(Another) Random Photo Friday

Hey–here are some vacation photos that actually don’t have anything to do with shark bites! Go figure!


First, the courtyard of the carriage house we rented in Savannah. I love me some courtyards, I’m always trying to figure out how to replicate one at our house…. ok, there isn’t really a way to do that, but it’s a nice thought. I had my coffee sitting on that bench every morning, and felt all Southern and Savannah-y. Also white-trashy, because I did it in my nightgown.



Here is a picture Madi took of me reading headstones in the Colonial Park Cemetery– and YES, we went to yet another cemetery, what’s your point? These are remnants of gravestones that were damaged or displaced when Sherman’s troops occupied Savannah and camped out in the cemetery. Why exactly am I standing like that? I have no idea. Can’t explain the Toby Keith-esque hat either, except to say that I have a bit of an obsession with aversion to skin cancer so I have a tendency to cover my delicate flower of a face all summer long, regardless of the fact that wearing things jammed down on my head cuts off the circulation to my personality. At any rate, that big ol’ red backpack will certainly keep Madi from losing me in a crowd. No matter how hard she tries.


Speaking of graveyards… here is yet another photo of yet another angel statue from the Bonaventure. Seriously, if I pre-decease any of you readers, I want this statue on my eternal resting place. Or a cheap imitation knock-off, whatever– hello, I’ll be dead. And wouldn’t it be a cool idea to put some guacamole and chips in that thing she’s holding, so all of my many mourners could have a snack while they stand around and uh, mourn? (I’m ALWAYS thinking of others, I love that about me.)


And here are the girls and I eating breakfast (yippee, another courtyard!) right down the street at this little combination family-owned fruit market/plant nursery/restaurant. That ginger cat lives there and ignored us so studiously that we all ended up feeding him. Smart cat.

And lastly, a photo-representation that accurately describes my activity level since we have returned home…

The end.

13 Responses

  1. LindaB

    “Also white-trashy, because I did it in my nightgown.” — Tori

    You are hilarious, Tori!!! Nothing says white trash like being in your nighgown outdoors, does it……especially with people in eye sight! I love it! Of course, after about 3 p.m. and you’re still in your nightie, you leave “white trash” and go on to some serious social or health problems! Or another “profession” that shall remain nameless. LOL

  2. gracelynn

    “Also white-trashy, because I did it in my nightgown.” — Tori

    Tori, I love you sister! That is great. That’s why I love living in the country with no neighbors on the lefthand side of our house. (Now the righthand side yeah – but they are far enough over that they cannot see that far…and shouldn’t be looking out the window after dark anyhow LOL). There is no telling how many nights I have run out the back door of the house in my nightgown to get something I forgot out of my car (like one of Russ’s CDs I’d been listening to earlier and YES – I had to hear Praise The Lord one more time LOL) or to find my poor little cat that had not reported home yet. Then I rush back to the porch steps before a car comes flying by and wonders what one earth was that flash that just went by in that yard! ROTFL Welcome to the country, sister!

    Hey Linda – at least I’m not as bad as my mom! She goes out in her housecoat/mumu housedress to hang clothes on the clothesline to dry. You do the math. ROTFLMBO One good point – it makes sure the neighbors don’t disturb you. LOL

    And I like your big red backpack!

  3. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Is there any other way to have breakfast? Except, of course, when you have company. Lucy and I enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning on the deck….both of us in our nightgowns. But then, our deck is rather private. Anyway, I sit there enjoying any flowers that might be blooming, with my favorite pottery mug in hand…a mug adorned with a dogwood blossom and adorable little chick-a-dee. I even water my flowers while still in my nightgown. I think I am safe; but, if ever someone appears from out of nowhere, I’ll probably knock myself plum out when I get into motion….with no bra on. (I didn’t say that)

  4. auburn60

    I just walked out on my front porch to water my flowers in my ‘Snoopy’ nightshirt. Happy to be a part of the ‘white-trash’ club.
    Next time I’m in Gatlinburg,I’m gonna buy me a pottery mug with a chick-a-dee on it and join that club,too. Does coffee taste better in a chick-a-dee mug? By the time I stagger in the kitchen to get coffee,I’m lucky to get it in a mug at all–my body craves that caffiene so much I’m good if I don’t pour it in the sugar bowl or something.

