Gratitude website– Light a candle!

You guys know how I feel about doing my best to stay in an attitude of gratitude, right? (Sorry to talk in bumper stickers, but those two words express exactly what I mean and they just happen to rhyme!)

I just found this website that allows you to light a virtual candle for any reason you wish. I used it as an opportunity for prayer– for our nation, for the elections, for friends of ours. It was kind of a nice way to start the morning, and it may be the way I end the day, too.

It’s easy– just go here: follow the directions.



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  1. belinda

    Tori, That was great! Thanks for putting this on here. Can’t think of a better day to do this! Hope you have a blessed day! Thanks for being such a blessing!

  2. Barbara M. Lloyd

    An attitude of gratitude….I like that. Kinda covers the waterfront with just those two words. I’m always so grateful to have a salesperson with a nice attitude. I’m very grateful for friends who have great attitudes. I even feel more grateful for a loser with the right attitude than the winner with a poor attitude. How about the doctor’s office whose nurses have pleasing attitudes? How can one not be grateful for them! Gracious, an attitude of gratitude ….yep, I likes the sound of that.

  3. morgitta

    Thank you for passing this link, Tory. I lit some candles and as it is on internet, never suspected it to be such an emotional experience.
    I passed the link to former students and noticed some already lit a candle as well.
    Just today saw on Mark Lowry’s site something that goes like the only two important words being ‘yes’ and ‘thank you’. So, together with the candles that covers it all for me, at the end of this day. Hope I still remember it tomorrow.

  4. Misty Noreen Salvie

    I enjoyed looking at your posted photos. Especially the Brookhill oldie of Russ.
    The virtual candle is pretty awesome. Thanks for posting that.
    Praying all is well.
    Blessings, Misty

  5. tori

    MISTY!!!!!!!! YAY!!!
    Hey folks– Misty and I went to high school together!
    Misty? Readers.
    Readers? Misty.
    Come back–comment often!

  6. BrownEyedGirl

    Hi, Misty! Welcome

    What a great site, Tori. Thanks for the link.


  7. rockin robyn

    Thank you Tori for the candle lighting event!! It was pretty special doing it at work…. It was pretty stressful today and when given the opportunity I hid in my office, closed the door behind me and spent some time lighting a candle, reflecting on the words I typed and even prayed afterward… a very serene moment!! Awesome timing… where do ya find these things???

  8. Hazel

    I think you’re just chicken to light a real candle since the “hair on fire from candle” incident…yep…go ahead and admit it.

  9. tori

    OK, Hazel– there could be some truth to that.
    (Put hair in ponytail yesterday and got to my right side and thought, “Why the heck is that layer shorter than the others? Oh yeah…”)

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I delayed going to the candle lighting because I thought I probably wouldn’t be able to get around. I was wrong and the experience was warm and nice.

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