Madi’s 15 minutes of fame *edited to add video links*

Ok, it has been a little weird around Chez Taff today.

It began with a phone call at 8:30 from someone at the newspaper, asking if they could interview Madi. (!) She was, of course, asleep, so I got a number and arranged for Madi to call her back. Then I opened my email to find a message from a friend of mine that said they had seen a brief piece on the 10:00 news last night about Madi’s sharkbite, with the ‘facing her fear’ photo. Then I got another phone call from the local Fox affiliate asking for an interview. Then a few hours later, there’s a knock on the front door which I open wearing a football jersey and no makeup, and there’s a Fox TV news crew standing there! I explained that Sharkbite Girl was still sleeping, and arranged to have them come back in about an hour. I woke Madi up for the FOURTH time and she finally got up and started, of course, washing her hair. An hour later, I saw a car pull up and yelled at Madi that the TV crew was here and she looked out and said, “I thought it was supposed to be Fox– that’s NBC.” Yes, it was yet another reporter and camera man, from WSMV! I spoke to them and said that Fox was actually on their way to interview her, and they asked if they could talk to her after that.

It was at this point that I started wondering if we should go hire a Hollywood PR firm, and start negotiating for cover stories with People and US magazines. Then I reminded myself that this was a two-inch shark nibble that was looking less scary by the moment (dang, 15 year-olds heal fast!) and realized that while this situation may have bought us a couple of extra hours in check-out time at the condo, we were probably not going to be able to parlay this into the Hannah Montana bucks. So, apparently we are still going to have to be sweating college tuition in a few years, and I won’t be moving into that 10,000 sq. ft. Brentwood McMansion I’ve had my eye on. Shoot.

At any rate, Madi handled herself with her usual aplomb and charmed the pants off of the TV people. I was interviewed, I guess to add that ‘in-depth mom perspective’ to their report (“MY KID GOT BITTEN BY A FREAKING SHAAAAAAAARK!!!!!) and they also filmed Charlotte sitting with us and looking at the bite photos on the computer. It was obviously a really slow news day. I told Madi that if Obama and John McCain got into a fist fight or anything, she was totally screwed and would be relegated to a two second blurb at the end of the telecast. But it was actually the lead story at 6:00 on Channel 4, go figure, and the Fox piece will run at 9:00 tonight.

Like an idiot, I forgot to take any pictures while it was all going on– my blogger instincts were eclipsed by my “oh my gosh, my house is so messy!” instincts. But Madi had the presence of mind to take a couple on her phone, and here they are:

Media frenzy!!! Two whole cars in my driveway!!! Call security!!!!!

That sweet Channel 4 reporter Alan Frio preparing to interview us. He appears to be checking all of his facts and writing down his questions, but truthfully? He’s probably just making notes for the NBC legal department about the fact that I threatened him with his life if they dared show any close-ups of my reeeeealy dirty carpet.

I’ll, uh, let you guys know if Geraldo shows up.


The first report from WSMV was fairly tame. The second report–from Fox 17 News–went further: Yucky blood-dripping open wound photo? No problem!

10 Responses

  1. emilythemom

    You Taffs sure do look good on TV!!!
    My favortie part is when Madi said maybe it was a rock or a giant oyster. I have to admit, the thought of a giant oyster attacking people did make me chuckle a bit!

  2. tori

    Char may watch too much Animal Plant, but apparently Madi has been watching those cheesy 50’s horror movies– “Attack of the Giant… Oyster”?
    And she was so earnest!

  3. auburn60

    Oyster,crab,shark–whatever. I saw a Discovery Channel piece on gar–you don’t want any part of those either.
    Love the blood-dripping photo.Shows the drama of the whole situation.
    Way to go,Madi! I’d like to think you developed your ‘grace under pressure’ by being asked questions by FF fans all the time. (Hey,are you Russ Taff’s daughter?) We’ll take some credit,anyway.
    Maybe Geraldo will show up, but you will know you’ve really made it if you’re on youtube before midnight tonight.

  4. LindaB

    You were so poised and grown up, Madi!! And extremely PRETTY!!! My goodness, you must now be on the lookout for another kind of “shark”…… know, the teenage boy species! Let us know if you get any “dates” from your TV premier!

  5. camommy2kj

    Oh my goodness!! That is awesome!!!! :) I hope Madi is enjoying her fame! Can I have her autograph?!

  6. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Have to say Fox News did the better job of telling it exactly as it all seemed to me. And, our Madi was so poised and pretty! I was both scared and delighted when I heard Madi say she won’t be intimidated by a shark and, therefore, will be going back into the ocean. Does this mean the Taff family may repeat a vacation for a third time? Madi, the television star; and Char the marine biologist. Way to go!

  7. rockin robyn

    That shark is one of God’s creations and I’d say he just got a little too aggressive trying to kiss an angel… way to go Madi Rose Taff… that was pretty special and it was a unique way for us Russ Taff fans to get a peak at his very special family. You Taff’s are awesome!!!

  8. gracelynn

    Two words….GO MADI!

    You are much better than I would be. I’d be so nervous from the cameras that I’d probably be stuttering and slurring my speech LOL. Using a lot of “ummms” ROTFL.

    I agree Momma Lloyd – FOX did the better job overall. And LindaB, you are right. Better watch out for those other “sharks” out there Tori! ;)

  9. belinda

    Okay, you all three did so good, what pros you all are. Very nice interviews and the picture with the blood dripping was great! So when are the next interviews? Will be watching for more updates.

    So Madi has the first day back at school to tell about her Sharkbite right? I think she deserves it. Of course Charlotte could be there right by her side telling her side of the story and adding in her marine biologist point of view. Then Tori would be there reporting for her blog and Russ could write and sing a song? Sounds like another wonderful day in the life of the Taff’s. Go for the Hollywood PR firm Tori, why not?

    We are thankful she is healing so well and it was not any worse!

  10. LindaB

    I think it’s so funny that you should worry about your house being messy! I’d do the same thing! If I ever open the door and see the cast of “Clean House” standing on my porch, I’ll just shoot myself right there and make my final “mess”!

    In fact, I’ve often wondered what I’d do if my house was a disaster and the doorbell rang and when I looked out—–it was the Prize Patrol from Publisher’s Clearinghouse bringing me my million dollar check and roses! Would I open my door to those people with movie cameras? Or yell out—–“Just slide the check under the door and I’m allergic to flowers! Thank you very much!” I don’t know.

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