  5. LindaB

    Speaking of white trash, (BTW, I are one), I now drink everything out of glass peanut butter jars……and some “Kerr” canning jars when I’m feelin’ special! My daughter and Oprah are scaring me to death with all the reports on the toxic chemicals that leach out into food and drink stored in plastic containers that I have gone to saving all my glass peanut butter jars for my “glassware”……..or “barware” as they call in at the Pottery Barn, which is too upscale for me. So……I guess I can’t call anyone “White Trash” anymore! LOL Maybe I’ll go to the Family Dollar Store and get one of those cute little ceramic birds and glue it to my peanut butter jar. Pottery Barn, eat your heart out!!!

  6. tori

    Well… have you seen that Pom iced tea drink that comes with its own glass that says “Pom” on it big as life right on the front?
    Yeah, we’ve got a buttload of them
    White trash smackdown– anybody else?

  7. LindaB

    Oh, I feel better now!!! A “buttload” better! The Taffs drink out of “POM” glasses! I love you guys!

    Hey, I have an idea for a new clothing line——buttload shorts! We’ll sell the idea to Lane Bryant! We’ll make so much money, we can buy “barware”!

    Sorry, Ritalin is wearing off.

  8. auburn60

    How ’bout ‘Cool Whip’ containers as food storage? Or–my husband saves those containers that hold soup from Chinese restaurants. He drinks water out of them when he’s working in the yard–he says they hold more.
    My son also keeps those ‘boot’ cups you get at Dixie Stampede–I hate those.

  9. belinda

    I will join your white trash club I love going out on the patio first thing in the morning and sitting around before I get ready. There is nothing better. Thank goodness for privacy fences, or I would scare the neighbors away :)

    Cool Whip containers and butter containers – there is nothing better to store those leftovers in. Troy gets so excited about getting any kind of glass, cup that he can save. We just cleaned out our cabinets not too long ago and they need cleaning out again. We tend to collect anything we can. One year we went to the PGA and you would not believe the number of cups he came home with, we were just there for two days. Move over tupperware……

    Love the pictures and what a wonderful idea of the guacamole and chips in that statue – you are always thinking of everybody else. Great idea Tori!

    Great picture of you and the girls, don’t you just love to eat at places like that? Kind of makes me hungry.

  10. gracelynn

    Linda, we will join you with drinking out of the Kerr jars. Plus we have at least 100 jelly jars that you buy with the cartoon pictures on them….make good juice glasses in the morning. And my grandmother, God bless her, saved EVERYTHING – Cool Whip containers, butter containers, OJ cartons….you name it, it was in her cabinet when we cleaned out the house after her death. Mom saves the OJ cartons too and freezes the fish dad catches in them for use later on. ;) Little trick she learned from my grandma.

  11. Barbara M. Lloyd

    My mother had so many antiques, our home looked like she was an antique dealer. On special occasions, she adorned the table with goblets that were no more than jelly glasses many, many years ago. Each one had a different pattern and cost different prices when bought, but never for less than $20. So, on festive days we drank out of jelly goblets. I used to know each pattern and they were pretty…..but they were still jelly goblets/glasses. This reminds me of that saying “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

  12. belinda

    Those great jelly jar glasses, we have had a few of those too. They were great!

  13. camommy2kj

    Very cool… and random… pictures! haha

    I just wanted to let you know that google reader is no longer recognizing my blogspot addy, and soon it probably won’t work at all, so be sure to update your link to http://www.myspecialks.com . :)

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