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You know, life is just one big learning experience, so here’s what our recent dramatic events have taught me:

You can get away with murder if you start all of your sentences with, “See, my daughter got bitten by a shark…”

That’s how I got a reeeeeally late check-out on our condo (“I’m so sorry! It’s noon and check-out time was 10:00? See, my daughter got bitten by a shark…”) And today Madi decided at the last minute that she didn’t much feel like having a tooth pulled at the orthodontist, so Russ called and cancelled (“I know we’re supposed to be there in 45 minutes, but see, Madi got bitten by a shark…”)

I’m wondering if it will work with the IRS– or the bank? The possibilities are endless!

Madi gets her stitches out tomorrow, and I think she’s starting to worry that her scar is healing a little too well. She’s figured out that as long as her wound evokes sharp intakes of breath, she’s got leverage. Stitches looking great? Not so much.

I’m gonna miss having a built-in excuse for everything. I may have to bite her on her other leg.

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  1. gracelynn

    Hmmm…wonder if a similar statement would work with the school. I got bitten a number of times today by one of the special ed students I was working with and the proof is evident on my arm. Wonder if I tell my principal that if he’ll let me get out of cleaning up my classroom LOL. NAH….knowing my luck, he’d make one of the teacher’s kids help me and then it would be a disaster area LOL.

    I am so thankful Madi’s wound is healing nicely. I cut both my heels open as a child. My brother had buried some jackknife clam shells in the sand at the ocean and did not inform me. I jumped down off a ladder on top of them and sliced both heels open. Took awhile to heal. Thankfully, I did not have to have stitches though. I do have the wound of another childhood injury though and the scar is very evident. Thankfully it is in a location that can be hidden by my clothing.

  2. themema

    R O F L O L A M E P!!!!

    Tell Char to take up the slack! Surely you and Russ can think up something. After all, you don’t want your youngest to feel underprivileged. What can she do at camp to create her summer story, and give her slackard Mom an excuse?

  3. LindaB

    “Bite her on her other leg”? ROFLOL Now, that’s funny! But don’t think you’re gonna fool Char! That girl is astute…..and pretty smart, too!

    There’s maybe one other situation that will get you out of more things, or give you even more “free passes”! When you can say, “I just got out of the mental hospital”, then you got something! Crowds will part for you like Moses at the Red Sea! (Or is it the “Dead” Sea? I think I was there—–I should know this!)

  4. LindaB

    Oh, and don’t try it at the I.R.S.——-they ARE the sharks!

  5. BrownEyedGirl

    Yes, the possibilities are endless as long as Madi has the scar… Hmm, we are headed to the ocean Saturday and would love a late checkout at the end of our stay….Better stock up that first aid kit…

  6. BrownEyedGirl

    Did I just jinx myself?? I will apologize to my kids in advance :o)

  7. gracelynn

    LOL Hey Linda, my best friend in college and I used to tell the girls on our dorm floor that we met at the mental hospital. ROTFLMBO It was so much fun to watch the freshmen as they passed us and we are just grinning. Those were the days! And the scary thing is….we are both teachers now! ;)

  8. LindaB

    The scary thing is, GraceLynn, that they believed you!!! LOL
    And the teacher thing is scary too! LOL

  9. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Madi may have created an envious stir among her friends (who knows why except they get excited about strange things today, according to the old folks dictionary) and this whole shark thang may have given her parents excuses to belate for various and sundries, but it’s scared the jelly out of a bunch of would-be swimmers up and down the eastern seaboard who have planned vacations there this summer. I know a few of them. You might say, I have even poisoned a few minds by retelling the happening to my family. I am taking Mark Lowry by the hand as we go off into the sunset singing, I just wanna be a blessing. Hey, I want everybody to stick to the pools. If you want to know how effective I’ve been: my son Mark is going diving in the Keys later on this summer. Bummer!

  10. arc73

    OMG! It sounds like Madi is a true sport. I would hope that my 14 year old would be just as brave! So glad to hear she is OK and the leg is still intact.

    I am enjoying your blog. I just got the chance to get on and take a look. After telling me about it at the Gaither Fest, I was looking forward to it. LOVE IT! I appreciate that there is others out there with the same DRAMA in their lives as I have in mine. LOL

  11. arc73



  12. arc73

    IS OTHERS? I can’t believe I wrote that!!!

  13. tori

    WELCOME Amber!
    Thanks so much for checking it out, and thank you especially for commenting!

  14. arc73

    You’re Welcome! I enjoyed talking with you so much the last few years in Gatlinburg. I am tickled to be able to share and hear stories with MOMS just like me!

  15. camommy2kj

    That is HILARIOUS! LOL Here’s hoping that you and Maddie can use it for a little while longer.

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