovered that even if you try your best to be cautious whilst reaching down into the bathtub (as it is filling up with water) and to touch the water with your paw, you still will fall headfirst into the tub, splash around a bit, and then race through the house looking like a wet rat with a mohawk. There is no television show better than that.

  26. belinda

    Good Morning Daniel, as I was scrolling down just now I stopped and was looking at all the pictures of the kittens, they are absolutely adorable. Maybe we could get some more pictures of them sometime? Our pets can definantely entertain us, they each have their own personalities. The kittens are too cute and those eyse will get them anything they want. I wonder what that one was telling Madi in the picture above?

  27. tori

    Computer Genius– what the heck were you doing up at 4:47 a.m. (she asks with a big ol’ pursed-lips auntie face)??? Oh right– the kittens.
    I would have loved to see Rhys fall in the tub! That is why my dogs are still alive, even after carrying off all our socks and peeing in the laundry room: anything (or anyone) that makes me laugh out loud every single day gets to stay! (Also applies to why Russ is still alive, just saying. Though he does not pee in the laundry room. That I am aware of.)

  28. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, Daniel, there is nothing cuter than a little kitten…unless it is two little kittens. And, they are still entertaining when they grow up. My two sons each have a big ‘ole cat. Your kittens are a beautiful color. Keep your eye on the one who ventured into the tub with running water. It is going to be fearless, I suspect. Okay, Daniel, your kittens win my vote for “adorable.”

  29. Barbara M. Lloyd

    PS to Tori: When you are a visual person, one occasionally has to close one’s eyes when reading your comments…sweet pea.

  30. themema

    And I suspect that when you are not a ‘seeing’ person, the ‘visual’ becomes even more accute!

    I’ll take a kitten. Oh, wait… my little Hector Terrier Terror would not approve. But they sure are cute.

  31. gracelynn

    The kittens are just precious. I love my sweetie pie – she was given to me 11 years ago, the day I was brought home from my surgery. My dad still says that I got sick and had the surgery just so he’d get me another cat. LOL

    Daniel – don’t feel bad. I was up at the same time you were. ;) I seldom go to bed on weekends before 3:30am at the earliest. I am a night owl. Guess that’s why I have such a rough time mornings before I leave for work, even though I force myself to go to bed by 11pm.

  32. LindaB

    Those WERE adorable kittens, Daniel!

    My Siamese cat, Nako, once put his paw on a glue trap I put out because I feared we had a mouse. Well, then he got the side of his face stuck on it, then his tail, as he screamed and ran up the walls and around the kitchen trying to free himself from that glue trap! He was so wild, my husband couldn’t catch him to set him free! I wasn’t home at the time, but my hubby was sitting on the floor laughing his head off when I walked into the kitchen. And Kako, who was finally free of the trap, was walking around calmly like nothing had happened. Cats and kittens are wonderful slapstick comedians, I think.

  33. carsmith

    Yeah, who says you can’t teach an old dog or cat, new tricks. It only took a couple of (days)trys until I figured out the voting. You are a shoe-in now.
    Go Go babybloomr. Can you picture me shaking my black and gold pom poms?
    You know who has a birthday Monday.

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